NEW Tarte Shape Tape Foundation..Are They Serious?


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  • LaLaGrannyGran
    LaLaGrannyGran 8 days ago

    This is still the business a year later. Alissa is the GOAT.

  • shawnna carter
    shawnna carter 25 days ago

    Forget tarte! Fenty has all shades!!❤️🙌🏻🙌🏼🙌🏽🙌🏾🙌🏿

  • Caidence James
    Caidence James 26 days ago

    This is so true this makes me so mad and upset that makeup brands aren’t including people with darker skin.

  • Theblackbumblebee
    Theblackbumblebee Month ago

    Omg Tarte doesn't care for "BLACK" people period. They catered to white pale skin......Black and White people do your research!!!!!!!!!!! Tarte products are amazing BUT do your digging. RACIST BRAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! White people please dig for US. May God bless you

  • Priscila Nosoma
    Priscila Nosoma Month ago

    I'm glad I came across this video and Jackie's because I was thinking about purchasing some products from tarte, but after this, absolutely not.

  • Jeffrey Walter
    Jeffrey Walter Month ago

    Your eyes are so gorgeous!

  • ShyBella
    ShyBella Month ago


  • AwesomeEmTV
    AwesomeEmTV Month ago

    8:37 a complete Coup De Grace that I COMPLETELY appreciate you for!✊🏾 Companies aren't ignorant and know what they doing but just dont care. NOPE Tarte you won't make money on us by blatantly telling us we're an afterthought.

  • Nelly Jones
    Nelly Jones Month ago +1

    Wow you are amazing.. you told them...😍

  • Im a Potato
    Im a Potato Month ago +4

    Emojis shade range:
    Fenty beauty shade range:
    Tarte shade range:

  • Hannah Metzger
    Hannah Metzger Month ago

    could not agree more with everything she said

  • Kiara Leigh
    Kiara Leigh 2 months ago


  • Emily Evitts
    Emily Evitts 2 months ago +2

    I love your channel but what about really light girls. They never make a shade to match me because I'm very pale. I understand it's horrible for many dark skin people with finding shades because it's hard but I can't find a shade to match me ..they're all too yellow and pink for me.

    • Emily Evitts
      Emily Evitts Month ago

      But it's crazy that we have to spend more money just to get a shade light enough.

    • Rachel G
      Rachel G Month ago +1

      @Emily Evitts I know right? And we're always "porcelain" or "ivory". I like to get white foundation mixers.

  • sabeeha farooqi
    sabeeha farooqi 2 months ago

    i honestly love how your not that person thats like "oh, they didn`t have good shades then i hate their conealer" your just so honest about your feeling i love it so so so so much

  • Rebecca Garcia
    Rebecca Garcia 2 months ago

    Absolute disgrace to the world

  • Random Artist
    Random Artist 2 months ago

    Girl, you just got a new subscriber. Mass respect to you for speaking your mind.

  • April Candelaria
    April Candelaria 3 months ago +1

    So many of the light shades look exactly the same, yet they have like 10 light shades and three “dark” shades that are practically orange. The fact that so many people with darker skin tones have to mix two or three shades to get close to their skin color is embarrassing. I have a medium skin ton with yellow undertones and I bet I wouldn’t be able to find my shade...😒

  • Wild Shadowflux
    Wild Shadowflux 3 months ago

    Oompa Loompas are SHAKING

    *no offense to Alyssa- the shade is just straight up orange.

  • kellee2008
    kellee2008 3 months ago

    I’m super late, but I love this video and was definitely taking notes. ❤️

  • Deborah Collins
    Deborah Collins 3 months ago

    My ig _.deborah_.xt

  • Kat Walker
    Kat Walker 3 months ago

    Sis ended the video by throwing the whole look away and replacing it with brands worthy of her face QUEEN 👑

  • Madison Gil
    Madison Gil 3 months ago

    I literally remember when I first seen this and LIVED for how you went off!!! Here I am 9 months later because every now and again I need to see it. I love you!❤️💕😘

  • Foxie Mctails
    Foxie Mctails 3 months ago

    Tarte really has to step up their shade range. It’s very unfair that they launch the foundation with little darker shades, and after plenty of people start to speak out about it, THEN they change. For the love of god, be inclusive!

  • ᴄʜᴇʀʀʏ ᴍᴀʀɪ

    Huge disappointment. Glad I didnt buy it.

  • nailzbyangela
    nailzbyangela 3 months ago

    I swear you are literally the most BEAUTIFUL WOMAN I have ever seen. You go girl!😍😘

  • Maryscott OConnor
    Maryscott OConnor 3 months ago

    Damned right. I’m going a step further: I will not get the Shape Tape concealer until and unless the FOUNDATION range is re-released with a more inclusive range.
    I’ll just have to find a different concealer. Sorry, Tarte - you fucked up.

  • Charis Washington
    Charis Washington 3 months ago

    You go girl! I have to say that I agree with you about the Tarte shape tape. I am a person who is lighter and they did not have my correct color as well. I bought it from Ulta as soon as it came out because I love the concealer. I noticed that there were not many shades of color and I simply thought that the Ulta that I went to simply had not put all of the shades out. when I got home, it was not the right color for me (tan honey) its too dark and I bought it with cash and lost my receipt. If you try to take things back to Ulta without a receipt they only give you $0.01 so I had no choice but to keep it, soooo I use it is a contour and that is the best we can do with this mess. I wont be buying my correct shade when and if they decide to include me.

  • Miss C
    Miss C 4 months ago

    omg thank you for using your platform to speak the TRUTH!

  • Miss C
    Miss C 4 months ago

    ugh this make up suuuucks! it donald trumped your face,

  • Arleen Casado
    Arleen Casado 4 months ago

    i love this video, go gurlllll!

  • Kitty and the Violet Inc.

    What are the songs she uses

  • selena vallejo
    selena vallejo 4 months ago

    ive never seen her so angry lol

  • Eudora Evans
    Eudora Evans 4 months ago


  • Tammy James
    Tammy James 4 months ago

    I will never purchase the concealer for this reason. I find this deplorable.

  • Tenysiah Stevens
    Tenysiah Stevens 5 months ago

    No matter how much you put on you always look flawless 😍

  • Angela Francis
    Angela Francis 5 months ago

    Before you set your face, it looked like an frozen orangecicle.

  • dottie mathews
    dottie mathews 5 months ago


  • Laiba Cabello
    Laiba Cabello 5 months ago

    It is a shame that Tarte released such a limited amount of shades for their foundation, because the formula does seem great. They REALLY messed up on this one...

  • Khorri Jones
    Khorri Jones 5 months ago


  • Sparkle Babe
    Sparkle Babe 5 months ago

    Alissa you’re the best :)

  • Sarah Lopes
    Sarah Lopes 5 months ago

    They “trumped” you 😔

  • AmyLeah Star
    AmyLeah Star 5 months ago


  • fatimah skeets
    fatimah skeets 6 months ago

    The fuck type of honey do they use? Have they forgotten about people of other skin tones?

  • Kaylee Coats
    Kaylee Coats 6 months ago

    I love how done you look with tarte’s bs this whole video. The shade range is literal 💩.

  • Kyameshia Joseph
    Kyameshia Joseph 6 months ago

    definitely could tell something was off in the beginning because you weren't your bubbly self. However, I LOVE how you turned it to positively show those brands that do😍

  • Yodele Ladejobi
    Yodele Ladejobi 6 months ago

    👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 bless your heart

  • Doll
    Doll 6 months ago

    love u

  • Evie 17
    Evie 17 6 months ago

    Well there goes her pr packages from target

  • Evie 17
    Evie 17 6 months ago

    I cant relate

  • Savanna The Aqua Llama
    Savanna The Aqua Llama 6 months ago

    I'm really pleased that you showcased inclusive brands! I've heard good things about coverfx and I'm gonna head over and see if I can find a match for my fair skin with severely Olive undertones! I'm optimistic!


    Trump is that u?!

  • Shawnta Brown
    Shawnta Brown 6 months ago

    I agree, we come In all colors and should be accommodated as such!!!

  • Collin Meehan
    Collin Meehan 7 months ago

    This is amazing. This is why I love her.

  • Quintisha
    Quintisha 7 months ago

    The funniest part is... they never extended their shades. Thank you for standing for inclusivity.

  • Kitty Bucher
    Kitty Bucher 7 months ago

    So...I was sitting on my back porch at nearly midnight watching this...that weird wailing sound in the background of the first half of the video - I'm guessing it's part of the music - yea, that freaked me right the eff out. I could not for the life of me imagine what in the hell be damned was making that noise.

  • Daeguwu ;
    Daeguwu ; 7 months ago

    i hope tarte knows there's many, many, many.. many... different coloured skin ;-;

    im disappointed, smh

  • Phoebe Isobel
    Phoebe Isobel 7 months ago

    The respect level is so high!

  • Hailey Anderson
    Hailey Anderson 7 months ago

    1.3 K Tarte workers have thumbs downed this video 😂😂

    CHARR KR 7 months ago

    uhh.. what ? new subbie in the building

  • Kallie Johnstone
    Kallie Johnstone 7 months ago

    I am disgusted at the amount of shades they made there are so many beautiful darker skin tones and ur gonna hit out with that shit nonono NOT ENOUGH COLOURS I don’t even think there’s a shade that would fit me and I’m like a gost

  • Tee Coleman
    Tee Coleman 7 months ago

    This was dope!

  • Hayley xo
    Hayley xo 7 months ago

    Oof u looking flawless

  • Xx Xx
    Xx Xx 7 months ago

    That they dared to send you woah

  • Faith Struck
    Faith Struck 7 months ago

    I’m white. As HECK. But I tanned a lot over the summer. I went to get a bit of a darker shade and noticed that there was only like 1 or 2 darker shades and it made me SO upset. I asked to the worker at Sephora and asked why they had such a small variety and wondered if they were just out of stock. She said “no this is all that tarte has provided as to darker tones” and then she proceeded to point to “my shade” I told her that I knew my shade was there however I asked about people with darker tones again she said “well if you look over here there’s more darker shades” she pointed to other brands besides tarte. Shame on you tarte shame on you

  • Kiara Leigh
    Kiara Leigh 7 months ago +1

    Even I’m pretty light 🤣 I still feel ashamed how they can’t cater for all the darker colours and they didn’t even try to make darker colours 😤and we r in 2018 like have these brands learnt something 😒about different colours

  • Kiara Leigh
    Kiara Leigh 7 months ago +1


  • Gabrielle Smith
    Gabrielle Smith 7 months ago

    as a woman of a deep melanin complexion, thank you for bring awareness to this topic .

  • Hayden Lindley
    Hayden Lindley 7 months ago

    I’m Native and on my dad side he’s darker than my mom and I inherited that so when I see stuff like this I get frustrated because as me and many other people we don’t deserve to be an afterthought I love this video she is so classy and such an inspirational person

  • Hayden Lindley
    Hayden Lindley 7 months ago

    She is such an inspiration ❤️❤️❤️

  • Hamm Hamm
    Hamm Hamm 7 months ago

    “dont give us this half ass bullshit”
    most savage video on the web

    she really just did that 🙌 word

  • Cheyenne Chante
    Cheyenne Chante 7 months ago

    Video is still relevant. Still no more deep tone shades. Smh. Still cancelled.

  • Venise Alexis
    Venise Alexis 7 months ago

    New subscriber

  • Ashley Noland
    Ashley Noland 7 months ago

    Your skin is SO gorgeous!!

  • Shea O`Brien
    Shea O`Brien 7 months ago

    it worked for her so she dont like it

    9iCEQUEEN 7 months ago

    This is how I felt about physicians formula for a lil min its shameful I'm over it and so is my local CVS lmao Tarte know they tripping and really don't want my money I've never used the shape tape concealer even though I was gifted one

  • Amber Kaiser
    Amber Kaiser 7 months ago +2

    I am a light skinned woman,and I don’t even think that I have a shade to match I can’t even start to feel or thing about how colored women/men feel or how un- including it is....and what you said was right that it 2k18 and it’s time that everyone gets treated equal and that it doesn’t matter your skin or sexuality that you should be able to get a foundation shade to match you or to where you can walk up to anywhere and get treated the same way as everybody else around you.....and tart shape tape....when it comes out with new skin colors I think that it should be mostly to all ( I hope all) colors for colored people bc the shade range is just not ok their are only 3 dark shades and the rest are shades for a tan light girls summer color and under and that’s NOT ok at ALL.....and I am genuinely P’d the freak OFF ~~~~now I’ve said what I needed and I’m sry for the shade rang for all of you gorgeous dark skinned people ❤❤😔😔😒😒😒

  • Yesenia Solis
    Yesenia Solis 8 months ago

    Hi ,i am sorry but i didnt like the way the shade turned out . It does look orange and then too light .. not a good blend. Maybe tarte can try again

  • Laurie Healey
    Laurie Healey 8 months ago

    Won't buy anymore tarte products
    Legitimately why is everyone still using the concelear? How do you only boycott a tenth of a makeup company? I boycott tarte

  • Updanted Official
    Updanted Official 8 months ago

    love you

  • Phoebe Felice
    Phoebe Felice 8 months ago

    One in a million! Keep it up, society needs more activism of this nature. Most wont stand up. You did! Create your own line so we can buy it. I know you’ll have something for everyone 😇😇😇

  • imliterallyluis
    imliterallyluis 8 months ago

    just rewatched this and queen snapped love you Alissa omg I love this video and you being upfront and voicing your opinions ❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭

  • Pablo Almeida
    Pablo Almeida 8 months ago

    congrats for the iniciative

  • Magdalena Filipovic
    Magdalena Filipovic 8 months ago

    i dont know why do darker skin toned girls make drama like this?? they dont make more dark shades and all of the sudden they are rasist like who gives a shit ?? i im not rasist but i dont get whats with all the drama.stop making a victms of yourself girls!

  • Sassy Susan
    Sassy Susan 8 months ago

    #TarteCosmetics the worst company out there. They made one decent product...... there foundation are lousy garbage if you are thinking of buying a Tarte foundation you may as well take your money and flush it down the toilet. Same results

  • Mana M
    Mana M 8 months ago

    You're the best !!!!! 💕

  • Awkwardsimmer
    Awkwardsimmer 8 months ago

    great video!

  • JJ's Makeup Obsession
    JJ's Makeup Obsession 8 months ago

    Not speaking about Tarte but I usually have to mix 2 foundations together to get a match. Even though I have both hispanic and some indian, I look white. But my skin tone is in between all foundation shades.

  • Jalynn Renae
    Jalynn Renae 8 months ago

    loooooove you

  • Joia W.
    Joia W. 8 months ago

    I love the fact that not only did you let Tarte know but you included in this video brands who are actively putting out inclusive products and no where they messed up and sought after advice to correct the mistakes.

  • therichavila
    therichavila 8 months ago

    You are one of the BEAUTIFULEST people I have EVER seen. (Side bar) This is the first time I’ve ever commented on TVclip, yes it was THAT serious.

  • Cathy Brown
    Cathy Brown 8 months ago

    You are honestly so beautiful. Your skin is gorgeous even without foundation. Just curious, what make up brand best suits African American skin tone ranges? Fenty?

  • Cathy Brown
    Cathy Brown 8 months ago

    Wow...I'm white as rice and I'm so sorry that makeup companies don't cater to your darker tones very well. You shouldn't have to mix to find a shade. That's sad.

  • Miscellaneous Stuff
    Miscellaneous Stuff 8 months ago

    thank you, for awareness , very creative

  • Halo Nigeria
    Halo Nigeria 8 months ago

    Melanin Made is a new Cosmetics company that are being very inclusive in their products,

  • sofina trotter
    sofina trotter 8 months ago

    I love this instead of bashing and adding more hate into this world she actually just made a use full tutorial

  • Bojena Kulinin
    Bojena Kulinin 8 months ago

    She looked so disappointed his whole video

  • Tiiana25
    Tiiana25 8 months ago

    Thankyou for the info on each product

  • Beth aston
    Beth aston 9 months ago

    Ur so stunning😍❤️

  • gabriela-leticia
    gabriela-leticia 9 months ago

    Hi Alissa, I appreciate so much that you called them out on this even if it was a sponsored video. this is the first video of yours I've ever seen and I immediately subscribed. Thanks for your honesty!

  • Trevor's Nana75
    Trevor's Nana75 9 months ago +1

    Went to ULTA a couple of months ago. Did not let the employees match me bc well- Bless their hearts. If they cannot match their ownselves....
    I am, I guess caucasian. My grandma was from Mexico city, and at family reunions, we are multiracial on my father's side, but not my mother's. Since we all have to be "boxed " I typically mark "other".
    So...... go to said store. I am testing. I walk past all those light and medium. Bc I know these are going to just look like I smeared white on.
    3rd. Darkest. Shade. Me. I am shocked. Not bc I am not proud of having color- I am😀. But this saddened me. 2 more shades. That's it...
    Tarts dropped the ball....but adding more later? No. In 18, that does not work!
    Sad days...