THERE'S GLITTER EVERYWHERE! | New Year's Illustration | Copic Markers and Glitter

  • Published on Jan 1, 2019
  • Happy New Year Everyone!! I took some time yesterday and threw glitter at my drawings! hehe Have you even added glitter to your art?
    Col-Erase Pencils:
    Rose Art Glitter Shakers:
    Zig Memory System Two Way Glue Pen, Fine Tip:
    My Sister's Un-named Glue
    Posca Pen:
    Ohuhu Dual Tip Bursh Pens:
    Copic Sketch Markers:
    Paper - Bienfang Bristol Board:
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  • Claire yeh Bigelow yeh
    Claire yeh Bigelow yeh 59 minutes ago

    Thats why we sketch then we cover it with a deeper color over it so're doing it professionaly because I do art but im bad at it heh other than that I hoo you become a professional artis anf keep yup the good work!

  • maya treewood
    maya treewood 6 hours ago

    Year 2020 still glitter on desk

  • KirsT Harvey
    KirsT Harvey 8 hours ago

    I have brown eyes, I hate my eyes. Everyone has nice pretty eyes and mine are just ugly

  • chikichiki
    chikichiki 10 hours ago

    Εισαι καρακιτσαριο !

  • ItzAngie 24
    ItzAngie 24 13 hours ago

    Her:I wish I had brown eyes
    Me:I wished I didn’t oof!!

  • The Daily Danielle
    The Daily Danielle 16 hours ago

    I loved this video the character was soo cute and like she looked sassy and that made me love it even more

  • Artist God
    Artist God Day ago +1


    U guys will probably find it but still try 😆

  • Artist God
    Artist God Day ago +1

    Wow Drawingwiffwaffles the things u do for ur fans

    Let there not be a mess, U can survive

    Ps. I am talking about the glitter 😎😅

  • Allie Bug
    Allie Bug Day ago

    How many sisters and brothers do you have??????

  • Ruby Granger
    Ruby Granger Day ago

    2018 here we come wait what?????????????

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana Day ago

    Use silver glitter on the shirt of the character

  • Emma Coulson
    Emma Coulson 2 days ago

    I got glitter all over my backpack from a project... I kept finding glitter for weeks 😂

  • seoulless bangtan
    seoulless bangtan 2 days ago

    oOooOo you could have used a speck of glitter for her eyes and make them sparkle ✨🥺💖

  • Marina Jafarian
    Marina Jafarian 3 days ago

    I literally have a jacket that has golden glitter on it’s everywhere

  • Rachna Goswami
    Rachna Goswami 4 days ago

    I love your chanel. I want to be an artist but I am only nine years old. I don't draw very good but I want to be like you when I grow up!

  • Savannah Keith
    Savannah Keith 4 days ago

    I just NEED to say something. ever since I've started watching you my art has come SOO far, thank you sooo much!

  • Dana A
    Dana A 7 days ago

    Video about glitter and she started using it after 14 minutes..why

  • kht katrine 129
    kht katrine 129 7 days ago

    How you draw so beautiful eyes????

  • I Dunno
    I Dunno 8 days ago

    You know it’s going to be an okay year, when nobody has found a dead body. (yeT)

  • Irene Barron-Zamora
    Irene Barron-Zamora 8 days ago

    The only reason that the earings looked like ear muffs is bc you colored it all in you should have just colored the edges in with glitter 👌 but other than that the rest of the body looks amazing 😍💖

  • foxelia
    foxelia 11 days ago +2

    i love your drawings so much you are an artist 😍😍😍😍

  • macy i.
    macy i. 13 days ago +1

    you make me wanna draw >:( even tho i cant sksks

  • Lydia Werner
    Lydia Werner 15 days ago +1

    at 13:21she sounds Irish a little bit

  • Kristina Dodds
    Kristina Dodds 16 days ago +1

    Awesome also, how?

  • Jenny King
    Jenny King 16 days ago

    I love watching your videos. You’re so preppy and happy. ☺️💕

  • Tahja Moser
    Tahja Moser 17 days ago

    😁😁 instead of drawing with glitter draw with actual waffles that would be so coooooool!😁😁

  • Nellie 1
    Nellie 1 19 days ago

    Rin: I wonder if I show the back if the jacket and it could say
    Me: *cuts off* Pink Ladies

  • Sage Fee
    Sage Fee 19 days ago

    You should see BTS jimin's DNA Era jacket it is all sparkly but it's not gold sadly

  • Wolf Luna
    Wolf Luna 19 days ago +2

    To get glitter off, use a lint roller. It can get even the tiniest particle of glitter off of a table surface.

  • Shani Sharma
    Shani Sharma 19 days ago +2

    *Waffles is like the Bob Ross of Drawing and sketching*

  • Sienna Spaderna
    Sienna Spaderna 20 days ago +1

    22:51 might as well throw the desk away, glitter does not go away

    TIGERCRUSH16 23 days ago +1

    Anyone watching in 2019?

  • Colleen T
    Colleen T 23 days ago +1

    Sticky Lint roller to clean up’ll still be finding it for a while, but it will clean up most of it.

  • Jensu 19
    Jensu 19 24 days ago

    I thought you were going to color everything then put the glitter, it would have helped you with the white spots.

  • Lea Senato
    Lea Senato 24 days ago +1

    I'm watching all of ur vidsss

  • HappyG
    HappyG 24 days ago

    Poofy glitter jacket immediately made me think of the Jem Glitter and Gold era

  • Savanna Johnson
    Savanna Johnson 25 days ago

    I seen that your nails are also glitter

  • GiGi Collections76
    GiGi Collections76 25 days ago

    This was my first video from you!!!! And I loved it do I went deeper into your videos and your amazing!!! Love you 😘

  • Eowyn Hartz
    Eowyn Hartz 26 days ago


  • mint e
    mint e 26 days ago +1

    I forgot she was drawing with glitter so I tried to blow it off my screen...

    I'm extremely lame


    14:06 BROWN EYES SUCK take it from a person who has brown eyes, brown eyes are one color no multi color its just looks like you dont have a pupuil *idk how to spell XD*

  • Danica Vasic
    Danica Vasic 28 days ago

    I love your art style

  • Gacha Melody
    Gacha Melody Month ago

    Oh look at that shimmer

  • Rosie Dykes
    Rosie Dykes Month ago

    I call jacket lases toggles

  • Devin Valera
    Devin Valera Month ago

    This video was a hot mess at times but I loved watching how you took it all in stride. I honestly would have had a melt down when the black glitter bottle exploded but you were so patient and calm!!!! I love watching your videos and how you power through normal mistakes. The final piece was gorgeous!!!

  • Your The biggest gay

    I hate glitter but I love it at the same time it’s so pretty but so messy T’T

  • Janie Horton
    Janie Horton Month ago

    Why are you so good...? It’s almost annoying. Yet satisfying to watch.

  • Hannah 10
    Hannah 10 Month ago

    I’m 5m and 40 seconds in and the 2nd sketch looks like Mariah Carey LoL whoa with me

  • Preena Parmar
    Preena Parmar Month ago +1

    I wish I could draw like that! You are really talented and I love your drawings 😘😘😍😍😄

  • Trinitie Ouellette
    Trinitie Ouellette Month ago

    Rin i love your nails!

  • Ijeoma
    Ijeoma Month ago

    that was lipstick red on the hair?!

  • S
    S Month ago +2

    I absolutely love how this turned out 😍✨

  • i breathe air
    i breathe air Month ago +1

    Brown eyes are beautiful. My mom and younger brother have brown eyes, and they are a gorgeous brown. I like my green/blue/grey eyes, but theirs are beautiful.

  • Patrick Dunnagan
    Patrick Dunnagan Month ago

    take a shot every time waffles pulls up her sleeves

  • Annie C
    Annie C Month ago

    if you mix the glittler with glue beforehand they apply more...saturated. would also not have spots you miss

  • Yūki Hinami
    Yūki Hinami Month ago +1

    Mykie is quaking

  • Daya Frausto
    Daya Frausto Month ago +3

    i've never heard anyone say they wanted BROWN eyes

  • Leah Ahs Fan
    Leah Ahs Fan Month ago

    Wen you work with glitter take a makeup brush and wipe away the rest just a tipe love you bye

  • Savannah Ciciora
    Savannah Ciciora Month ago

    Ugh 😩 I wish I could draw 💔😂

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa Month ago

    Idk y the jacket reminds me of Jimin’s jacket in the DNA music video just a little lol 💛

  • 5 Doggos
    5 Doggos Month ago

    6:30 you said 2018 here we come

  • Shona Boyd
    Shona Boyd Month ago

    The wee metal bit at the end of shoe laces are called aglets

  • John Jones
    John Jones Month ago

    please do a face revele from your bigest fan i love your art and when i grow up i want to draw like you

  • lolo stone
    lolo stone Month ago

    18:50 is when god added ugliness to me.

  • lolo stone
    lolo stone Month ago

    "When in doubt, black it out~" love that

  • Celestial Kitten
    Celestial Kitten Month ago

    15:45 you mean ...... *years*

  • Bluebell
    Bluebell Month ago

    You know you really hate your looks when someone says:
    “Brown eyes are so pretty.. I wish I had brown eyes.”
    And you nearly cry because you have brown eyes.

  • Natalie Silva
    Natalie Silva Month ago

    You are ADORABLE, and your videos have brought me such joy!

  • anna amos
    anna amos Month ago +2

    How is her planning sketch better than ill ever be 😂😂😂

  • Misting Wolf
    Misting Wolf Month ago

    Sticky roller should do nicely for your desk for glitter clean-up.

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago

    -My mom will never let me do this-

  • Mary Alice
    Mary Alice Month ago +1

    I watched this video a few weeks ago. It inspired me to use glitter.
    I ended up breathing it in and coughing up glitter for three days...
    But it was fun! 😂

  • Sophie Le Bel
    Sophie Le Bel Month ago

    I love her laugh 😂❤️

  • Wilma Gregory
    Wilma Gregory Month ago

    If you start out with the darkest colors first it's easier to maintain the edges and use a small spoon to apply the glitter. I was a art teacher till I retired so I've lived with it on all my clothes, lol. I think you done a great job, take care, blessings.

  • Alex Murray
    Alex Murray Month ago

    I love drawing long necks ❤️❤️😂😂 it’s my style 😎😎😎😎

  • Dontmug Dodrugs
    Dontmug Dodrugs Month ago

    I just watch this video on 1.5 speed and I didn’t realize until the end

  • Brandi Horner
    Brandi Horner Month ago

    Why are you mad?,why are you sad?,
    When you could be...


  • i really like bts.
    i really like bts. Month ago

    Your art is stunning!! Keep it up!!!!

  • Adriana Stache
    Adriana Stache Month ago

    The whole video im like:red shirt red shirt red shirt pleeeeeaaaaaseeeee!!!!!!!

  • Autumn Nagel
    Autumn Nagel Month ago

    15:50 she sounded like Meredith from Brave

  • Mica Files
    Mica Files Month ago

    Anyone else think that fishnet tights would have been great?

  • Abeba Aesthetics
    Abeba Aesthetics Month ago

    The long necks are cute😊

  • Abeba Aesthetics
    Abeba Aesthetics Month ago

    Lol the way u get excited 😂🎨😂🖌️❤️❤️

  • Kevin-da- Bunny
    Kevin-da- Bunny Month ago


  • Camryn Russell
    Camryn Russell Month ago

    What if u did a video like your only using one color videos but you can only use 2 contrasting colors... idk I just think it would be a really neat concept and I love ur mixed media and one color videos

  • Tempest Kitten
    Tempest Kitten Month ago

    14:41 is when glitter begins

  • Tempest Kitten
    Tempest Kitten Month ago

    Her hair color is amazing

  • Inês Lopes
    Inês Lopes Month ago

    What do you use to erase the color pencil?

  • InvisibleBleeding
    InvisibleBleeding Month ago

    14:07 everyone with brown eyes sighed and felt special at the same time

  • 0_Eles Bells_0
    0_Eles Bells_0 Month ago +1

    there is glitter all over my house

  • Reagan Davis
    Reagan Davis Month ago

    At 9:56 what happned to the ✏️ pencil

  • trinity hope
    trinity hope Month ago

    i thought the aspect of the "earmuff earrings" was kinda cute tho. great drawing nonetheless !

  • Elizabeth Caudill
    Elizabeth Caudill Month ago

    You can get all the glitter off with a lint roller, It picks it up and makes it easy to throw away.

  • Deborah Lamberth
    Deborah Lamberth Month ago


  • Eliana DIY 23
    Eliana DIY 23 Month ago

    “Brown eyes are pretty”
    10/10 made my day. I feel like my eyes are boring. Anyone else?

  • Alyvia Heineman
    Alyvia Heineman Month ago

    Face reveal PLEASE

  • L I F E L E S S
    L I F E L E S S Month ago +4

    Brendon Urie approved the gold jacket ;)

  • Lazy Avocado
    Lazy Avocado Month ago

    I've never heard anyone say that brown eyes are pretty, all of the brown eyed people right now feel special (me)

  • HappyPanda
    HappyPanda Month ago

    I 😻 your drawings!

  • Claire Johnston
    Claire Johnston Month ago