*NEW* GRAPPLER & HEIST MODE Gameplay in Fortnite Battle Royale


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  • Zander Attack
    Zander Attack 4 months ago

    C. ool a reference of payday 2 or 1 in fornite

  • wildwolf gaming
    wildwolf gaming 5 months ago +1

    ( 0 -0)

  • imJosue
    imJosue 5 months ago

    How much you wanna bet that viccstar and his friend were making fun out of Alia because he joined

  • Lynda Young
    Lynda Young 5 months ago

    Ali a is click Baet

  • Bollywood
    Bollywood 5 months ago


  • trent white
    trent white 5 months ago

    ,rip revolver

  • Maycee Mooneyham
    Maycee Mooneyham 5 months ago +1

    This is Lachy dachy
    He has one hp
    One like equals one more hp for him from Ali's hp bar

  • Jessica Anderson
    Jessica Anderson 5 months ago

    better if you will create a tutorial video, but anyway this simply worked
    good one!

  • Electro
    Electro 5 months ago

    amazing video

  • Ryan Sanfilippo
    Ryan Sanfilippo 5 months ago +1

    Where’s the Ali a intro at the start

  • Conn McCormick
    Conn McCormick 5 months ago


  • Logan Playz
    Logan Playz 5 months ago

    Ali a is a bloody meme why isn't LACHLAN excited

  • Michael
    Michael 5 months ago

    Y is alia there he is the worst

  • granny gertrude
    granny gertrude 5 months ago

    I am why you’re playing with alia?

  • C8W
    C8W 5 months ago

    7:11 thats not the storm vikk 😂😂😂

  • Lil_Billy Gamez
    Lil_Billy Gamez 5 months ago

    I'm so happy they actually did a colab with ali

  • The Backyard Bozos
    The Backyard Bozos 5 months ago +1

    Does it trigger anyone else that Vikk didnt take the gold heavy 7:33

  • Clayton Wilkes
    Clayton Wilkes 5 months ago

    Copied nick eh 30 thumbnail

  • ZBOY 34
    ZBOY 34 5 months ago +1

    Do a video on if everyone dies. And no one gets away.

  • The gamer 826
    The gamer 826 5 months ago


  • Peyton Leblanc
    Peyton Leblanc 5 months ago


  • Peyton Leblanc
    Peyton Leblanc 5 months ago


  • Toby Shotton
    Toby Shotton 5 months ago

    i h
    i ho
    i hope
    Ha you thought
    r.i.p anyone who read this XD

  • Epic Snipe
    Epic Snipe 5 months ago +1

    1like = nothing

  • Epic Snipe
    Epic Snipe 5 months ago +1

    This is Ali- A
    👟 👟
    He’s at 500 health
    1like= 1 damage

  • Epic Snipe
    Epic Snipe 5 months ago +1

    Just k
    Just kidding, not one of those people :D

    MCGODMASTER123 5 months ago


  • Yorkie Bar123
    Yorkie Bar123 5 months ago

    This was on stream

  • Walrus William
    Walrus William 5 months ago +3

    I barfed so many times. Was that Ali a

  • John May
    John May 5 months ago

    U can see vik cringing everyone Ali speaks 😂

  • sunflower app regression 2jrrj

    Hello ko

    CRISWITHNOH 5 months ago

    *clicks on video, hears Alia and clicks off then returns to leave this comment*

  • The Savage God
    The Savage God 5 months ago

    This was a live stream

  • James Rowley
    James Rowley 5 months ago

    Will you be uploading blackout

  • Jake Evans
    Jake Evans 5 months ago

    Squads or solos

  • Jake Evans
    Jake Evans 5 months ago

    Do more battle royal

  • Max Heath
    Max Heath 5 months ago

    i saw ali a and stopped watching straight away

  • zuhayr ashraf
    zuhayr ashraf 5 months ago


    • zuhayr ashraf
      zuhayr ashraf 5 months ago

      +Donte Cyrus now ain't that discrimination...

    • Donte Cyrus
      Donte Cyrus 5 months ago

      U have a pfp of a scar so ur opinion doesn't count

  • How are you today
    How are you today 5 months ago

    Playing with alia in fortnite

    Battle Royale bum buda bum bum

  • ItzRoryツ
    ItzRoryツ 5 months ago


    I got bored

  • ZkhM4_ 69
    ZkhM4_ 69 5 months ago

    I never dislike vids but this video i am since fucking Ali a is in it....

  • Jayden lenge
    Jayden lenge 5 months ago


  • Vipers Zombies
    Vipers Zombies 5 months ago

    omg is that ali-a i havent heard about him since flash was in fortnite xD

  • It’sGraham TTV
    It’sGraham TTV 5 months ago

    Yes ali a

  • Senor FLUFF Gaming channel

    Alia lol

  • SneakyKittyKat b
    SneakyKittyKat b 5 months ago

    I enjoy watching your videos but as soon as I heard Ali-a I’m out sorry.. that’s a step down from your usual videos

    • Donte Cyrus
      Donte Cyrus 5 months ago

      How they're friends why can't he be in vikks vid

  • Tyla G
    Tyla G 5 months ago +2

    Why are you collaborating with Ali a, I have no choice but to dislike.

    • Donte Cyrus
      Donte Cyrus 5 months ago

      Because they're friends idiot

  • Infected Data__
    Infected Data__ 5 months ago


  • Edward Prange
    Edward Prange 5 months ago

    Why play with Ali a

  • XGN Flyer756
    XGN Flyer756 5 months ago

    I'm the love ranger at 8:04

  • Luke McGonagle
    Luke McGonagle 5 months ago

    Tell Lachlan to stop stealing all your kills

  • Hehehhshsshhshahahdhdh Ahah

    I like the game mode but it’s annoying going on with random people who just go straight to the safes and get destroyed rather than looting before so you actually stand a chance

  • That Boy
    That Boy 5 months ago

    Grappler should use rockets

  • Rohan P
    Rohan P 5 months ago

    This is probably the easiest game mode yet

  • Rohan P
    Rohan P 5 months ago

    U play with Ali a

  • Adem Gfc35
    Adem Gfc35 5 months ago

    What a overhyped game mode

  • MPYT
    MPYT 5 months ago

    Why is he playing with dun dun dun dun dun ddddd dun dun

  • Jake Williams
    Jake Williams 5 months ago

    See what happens wen no one wins

  • Antony Tziolis
    Antony Tziolis 5 months ago

    is that alia

  • Toffeee
    Toffeee 5 months ago


  • Anime Nerd136
    Anime Nerd136 5 months ago

    wht are you playing with ali a

  • Tom O'dell
    Tom O'dell 5 months ago

    Why does Ali a in this video make me want to unsubscribe?

  • Jaxson Snortland
    Jaxson Snortland 5 months ago

    Vik is awesome

  • I need Subscribers
    I need Subscribers 5 months ago

    This is
    Ali A
    He has 500 health
    1 like = 1 damage

  • king201023
    king201023 5 months ago

    Hey guys let’s go get all four lama jewels it will be super easy barely an inconvenience

  • Cheifs Fan03
    Cheifs Fan03 5 months ago

    When I saw Alias name I thought it was a meme 😂😂

  • [GK] DJR Playz
    [GK] DJR Playz 5 months ago +1

    Just k

    Just kidding I’m not one of those guys

  • ghapping
    ghapping 5 months ago

    Ali just ruins the vibe

  • Jack Burnside
    Jack Burnside 5 months ago

    When you've seen this entire video live...

  • next january
    next january 5 months ago +7

    i make music .. . . i need new listeners . . !? ..

  • Mantas 123
    Mantas 123 5 months ago

    Who invited Ali a

  • Oliver Chambers
    Oliver Chambers 5 months ago


    Ha you thought

  • Lil Turbz
    Lil Turbz 5 months ago

    Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun x3

  • Andreas Sove
    Andreas Sove 5 months ago

    why Ali-A

  • Xavier Favry Wallace
    Xavier Favry Wallace 5 months ago

    Vik man shame you have stooped low enough to play with cringemeister Ali a

  • Fortnite 101
    Fortnite 101 5 months ago

    My big brother is in the army and his officer was best friends with KSI in high school

  • A Smith
    A Smith 5 months ago

    Grapple onto a rocket

  • Chase Harvey
    Chase Harvey 5 months ago

    I saw this on your stream yesterday

  • Euan No Cap
    Euan No Cap 5 months ago

    Why is youtube unsubbing me from channels? Anyone else?

  • silvano lopez
    silvano lopez 5 months ago

    What mode is this mine isn’t updated

  • Asher Bowe
    Asher Bowe 5 months ago

    what if you are on a golf cart and all shoot at the same time?

  • Kaustubh
    Kaustubh 5 months ago

    Why did they change the rarity's of so many guns?

  • FTWItachiPlays
    FTWItachiPlays 5 months ago

    Come check us out fam :D almost 2k subs!

  • Carter Caputo
    Carter Caputo 5 months ago +1


  • Eoin Diffily
    Eoin Diffily 5 months ago

    plz do more solos

  • Big boy Liam Walker
    Big boy Liam Walker 5 months ago

    Dun dun dun Ali’s a lol

  • Ninja 3one
    Ninja 3one 5 months ago

    Vikk I think you should do the one gun challenge as a squad which no one on TVclip has done yet where one person in the squad is allowed to only use one gun the whole match for example using a pump the whole game the the other team mates can use a AR etc.. #vikkstar123

  • patchandmax
    patchandmax 5 months ago

    make your own heist gamemode by using a chug instead of a jewe

  • Cooper Oxley
    Cooper Oxley 5 months ago

    I saw this live

  • Muue Zia Syed
    Muue Zia Syed 5 months ago

    Hi bhai me Indian ho yar

  • Mahmood Jazmawy
    Mahmood Jazmawy 5 months ago +1

    If you stay last with a lama even if you die as tge last person you still get a win
    Don't ask me how I know😂😭 but I just do😉

  • Harry Sargeant
    Harry Sargeant 5 months ago

    do the wins count?

    • Donte Cyrus
      Donte Cyrus 5 months ago

      Yeah but no umbrella for them

  • TAYO 23
    TAYO 23 5 months ago

    (Different buses all four)

  • TAYO 23
    TAYO 23 5 months ago

    Why don’t you guy try going in to the buses at the same time

  • Jerome Bertens
    Jerome Bertens 5 months ago

    Does anyone know how they're able to talk to ali a on ps4 without using the ingame chat and them being on pc?

  • Luca Maddalena
    Luca Maddalena 5 months ago

    What's Ali doing in a non-clickbait video?

  • EFP Capaaa
    EFP Capaaa 5 months ago +1

    Sub 2 capaaa6

    • Capaaa6
      Capaaa6 5 months ago

      EFP Capaaa oh dam cheers lol it’s me

  • Torstein Haland
    Torstein Haland 5 months ago


  • David Walsh
    David Walsh 5 months ago

    Been a while since I’ve seen Ali in a Vikkstar video

  • Ninja Chicken
    Ninja Chicken 5 months ago

    Ali a