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  • Samuel P
    Samuel P 5 hours ago


  • Kellindil
    Kellindil 5 hours ago


  • Straight Busta
    Straight Busta 5 hours ago +1

    Where is scare PewDiePie season 2?

  • RaYmOnDrOiD
    RaYmOnDrOiD 5 hours ago +1

    Can I get my view back? Thanks.

  • Ꮆαlѵαƚɾσɳ
    Ꮆαlѵαƚɾσɳ 5 hours ago +1

    Roses are red-ish
    Violets are blue-ish
    If you don't have a foreskin
    You might be a kîke-ish

  • Straight Busta
    Straight Busta 5 hours ago +1

    How come this has more likes than dislikes?

  • Himanshu Vardhan
    Himanshu Vardhan 5 hours ago

    It's all about money with youtube red, i hadn't seen any else trailer with these much of shiit view at trending shame.

  • Hi There!
    Hi There! 5 hours ago

    The first one was a hit so he had to make the second.

  • 叶铭均
    叶铭均 5 hours ago

    I think I saw Superman Punch

  • Ellanaa _Anything
    Ellanaa _Anything 5 hours ago

    Okay I'm not even a real fan of logan paul but im still gonna watch because I like The Thinning so yeah

  • 1 MAN ARMY Guzman
    1 MAN ARMY Guzman 5 hours ago +1

    First youtube goes down worldwide and now this movie? Lol if u dont see the message in this bs then u r asleep

  • Reshiramer
    Reshiramer 5 hours ago

    If this is allowed, then give us scare PewDiePie 2

  • Jiya Raj
    Jiya Raj 5 hours ago

    this might be good if it didn't have logan

  • Minecraft Offical
    Minecraft Offical 5 hours ago +1

    *R.I.P Logan Paul 😭*

  • Leah-Maria Brown
    Leah-Maria Brown 5 hours ago

    One on trending

  • Rydłan
    Rydłan 5 hours ago

    first I thought it was about his thinning hair

  • Guillermo Galvez
    Guillermo Galvez 5 hours ago

    Yeah this looks stupid

  • Suraj N M
    Suraj N M 5 hours ago

    You've got to be kidding TVclip. You guys are fuckin hypocrites. Ew!

  • Chace Danis
    Chace Danis 5 hours ago

    When will it come out on iTunes

  • HOMEY. Toaster
    HOMEY. Toaster 5 hours ago

    Pathetic youtube your feeble minds always go for the green papers but not to the content or creators themselves and you outcast pewdiepie but not this white fuckhead

  • Selp
    Selp 5 hours ago

    dramatic at its finest!

  • zozo sadik
    zozo sadik 5 hours ago

    youtubes is pretty much wwe in the way it handles things

  • CyberStorm
    CyberStorm 5 hours ago

    You do have good potential to be a good actor... keep it up man

  • deadzen
    deadzen 5 hours ago

    Logan paul actually looked really good here. He seems like an really good actor! I really hope he makes it in a professional career so we don't have to deal with all the TVclip drama no more.

  • Ansley Harriott
    Ansley Harriott 5 hours ago

    You just can’t take the movie seriously

  • supreme venom
    supreme venom 5 hours ago +1

    2:27 I thought it was that apology video

  • j.e cubero
    j.e cubero 5 hours ago

    The thinning.... of your hairline HA!

  • Neha Chaturvedi
    Neha Chaturvedi 5 hours ago

    apparently youtube loves Logan paul

  • LilyRayme Animation
    LilyRayme Animation 5 hours ago +1


  • I'm not sure Why
    I'm not sure Why 5 hours ago

    Oh TVclip, you’re such a hypocritical cunt.

  • Andy Leung
    Andy Leung 5 hours ago

    Wow is this the first thing I see popping up on my screen....come on google...

  • SomeSpicyNoodle
    SomeSpicyNoodle 5 hours ago

    not really a fan but not bad

  • Jason Santos
    Jason Santos 5 hours ago

    TVclip double standard. We see you

  • Jason Santos
    Jason Santos 5 hours ago

    TVclip double standard. We see you

  • Tarkobian Warr
    Tarkobian Warr 5 hours ago +1

    why my pp cold?

  • The03artist
    The03artist 5 hours ago

    Where that scare PewDiePie season two at.

  • Felton Mitchell
    Felton Mitchell 5 hours ago

    No thanks I'll wait for the DVD to come out ( the bootleg copy )

  • JustinTime2SxC
    JustinTime2SxC 5 hours ago

    just came to dislike this sh*t cya

  • P0ison AppLE
    P0ison AppLE 5 hours ago +2

    TVclip please bring back scare pewdiepie, so many people want it. It will be good for us and for your business.

  • The Mew Guy
    The Mew Guy 5 hours ago

    Don't mind me, just passing through with a dislike.

  • It'z Sneha
    It'z Sneha 5 hours ago

    I freaked out when I saw Reggie 😂

  • The National Meme
    The National Meme 5 hours ago

    If I was there it would be called "The Fattening"

  • Bugs Bunny
    Bugs Bunny 5 hours ago


  • TheBeauty 28
    TheBeauty 28 5 hours ago

    I have waited all year HERE IS IIIT😍

  • Keyondre and taylor
    Keyondre and taylor 5 hours ago

    Subscribe to our channel 💕pranks , vlogs , and more .... we the next be TVclip couple 💕💯

  • Rukaiya Shaikh
    Rukaiya Shaikh 5 hours ago +1

    I legit thought this movie is about his hair thinning.

  • slamsM6
    slamsM6 5 hours ago

    I hate to admit it, but that actually looks really badass

  • Joe Jones
    Joe Jones 5 hours ago

    Looks gayer than Logan Paul on his own and that's a feat.

  • Karma Tashi Allemann
    Karma Tashi Allemann 5 hours ago

    And all bc a failed test!

  • Nicole's Castle
    Nicole's Castle 5 hours ago

    y'all better make a third movie, I just need some closure and the second one didn't give me any.

  • Adrian Lss
    Adrian Lss 5 hours ago

    estas si son peliculas no como las de wismichu

  • Syifa Tuffahati
    Syifa Tuffahati 5 hours ago


  • Loco Busters
    Loco Busters 5 hours ago

    Is he trying to make people think he's a fighter by adding that cage fighting scene

  • Inspektical
    Inspektical 5 hours ago

    This cunt gets a renewed season but Pewdiepie doesn't, TVclip really has gone to complete shit

  • PUMA R
    PUMA R 5 hours ago


  • Danielle Horton
    Danielle Horton 5 hours ago

    how do i dislike this twice

  • Naeem Shah
    Naeem Shah 5 hours ago

    i hate movies like these. watching its trailer is like you watched the whole movie. very original :p i have watched maybe 3-4 movies like this one

  • D-Boy-Los
    D-Boy-Los 5 hours ago +1

    So we getting scared pewdiepie back?👀

  • The Bleach Effect
    The Bleach Effect 5 hours ago

    This looks like fucking garbage..

  • Bazlur Rahman
    Bazlur Rahman 5 hours ago

    That guy is still alive 😱

  • Awesomekat
    Awesomekat 5 hours ago

    How am I suppose to take this movie serious when Logan is in it🤣

  • niko BEYFAM
    niko BEYFAM 5 hours ago

    The only thing thinning is Logan pauls hairline

  • bloated and alone
    bloated and alone 5 hours ago

    Everyone is worrying about the world overpopulating... but what are we going to do when graveyards run out of graves/space ??? Where are we going to bury the dead bodies 😳

  • Jaydin Santos
    Jaydin Santos 5 hours ago

    This sucks I cannot watch it I live in Guam

  • thirsty
    thirsty 5 hours ago

    wtf is the matter with his face at the end of this vid?

  • Official Sky gamer
    Official Sky gamer 5 hours ago

    I download the movie and it's a banger!Btw I was watching this movie wear the maverick hoddie, socks,pants and hat

  • Caryn
    Caryn 5 hours ago

    I hate Logan but this series looks great

  • lea b
    lea b 5 hours ago

    How is this #1 on Trending​ and not Shane?

  • Jeremy Pinkston
    Jeremy Pinkston 5 hours ago

    Fuck the new world order and fuck Jake Paul and Logan paul

  • Mega 583
    Mega 583 5 hours ago

    I am expecting scare pewdiepie season 2 now

  • Akash Verma
    Akash Verma 5 hours ago


  • NiCortez Z-X9
    NiCortez Z-X9 5 hours ago +1

    Mr greedy jewy piggy named TVclip is exploiting his new whore called Logan Paul, again and again for money of 9 year old kids

  • Saqib Academy
    Saqib Academy 5 hours ago

    WTF did I just watched! piece of garbage like logan

  • Nima Lykkeberg
    Nima Lykkeberg 5 hours ago

    If they give Logan his youtube red show back You should also bring back scare pewdiepie

  • Reina Garza
    Reina Garza 5 hours ago

    Lmao this looks so wack

  • iBurp
    iBurp 5 hours ago

    So, uh...

    Where’s ‘Scare PewDiePie: Season 2’?

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 5 hours ago

    Yeah Logan Paul is a legend. Fuck the haters in the comment section

  • Nanci
    Nanci 5 hours ago

    Reggie 🖤

  • Chase Animation
    Chase Animation 5 hours ago

    Rip Logan Paul

  • Oliver Byrne
    Oliver Byrne 5 hours ago +1

    TVclip does pewidipie dirty for a joke but Logan paul can film a dead body and be blacklisted from a country and his series is put on trending? aight

  • Somidemon
    Somidemon 5 hours ago

    f u youtude ....... u treated logan paul differently and pewds differently.

    logan made a video of a hanging corpse is less punishable than some racist jokes .

  • Boba Vhett
    Boba Vhett 5 hours ago

    I never liked him and would enjoy punching his face but what I really wanted to say was that I think what annoys me the most about him is that I have never seen another human being with that haircut outside of my time in middle school and early highschool. It's sooo weird.

  • TheAdventureBros !
    TheAdventureBros ! 5 hours ago

    ed sheeran im your biggest fan


    Where is scare pewdiepie?

  • WorstCriticEver
    WorstCriticEver 5 hours ago

    No wonder TVclipd crashed

  • marvel marble
    marvel marble 5 hours ago

    why does this feel like a maze runner parody?

  • nibraz tazrian
    nibraz tazrian 5 hours ago +1

    To all the people complaining why is it on trending, any youtube original has always been on #1 trending. Will smith, liza koshy, and now logan paul. It shouldn't be surprising

  • KJ Stiemke
    KJ Stiemke 5 hours ago

    Im more excited for the new quinton reviews vid

  • Gabriel Ybarra
    Gabriel Ybarra 5 hours ago

    Fuck Logan Paul

  • Seanbo124
    Seanbo124 5 hours ago

    Why... Ugh

  • WarmmMilk
    WarmmMilk 5 hours ago

    Shane Dawson: *Makes an 8 part series of Jake Paul*
    Logan: *Puts own fucking corpse on youtube*

  • BB
    BB 5 hours ago

    arg this shit again

  • 慾望Deecay
    慾望Deecay 5 hours ago


  • Veronica Sanders
    Veronica Sanders 5 hours ago

    Getttttttt tf outttt. I didn't know Logan had those kind of skills....or knowledge.

  • Dan Lamountain
    Dan Lamountain 5 hours ago

    We should boycott this until scare pewdipie is back I mean what he did compared to Logan is not even in the same class of fudgery

  • DankLord
    DankLord 5 hours ago

    I fucking hate Logan but this looks dope

  • Rahab And Rashab
    Rahab And Rashab 5 hours ago

    Logan Poul you look different you have a beard

  • Evan Sampson™
    Evan Sampson™ 5 hours ago

    Possibly better than the Captain Marvel trailer. And if that shitstick Paul wasn't in it, I might actually watch both of these movies.

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez 5 hours ago

    Hard pass

    LLAMA LORD 5 hours ago

    Look they disabled comments for the next video....