Saint Mary's vs. Arizona: Game Highlights

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  • pegy hill
    pegy hill 3 days ago

    i typed in the search box "saint marys vs gonzaga" and this was the first thing that came up. i transferred from u of a to saint marys so its weird but got love for both schools.

  • Martinez Roger
    Martinez Roger 10 months ago

    The Zags will beat them again!

  • Natalie Erickson
    Natalie Erickson 10 months ago +1

    I am form Finland and it's so funny to hear the people say number 10 name wrong

    • timomastosalo
      timomastosalo 10 months ago +1

      The r is the typical American soft non-rolled one. And the vowels could be clearer,
      but English just blurs those vowels which are not stressed.
      One advice that might help, would be they should say it more Latin or Italian way,
      just remembering to stress the MARK-
      But it's clearly recognizable, we have no need to make a number of it.
      Selänne's name was much more off, in the ice hockey commentators mouth,
      s'LAnny (se Lanny) instead of SElänne. Almost like Salami ;)
      But it's a cluster of many Finnish peculiarities,
      so we had to settle with s'LAnny in the North American media for years :)

    • Valla Lalla
      Valla Lalla 10 months ago

      Maybe that commentator's soft R sounds a bit weird or fun -ish for some Finnish viewers? You should vibrate your tongue while you're pronouncing that R, 'The rolling R', like they do in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese etc languages.

    • Nate Airulla
      Nate Airulla 10 months ago

      How do you say it? Everyone here at Arizona says it the way the announcer said it. I met Laurie on campus about two weeks ago, what a great guy! So proud he picked our school.

    • Splash TV
      Splash TV 10 months ago +1

      Ei khyl sano mitenkää vääri

  • Aide Amaral
    Aide Amaral 10 months ago


  • mack jones
    mack jones 10 months ago

    Xavier, Ohio and Arizona game is going to be an absolute nasty WAR! No ifs, buts or huh.

  • mack jones
    mack jones 10 months ago +1

    I absolutely concur with the ' crooked ' NCAA committee and their ' suspect ' seeding machinations and what not. The most glaring example. Duke, as usual, gets seeded in the EASIEST region. And now with Villanova eliminated from the East region. The favorite to reach the Final Four, is naturally Duke. SMH But then again, Duke mysteriously tends to get a most FAVORABLE region, time after time. huh. But that's all moot now. duh.

  • M Th
    M Th 10 months ago +5

    Making St Mary's a 7 seed was unfair, they could have lasted longer as a 5 seed but the crooked committee knew that so to eliminate them early gave them a match up with a strong 2 seed like Arizona who could have easily been a 1 seed. The crooked committee rewards the over rated ACC conference with 9 teams and makes Duke, Louisville and NC number 2 and. 1 seeds. It's a way to keep the power conferences playing longer against weaker competition. The committee also knows Wisconsin is a very good tourney team hence making them a 8 seed to play Villanova in hopes an upset would occur. That's exactly what happened. Wisconsin and Villanova play very similar styles.

  • MrFuzzihead
    MrFuzzihead 10 months ago +1

    Pretty poor officiating (which has been consistent throughout this tournament). However, Arizona simply outmatched the Gaels in athleticism. Great game to watch (minus the poor officiating)!

    • Rafael Rivera
      Rafael Rivera 10 months ago

      MrFuzzihead there were bad calls for both teams. but good game

  • Apaiata Tuihalamaka
    Apaiata Tuihalamaka 10 months ago +5

    proud alumni..BEAR DOWN

    • Posese Pulu
      Posese Pulu 10 months ago

      Apaiata Tuihalamaka Apai? Is that you? hahahaha

  • XxHypeBeastXx
    XxHypeBeastXx 10 months ago