An Antidote to Dissatisfaction

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
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    Everybody is familiar with the feeling that things are not as they should be. That you are not successful enough, your relationships not satisfying enough. That you don’t have the things you crave.
    In this video we want to talk about one of the strongest predictors of how happy people are, how easily they make friends and how good they are at dealing with hardship. An antidote against dissatisfaction so to speak: Gratitude.
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Ohai! For a change a few personal words. My name is Philipp and I started this channel almost seven years ago - you don’t know my voice but you have heard my words because I write most of our scripts.
    Oh boy. This was a hard video to make. Gratitude felt vaguely risky to do as a topic. It has this aura of cheap Instagram hashtag self help stuff.
    Some of you will hate this video deeply, and the thought of that made me pretty anxious writing it. Gratitude was not supposed to be a video topic originally. Just like the Nihilism and Loneliness videos, the script was based on personal struggles and part of the process of dealing with them. And so it felt right to make gratitude a video too.
    But Kurzgesagt is not a self help channel, so we'll keep this sort of content at roughly one or two per year.
    We hope they are helpful to some of you.
    If you care for my take on how to practice Gratitude, we made a Kurzgesagt Gratitude journal to combine the science with practical tips.
    Edit: PRE-ORDER is available again.
    Please note: You don’t need to buy this or anything else to practice gratitude - you only need a pen, a piece of paper and 5 minutes.
    Thank you for watching our videos and reading this comment. Being able to do Kurzgesagt means a lot. To me and the whole team. - Philipp

    • Chris Toph
      Chris Toph 5 days ago

      Very, very, very, very good animations!

    • Kalamardox
      Kalamardox Month ago


    • Marco Trevisan
      Marco Trevisan Month ago

      I have a very scientific approach to life and self-improvement, and it's over two year I keep a gratitude diary. So... spot on, Kurzgesagt and Philipp! But I understand your reticence about not looking like a self-help channel. I think that, as long as you cite your scientific resources (published papers, etc), at least in the description, you are on the safe side.

    • Post Fecal Mortem
      Post Fecal Mortem Month ago

      Thank you for all of these videos, I've always liked your science videos but damn! I needed this video just right now and even after watching the topic I was afraid but I think it will be pretty helpful. Thank you very much!

    • Akansh Arya
      Akansh Arya Month ago +1

      Hey you guys are in the TVclip rewind 2019

  • Camila Bustos
    Camila Bustos 3 minutes ago

    I am thankful for this video¡!

  • Youssef Houaoui
    Youssef Houaoui Hour ago

    the man is a gatherer and the woman is a hunter really why these liberal mines all over why ? it just put all your content to question you are nothing but another mainstream this isn't the first time you put liberal poison

  • Visualproffesor
    Visualproffesor Hour ago

    oh man really needed this, after hearing Kobe died

  • Thomas McIntosh
    Thomas McIntosh Hour ago

    It’s almost like it says gratitude is essential... in the Bible...
    But idk I’m just spitballing
    *cough* atheists *cough cough*

  • Alejandro Rodolfo Mendez

    I'm not crying, you are crying. This video touch my heart somehow.

  • reiden4
    reiden4 2 hours ago

    This is very similar with stoicism

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    Burakk Gürçay 2 hours ago

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    i want to learn how to create animated videos like this ! can somebody direct me where to look

  • Matěj Macák
    Matěj Macák 4 hours ago

    When you were talking about the lack of satisfaction (missing out on hanging out with friends etc), it was scary how much I related to it. I'll try the gratitude journal. Thanks a lot for this video, it was an eye opener.

  • live life
    live life 4 hours ago

    Im grateful for your content.

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    hoody nn 5 hours ago

    Can you do a video about encountering a type 2 civilization and what they are capable of

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    SmallBohemianFerret 6 hours ago

    I’m grateful for this video heheheh

  • Павел Гражданкин

    The best self-help channel ever. Gives you existential crisis, then releaves it 😊

  • WindUpCandle
    WindUpCandle 7 hours ago

    Sometimes sadness is weird to me. Like, most of the time you're the main cause behind your sadness and you actively shut yourself down and don't even try to dig yourself out of it, content to simply wallow in self pity and loathing. Learn to recognize irrational thought that only serve to worsen your life and realize how stupid they are 🤷‍♂️

  • iwe timer
    iwe timer 8 hours ago +1

    Islam is the solution.

  • Khatharr Malkavian
    Khatharr Malkavian 9 hours ago

    Eeeeesh... Not incorrect, but... There's a lot of context. A lot.

  • Helados Arlequin
    Helados Arlequin 10 hours ago

    Loved the video, I'll put it on practice. Also I saw a caterpie and a bellsprout :V i'm more in love yet

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    Alexsandra Rosas 10 hours ago

    i am grateful for this video

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    NEO N 10 hours ago

    im so grateful that i met u. a very great channal!

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    Nadhila Amalina 10 hours ago

    I am so grateful that I finally found this video that I’ve been needed for the past 10 years. This really help me getting through so much struggle of my life. Thank you ❤️

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    This should be required to watch by the republicans

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    Our Koreans want subtitles for watching and understanding this video.
    But it hasn't yet.
    We Koreans hope to see subtitles soon.

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    Mennis 12 hours ago +1

    ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS accept invitation when people wanna hang with you. Please just do this.

  • Ben Rogue
    Ben Rogue 13 hours ago

    "Selfish individuals were identified and shunned"... and now they run the world

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    Afrina Razib 14 hours ago

    i know i'm supposed to reflect and all but this spectacular animation is really distracting. well done!

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    5:34, am I the only one seeing the Pokemon bellsprout? lmao
    Omg I just saw another pokemon, 9:14 a caterpie

    CEO MINH VU 14 hours ago

    I personally spent half a year with Buddhist monks in monasteries and I can tell you all that they are 100x happier than most of us because they desire less not more. The more we desire especially the external and the future we miss the presence

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    Hussain Attarwala 17 hours ago

    “We don’t want to be a self help channel” WHY NOT

  • Joon Park
    Joon Park 18 hours ago

    You also can feel gratitude for giving somethings for someone without returning anything.

  • Sherudons
    Sherudons 18 hours ago

    I'm glad i'm content with my life, I know what I want, I know what i need to do to get there, I have plans for failure, i'm very confident in myself, I know who I am and am happy with it.

    Could be a lot worse, and I can make it better should I choose, but I'll choose to remain in a content state until my family no longer needs me, then I'm free to do what I want.

  • Fruit Cat
    Fruit Cat 18 hours ago

    Or just stop caring what others think and be happy with who you are flaws and all. Took me till 30 to realize this but it's changed my life for the better.

  • Shubham Muyal
    Shubham Muyal 19 hours ago

    08:42 "Being a human is hard"
    Few moments later doggos make everything better

  • Shubham Muyal
    Shubham Muyal 19 hours ago

    Thing I like most about your videos is that you REALLY give sources of the information that you've compiled. Otherwise you'd just be a preacher 😉

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    Zaih Castanon 20 hours ago

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    Stiggu LePetit 20 hours ago

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    El Jefe 20 hours ago

    I remember my mom always telling me this growing up and my dad would always be making fun of her for practicing meditation and gratefulness... she’s the one laughing these days.

  • Valeska Says YES
    Valeska Says YES 21 hour ago

    It's interesting how the bible also shows the importance of gratitude through its different stories. Especially expressing gratitude and thanks through prayer. It has changed my life when I started thanking God for every good thing in my life.

  • pablo vargas
    pablo vargas 22 hours ago

    Necesitaba esto. Gracias.

  • Frozen_Rat
    Frozen_Rat 22 hours ago

    3:49 "Materialism" *Angery Marx Noises*

  • Chris Hammock
    Chris Hammock 23 hours ago

    Gratitude for Kurzgesagt. I teach and "in a nutshell" is my go to for gentle explanations for things kids need to know.

    I just recently went through a bad but needed surgery that turned out worse than expected. You cannot imagine what a cherry popsicle tastes like after 3 days of vomiting, no food and a continual stomach pump. There isn't anything other than my children and marriage that can compare to that cherry popsicle. I did not know this was a normal phenomena until this video. My job is the same, my work the same... but it is all so very, VERY sweet and delicious. Going back to my job was like putting on a well worn glove that belonged on MY hand.

    Thank you Philipp for stretching your channel to include these items that are so much more important than you realize. I may start my own path with inspiration from you.

  • casualcuber
    casualcuber 23 hours ago

    Try the journaling thing, it actually works.

  • Youtube Watcher
    Youtube Watcher 23 hours ago

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    Michael Simmons 23 hours ago

    Two things people forget when listing what they're grateful for:
    1. HUSBAND
    2. WIFE

  • Brianna Ibarra
    Brianna Ibarra 23 hours ago

    :i understand that youre not a self help channel but i really like these videos :) psychology is also a science that is complex and interesting. These videos offer these vague topics and solidify and define them with statistics facts and evidence. And hearing your voice telling me i can be happy and how is very refreshing :) i love all of the kurzgesagt team, you guys put so much effort into each and every one of your fantastic videos :)

    IATOTIW Day ago

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    Umar Yuldashov Day ago

    9:40 please, keep posting more such videos! they are very helpful

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    B Jay Day ago

    It really makes a different
    I just write my grateful things down in a word document.
    Also check out the be inspired video about the grateful morning routine. Download that on the phone and listen to it regularly.
    Thank you for that video. I am really grateful for that ;)

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