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  • Ninja Gamez
    Ninja Gamez Day ago

    Smosh is the stereotype royal family

  • Nusion HD
    Nusion HD 2 days ago +1

    jimmy da white guy

  • Suky Chopra
    Suky Chopra 3 days ago


  • thedearnoman
    thedearnoman 3 days ago

    Kimmel sucks.

  • Trinity Lee
    Trinity Lee 4 days ago +1

    KANSAS🌾🌾((that’s where I’m from))

  • MD
    MD 4 days ago

    Cringe af

  • Roman Phenes
    Roman Phenes 4 days ago

    They got a lot of things pretty accurately, apart from there hypocrisy. They complain about guns and how they’re not safe and are dangerous, but have armed personnel follow them everywhere they go. Complains about not being able to have free healthcare when they sure as hell have enough money to not b*tch about it. Claim to love the Constitution and Amendments unless used against them. Jimmy Kimmel: “I’m pretty sure the Founding Fathers didn’t want people having Ak’s and machine guns.”Puts on a crying act* When Andrew Jackson stated himself that “No foreign power will ever dare attempt to conquer the free nation that has all of its people armed.” So yea, they’re full of sh*t.

  • Bob Philips
    Bob Philips 4 days ago

    Penis Coyote

  • Daniel Pullella
    Daniel Pullella 4 days ago

    Bring back the "SHUT UP!". Im glad it's at the end of this video

  • Brooklyn Bullard
    Brooklyn Bullard 4 days ago

    I love Courtney’s haircut so much.

  • Vicky Machin
    Vicky Machin 4 days ago

    That blockbuster movie actress looks a lot like the drummer...

  • LegionFilmsYT
    LegionFilmsYT 4 days ago

    This was the CRINGIEST thing I've ever seen: (I know it's meant to be cringy and that's what I meant)

  • Sergio Raya
    Sergio Raya 4 days ago

    This is so meta

  • thot slayer
    thot slayer 5 days ago

    Why did I get a Spanish sprint commercial

  • moaiad Aljamal
    moaiad Aljamal 5 days ago

    I kinda hate the idea that he mocked jimmy kimmel alone

    Sill funny though, gotta give you that

  • sebo641
    sebo641 6 days ago

    oof. Did someone cross u guys' path? that was brutally true

  • blurry face
    blurry face 6 days ago

    These talk shows are more entertaining that anything smosh puts out anyway.

  • Lizzie15
    Lizzie15 6 days ago

    Everyone of these vidoes are so true 👌😂

  • Lizzie15
    Lizzie15 6 days ago

    Where's the lie tho

  • Kainine
    Kainine 7 days ago

    Fucking penis coyote 😂

  • Rebecca Coleman
    Rebecca Coleman 8 days ago

    I feel like I've seen this talk show before 🤔??? Lol

  • Edith McClure
    Edith McClure 10 days ago


  • Dog Dog
    Dog Dog 10 days ago

    Hilarious and accurate 😂

  • everydaydreamer1
    everydaydreamer1 10 days ago

    Executive producer:
    Penis Coyote

  • ItsSadie TV
    ItsSadie TV 11 days ago +1

    *cousin sal!*

  • Shovely Joe
    Shovely Joe 12 days ago

    Wait, where is Topica?

  • Duck Panther
    Duck Panther 12 days ago

    Like my comment 👍

  • thrasherx2k1
    thrasherx2k1 12 days ago +1

    Where’s the constant trump bashing?

  • Spicy Aleks
    Spicy Aleks 12 days ago

    -Dick Wolf-
    *Penis Coyote*

  • Weird Geographic
    Weird Geographic 12 days ago

    Next make every smosh with out Anthony ever

  • TheFideCrew
    TheFideCrew 13 days ago


  • I like hot pockets XD
    I like hot pockets XD 13 days ago

    I thought this was an Every Blank Ever video

  • Juliet Elizabeth
    Juliet Elizabeth 14 days ago

    Every carpool karaoke ever

  • ImMrLongLegs
    ImMrLongLegs 15 days ago

    Who remenbers beef n go its at the end

  • Alex Cardana
    Alex Cardana 15 days ago

    Do every 4th of july ever

  • Ryan Crishian
    Ryan Crishian 16 days ago

    Hey, this was different from any other every blank ever. You should make more like this.

  • Kirsty Egglestone
    Kirsty Egglestone 16 days ago

    The only funny talk shows are the ones who had the Stranger Things cast on. That instantly makes them bareable

  • Sean Fly
    Sean Fly 16 days ago +1

    Penis Coyote = Dick Wolf

  • Cadifinal
    Cadifinal 17 days ago +1

    S H U T U P

  • Onizuka
    Onizuka 17 days ago

    his laugh was more genuin than fallon's laugh haha

  • Anna Windle
    Anna Windle 17 days ago

    The accuracy tho!!

  • Wolfie Productions
    Wolfie Productions 17 days ago

    Love this

  • Achyuth Suchit
    Achyuth Suchit 18 days ago

    Is it just me ..cause I feel Smosh is becoming less funnier as the years go by.. :/

  • Julian Games and More
    Julian Games and More 18 days ago

    Jimmy Fallon parody *I LOVE IT*

  • Spidey209
    Spidey209 18 days ago


  • T.O.S TheOriginalShine

    I laughed the entire skit!!!!

  • Barnacle Boii
    Barnacle Boii 18 days ago

    Am I the only one who remembers beef ‘n’ go?

  • DeVine GAMING
    DeVine GAMING 20 days ago

    Lot's of yellow fever going on about the Asian actress in the comment.

  • Cheese 1234
    Cheese 1234 22 days ago

    Every running out of ideas for every blank ever ever

  • Spectrum SSS
    Spectrum SSS 22 days ago

    Penis Coyote
    I get it

    (if you don't know it's a parody of Dick Wolf)

  • osbely
    osbely 23 days ago +1

    This was your best ‘EVER’ ever.

  • FoxeyPlays
    FoxeyPlays 24 days ago +1

    Thats true the singer is always a black dude

  • Andy Zhou
    Andy Zhou 24 days ago +1

    1.9k dislikes were from the ones who work there

  • Tesseract 14
    Tesseract 14 25 days ago

    You forgot to mention the fact that all they do is tell jokes about how trump sucks lol

  • TacoGaming HD
    TacoGaming HD 25 days ago

    I like how all the comments are saying how this is accurate, like we don’t know that already.

  • Zed Games
    Zed Games 25 days ago

    This Is Soo True

  • RC Higgins
    RC Higgins 25 days ago

    That intro is more SNL than a talk show. Especially the narrator. That voice reminds me of Don Pardo

  • Htes Navillus
    Htes Navillus 25 days ago +1

    First 3 minutes were Kimmel.

  • Anomemeous
    Anomemeous 25 days ago

    Yeeees discrimination against white men I love this (not really)

  • Кевином Martell

    The title and the way this video has been montage is just amazing.

  • I Ship Reylo Deal With It

    So true

  • Óðin Gaard
    Óðin Gaard 27 days ago

    This is painfully accurate.

  • L0MIS
    L0MIS 27 days ago

    HAHaHhHaHaHaaA Its funny cus its true........

  • Catique
    Catique 27 days ago

    The laughtracks. *Too many laughtracks.*

  • Jimmy de Wit
    Jimmy de Wit 28 days ago

    Sign quickly officer pitch live elite crisis ban land contain desperate administrative.

  • SchrodingerIsAlive
    SchrodingerIsAlive 28 days ago

    Stephen Colbert?

  • aaron 1277
    aaron 1277 28 days ago +1

    Every toy every plz

  • Eloise Makeup
    Eloise Makeup 28 days ago +1

    Jimmy white guy,,,,,

  • Nicole Lovato
    Nicole Lovato 28 days ago

    Do every text ever

  • Kolarov's Left Foot
    Kolarov's Left Foot 29 days ago

    Craig Ferguson was the only different one..he changed the game

  • The Bean Team
    The Bean Team Month ago

    I love talk shows and I'm 15

  • Khandar William
    Khandar William Month ago


  • jesus christ himself
    jesus christ himself Month ago +1

    i miss the shut up intros

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob Month ago

    This would have been perfect if they also put the trump bashing part

  • Samin Ahmed
    Samin Ahmed Month ago

    I've heard 'SHUT UP' after so long

  • Mr.TriggyBoi
    Mr.TriggyBoi Month ago

    did no one really notice the "shut up" part?

  • crispybacon the legit mineman

    This cake is as floppy as my kook

  • Adam Khan
    Adam Khan Month ago


  • MOR the crazy guy
    MOR the crazy guy Month ago

    i knew the animal guy is going to make out with the dog!

  • ponysareawesomeyo
    ponysareawesomeyo Month ago

    “Isn’t that right useless sidekick?”

  • ponysareawesomeyo
    ponysareawesomeyo Month ago


  • piercejxhnson
    piercejxhnson Month ago

    i’m crying

  • Epiruss
    Epiruss Month ago

    Man! This was so accurate!

  • Uku Sibul
    Uku Sibul Month ago

    It's that there isn't any.. LAW AND ORDER

    MARINA RABKIN Month ago

    i love smosh, but they make the skits too short and it is annoying. I wish there was more time. who agree

  • Albany Mimi
    Albany Mimi Month ago


  • Zoee Everly
    Zoee Everly Month ago

    Forgot the one dude in the background that cackles when the host makes a joke

  • Rosario riganti
    Rosario riganti Month ago

    I have never related to an episode more than this

  • Kataun
    Kataun Month ago

    i feel honored to have courtney think topeka is in my state

  • Alexzander Castillo

    P EN I S C O Y O T E
    IM HOWLING😂😂😂😂😂😂😩

  • Captain Speedster
    Captain Speedster Month ago

    Penis Coyote. Seems legit.

  • Pill Head
    Pill Head Month ago


  • Beau Artzer
    Beau Artzer Month ago

    Who is watching this in topeka

  • J and C Studios / Gaming, vlogs, and more!

    The only good talk show nowadays is Conan, which actually is run by the big guy himself and not 600 writers using one guy as an anchor for jokes and... Others stuff *Cough* Jimmy Fallon *Cough*

  • Tanee Leelatheep
    Tanee Leelatheep Month ago

    Every NBA player ever pls

  • Samuel Giglio
    Samuel Giglio Month ago

    Ive finally watched every blank ever 5 times all of them which means I always am on TVclip

  • Balta Bueno
    Balta Bueno Month ago

    Having the Smosh intro at the end of the video looks pretty good 👍

  • Manuel Castro Gonzalez

    Very well

  • vNxfty
    vNxfty Month ago

    Wheres anthony?!?! I havntwatched this channel in years!

  • Avery Casto
    Avery Casto Month ago