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  • My name is not John

    I wish every real talk show host watch this

  • Matthew Danielian
    Matthew Danielian Day ago +1

    Press where the finger is pointing

  • Adeeb Khuda
    Adeeb Khuda Day ago +1

    This actually equipment is used in talk shows

  • Commander Neyo
    Commander Neyo Day ago

    What's ironic is that the last time I turned on Conan was to watch Ninja Sex Party

  • Deany Goode
    Deany Goode 2 days ago

    *they referenced beef n, go yyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaayyyy*

  • Oksana Kopanitsyna
    Oksana Kopanitsyna 3 days ago


  • Ryan McKinley
    Ryan McKinley 3 days ago

    1:54, basically Jimmy Kimmel.

  • SLOF Monkey
    SLOF Monkey 5 days ago

    They didn’t mention Eric Andre

  • omadongalong
    omadongalong 6 days ago

    3:30 Hmmmmm.... are they talking about nirvana's verse chorus verse????

  • Jocelyn Cox
    Jocelyn Cox 6 days ago

    Beef ‘n go

  • Orange Gelatin
    Orange Gelatin 7 days ago

    4:34 wait what’s this this was posted in 2018 right?

    THEY BOUGHT BACK THE SHUT UP for one video...

  • SuperV
    SuperV 8 days ago +1

    Olivia rudely removed her hand as Courtney was touching it!!! Lololol

  • Septic Stache
    Septic Stache 10 days ago

    That “uh... ex-ca-uuuuse me mr president” is a reference to “well excuse me princess” from the Zelda cartoon

  • UmbreonErick
    UmbreonErick 11 days ago +1

    *"Jimmy White Guy"* lmao

  • Comet the Bunny
    Comet the Bunny 12 days ago

    Definitely based on Jimmy Fallon

  • Lilrainbow69
    Lilrainbow69 13 days ago +1

    by far one of the funniest smosh videos. 11/10

  • Mubashir Mahi
    Mubashir Mahi 13 days ago

    Yo Miller! I've got a bone to pick with ya! Never EVERRR disRASPECT ma mang Andy Like that ever again!

  • Mogan MoeFoe
    Mogan MoeFoe 19 days ago

    3:07 such an accurate jimmy fallon impression

  • Elfin Dreamer
    Elfin Dreamer 21 day ago

    That was painfully accurate.

  • K V
    K V 23 days ago


  • Sara Sanchez
    Sara Sanchez 24 days ago


  • By Koldeja
    By Koldeja 27 days ago

    The laughing sfx makes it funnier

  • Margaret Moore
    Margaret Moore 28 days ago

    So funny

  • Ethan Flores
    Ethan Flores Month ago

    the obnoxious laughter actually made me smile coming from Olivia. I love this channel so much

  • Prism - Rocket League & More

    I’m high rn and I don’t know what smosh video this is.
    Is it every high school ever

  • julia sheehan?
    julia sheehan? Month ago

    wow this fully was spot on

  • E.C. Mann
    E.C. Mann Month ago

    The only one that was ever any good (in my lifetime) was Letterman. That’s it.

  • nailgamer 13
    nailgamer 13 Month ago

    This is directly a parody of James Corden

  • Howard Hoang
    Howard Hoang Month ago

    This is truly like Kimmel including the Matt Damon out of time joke

  • Young God
    Young God Month ago

    3:22 Jimmy Fallon's fake laugh 😂

  • Beautiful Meeses Gaming

    I love this style of every blank ever!!

  • Pauline YouDon'tKnow

    Oh I loved that! One of their best!

  • Seallot
    Seallot Month ago

    Olivia looks hot in that dress

  • Seallot
    Seallot Month ago

    This basically jimmy fallon show

  • David Milliard
    David Milliard Month ago

    "An animal lover who loves animals a little too much!"
    Oh, you mean a furry?

  • G13lol2
    G13lol2 Month ago

    4:24 Omg Beef 'N Go

  • Gamestosi
    Gamestosi Month ago

    I love the beef n go reference that was when smosh was itself ( beef n go reference at 4:22)

  • Zayan Mir
    Zayan Mir Month ago

    Anyone else notice Beef’n Go LLC?

  • Anime Girl
    Anime Girl Month ago

    This is NOT an every blank ever!!!😡😡😡

  • Leonardo Garcia
    Leonardo Garcia Month ago

    I love the Penis Coyote part , good detail

  • Adia Best
    Adia Best 2 months ago

    This is so accurate!! Like a little too accurate!!😂😂❤

  • TeamDomination
    TeamDomination 2 months ago

    Every presidential meeting ever

  • a creative name
    a creative name 2 months ago

    beef n go!!!!!

  • astras18 95
    astras18 95 2 months ago

    _ Trevor_ _Noah_

  • Ikuto Shinoda
    Ikuto Shinoda 2 months ago

    reply if you havea opinion

  • Orca Whale
    Orca Whale 2 months ago

    Lol Noah was making out with a wolf

  • Sharon Lapham
    Sharon Lapham 2 months ago

    Every time I click on this straight away EVER

    NOSCAM 2 months ago


  • SovietTaters
    SovietTaters 2 months ago

    *CSISVUNCISNYPD* seems legit

  • EnderGaming
    EnderGaming 2 months ago


  • CRAZY HID! productions
    CRAZY HID! productions 2 months ago

    This is so accurate good job smosh!

  • Paper Tiger
    Paper Tiger 2 months ago

    Really well written sketch. True as hell

  • Icecreamlover forever24
    Icecreamlover forever24 2 months ago +1

    Omg this was om. Day before my bday

  • Kiki the Freaky
    Kiki the Freaky 3 months ago

    "Let me tell you a funny story that your producers and PR team agreed on"

  • Mike Man 2005
    Mike Man 2005 3 months ago


  • one of those kids
    one of those kids 3 months ago

    I remember beef and go!!

  • Icey
    Icey 3 months ago

    Trevor Noah isn’t white

  • Brock MacArthur
    Brock MacArthur 3 months ago

    Beef and go I remember that video

  • Abdal Alfawaqa
    Abdal Alfawaqa 3 months ago

    The best part was when the person changed the channel and the producer was called Penis Coyote but the actual person is called Dick Wolf

  • Hi Me
    Hi Me 3 months ago

    This was too true

  • Charzoul X
    Charzoul X 3 months ago

    You should've also put the fact the when they clap the clap for like 5 min straight and the host just smiles

  • WolfPack *
    WolfPack * 3 months ago

    Lol my brother has a really funny stereotypical white guy name Whitey Johnson

  • ClannadKyoko
    ClannadKyoko 3 months ago

    Penis Coyote
    Dick Wolf

  • Ibot 6175
    Ibot 6175 3 months ago

    Welcome back to smosh is running out of ideas

  • Thomas Cremens
    Thomas Cremens 3 months ago

    Beef N' go llc Stevie’s production

  • Chip
    Chip 3 months ago

    this is a good quality content

  • Pranit Shinde
    Pranit Shinde 3 months ago

    Executive producer: penis coyote lmao🤣🤣🤣🤣

    UNKNOWN BROKEN 3 months ago

    Haha cause self-awareness jokes for a year straight is reeeaaalllyyy funny

  • BluekrabsDomino
    BluekrabsDomino 3 months ago

    The applause wasn’t as loud as it actually is

  • Ana Franta
    Ana Franta 3 months ago

    i'm not american and i think i didn'y understand one reference due to that detail. oh well

  • Nukekiller11752
    Nukekiller11752 3 months ago

    James *cough* Corden *cough*

  • i am too much of a fanatic


  • Colin forever
    Colin forever 3 months ago

    Too be honest, Jimmy Kimmel does have a fake laugh

  • Super C
    Super C 3 months ago +5

    The accuracy is so real

  • Prince Luckie
    Prince Luckie 3 months ago

    Well that was a long intro

  • PluTWOnium
    PluTWOnium 3 months ago

    4:25 BEEF N GO NO WAY

  • Vighnesh Bilgi
    Vighnesh Bilgi 3 months ago

    Smosh has ups and downs, but my god they hit the hammer on the nail on this one! ,1.8 MIL only ! god this is underrated.

  • Mark Velazquez
    Mark Velazquez 3 months ago

    The laughing scene was definitely Jimmy Fallon

    EMC QUACK 3 months ago

    Spot on

  • Theomega Gamer
    Theomega Gamer 3 months ago

    Jimmy kimmel must be furious

  • Sir Animator
    Sir Animator 3 months ago

    I mean yeah but some it doesn't really apply like conan

  • Salvador Nevarez
    Salvador Nevarez 3 months ago

    The Every Prom Ever Band:0

  • TheInfernapeKing Battletube

    Gandang Gabi Vice!

  • Moff Joff
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  • JaggedTooth
    JaggedTooth 3 months ago

    This is why communism was created to kill the people who wear suits and ties

  • Natrix Natrix
    Natrix Natrix 3 months ago


    • Natrix Natrix
      Natrix Natrix 3 months ago

      SlappyHei At the end

    • SlappyHei
      SlappyHei 3 months ago

      Natrix Natrix Where in the video is it?

  • Diego Sanchez
    Diego Sanchez 3 months ago

    4:19 hahahahaha

  • Wert Gamer
    Wert Gamer 3 months ago +7

    This is so accurate!!!!😂

  • YouCube26 The OK Cuber
    YouCube26 The OK Cuber 3 months ago +7

    Holy flip they did that "Shut up" again :D

  • thicc okurrr
    thicc okurrr 3 months ago

    *jimmy white guy is now a god*

  • Karen from Finance
    Karen from Finance 3 months ago


  • Petros
    Petros 3 months ago

    Shoutouts to Beef ‘N Go.

  • Austin Daniels
    Austin Daniels 3 months ago +6

    Ok this video is actually really accurate, but to make it simple, it was very annoying.

  • Clara Flos
    Clara Flos 3 months ago +2

    Shayne looks so uncomfortable with the guitar lol

  • Austin Griffeth
    Austin Griffeth 3 months ago

    “Promotional consideration provided by
    Beef ‘N’ Go” They referenced one of their first commercial parodies!
    My heart is happy

  • Angel36930
    Angel36930 3 months ago

    Sooo ACCURATE!

  • Flaninty
    Flaninty 3 months ago

    Where's the "Hello Audience who will laugh at literally anything I say!"?

  • Belanca Rosier
    Belanca Rosier 3 months ago

    This is why I love The Graham Norton Show, it follows an algorithm like this too but it’s just that much more unique

  • Uzi 1600
    Uzi 1600 3 months ago

    Well that was a brilliant representation of The Jimmy Kimmel show.