NFL Kicking Edition | Dude Perfect

  • Published on Jul 1, 2013
  • Kick it. Punt it. Boom goes the dynamite it.
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    Special thanks to the St. Louis Rams!
    We'll always be Cowboys fans, but we're huge Rams fans now too!
    The awesome kickers in all their twitter glory:
    Johnny Hekker - JHekker
    Greg 'the Leg' Zuerlein - Currently too cool for Twitter
    Jake McQuaide - JakeMcQuaide
    Make a Move by Royal Tailor
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Comments • 10 244

  • I like Memes
    I like Memes 5 hours ago

    3:07 forshadowing

  • Ava Petruso
    Ava Petruso 3 days ago

    Look at Cody’s hair

  • Lucy Steers
    Lucy Steers 4 days ago


  • vivaan malkani
    vivaan malkani 4 days ago +4

    How is watching this is 2019 ??

  • SirCOW
    SirCOW 5 days ago

    This is fake

  • Donnie Sizemore
    Donnie Sizemore 5 days ago

    St louis rams

  • Elijah Foringer
    Elijah Foringer 5 days ago

    Johnny you got any special talents, I can do a one hand cartwheel

    He’s the best punter in the NFL😡😡😡😡😡

  • ominousonix1337
    ominousonix1337 6 days ago

    why did you censor at 5:54

  • Oops.That's Not good.
    Oops.That's Not good. 8 days ago +2

    I believe Johnny Hecker can kick a plastic shark farther than I can kick a football

  • Pinnacle Water Tanks Marble Falls

    It’s like this ones for America and he misses

  • T-S Productions
    T-S Productions 13 days ago

    Johnny Hekker just got an extension.

  • Johnny Roberts
    Johnny Roberts 13 days ago

    I miss the St. Louis Rams

    CENTRA STUDIOS 14 days ago

    Why is the ball not round.

  • nseifner
    nseifner 15 days ago

    RIP St Louis Rams lol

  • Joseph Molitor
    Joseph Molitor 17 days ago

    Your in Stl right now even tho this is a old vid

  • Thomas B
    Thomas B 18 days ago

    Was Wondering what he was doing with his shirt

  • JL Edits 19
    JL Edits 19 18 days ago

    Get Deestroying on a video

  • Lucci Gaming 55
    Lucci Gaming 55 19 days ago +8

    TVclip putting this on your recommendation list.
    2015:No Thanks
    2016: No
    2017: Nah
    2018: No
    2019: Sure.

  • Skeletal Pine
    Skeletal Pine 20 days ago +1


  • Yeyson Ramos
    Yeyson Ramos 21 day ago

    I kick the field goal 40 yards and I i'm a sophomore year

  • casey
    casey 21 day ago

    I wouldve threatened to hit Tyler if he was holding that Mic up to my face like that lol

  • Elijah Samuel
    Elijah Samuel 22 days ago

    These guys are in la now.....

  • K Boy
    K Boy 24 days ago +3

    Great video but continually trying to shove the mic in his face just gets childish after a while.

    • K Boy
      K Boy 20 days ago

      I have no idea what that means?

    • Samuel Young
      Samuel Young 20 days ago

      K Boy ya dont say...

  • Isaac Buscher
    Isaac Buscher 26 days ago

    Greg Zuerlein went to my highschool

  • Christian Potts
    Christian Potts 27 days ago

    3123? Anyone???

  • Benjamin Tibbetts
    Benjamin Tibbetts Month ago +3

    1:43 petition to get NFL Long Snapping Edition

  • Landon Baack
    Landon Baack Month ago

    Imagine how many times it took them to kick the 60 yard bucket

  • Google User
    Google User Month ago +1

    Shoot one with Tom Brady a
    And Peyton Manning as well

  • Jack Blakeslee
    Jack Blakeslee Month ago

    at 3:15 you can see part of pandas legs.

  • Cameron MacMahon
    Cameron MacMahon Month ago

    I would fly, you could get to rooftops and stuff

  • Patrick Kanas
    Patrick Kanas Month ago

    I'm a roofer so I know how bad those white roofs are when it's sunny

  • Shards Of The Dreams

    After how many tries

  • Nate Marks
    Nate Marks Month ago

    The punter looks like Matt Saracen from Friday Night Lights.

  • Sandy Quilty
    Sandy Quilty Month ago

    They sound so enthusiastic

  • R.I.P Nigga Boots
    R.I.P Nigga Boots 2 months ago

    i think this was the first dude perfect video i ever watched

  • Jason Barba
    Jason Barba 2 months ago

    Who else is watching in 2023??

  • Ziad Michmich
    Ziad Michmich 2 months ago +1


  • 東方朔
    東方朔 2 months ago +3

    ty:we have to be quiet,they are doing yoga
    seconds later
    dude perfect:yay~~~

  • RAWW Outdoors
    RAWW Outdoors 2 months ago +1

    I think one of the twins are panda because every time I see panda one of the twins are gone please reply

    • IceWarrior101
      IceWarrior101 2 months ago

      Probably the case could be one of their editors also

  • RJ Sanchez
    RJ Sanchez 2 months ago +1

    My favorite team is the rams

  • Henry Windsor Rurikovich

    🔥 Let's get ready to rumble 🔥

  • Bruce Hill
    Bruce Hill 2 months ago


  • 2027 Eric Ottiano
    2027 Eric Ottiano 3 months ago

    Ram could of won if tood gurly but I am not a ram fan

  • Chicken Spongebob
    Chicken Spongebob 3 months ago +2

    Hekker almost won the superbowl mvp, even broke a superbowl record

  • Nathaniel Jandinero
    Nathaniel Jandinero 3 months ago

    lol panda's mask fell off

  • Dwight Spradlin
    Dwight Spradlin 3 months ago +2

    Anyone Here After Hecker And Da Rams Lost In Da Super Bowl

    • BigBusty Coon
      BigBusty Coon 18 days ago

      I was here when da bears lost in da wild card with da double doink

    • Raph Ivanac
      Raph Ivanac 2 months ago


  • Creeper Explosion
    Creeper Explosion 3 months ago

    Bro my friend did kick a ball and made it in a hoop for about 60 feet

  • Belle37
    Belle37 3 months ago +1


  • WestCoast
    WestCoast 3 months ago

    This is fake not gonna lir

  • jamie schultz
    jamie schultz 3 months ago +3

    Johnny: no human has ever flown before Michael Jordan: hold my water

  • Silent_Finesse
    Silent_Finesse 3 months ago

    I remember from so long ago so nostalgic smh

  • Woods
    Woods 3 months ago +1

    The panda is coby

  • Jared Morrow
    Jared Morrow 3 months ago


  • SuperMario Toad
    SuperMario Toad 4 months ago

    Why did you blurr pandas identity

  • Mr Madden
    Mr Madden 4 months ago

    If you you can run 100 miles per hour you can be a HB( running back)

  • Snoop
    Snoop 4 months ago +1

    I’d gladly take that $5, not because I’m sexist but because I don’t watch the WNBA so why care?

  • Awesman _91
    Awesman _91 4 months ago +1

    Johnny Hekker is a nerd like all of us let’s go

  • David Mitchell
    David Mitchell 4 months ago +1

    3:01 so much for being quiet

  • Brady Campbell
    Brady Campbell 4 months ago +1

    2:03 imagine if he said this today....

  • Frank Brito
    Frank Brito 4 months ago

    4:25 punt a jew