The Evolution of US Boy Names: Bubbled

  • Published on Jun 24, 2015
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    Jason. Elmer. Theodore. Kyle. What's in a name? For something you're expected to stick with for your whole life, names seem to come and go as quickly as fashion trends. While some names stick around forever (James), others flash into popularity in an instant (Jayden, Tristan). Regardless, these names live on in American history through the people to whom they are given. Why do parents choose the baby names they do? We've been working on this video for a while. Hope you like it!
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    Boy names bubbled-THE RISE OF JOSHUA and the fall

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    The evolution of US Boy Names?
    More like The evolution of boy name choosing randomness

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    Jason rose and fell in popularity quite quickly.
    1966 89th
    1969 25th
    1974 2nd
    1979 3rd
    1984 11th
    1989 35th
    2014 75th

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    (It’s the most popular boy name in America of 2019

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    When the highest your name gets is .11% #lance

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    In 2014 my name was the 75th most popular name.

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    All of my brother's names got really popular in the last half of the 20th century there, which makes sense, since they were all born in the 1990's. My first name is also up there, but the name I go by is too small to be seen. It's also interesting to see how names diversified as they did. The leader went from around 10% to just barely under 5% by the end.

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    If you look closely in 1994. The rise of Aidan and Aiden is beginning. The war for how it should be spelled continues to rage on to this day.

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    The things you chose to put in the event feed had me dying. What cultural significance did Just Married have that it should be in a list with WWII?

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      J LaRue uh, it had a huge significance as many G.I.s married their sweethearts quick then went overseas. Hence "babyboomers" generation.

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