The Evolution of US Boy Names: Bubbled

  • Published on Jun 24, 2015
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    Jason. Elmer. Theodore. Kyle. What's in a name? For something you're expected to stick with for your whole life, names seem to come and go as quickly as fashion trends. While some names stick around forever (James), others flash into popularity in an instant (Jayden, Tristan). Regardless, these names live on in American history through the people to whom they are given. Why do parents choose the baby names they do? We've been working on this video for a while. Hope you like it!
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    I see my name Samuel

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    Super Neko Majin 9 days ago

    Maybe I'm a dick, but I spent the second half watching Ronald and Donald die. It's not a political thing, I just hate the sound of "-ald" and "-old" names.

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  • welligton oliveira the brazilian

    1880: John 1°
    2018 John 26°

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    Liam Minogue Month ago

    3:28 second one cough cough

  • Aleks Koresh
    Aleks Koresh Month ago

    Fucking Joseph....
    ×Joseph Seed intensifies ×
    *I was lowkey waiting to see the name David die out in '93 with the burning of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, TX.*

  • blob fish
    blob fish Month ago

    John is still popular

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    Jackn jellify Month ago

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    Tiger Tan 2 months ago

    William stayed in top 10 in both the first year 0:08 and final year 3:28

  • Cootie 999
    Cootie 999 2 months ago

    mine was 17th in 2014 XD

  • james Is Strange
    james Is Strange 2 months ago

    i notice that alot of youtubers are called james like um:
    james rolfe (cinemassacre)
    nitro rad
    chippy gaming
    and myself
    i also feel like i'm missing alot

  • A Pika Pop
    A Pika Pop 2 months ago

    My brothers are in there but not me?

    GABRIEL DAHLGREN 2 months ago +1

    Well, got 21st \_-_-_/

  • theawesomepikachu20
    theawesomepikachu20 2 months ago

    And yet, my middle name is STILL more popular than my first name...

  • SienaandLeah
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    In the year I was born (2009) my name was 31st

  • Samir Moore yes the cool one FTW

    You forgot me

  • Nerdd011
    Nerdd011 2 months ago

    1938-1957 (Robert)
    1958-1982 (Michael)
    1983-1994 (Christopher)
    1995-2001 (Michael)
    2002-2008 (Jacob)
    2009-2017 (Noah)

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 2 months ago

    david is my name. at least it gets first at 1960.

  • Eddy2009 Sopa
    Eddy2009 Sopa 2 months ago

    i saw mine eduardo

  • TheDarkGamer
    TheDarkGamer 2 months ago

    did you include someone named grayson in here? thats me btw.

  • Никита Звонков


  • The Pixelation World
    The Pixelation World 3 months ago +1

    Wow, my name is in 2nd place in the 1972!!

  • Bowling fan21317
    Bowling fan21317 3 months ago

    Wheres the app game? I'm waiting for it :)

  • Dylan Costello
    Dylan Costello 3 months ago

    When Willy starts at a respectable 34, but then peaks at 11, and then falls tragically from race until at the end it’s so small you can’t even see its number (Or the name itself...).

  • Dylan Costello
    Dylan Costello 3 months ago

    When Mason jumps to 2 our of the blue...

  • stephanie l
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  • *Poqqers*
    *Poqqers* 3 months ago

    This is only america. Not true for worldwide

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  • Michael Darrow
    Michael Darrow 4 months ago

    My name is Michael
    My brother's name is David
    The 2 most common names in 1955 in the US for boys were Michael, and David.

  • TimeFarmer
    TimeFarmer 4 months ago

    My name was in 12th in 1916 and was in 144th by the time I was born

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    1992 - Hurricane Andrew destroyed Florida

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    Finding your favorite TVclipr (Thomas Sanders) and the Sanders Sides names (I swear I am a huge fangirl that I paused it to look for their names and I found each of them except Patton I need help in life)

  • Eli Gibbons
    Eli Gibbons 5 months ago

    How the fuck was 'Ezekeil' more popular than Simon??? Did parents watch that scene from pulp fiction and go "yes, I'm going to name my child Ezekeil!"

  • Sam 2727
    Sam 2727 5 months ago +1

    1880-1923, John (44 Years)
    1924-1939, Robert (16 Years)
    1940-1952, James (13 Years)
    1953, Robert (17 Years Total)
    1954-1959, Michael (6 Years)
    1960, David (1 Year)
    1961-1998, Michael (43 Years Total)
    1999-2012: Jacob (14 Years)
    2013-2014: Noah (2 Years)

  • Ingmar Elfsborg
    Ingmar Elfsborg 5 months ago

    Has anybody but me been named Jonathon, instead of Johnathan?

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  • Егор Цыба
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    1880 - 1823 the time of WWE wrestler's name.

  • GamerGodYT
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    My brother’s name is in the top 10 for a point though.

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    Brooo My name hit top 35! (Oliver) (actually got 32nd)

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    Cbobley 8 months ago +3

    I was 300th most popular at the time of my birth. Who knew.

  • Pumpkin Head
    Pumpkin Head 8 months ago

    What is the program you use

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    3:10 The height of the name Jesus... 0.31%

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  • Simon Haun Klintlyng 5B H. C. Andersen Skolen


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