• Published on Dec 6, 2018
  • TOP Bad Parking Revenge Pranks (NEVER DO THIS!!!) - FEMALE PUBLIC MAGIC COMPILATION 2018
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    This video is a compilation of all my favorite bad parking revenge pranks I have made in 2018.
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  • Magic Murray
    Magic Murray  10 months ago +916

    LIKE THIS VIDEO and COMMENT BELOW your favorite and I will HEART and RESPOND back to you!!!

    • Joel McLaughlin
      Joel McLaughlin 8 days ago

      Anyone find it odd that all the girls in his parking videos are hotties? He uses all his friends in these. They are really funny though

    • FalconSlayer King
      FalconSlayer King 13 days ago

      @Magic Murray i woulda just left it haha people who park like that shouldnt even have a car.

    • Yokabel Izaguirre
      Yokabel Izaguirre 24 days ago

      I hate the people that parks on the handicap cuz my wife it's one who needs that park thank for that prank i enjoit

    • James Viehweg
      James Viehweg Month ago

      wow are you an idiot.... earn your own money ass

    • spankyhamdj
      spankyhamdj Month ago

      Ur video suck! You should leave it on at least half hour. This video is so stupid.

  • Aaronjdg G
    Aaronjdg G 2 hours ago

    I like how the guy paid him to lock a cart to his car.

  • Luke Vloggs
    Luke Vloggs 23 hours ago

    You pranked vy why would you do that

  • Realjayrome
    Realjayrome Day ago

    Um, this is how people get SHOT!

  • Realjayrome
    Realjayrome Day ago

    He better not try this in New York!

  • Leif Khas
    Leif Khas 2 days ago

    Next time don't rescue them. They can easily walk to a hardware store and buy tools to fix it themselves.

  • Leif Khas
    Leif Khas 2 days ago +2

    First girl won and didn't learn anything. "oh look at me I'm so cute a nice guy came and rescued me"

  • Mohammad Dyab
    Mohammad Dyab 2 days ago

    Man I know this is for entertainment and I also enjoy the vids but just don’t judge a book by its cover you never know what actually made these people park badly

  • The Mystic Ruler
    The Mystic Ruler 2 days ago

    All self absorbed assholes. Should have left them locked/wrapped up.

  • Jayden Li
    Jayden Li 2 days ago


  • Maverick1359
    Maverick1359 2 days ago

    It’s obvious the ha drugs he is using are the cheap $5 ones that have a little switch on the side to repease

  • Nick Klos
    Nick Klos 2 days ago

    never take two parking spots or never handcuff something to another persons car?

  • ErenTheBombJaeger
    ErenTheBombJaeger 3 days ago

    There was this idiot at a grocery store who parked in a motorcycle parking spot right next to this guy so he couldn’t get in his car

  • Not My Real Name
    Not My Real Name 3 days ago +1

    I’d be waiting at least 2hrs before i even thought about unlocking anyone.

  • Joel Roldan
    Joel Roldan 4 days ago

    That first girl was hot.

  • CoockiShizzLe
    CoockiShizzLe 4 days ago

    Picking handcuffs are easy, unless it's a double lock, then I'd be fucked

  • Cheebie
    Cheebie 4 days ago

    I like how you teach people lessons when they do poorly. It shows that not all people are bad and not everyone is perfect

  • ali amiri
    ali amiri 5 days ago

    Is he trying to make them happy or teach them a lesson?????

  • Never Mind
    Never Mind 5 days ago

    Why this cars were parked like that ??
    I m not from America so idk :/

  • *Jade Bug*
    *Jade Bug* 5 days ago

    The second guy was the funniest XD

  • ProblemChild
    ProblemChild 5 days ago

    Why you unlocking it for them???

  • James Sveinsson
    James Sveinsson 5 days ago

    You should never have bailed them out

  • The great Family!
    The great Family! 5 days ago +2

    2:19 notice that that is Vy Quaint

  • Videos Oaxaca
    Videos Oaxaca 6 days ago

    11:47 the magic trick

  • Danielle Lite
    Danielle Lite 6 days ago +3

    ok dude, this was actually cool, kinda rough, but people need to learn

  • samuelgamer lambo
    samuelgamer lambo 6 days ago

    Thats the food four less near my house😂

  • Garlic Bread
    Garlic Bread 6 days ago +3

    THE LIBERATOR is his new prankster name

  • PvN
    PvN 6 days ago +16

    It’s useless how you just let that stupid lady go without teaching her a lesson

    • Ethan M
      Ethan M Day ago

      It's cuz she so cute

  • Gaming Swagger
    Gaming Swagger 7 days ago

    He could just tow them

  • Yahman Ahmed
    Yahman Ahmed 7 days ago

    U should have left a note say stop bad parking

  • Copmy D
    Copmy D 8 days ago +4

    That dude just littered!Badddd guy, I would just had let him there!

  • Barber JR
    Barber JR 8 days ago

    Why take them off at all?

  • Ouma Gaming
    Ouma Gaming 8 days ago +2

    I'm here just gonna say "you do the right thing"

  • vivek thakur
    vivek thakur 8 days ago

    Yeah you pussied out with the first girl

  • 3lmer Luis3
    3lmer Luis3 8 days ago +1

    It would be better if you left it that way.

  • sergio ramirez
    sergio ramirez 8 days ago

    Last one its a piece of shit

  • SG SniperThief
    SG SniperThief 8 days ago +1

    Bro I was at the movie theater a couple days ago and this guy was hold 4 parking spots and I wished I had a shopping cart and a hand cuff xD

  • levi meulenman
    levi meulenman 9 days ago

    The hydrant

  • Cableguy818
    Cableguy818 9 days ago +2

    WOW if that isn’t stereotypical
    Black dude in a Cadillac parking horribly.
    Kinda took the black race about 50 years back

  • Cableguy818
    Cableguy818 9 days ago +1

    You take it off wayyyy to quick and then let them keep the prize. You’re really not doing anything but enticing them to do it again for some more free shit

  • glenn vallejo
    glenn vallejo 9 days ago +27

    Next time lock it up and don’t unlock it They need to learn a lesson

  • Marc Medici
    Marc Medici 9 days ago +1

    как в сша воруют пиздець, и там как и в России почти нет людей, одни химеры и клонированные, папуасы.

  • XEN0KX
    XEN0KX 9 days ago +17

    1:06 it’s because she’s Asian I’m not being racist because I’m also Asian 🍚🍚🍚

  • Ian Remer
    Ian Remer 9 days ago

    can't they just open the handle and slide the cuffs off?

  • Tino Guzman
    Tino Guzman 11 days ago

    Bro your savage ! Love your videos man!

  • Jose Torres
    Jose Torres 12 days ago

    he could have stabbed you

  • Asdfjkl Aflj
    Asdfjkl Aflj 12 days ago

    Glitter bomb inside the suitcase

  • Carmen Carrillo
    Carmen Carrillo 12 days ago +1

    Hablá español xfabor

  • Luxor DiLorenzo
    Luxor DiLorenzo 12 days ago

    as far as I am concerned, the first woman can do whatever she wants.

  • Energy Jedi
    Energy Jedi 13 days ago

    At 4:53 The black asshole just litter. Aparently, the black dude had not learn lesson on being considerate. You can't teach stupid. “Youth ages, immaturity is outgrown, ignorance can be educated, and drunkenness sobered, but stupid lasts forever.' - Aristophane

  • Tom Canty
    Tom Canty 13 days ago

    Ya i think you chould just open the door handle and get the handcuffs off

  • TT 4
    TT 4 13 days ago

    U give a gift this make me more to do parking like that seriusly..

  • Adolfo Hernandez
    Adolfo Hernandez 13 days ago

    You should try handcuffing another car to the one that’s parked like an idiot..

  • Capt Larry -
    Capt Larry - 13 days ago

    Fucking Douches don't care about anybody else.. why cut them a break ?

  • berben tonny
    berben tonny 14 days ago

    Scratching up all the cars in the proces bad. Parking dousnt give you the right to do damage

  • William Hernàndez
    William Hernàndez 14 days ago

    Did she really take it???
    What a nasty woman.

    • William Hernàndez
      William Hernàndez 2 days ago

      @TheAwsomeKids 1.0
      And your username shoul also be >>>>> TheAwesomeKids? And it's instead of (its)

    • TheAwsomeKids 1.0
      TheAwsomeKids 1.0 12 days ago +1

      William Hernàndez its take not took

  • RamenShay
    RamenShay 14 days ago +1

    Dude dont help them RIGHT after they just returned... Let it marinate for a while.... Then after they feel depressed go like "Whoa what happened? Blah blah blah, also do u realize u did XYZ?" Let them talk for a while, waist there whole time, and THEN help them. Maybe even not help them at all.

  • Irvin Orellana
    Irvin Orellana 14 days ago

    First girl - Fuck her in the pussy!

  • Hao Yu
    Hao Yu 14 days ago

    Kill magic Murray is dead..

  • Hao Yu
    Hao Yu 14 days ago

    Other people will get angry yes..
    Other don't like men always playing..