• Published on Dec 6, 2018
  • TOP Bad Parking Revenge Pranks (NEVER DO THIS!!!) - FEMALE PUBLIC MAGIC COMPILATION 2018
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    This video is a compilation of all my favorite bad parking revenge pranks I have made in 2018.
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  • Magic Murray
    Magic Murray  7 months ago +816

    LIKE THIS VIDEO and COMMENT BELOW your favorite and I will HEART and RESPOND back to you!!!

    • Kenneth Fuertes
      Kenneth Fuertes 27 days ago

      I liked

    • bullies YT
      bullies YT Month ago

      Bet u won't heart this

    • nifael08
      nifael08 Month ago

      @art Kelly Mr don't be angry you are making us angry because you block parking space

    • Scoot FC
      Scoot FC Month ago

      Will you

  • poppingpearls
    poppingpearls 4 days ago +1

    Woman: it's not mine! I dont want it

    Also woman: *puts the suitcase into the car*

  • Ruby Hudson
    Ruby Hudson 5 days ago

    do people not have common sense anymore ughhh!! in Australia this does not happen from what i know and i have never seen it and if it did happen welllll people would be waiting for you outside just to fight you on the fact you took up more then one spot lololol so i think that's why no one does it and that's why i love ur vids

  • Dodoyes3 DamDanny
    Dodoyes3 DamDanny 6 days ago

    I like this video and comment.

  • Diomar Gudmalin
    Diomar Gudmalin 7 days ago

    Are you serious?

  • Mantastic Trooper 12310

    Murray shouldn’t have unlocked the cuffs on the second guys car because he was driving without a license plate and after the guy littered Murray should quickly run an put a sticker on his car saying that I’m a bad driver or something 😂😂😂

  • David Orr
    David Orr 8 days ago

    That the girl took the luggage shows her character. I hope it was locked so couldn't use. I'd left them all hanging.

  • GGKINGdel -
    GGKINGdel - 8 days ago

    I would have left it on there for that dumb Asian bitch for the first one

  • me
    me 8 days ago

    Hahaha...awsome. Passively aggressive. Love it!

  • thc sauce
    thc sauce 11 days ago

    I stopped watching after he started helping them

  • ZΣΣKΔY 99
    ZΣΣKΔY 99 11 days ago

    I liked the one with the headphones

  • Siavash Kharasi
    Siavash Kharasi 12 days ago

    What if he stabbed the fucking knife in your heart?

  • Siavash Kharasi
    Siavash Kharasi 12 days ago

    I just found a way to make money easy and fast :p

  • MERICA #1
    MERICA #1 13 days ago

    Stupid bimbos

  • Ramadan DJ
    Ramadan DJ 14 days ago


  • Dov Com
    Dov Com 15 days ago

    (((( i know i am a male and hetero sexual, but i cant stop myself from saying that you are very handsome and like looking at you. very attracted to you ))))

  • Harold Briggs
    Harold Briggs 16 days ago

    Lol the magic was so quick she didn't even realize it and thinked him lol

  • Benjamin Dixon
    Benjamin Dixon 17 days ago

    You look like andy dick

  • Ginny Liddle
    Ginny Liddle 17 days ago +1

    is that even legal!?

  • sebastian carvajal
    sebastian carvajal 18 days ago


  • keepnitreel 4me
    keepnitreel 4me 18 days ago

    Sorry, but in my observations, the worst and most inconsiderate drivers/Parker are STILL women.

  • Kathuya AA-11
    Kathuya AA-11 19 days ago


  • Joe Fish
    Joe Fish 21 day ago

    but im pretty, and entitled, and rich, ill do what i want...fuck you all. I give you, the left.

  • Shane
    Shane 21 day ago

    this would be funnier if it was not in L.A. If this was in mobile alabama he would have gotten a beat down and arrested for tampering with private property. My car he would have been shot. only a homosexual in los angeles could do this.

  • Shane
    Shane 21 day ago

    the wheelchair was awesome. lol

  • challa surya
    challa surya 21 day ago

    He sounds exactly like the joker from the batman series

  • Popo Plumsi
    Popo Plumsi 22 days ago

    If they pull the door lever, they should be able to remove it without open the handcuff, right?

  • Josh cello
    Josh cello 23 days ago

    That lesson no.1 right there.

  • YaDudes Here
    YaDudes Here 24 days ago

    Ur savage

  • terryv
    terryv 25 days ago +1

    If you do a reveal and unlock them all within a few seconds, what’s the point?

  • Starz Plays
    Starz Plays 26 days ago

    You should put a note saying. "Park Properly" so the drivers understand their mistake

  • Morgan Shelle
    Morgan Shelle 26 days ago

    I love that they take the stuff

  • Kenneth Fuertes
    Kenneth Fuertes 27 days ago

    Looks like parking like that isnt safe

  • Luke Gibson
    Luke Gibson 28 days ago

    If you handcuffed something to your car and it's on the door handle you can guess unlock your car and pull the handle take the hand cuffs. And take them off

  • Bhojendra Gurung
    Bhojendra Gurung 28 days ago

    I think you shouldn't open that handcuff.

  • mark webb
    mark webb Month ago +1

    I would've preferred to see them suffer for longer but I noticed you're not an evil person yourself. I enjoyed this vid, think you deserve a sub for that👍

  • Look_around
    Look_around Month ago +1

    The suitcase is too heavy.

  • Sage Vidz
    Sage Vidz Month ago

    The guy at the end had water lmao

  • Shirosuki
    Shirosuki Month ago

    I wonder if that dislike button is come from bad parking guy 😆😅

  • Demon Drummer
    Demon Drummer Month ago


  • Brian L
    Brian L Month ago

    I'm not gonna bullshit, I definitely would had kept that wheelchair because I need a new one and that would had definitely held me over until I'm able to get one that is fitted for me.

  • Cwcoc withrow
    Cwcoc withrow Month ago

    Boys... we gott'em

  • Alpi Tv
    Alpi Tv Month ago

    If somebody SUBSCRIBE me i will SUBSCRIBE to him🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Dan and Yong
    Dan and Yong Month ago

    All your pranks are awesome to the fullest but you totally need to leave pre-printed cards explaining the reason they're dicks! And maybe stop removing the items locked to their car! Teach lessons

  • Matthew Stephens
    Matthew Stephens Month ago

    Opening up with "i know magic" is kinda dumb

  • Matthew Stephens
    Matthew Stephens Month ago

    First girl won. Kinda dumb. Bitch got a suit case AND parked like a cunt cause she's "in a hurry." Ooh bitch.

  • Alec Rockwell
    Alec Rockwell Month ago

    4:54 that guy just help add 0.1 pounds of trash into the billions of tons of trash that live the ocean. NOW THAT PISSES ME OFF!!!😡😡😡

  • Steve McG
    Steve McG Month ago

    Seriously what is it with Chinese/Asia cultures and being u believably rude! Especially on the roads and parking, they just don’t give an absolute damn about anyone but themselves

  • Lara Filiga
    Lara Filiga Month ago


  • harris mohd rusdi
    harris mohd rusdi Month ago +1

    You almost cut your finger

  • Montoya Man
    Montoya Man Month ago

    What is the girls name that you handcuffed a suitcase to her car she's a cutie I want to vacation with her

  • Richard Rivera
    Richard Rivera Month ago

    Your way too quick to come to the rescue

  • Spaceman Spliff
    Spaceman Spliff Month ago +1

    1:24 dude gets insta-whipped and releases her from her punishment.

  • Initial 1890
    Initial 1890 Month ago

    the first one really bothered me

  • ykki en tiiä
    ykki en tiiä Month ago

    Why people park badly when they have japanese car?

  • Ryan Carter
    Ryan Carter Month ago

    The asshole that parked in the. handicap, I would have left the wheelchair on his door.

  • billy bob
    billy bob Month ago

    You should have left notes that said. "Hmm....I wonder why this happened to you..."

  • andre schepens
    andre schepens Month ago

    toutes ces PUB c'est solidement chiant Ciao

  • HeavensGotWifi
    HeavensGotWifi Month ago +5


  • ExoticGamer
    ExoticGamer Month ago +1

    What a good idea Murray is to put itching powder on the cart or suitcase

  • Jason Jacobs
    Jason Jacobs Month ago

    You definitely recused her too fast she didn't learn anything

  • Lynn C. Doyle
    Lynn C. Doyle Month ago

    You should have handcuffed the suitcase to the other side.

  • James Marsee
    James Marsee Month ago

    The guy parked in handicap spot i would of just let him fend for himself. What a a**, for parking there lazy ppl.

  • Aubiangue Jacob
    Aubiangue Jacob Month ago

    j'adore tes vidéos mais faut les traduire en français

  • Claudie Millet
    Claudie Millet Month ago

    It's completely co, we wust leave it and the guy asks himself

  • Ashy Eldridge
    Ashy Eldridge Month ago +3

    This was great but I disliked cuz you didn't just leave them

  • Ashy Eldridge
    Ashy Eldridge Month ago +1

    He's too easy

  • Jánosné Gábor
    Jánosné Gábor Month ago

    4:20 no autoregiszter

  • Kru Mic
    Kru Mic Month ago

    It’s yours now, you might need one day

  • Nino Bagel
    Nino Bagel Month ago

    Bullshit!!! Damn inbred asshole! so you saw a nice asian ass and that was enough to let her off the hook. Fuck you