• Published on Nov 3, 2018
  • Check out this amazingly beautiful compilation of pendants made from dried plants and epoxy resin!
    Maria Aprelskaya (Masherisha) is a talented artist from Russia. On her TVclip channel, Masherisha shares her creative work, makes tutorials, and reveals the amazing process of creating her pendants!
    Maria buys some dried flowers and plants for the pendants, but she dries many of them herself. She also shares her techniques and secrets with subscribers.
    There is something fairytale like and magical in the works of Masherisha! Watch this video and you'll definitely agree!
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  • Masherisha
    Masherisha 4 months ago +3095

    Публикация этого видео согласована со мной, не переживайте💕
    These videos are from my channel, don't worry, this publication is agreed

      ShOCOLATKA Day ago

      а я уже подумала что твои видео воруют 😅

    • Shayne chanel
      Shayne chanel 2 days ago

      It's so nice rather

    • ANNA DI
      ANNA DI 2 days ago

      +супер Патя если честно не знаю я ей не пользуюсь просто люблю смотреть видио Маши

    • Adda Roy
      Adda Roy 3 days ago

      Which glue😮?

    • супер Патя
      супер Патя 9 days ago

      +ANNA DI а где ее можно купить? Я в первый раз слышу такое

  • Mik
    Mik Day ago

    Hola este tipo de reciba es la misma de las uñas?

  • Cristina Muñoz
    Cristina Muñoz Day ago

    hi, i like you video. but where find materials.

  • junaid choudhary

    You didn't mention name.of things you use

  • Roni Tube
    Roni Tube Day ago

    Hello friend
    I am here to watch and support your channel, I hope you do the same thing with friends, I hope we can succeed

  • Dahman Dahman
    Dahman Dahman Day ago

    ما هذه المادة البيضاء

  • njal forshaw
    njal forshaw Day ago

    WOW Where did you get your blank shapes from ? Also how much would you sell these for ? What is the name of the resin you use ? Have you a link where i can buy some please ? Thank you

  • HarshaSanthi Chandra

    Please let me know the..Materials required ..The video was just ❤😘❤❤❤🌌🔥🔥

  • Елена Круглова

    ты просто взяло видио чужого человека я знаю это давачку я на неё подписана плагиат дура

  • Adeteigh World
    Adeteigh World Day ago +1

    What is it that you’ve been using all this while?!

  • Ritu Gupta
    Ritu Gupta Day ago

    Which liquid u use

  • Leo Monzon
    Leo Monzon 2 days ago


  • mislane Santos
    mislane Santos 2 days ago

    Eu queria saber qual é o produto que põe pra ficar duro

  • Sumit Sorkhade
    Sumit Sorkhade 2 days ago +3

    Which liquid do you use here ?
    What is the price of this?

    • Ąmý Łëəň
      Ąmý Łëəň Day ago

      The liquid's name is in the title of this video
      *Epoxy Resin*


    Me lo puedes regalar

  • Sohan Jain
    Sohan Jain 2 days ago +1

    Whats is that transperant material used , Is it glue?

  • Shayne chanel
    Shayne chanel 2 days ago

    It's sonnice

  • Rodyna ردينة
    Rodyna ردينة 3 days ago

    ايش ذي المادة السائلة يلي تحطها

  • Magdalena Onieva Cabello

    dónde compras el material

  • bubble tea
    bubble tea 4 days ago

    Hi. I'm new to resin, I just want to ask if I can use UV resin instead of epoxy? and will I still get the same result? to be honest, i don't know the difference or Epoxy and UV. Hoping for a reply, thanks!

  • Emmanuelle Biannic
    Emmanuelle Biannic 4 days ago +1

    Somebody knows, where can I find mold like that ? 0:01 ? 😊

  • abhimanyu
    abhimanyu 4 days ago +1

    Rose is red

  • P.Thiruvalluvan R.Pushpalingam

    Where will we get these resin and mould

  • Adeb jaLiL
    Adeb jaLiL 4 days ago

    حابة اعرف ماهو ذلك السائل اللي بتسكبو جاوبومي بليز

    • Aws Karam
      Aws Karam 3 days ago

      ماده الايبوكسي

  • Sky Walker
    Sky Walker 4 days ago +1

    What is that transparent liquid?? Is it a glue?

    • Sohan Jain
      Sohan Jain 2 days ago

      Am searching for same thing

  • Mirella Alves
    Mirella Alves 5 days ago


  • kirill V-r
    kirill V-r 5 days ago


  • Neala Ernswa
    Neala Ernswa 6 days ago

    Wow this is so cute! I make resin stuff all the time, and I have to try this! If you're also making resin stuff, we'd love to have you one our crafters Discord! We do live streams from time to time and it's a blast! Invite:discord.gg/uwqwNmK

  • Harutyun Tokhatyan
    Harutyun Tokhatyan 7 days ago

    Good day friends. Where can I buy these forms?

    KRAFTY HOUSE 8 days ago

    Pls support my channel

  • PoW18 Channels PoW18频道

    Plz follow.., tvclip.biz/user/mikehewpowkiller

  • 。 み
    。 み 8 days ago


  • Surumy Sujith
    Surumy Sujith 8 days ago

    Supr ideq

  • おぜう様【公式】


    • 青霊夢
      青霊夢 3 days ago


  • Random Ramen
    Random Ramen 9 days ago +4

    Please!! Does anyone have a link to where the pendant charms are from?? I can’t find the large pack of gold one’s on amazon.

  • Amanda Melillo
    Amanda Melillo 9 days ago


  • N.A.E's DIY
    N.A.E's DIY 9 days ago +1

    If everyone that saw this could subscribe to my TVclip channel it would be awesome i am trying to get to 20 subs or more😢

  • Tawni Lamb
    Tawni Lamb 9 days ago +4

    Can someone please tell me where I can find those little constellation charms she used?! Love them!

  • Юля Кондратюк

    Чим ви заливаєте формочки

  • Anna Mai
    Anna Mai 9 days ago

    may cai nay mua o dau

  • danar Hadi
    danar Hadi 9 days ago

    Beli bahannya dimana

  • Amazing Art
    Amazing Art 9 days ago

    To make such small things is not for lazy people.

  • arya putra pratama
    arya putra pratama 9 days ago

    i like
    subc back my chanel ok

  • Harendra Choudhary
    Harendra Choudhary 9 days ago

    Which liquid you have used

  • Trinity Tennant
    Trinity Tennant 9 days ago

    if any of you Ladies want a link for where I also get my open backed pendants from ( www.pandahall.com/Product) they all come from china :) also I use these guys for some of my tiny inclusions ( /www.miniaturesweethk.com/collections/best-selling-products ) they offer a wide verity from tiny stars / mini charms,.. to tiny little spoons there gorgeous :)

  • GermanEnderGirl
    GermanEnderGirl 9 days ago

    This is so satisfying omg :O

  • Velma Marion
    Velma Marion 10 days ago

    Give them to me plz I love e'm

  • Ngô Thúy Liễu
    Ngô Thúy Liễu 10 days ago

    Phải chi có ai đó tặng mình một bộ đồ nghề đầy đủ như z nhở

  • Riyan Dalvi
    Riyan Dalvi 10 days ago

    Her art armory is so satisfying

  • Aitkul Temirovna
    Aitkul Temirovna 10 days ago

    Too small but so difficult

  • Amita Dubey
    Amita Dubey 10 days ago


  • lolaa gamal
    lolaa gamal 10 days ago

    What is the material used to make this

  • Amber A
    Amber A 10 days ago

    Can anyone tell me what the transparent thing that she puts in them is

    • Random Ramen
      Random Ramen 9 days ago +1

      Amber A do you mean the resin? It’s on amazon and in most craft stores. Idk what brand is used though?

  • Arshida roshin
    Arshida roshin 10 days ago

    Is that glue..??

    • Random Ramen
      Random Ramen 9 days ago

      Arshida roshin no, it’s something called resin :-) there are many more tutorials on TVclip that go into detail about how to use it!!

  • Meikanda Saravanan Kannan

    Do u know that u are amazing?😍😘😍😘😍

  • Cencen Bernadett
    Cencen Bernadett 10 days ago

    Where you buy that cute tiny decoration ??

  • Shilpa Dixit
    Shilpa Dixit 11 days ago

    Wo liquid konsa use kiya hai plzzzz bato i want to do

  • Shilpa Dixit
    Shilpa Dixit 11 days ago

    Pendant mold kaha pe milte hai aur dukan mi kya batane ka ????? Plzz tell mi

  • Flavia Gomez
    Flavia Gomez 11 days ago

    podrían en castellano escribir los materiales que se utilizaron?

  • Thảo Nguyễn
    Thảo Nguyễn 12 days ago

    Co ai cho tui bt nó la keo gi hk za

  • Kritika Baro
    Kritika Baro 12 days ago +1

    What liquid glue u used for making

  • Gaurav Behl
    Gaurav Behl 12 days ago

    What is this liquid used for filling?

  • Great Way
    Great Way 12 days ago

    Is mein jo liquid use huwa hai uska naam kya hai

  • Vendy. V
    Vendy. V 12 days ago

    Can someone tell me where can I even get all those things from the 1st place????

  • Nurazianie Abdullah
    Nurazianie Abdullah 12 days ago

    Beautiful pendants.. 🌼

  • Tuan Hoang
    Tuan Hoang 12 days ago +1

    Dung dich mau trang la gi nhi...

  • kaiyodei
    kaiyodei 12 days ago

    can you put anything in resin? they are not completly gross and destoried but durning hatching season a lot of baby snapping turtles die from the road.. can those go into resin?

  • Roshika Naidoo
    Roshika Naidoo 13 days ago

    Omg she's awesome

  • The Guy
    The Guy 13 days ago

    What's the glue thin

  • Prisclla Graham
    Prisclla Graham 13 days ago

    May i asked what kind of liquid u use

  • Thomas T.
    Thomas T. 13 days ago

    The profile picture is a copy of Be Amazed!!!!!!!! D:< #demonitizebrightside

  • Angheel Ramírez
    Angheel Ramírez 13 days ago

    Disculpa que es el líquido ?

  • Kim Taeyeon
    Kim Taeyeon 13 days ago

    ?What transparent material she use

  • Jayanaik M B
    Jayanaik M B 13 days ago

    5:37 is it a clay

  • Ishrat Jahan
    Ishrat Jahan 13 days ago

    So beautiful .....wow..........,

  • Sekho Kezo
    Sekho Kezo 13 days ago

    Dat was really awesome ....

  • Sapana Suwal
    Sapana Suwal 13 days ago

    What is the liquid substance

  • lora nisha
    lora nisha 14 days ago

    2:15 Dats ma favee

  • srinivas T
    srinivas T 14 days ago


  • Prasath prasath
    Prasath prasath 14 days ago

    enna hamigal pro

  • Katrina berogan
    Katrina berogan 14 days ago +3

    Where did you get the little gears and hearts and music signs?

    • Wajeeha Khan
      Wajeeha Khan 12 days ago

      I have seen them on Amazon. Search for steampunk charms and you will likely see something similar.

  • Lynn Bowser
    Lynn Bowser 14 days ago

    Simply Awesome!!!!!!!!!

    J V SAI NIKHIL 14 days ago

    Can u plzzzz tell me
    Which type of liquid is used

  • Somaiya alwaniss
    Somaiya alwaniss 14 days ago

    ما السائل الذي يوضع

  • Layla’s Positivity Palace

    Those look stunning

  • maki
    maki 14 days ago

    chek my products on my store on teespring : teespring.com/stores/hana-chan-store?page=1

  • monika kardam
    monika kardam 14 days ago +2

    What kind of liquid you pour????
    Is it avilable in market

    • Akshay Sharma
      Akshay Sharma 10 days ago

      It's literally mentioned in the title. "Epoxy Resin"

  • Akhlak Mirza
    Akhlak Mirza 14 days ago

    where can i get those frames for pendants??

  • mamata mishra
    mamata mishra 14 days ago

    All r superb nice.. It will be more helpful if u wl mention the product u r using..

  • AwkwardBlackGal
    AwkwardBlackGal 14 days ago

    Thanks for giving credit to the artist. I just subscribed to her!

  • Fun Craft
    Fun Craft 14 days ago

    I want to try to make one. ☆彡

  • Shota Meipariani
    Shota Meipariani 14 days ago

    Звезда с морем и ракушками очень красивая.

  • cath erina
    cath erina 15 days ago

    I want to put someones photo and make it my necklace

  • clari campos
    clari campos 15 days ago

    Like a los que hablan español

  • Giulianna Franco
    Giulianna Franco 15 days ago

    É tão legal que dá vontade de fazer 😍😍😍

  • Romy. lol
    Romy. lol 15 days ago

    I wich i can Ave one of theses💓

  • Rilary com R
    Rilary com R 15 days ago

    Gente, será que tem cursinho sobre isso no senai??

  • Russian Cupcake
    Russian Cupcake 15 days ago

    Looks like you are expert

  • Joice Oliveira
    Joice Oliveira 15 days ago

    Very creative

  • اخلاص الشويلي

    العربي اليشوف المقطع لايك