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  • Danielle Prieto
    Danielle Prieto 9 hours ago

    Lmao can we just enjoy the videos and stop being so soft about the format or whatever?

  • The REE
    The REE 10 hours ago

    yep, there drunk!

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith Day ago

    Do will it ravioli

  • Anj Sensei
    Anj Sensei Day ago

    the pigs head nacho is called sisig in the Philippines!!

  • Aurora Enriquez
    Aurora Enriquez 2 days ago

    When he missed the perfect time to say "Let's TACO about that."

  • Errizabeef Anaconda
    Errizabeef Anaconda 2 days ago

    They basically just ate sisig

  • Errizabeef Anaconda
    Errizabeef Anaconda 2 days ago

    LOL the last one looked like sisig😂

  • Michał Mrulewicz
    Michał Mrulewicz 3 days ago

    Sometimes, less content is more content.

  • Ohm Sweet Hohm
    Ohm Sweet Hohm 3 days ago +1

    I'm a new mythical best!! LIFE LESSON DON'T WATCH GMM WHILE EATING!!

  • Ohm Sweet Hohm
    Ohm Sweet Hohm 3 days ago +1


  • Raquel M
    Raquel M 4 days ago

    There is a non alcoholic long island ice tea brand that was in the vending machines of my school. I wonder if they realized

  • DarK Assassin
    DarK Assassin 5 days ago

    You should've tried oreos

  • Hannah Sweet
    Hannah Sweet 5 days ago

    Will it mozzarella stick?

  • Brooke Lederer
    Brooke Lederer 6 days ago

    One nacho and drunk I can’t stop crying from laughing

  • Viktor Ptychenko
    Viktor Ptychenko 6 days ago

    Lol pig face parts are great, why are they gagging

  • Ajay Sreepathi
    Ajay Sreepathi 6 days ago

    Maybe they should make a miso based cheese for the ramen nachos

  • Apryl M
    Apryl M 6 days ago

    My family used to butcher a hog once a year and cook it in a pit. Fried pigs ears were treats for the kids.

  • Antwain St.fleur
    Antwain St.fleur 8 days ago

    i live in long island

  • Jonman56
    Jonman56 8 days ago


  • It’s Big Jack
    It’s Big Jack 9 days ago

    I could make a drool pool with the amount of times my mouth watered

  • Josh Diedrick
    Josh Diedrick 9 days ago

    2:45 oh, why thank you.

  • SiccandTwistted
    SiccandTwistted 9 days ago

    What part of a pig haven't these boys eaten

  • Kenny Schulz
    Kenny Schulz 9 days ago

    I'm kinda late with this lol , but am I the only one that thinks the pig head Nacho's would not be bad at all lol. It sounds kinds good

  • Mettaton Ex
    Mettaton Ex 10 days ago +1

    Sometimes i swear i think rhett just pretends somethings are gross cause most ppl would. When really he doesnt really mind it. Lol. Love them goof balls💜😣😜😚

  • Deepsan Gyawali
    Deepsan Gyawali 10 days ago

    sathi haru li lago ka vodka

  • D u a l i t y
    D u a l i t y 10 days ago

    For dog people out there, that xylitol ingredient in the bubble gum nachos is toxic and deadly to dogs. Some peanut butter brands also have it so just a heads up.
    For your doggo.

  • melissa jackson
    melissa jackson 10 days ago

    I want a "will it" cook book

  • Simon Tracer
    Simon Tracer 11 days ago

    I have used cookies the chew with gum so it breaks down. Same way

  • Heir of The south
    Heir of The south 11 days ago

    Canada, nothing but good things as far as i am ok with. keep it up, challenge. come on over to the south. No camera, only the best way to get everything. Taking the time to be able to experience for yourself on behalf of name sake.

  • Preston Freeman
    Preston Freeman 11 days ago

    The reason why they went to multiple episodes a day is because youtube marked them with youtube orginal

  • Press B for BeatDown
    Press B for BeatDown 12 days ago

    Subscribed again

  • InPics
    InPics 12 days ago

    Season 86
    Will it haggis?

  • Mariah Stempien
    Mariah Stempien 12 days ago

    Barely watched last season with all that content. So happy!!!

  • marinus van deventer
    marinus van deventer 12 days ago

    My bad relationship choices in my first year of college was not having a single one 😥👌

  • Meghan Ramsey
    Meghan Ramsey 13 days ago

    is anyone else here because they saw link vomiting in the community section of the youtube page?

  • emma
    emma 13 days ago

    i need that pancake nacho recipe

  • Nasreenthirteen
    Nasreenthirteen 14 days ago

    Just subbed back after last season. I gave it time but it was a mythical overload and I could not keep up. So glad to be back because I missed these guys so much!

  • kim rosé
    kim rosé 14 days ago

    Rhett: “is this what every one from long island looks like”
    Me: *is from and lives on Long Island* No... yes

  • projektaquarius
    projektaquarius 15 days ago +1

    I was with the pig head til they said head cheese.

  • waylon skinner
    waylon skinner 15 days ago

    I just realized they have had the same mic since 2012

  • True.Sonnn
    True.Sonnn 16 days ago

    They got old asf

  • smilederty
    smilederty 17 days ago +1

    will it murder weapon

  • Caroline Meredith
    Caroline Meredith 17 days ago

    I honestly had no idea that IHOP stood for anything.

  • The video game horror movie Junkie

    You guys should do a will it pancake

  • Elena D'Andrea
    Elena D'Andrea 18 days ago

    Hey do a best to worst Durian snacks

  • michael doyle
    michael doyle 18 days ago


  • Chris Toro
    Chris Toro 19 days ago

    The old format is back, which means I'm back. Thanks for making a good decision Rhett and Link. Do what you want with the content in each episode, but the format itself is unique and perfect the way it is. *Good to be back!*

  • Elise L
    Elise L 20 days ago

    Lol that’s the light skin squint

  • Quincy Tan
    Quincy Tan 21 day ago

    now that we have seen the possibilities, i demand a smashfaced episode of gmm, a drunken mythical morning if you will,

  • Kaitlyn Buck
    Kaitlyn Buck 21 day ago

    How are these two alive......?

  • NebraskaMax
    NebraskaMax 21 day ago

    Did Link start doing frosted tips or is he going grey? Either way, it looks great!

  • nah nah
    nah nah 22 days ago +1

    Honestly drunk Rhett is me

  • nah nah
    nah nah 22 days ago +1

    Half the video is just drunk Rhett

  • Sigrún Á
    Sigrún Á 22 days ago

    Please have warnings before pukes :((((

  • STB
    STB 22 days ago

    comes right off

  • prudence noah
    prudence noah 22 days ago

    well the old format is back and i subbed again hahahahahaha

  • Joseph Farrell
    Joseph Farrell 22 days ago

    Charlotte's nachos. My childhood is ruined.

  • Joseph Farrell
    Joseph Farrell 22 days ago

    This is not yo average episode.

  • Ace Harvey
    Ace Harvey 23 days ago

    They're drunk. Made it more enjoyable to watch 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Shinji Itoi
    Shinji Itoi 23 days ago +2

    Now I'm thinking of sundae nachos and seafood nachos with either shrimp/kalamari with marinara on it. :p
    The latter at least sounds really appetizing, argh... XD

  • Shinji Itoi
    Shinji Itoi 23 days ago

    Mmm, how about pizza, burger, or salad styled nachos? :p
    That could be good...
    Chipotle nacho?

  • Shinji Itoi
    Shinji Itoi 23 days ago

    Mmm... nachos have a lot of stuff like crunchy, savory/soft?, and melty sauce stuff with it, which I guess spices could work too...
    That's basically nachos. :p
    So, mmm... the crunchy could be like pretzels, saltine crackers, ritz crackers, etc., the meat could be any meat or fish, or even... gummy bears? And the last part... I don't know, but replacing cheese with hot stuff could work. :p

  • Thunderbud2342 Harris
    Thunderbud2342 Harris 23 days ago

    sometimes i think rhett and link are kinda gay whenever they eat pig anus or any testickles of sorts but i still love their vids

  • Keejuan Hardy
    Keejuan Hardy 24 days ago

    I wonder where the left overs go LOL🤢🤢

  • #1gamer
    #1gamer 24 days ago

    what about will it pizza roll

  • Pau Billones
    Pau Billones 24 days ago

    You should have tried Chicken Skin Nachos

  • sarah williamson
    sarah williamson 24 days ago

    the long island iced tea nachos sounded awesome

  • Rosella Hayes
    Rosella Hayes 25 days ago

    After hearing them say they don’t sell mushrooms. I got an idea. They should sell the foods that will from all their will it series! Like sell the ingredients together and we just be able to cook them at home. (Don’t mind me I have not had sleep it’s 7am haha).

  • Hallie Goetz
    Hallie Goetz 26 days ago

    Oh man so happy the old format is back. I had stopped watching...all of season 13 felt like a fever dream.

  • Kayla Gibson
    Kayla Gibson 26 days ago

    Resubbed ✔️

  • Muscleduck
    Muscleduck 26 days ago

    Those pig nachos sounded like they would go down better.

  • next-stop_berlyn
    next-stop_berlyn 26 days ago

    Do a Will It taco!! :):):)

  • Appendicitis Dolan
    Appendicitis Dolan 26 days ago +2

    I feel like the gmm crew asks themselves, *what species of animal have we not used the testicles from yet?* I feel like that’s pretty accurate..eh?

  • eggs benedict
    eggs benedict 26 days ago

    I need the recipe for the pancake one, thanks

  • Γιαννα Λεουση

    Will it grill cheese?

  • Morgan Jones
    Morgan Jones 27 days ago

    All I can look at is how amazingly high Rhett's cheekbones are.

  • LEE-MAN 64
    LEE-MAN 64 28 days ago

    If nachos can doughnut then doughnuts can nachos

  • tyron kiliski
    tyron kiliski 28 days ago

    you should’ve nachofied belgium waffles

  • Sock Boy
    Sock Boy 28 days ago

    Will It Waffle?

  • Ec Dun
    Ec Dun 28 days ago

    I really think they should make a restaurant and serve there favorite will it dishes

  • Aidah Garrett
    Aidah Garrett 29 days ago

    my mom once made head cheese after she tasted it at our family farm. :*( I didn't like it.

  • Maddy Savage
    Maddy Savage 29 days ago

    I love the "will it" videos ♥️♥️♥️

  • Kyle Ray
    Kyle Ray 29 days ago

    Hog head cheese is delicious

  • justin Huntr
    justin Huntr 29 days ago

    But like pig head can be really delicious. What. Lol

  • Pebraineevee
    Pebraineevee Month ago

    That should be called the “get it down frown” or even better, “the chow brow”

  • Itsmepugg28
    Itsmepugg28 Month ago

    Josh... I wanna kiss you right now.

  • Arya Nagaraj
    Arya Nagaraj Month ago

    Hold on a sec.....where are alll my Indians at when Rhett said “let’s nacho”......Huh? (It’s a Bollywood song for those of you’ll who don’t know what I’m saying)

  • CrackaJack405
    CrackaJack405 Month ago

    U don't taste nasty organ it's actually superb

  • CrackaJack405
    CrackaJack405 Month ago

    Pigs head cheese is delicious

  • Lizi Royce
    Lizi Royce Month ago

    Where are the donachos! You should have brought those back.

  • Jaime Young
    Jaime Young Month ago

    Thank you guys so much for going back to the old format! I'm so excited to catch up now

  • Kitty Reiffersová
    Kitty Reiffersová Month ago

    I am so glad you came back to the previous format because last season I watched maybe three days.... I love you guys but those episodes just came across as messy and not really thought through.

  • Kiania Peters
    Kiania Peters Month ago

    THANK GOD THE OLD FORMAT IS BACK. I can watch GMM again 😄

  • Zoe Pearson
    Zoe Pearson Month ago

    I think rhetts drunk off nachoes..

  • Kristin Baer
    Kristin Baer Month ago

    "Frustration sticks"- Link

  • Abby Ragan
    Abby Ragan Month ago

    Oh, but that plug doe

  • Toxic Shot
    Toxic Shot Month ago

    ive been binge watching this show from season 1 while working , now im kinda sad that im catching up

  • Brianna Alberty
    Brianna Alberty Month ago

    To the passerby, they think these are normal nachos and that they’re not gonna get inebriated

  • theDavid Beach
    theDavid Beach Month ago

    new style didnt bother me.. old style is definitely comfortable. Keep creating