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  • FunnyMarioplushbros
    FunnyMarioplushbros 12 hours ago

    9:22: “Kermit the frog here.”

  • FunnyMarioplushbros
    FunnyMarioplushbros 12 hours ago

    2:47 so Funny.

  • Maria Abdullah
    Maria Abdullah Day ago

    in the captions vidcon is [mumbles]... why

  • emmi Harris
    emmi Harris 2 days ago +1

    I was watching season 14÷2=7 all the numbers I was watching

  • Alina Orozco
    Alina Orozco 2 days ago

    Y'all should pitch that idea to iHop/Denny's ,bring GMM to the people! Call it "The Good Mythical Morning"... I mean I don't go to iHop but if I DID...I would order that ;)

  • Miles Free
    Miles Free 3 days ago

    Find someone who looks at you like Rhett looks at food.

  • kyle trader
    kyle trader 3 days ago

    7:50 - 8:25 😂😂 if they ever tried weed that’s how it would be

  • Arianna Bedoya
    Arianna Bedoya 5 days ago

    i think they judge the quality of the weird foods bc they know what it is

  • thebonirex 95
    thebonirex 95 5 days ago

    Spanish channel!!!!

  • thebonirex 95
    thebonirex 95 5 days ago

    Spansh channel

  • Raziel Of Fairy Tail

    I swear to god I will make a greek version of this

  • Charlie Estrada
    Charlie Estrada 5 days ago

    When will there be a “will it” cook book!!!!

    JACQUELINE LOVELL 6 days ago

    i love the pancake nacho

  • Papa Scrublord
    Papa Scrublord 6 days ago

    Links hair is turning white

  • AH-Games
    AH-Games 7 days ago


  • JAX555 LTEE57
    JAX555 LTEE57 7 days ago

    Hey happypanda

  • Sophie Rose
    Sophie Rose 8 days ago

    The Long Island iced tea face is my “I don’t have my glasses on” face

  • Emma Ingram
    Emma Ingram 8 days ago

    Who else automaticaly gives Rhett the creepy stare when link says "look into their eyes"

  • Henry Ireland
    Henry Ireland 8 days ago

    ..i get not wanting to puke more than once a video.. but I feel like these videos were better when before.. like Will It Ice Cream Sandwich

  • Kat Lee
    Kat Lee 9 days ago +1

    Am i the only one that kinda liked the old format?

  • Jayce D'rick
    Jayce D'rick 9 days ago

    That pig-face nacho though, I mean if you want it to work (but not as a nacho), try the Filipino food sisig. Y’all love it I bet.

  • Nija Ni
    Nija Ni 10 days ago


  • Calzone
    Calzone 10 days ago

    I was eating ramen with this

  • Alisa Kovaliova
    Alisa Kovaliova 10 days ago

    You should make a cookbook where you put all the things that willed

  • Maj. Problem
    Maj. Problem 10 days ago

    They basically made "sisig" nachos minus the head cheese and ears hahahahaha

  • Nia
    Nia 10 days ago

    Lmfaooo when he did the chicken stance 😂😂😂😂

  • Katie Driver
    Katie Driver 11 days ago

    i’m nacho think as you drunk i am

  • Sierra Elizabeth
    Sierra Elizabeth 11 days ago

    Could anyone else smell the gum through the screen??

  • Catie Wagner
    Catie Wagner 12 days ago

    What I want is a video of each of them eating their own full plate of Long Island nachos. If that were to be a thing all my life goals would be complete

  • KingBean Bob
    KingBean Bob 12 days ago

    You guys are amazing omg hilarious also have a nice day guys

  • Teh Foxxy
    Teh Foxxy 13 days ago

    *sounds of regret*

  • Owen Abu jbara
    Owen Abu jbara 13 days ago

    y dont u do will it waffle

  • Samantha Petrovic
    Samantha Petrovic 14 days ago

    I’m eating nachos while watching this

  • HDVisions
    HDVisions 14 days ago

    I thought all nachos were good nachos until Now. 🤣

  • Cotton Candy foxy
    Cotton Candy foxy 14 days ago

    Can you do will it pizza

  • DaBeastKid21 21
    DaBeastKid21 21 14 days ago

    I have to get a new phone and my phone is so slow and it crashes doesn't even work for me to use get the the app to d the only reason I came the way fact I have been to have the app for my iPad is a little slow to load and I can't even open it and it crashes every once and is a great app and I have to delete the app

  • Azhan Naseer
    Azhan Naseer 14 days ago

    Can someone please tell me if Jess in now gone?

  • Francis P
    Francis P 15 days ago +1

    No! no! no!

    I mean maybe?

  • Jacob Goodyear
    Jacob Goodyear 16 days ago

    Can you guys be drunk more often ? Drunk link is hilarious

  • starwatcher09
    starwatcher09 16 days ago

    Pig's head nachos rly looks like sisig to me. Well, sisig's more seasoned than that but you get the point 👍

  • TheBlazeGamerTBG
    TheBlazeGamerTBG 17 days ago

    Did link and rhett become teachers or reporters
    Cuz idk!

  • Viral Kat
    Viral Kat 18 days ago

    Some of the receipes they use to make this stuff they should post... like the normal recipes.. not the ones containing the weird shit cause I am actually curious about the breakfast pancake nachos... but only the normal edible recipes... think bout it, the " will it cook book" full of all the recipes of the ones that are YES. XD

  • Alice Xylanthrax
    Alice Xylanthrax 18 days ago

    I know I'm late but can I have the recipe for that vodkamole

  • Nikolas Angle
    Nikolas Angle 18 days ago

    Xylitol is also a laxative!! Hahahahah

  • Kitty
    Kitty 18 days ago

    will ltat still exist

  • Qfitty
    Qfitty 19 days ago

    Turtle Meat

  • ResentedCow 3173
    ResentedCow 3173 20 days ago

    Omg I remember like the 2nd season... it felt like so long ago

  • JGang Tv
    JGang Tv 20 days ago

    Rhett and link getting a little bit buzzed was the highlight of this episode😂😂😂

  • Winnie YT
    Winnie YT 21 day ago

    Josh i want to kiss u right now

  • YaBoi_NicK C.
    YaBoi_NicK C. 21 day ago +1

    The getting stuff down faze has got to be called GET HER DOWN (In a larry the cable guy voice of course)

  • Finn
    Finn 21 day ago

    I’m definitely going to get ear biscuits

  • Something Physical
    Something Physical 21 day ago

    So... you ate fried rubber?

  • SteelHunter9
    SteelHunter9 21 day ago

    Whata you call a man thats not yours

    Nachoman 😎

  • شرموطا ؟
    شرموطا ؟ 21 day ago

    جميل جدا جدا

  • xxXRPGdogXxx
    xxXRPGdogXxx 22 days ago

    Do will it cheese

  • Kev
    Kev 22 days ago

    Why are people still commenting on how happy they are that this format is back when that was a few months ago.

  • michael phelps
    michael phelps 23 days ago

    Im telling yall the pigs head nachos would be hella good with some ketchup and hotsauce or jus mayo condiments

    MADELYN GRAHAM 23 days ago

    did anybody notice that Link's hair is rly white????

  • Antonín Čala
    Antonín Čala 24 days ago

    This is clearly the superior format for your videos guys! Glad it's back :)

  • Daniel LaTorre
    Daniel LaTorre 24 days ago

    2:48 huh gaaaaaaaaayyyyy

  • IAthena Kemp
    IAthena Kemp 25 days ago

    celebrating Christmas by Marathoning these guys...

  • Donna Sims
    Donna Sims 26 days ago

    callin' it,,,,,,Rhett is going to be Santa Claus one day.

  • Tim LeCroy
    Tim LeCroy 28 days ago

    screw you guys.

  • Beth Orr
    Beth Orr 28 days ago

    Rhett and Link need a little bit of alcohol more often!!! 😂

  • DBO
    DBO 29 days ago

    dont trust their opinion in the second half of the video, they were intoxicated.

  • Ralph Jaree
    Ralph Jaree Month ago

    I feel like the last nacho was invented by a filipino...

  • Gacha_ Brook
    Gacha_ Brook Month ago

    *pig ear nachos*

  • Shelley Bancroft
    Shelley Bancroft Month ago

    OMG 😱! Pancake, (or waffle) "nachos!" Or even "tacos," lol! 🥓🥚🥞🌮 Awesome idea! I'd add scrambled eggs with the sausage and bacon (fried in maple syrup)! Sounds like a Christmas morning breakfast!

  • Nicole Leroy
    Nicole Leroy Month ago

    For the record hog head cheese is amazing!! Spicy is best!!

  • Davzviet
    Davzviet Month ago

    I eat head cheese and pig head I don't think it's the taste they're gagging about its the idea of what they're eating

  • Dakota Brundige
    Dakota Brundige Month ago

    Can me take a minute and talk about Rhett and link as thugs for the roller kingdom commercial #realogs

  • ChocolateDaPug68
    ChocolateDaPug68 Month ago +1

    I was so confused with the old system XD THANK YOU

  • numbereightyseven
    numbereightyseven Month ago

    We knew "The Hey Hey Show" (remember that?) wouldn't work, and deep down we knew the multiple-vid format wouldn't / couldn't either.

  • Sarah Madison28
    Sarah Madison28 Month ago

    They should of named it "mythicaliTEES" lol

  • Marisol Salas
    Marisol Salas Month ago

    Rhett is definitely drunk on this episode

  • Jacob Garvey
    Jacob Garvey Month ago

    I wanna hear more about what happened in *Junior year*

  • Colias Palaeno
    Colias Palaeno Month ago

    Link almost slipped off the number right there.

  • Karyn Ashley Hogarth

    Good Myhtical Chef needs to be on Chopped.



  • FrostWyvern G0SR
    FrostWyvern G0SR Month ago +1

    Omg sisig

  • peyton the undertale lover

    Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss they’re bringing back what made gmm perfect.

  • Daniel Lindaman
    Daniel Lindaman Month ago


  • Daniel Lindaman
    Daniel Lindaman Month ago

    pancakes will it nacho Rhett:yes! Link:YYYYYEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Simpson
    Michael Simpson Month ago

    Yall should try the worlds hottest horseradish

  • Lindsay Fisher
    Lindsay Fisher Month ago +4

    YES! Back to Mythicality! I'm so sorry guys. I stayed subscribed because I seriously love the show, but I did not watch most of the last season. Now that everything is back to the amazing, original, organic material... I'm ready to watch it all again! hooray!!!!!!

  • N8 the Gr8
    N8 the Gr8 Month ago

    11:52 This dialogue wouldn’t fly with literally any other person on earth.

  • boblin son
    boblin son Month ago


  • Camillus Ang
    Camillus Ang Month ago

    Filipinos would probably love that pig face nacho thing.
    It's practically sisig already (sisig is a classic Filipino dish that comprises of pig face and ears fried to a crisp, chopped up and tossed with onion, chillies, mayonnaise, and sometimes topped with raw egg.)

  • jdudeoes
    jdudeoes Month ago

    I need the recipe for the breakfast nachos

  • saturin
    saturin Month ago

    Will it nacho? Nachno

  • Kris Jai
    Kris Jai Month ago

    I need the recipe/instructions for that first one. OAO
    Edit: And the second one.

  • Franquito Crespo
    Franquito Crespo Month ago

    un comentario en español aparecio

  • KreyzyChild
    KreyzyChild Month ago

    That Long Island one is killing me XD

  • alucardfu2
    alucardfu2 Month ago

    7:55 Asian rhett

  • Sauce Gawd
    Sauce Gawd Month ago

    Will it yogurt

  • Glynnis The Menace
    Glynnis The Menace Month ago

    And in this episode we watch Rhett become buzzed off of a single nacho then proceed to discover the process of chewing/swallowing and then eat face :)

  • Kackson Jang
    Kackson Jang Month ago

    That pig face nacho looked so good

  • Cinnabøn
    Cinnabøn Month ago

    These were my favorite videos as a kid

  • Kaela Johnson
    Kaela Johnson Month ago

    Random PSA-never let your dog eat something with xylitol. It’s about 100 times more lethal than chocolate. Anything that is a sweet diet food can contain xylitol, so double check before giving something like that to your pup.