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Bruno Mars "That's What I Like" Acoustic Remix | Charlie Rose

  • Published on Oct 10, 2017
  • Five-time Grammy Winner Bruno Mars creates a special remix of "That's What I Like" for the Charlie Rose show.
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  • Luke.W
    Luke.W 12 hours ago

    E-Bass and E Piano nice Acoustic version

  • Μαriα
    Μαriα 8 days ago

    I love how you can "hear" his smile in his voice

  • Μαriα
    Μαriα 8 days ago


  • 푸린
    푸린 9 days ago


  • blubber OG
    blubber OG 11 days ago

    everybody stop and appreicate his backup vocalists!! those harmoies tho!

  • Luiz Cedrico
    Luiz Cedrico 11 days ago

    amo essa música !

  • Ika Dyana Rozwan
    Ika Dyana Rozwan 11 days ago

    any version is amazing if Bruno is in it

  • Jws21 21
    Jws21 21 12 days ago


  • Connor Wishart
    Connor Wishart 12 days ago

    Am I the only one that's curious about what Bruno has got in that Backpack?

  • Zita Lihu
    Zita Lihu 12 days ago

    There is music in all of their pores

  • Robert Lee
    Robert Lee 13 days ago

    He excites me so! Real musicians here. Top shelf...the real deal. He has the best voice in the biz at this point. And it's not only because the bar has been lowered, it's because he's terrific. Period.

  • Lieke e
    Lieke e 14 days ago +1

    Always loving bruno's dance moves in the award show performances but his voice is the best when he does these kinda things

  • sweetmania100
    sweetmania100 14 days ago

    1:44 to 1:55 amazing!!!

  • M Mont
    M Mont 15 days ago

    I went to two of his concerts, the Unorthodox Jukebox and Doo-wops & Hooligans and he just sounds so better than the studio version.

  • Ori's Stories
    Ori's Stories 15 days ago


  • sarha poke
    sarha poke 15 days ago


  • Arm Weerayut
    Arm Weerayut 15 days ago

    1:50 very very

  • van Angcan
    van Angcan 18 days ago

    sick as hell!

  • Normal Titan
    Normal Titan 18 days ago

    who are those two back up of bruno?

  • xoru_4
    xoru_4 19 days ago

    Recital, recital del amor hermoso.

  • Byunghun Yoo
    Byunghun Yoo 19 days ago

    I'd like to know who the session and backup singers are!

  • Samuel A
    Samuel A 19 days ago

    This dude is the definition of talent

  • Takahiro Okamoto
    Takahiro Okamoto 19 days ago


  • Luis Rivas
    Luis Rivas 20 days ago

    This sounds amazing, though I think I hear some autotune around 1:33 or 1:34. Or am I imagining things?

    • Navy yonce
      Navy yonce 12 days ago

      Luis Rivas I think it's because Bruno's live singing is so similar to the studion version that's why you get the impression of autotune. But no, that's just pure belting from Bruno. He's that good of a live singer :)

  • lucy brown
    lucy brown 20 days ago

    O mito

  • Maria Sharp
    Maria Sharp 21 day ago

    Wow. This is awesome, absolutely amazing.

  • Coloc Tetorica
    Coloc Tetorica 21 day ago

    Omg. 😍

    PYDTOMMO 21 day ago

    "Five-time Grammy Winner Bruno Mars creates a special remix of That's What I Like" SIX TIME. NOT FIVE. SIX.

  • Utter G
    Utter G 22 days ago

    lots of love from nepal

  • Andrea Victoria Salazar


  • Tew
    Tew 25 days ago

    can anyone tell me the name of the backing vocals, both of them?

  • cynaamonj
    cynaamonj 26 days ago


  • Isabelle.M
    Isabelle.M 26 days ago


  • Gloria Paxton
    Gloria Paxton 27 days ago

    I love this young man. I'm in my senior years.

  • Paloma Ortiz
    Paloma Ortiz 27 days ago

    Bruno, you're the best singer!!!

  • Swapnil Upadhyay
    Swapnil Upadhyay 28 days ago

    This guy and his band are legends man, today no one can touch Bruno's level.

  • Jenni K
    Jenni K 29 days ago

    193 people are high

  • J Larkins
    J Larkins Month ago

    Them cats is too on point. Shouts out to Bruno an his team y'all did that...

  • Tomoj15
    Tomoj15 Month ago

    Cool as fook !!


    thats my boy!!!!!!! #bruno mars so cool

  • Markus Grønstad
    Markus Grønstad Month ago

    Damn, this is soo cool!! Love it

  • vanessa meyer
    vanessa meyer Month ago

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  • Mel bruhhh
    Mel bruhhh Month ago

    Then theres me and my friends without talent

  • Jeff Lawrence Garzon

    This is what true singer really means No need of autotune just real Voice is enough!!👊👍👍👍

  • Chen Galo
    Chen Galo Month ago

    wwwwwwooooooowwwwww,, like im smiling till th end of this video

  • Christopher Vargas
    Christopher Vargas Month ago


  • Lester Solomon
    Lester Solomon Month ago

    In utter awe every time

  • fuck face cuckold
    fuck face cuckold Month ago

    How do you guys think he compares to justin timberlake?

  • star shows
    star shows Month ago

    lovee bruno

  • star shows
    star shows Month ago

    lovee bruno💗

  • Mirorii San
    Mirorii San Month ago


  • Sha Stacy
    Sha Stacy Month ago

    I like your song because it sounds nice

  • Kimaikolo Loll
    Kimaikolo Loll Month ago +2

    Black people are the most talented and the hottest on earth 😍😍 i whish i was one of them 😞

  • Rio Noirarthouse
    Rio Noirarthouse Month ago

    didi kempot udh gak main keroncong ya

  • Erikson Dos Santos
    Erikson Dos Santos Month ago

    Now that's incredible talent. Bruno the man!!

  • Christian Crespo
    Christian Crespo Month ago

    Bruno adoptame

  • Ce_ ce
    Ce_ ce Month ago

    I LOVE YOU BRUNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Caio Novaes
    Caio Novaes Month ago


  • Kathleen Johnson
    Kathleen Johnson Month ago

    Hank and all the greats are way better

  • Kathleen Johnson
    Kathleen Johnson Month ago

    David Allen Coe blow this away any day

  • Christian Joelle Jones

    My heart😍😍😍😍😍

  • Nikhil bhukal
    Nikhil bhukal Month ago

    Awesome dude it's awesome

  • Chris Beauchamp Music

    I just died and went to vocal heaven...

  • EMMoney8806
    EMMoney8806 Month ago

    These are not just Bruno's back up singers....those are his boys! They harmonize real nice. I'm jealous my voice isn't like theirs

  • cine vip
    cine vip Month ago


  • Alvaro Serrano
    Alvaro Serrano Month ago

    such a talent!!!! fucking awasome!!!

  • Fernanda Suarez
    Fernanda Suarez Month ago


  • Diego Galindo
    Diego Galindo Month ago +1


  • Cat Farm Mommy
    Cat Farm Mommy Month ago

    Panties on the floor.

  • Vlady Otavio Dias
    Vlady Otavio Dias Month ago

    Será que tem brasileiro(a)s fã do trabalho desse cara?

  • みちゃーそ
    みちゃーそ Month ago +1


  • Constanza
    Constanza Month ago

    Lo amo, wn!!!!

  • Camila Ponce Miranda

    You are the best ❤️

    YAK UZA Month ago

    Wahh.. 😄

  • mashiron
    mashiron Month ago +1


    WING KEI MA Month ago

    I want his school bag

  • IIAmythestII K
    IIAmythestII K Month ago

    Now *Thats what i like* 😂

  • Krish Querimit
    Krish Querimit Month ago

    What's with the 174 dislike??? Get a life!

  • Martina Champion
    Martina Champion 2 months ago

    Why you ask him hjuio

  • Irena Audila
    Irena Audila 2 months ago

    Just got eargasm

  • Yumoto Kawaii / Yaoi
    Yumoto Kawaii / Yaoi 2 months ago

    lo mejor, la voz en vivooo

  • Deborah McClendon
    Deborah McClendon 2 months ago


  • 박동바
    박동바 2 months ago

    비트마져 섹시하다.

  • rufy2089
    rufy2089 2 months ago

    bruno you're a real blessing , pure talent ....

  • dennis muite
    dennis muite 2 months ago


  • MaKING NeWs
    MaKING NeWs 2 months ago

    Bruno Mars know how to pick his players

  • Renier Romasanta
    Renier Romasanta 2 months ago

    very talented!!!. high notes is just so easy for him..

  • Bruno 24 k
    Bruno 24 k 2 months ago

    Bruno is best in the work

  • Tina Gonzalez
    Tina Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Just in case u still wonder who´s the michael jackson of this generation..

  • Eric Cota
    Eric Cota 2 months ago


  • Dai Sanchez
    Dai Sanchez 2 months ago


  • Sweet kaye
    Sweet kaye 2 months ago

    love you Bruno ❤

  • Helen Fleming
    Helen Fleming 2 months ago

    Real talent no extras just there voices you know old school

  • valen ,
    valen , 2 months ago

    They were having so much fun, I love them ❤❤❤

  • Fashion Girls
    Fashion Girls 2 months ago

    I love Bruno so so much😍😍

  • anto jane
    anto jane 2 months ago


  • Vanessa Cândido
    Vanessa Cândido 2 months ago


  • Xhuti II
    Xhuti II 2 months ago

    All of you are giving attention to the vocalists (and yes they did a fantastic job, it's Bruno Mars of course it will be great) , but the musicians backing them (piano, guitar, and bass) are doing just as impressive work. The key signature this song is in is very difficult to play and those guys make it seem effortless behind them.

  • C Zoraida
    C Zoraida 2 months ago


  • Arief Wicaksono
    Arief Wicaksono 2 months ago

    full version please haha