Top 10 Mysterious Fictional Characters Seen In Real Life

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
  • Top 10 Mysterious Fictional Characters Seen In Real Life
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    Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and I am blurring the lines between reality and fiction as I talk the Top 10 Mysterious Fictional Characters Seen In Real Life. I know what Landon would say… but I’m not gonna say it. Before we get into this video, why don’t you let me know which fictional character you would like to take you on a date? I’m gonna go withhh **
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  • Ethan Kemp
    Ethan Kemp 57 minutes ago

    No one:

    Liturgy no one:
    MostAmazingTop10: We found Momo in real life

  • Ethan Kemp
    Ethan Kemp Hour ago +1


  • Lynette Quintana
    Lynette Quintana 14 hours ago

    Date Loki haha 😂

  • Rebecca Matthews
    Rebecca Matthews 23 hours ago

    Fictional character aye? I would choose....


  • diamondgamer929 t

    I know the one that would date me but not you cuz I would date Jessica Rabbit

  • Terra Craft
    Terra Craft Day ago

    Um actually muggles can’t see dementors and we are all muggles

  • lunas-fandomes 76

    Its not a cartoon but an anime but i would love for shoto todoroki to take me on a date

  • Kevin Russell
    Kevin Russell Day ago

    I'm actually quite sceptical about the Dobby clip, as unlike the other clips, there was no hint as to where the footage was taken.

  • Helen Johnston
    Helen Johnston Day ago

    I love you Rebecca

  • gimme your keys please

    and i- *oop*

  • Harmony_Gamer Girl

    My patronus is a fox! What are your guys'?

  • Maegan Saulenas
    Maegan Saulenas Day ago


  • Vampirecutie Liver

    I want Caius Volturi to date me

  • the twin gamer
    the twin gamer 2 days ago +1

    The one on the roof I believe is the rake

  • Phantom Withered Zeek

    A fictional character I might take on a date is Don Karnage from Talespin

  • Silver an unesmate hero love

    Deku-kun ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Chrissory
    Chrissory 3 days ago

    I might have seen a gundabad warg from the lotr and hobbit triologies. A white one. She haunts me. She wants something from me and i know what.

  • Ivonne Aguilar
    Ivonne Aguilar 3 days ago

    i love harry potter so i saw dobby and i was like YES

  • Kiwi The rainwing 42

    I would date qibli, mager Rebecca X Snape ship

  • entercoolnamehere 0724

    Rebecca x Draco

  • EclipseAssassin_ Playz
    EclipseAssassin_ Playz 4 days ago +1


  • Dark Galaxy Night
    Dark Galaxy Night 4 days ago

    I saw chupacabra in El Salvador

    MIGIX TD 4 days ago

    *Cuthulu comes in*
    God speaking in invader zim's voice:who dares challages me

  • Dragon Tech alpha!
    Dragon Tech alpha! 4 days ago

    The big dimenter is a. Kite

  • Reaver 09
    Reaver 09 6 days ago

    Slenderman aint scary or like that hes chilled i should know cause i use to talk to the mofo and on another note im planing now to kill santa to enslave his elvs who's joining me?

  • Girly Gamer Queen
    Girly Gamer Queen 6 days ago

    who else clicked just for dobby to see a pic or video of the elf

  • Bryan Metal
    Bryan Metal 6 days ago +1

    I'm from Wisconsin and we pronounce it "Wau-Kih-Shaw" not with the "key" sounding. It was kind of funny how she pronounced it "WIN-sconsin" though.

  • J. Schoenborn
    J. Schoenborn 6 days ago

    It's like up here, we have a guy who dresses up like Spider-Man (honestly, if I could grow out my hair, dye it blonde, and get my photo with him with me dressed as Thor, I would! I dressed up like Thor one Halloween, had a plastic hammer, and had both the songs "God of Thunder" and "Immigrant Song" playing on a loop over a Bluetooth speaker).
    Perhaps a caption of something mentioning The Avengers?
    Seriously, but this guy does things like ride a bicycle or walk everywhere, entertains people, and raised money through a lemonade stand for a children's hospital!

  • Michaela Atha
    Michaela Atha 6 days ago

    when number 9 came on and they showed the video with no warning I got scared. Note it is late where I am and I am about to go to bed, so I will probably not sleep tonight. woops

  • Alora Koutnik
    Alora Koutnik 6 days ago

    DOBBY LIVES!!!!!

  • Bird-Droid
    Bird-Droid 6 days ago

    The guardians of mythology and supernatural researching and capturing capture them

  • cmcginnid1108
    cmcginnid1108 6 days ago

    Hhhhhhhhhhh wwanbbrr

  • adarsh amrit
    adarsh amrit 6 days ago

    You look very beautiful in that dress. 😍😍

  • kaila cruz
    kaila cruz 6 days ago

    9:20 cousin Juan is that you??

  • Victoria Seay
    Victoria Seay 7 days ago

    I love your outfits and your overall personality. You’re so cute!

  • Sloane Duys
    Sloane Duys 8 days ago +2

    The videos called Top Ten Fictional Charachters.
    Santa was one.
    She ruined it for some kids out there.

  • Sloane Duys
    Sloane Duys 8 days ago +2

    Slytherin Queen Rebecca is my favorite host because she's funny and has cool personal stories.

  • SuperNomNomGaming
    SuperNomNomGaming 8 days ago

    being from Wisconsin we got some pretty ridiculous names for city's

  • Rock UYT
    Rock UYT 8 days ago

    none cuz youll be forever alone

  • Zoe Burns
    Zoe Burns 9 days ago

    Whoelse saw dobby doing the chicken dance😂

  • The Evie and Harry Show

    I think slenderman is actually the rake

  • I’m a banana Ramos


  • I_Am _Selena
    I_Am _Selena 9 days ago +1

    Also Long Live Dobby!

  • Aiden Adamson
    Aiden Adamson 9 days ago +1

    I clicked on this cos i saw dobby.
    "Dobby has no master! Dobby is a free elf! And dobby has come to save harry potter and his family!"
    This is what Dobby Says in one of my fanfics (A harmione and a james and lily return fan fiction)

  • Emmett Schreurs
    Emmett Schreurs 9 days ago

    My patronus is a butterfly

    THE SPICY GAMER 10 days ago

    Not winsconsin its pronounced whis-con-sin

  • ok gaming productions
    ok gaming productions 10 days ago

    So when i was like 4 to 9 ive been haunted my sister and i where home alone and i was more of a cry baby so i wanted to go with my mom my sister wasnt scare my mom starded to prank my sis after that we forgot about a creepy doll
    In the closet most creepy part after my mom stoped pranking my sis for a while theywhere no one exept for doll in closet the closet door opened slowly an haunted my sis

  • ok gaming productions
    ok gaming productions 10 days ago

    Any ways alot of legends are real believe me when i was a baby i saw something im not sure i cried really hard still not sure what i saw

  • ok gaming productions
    ok gaming productions 10 days ago

    Ik you should date amm idk nvm

  • Jude Simon
    Jude Simon 10 days ago

    I would take Susie , Mike , Frits , Jeremy , and Cassy from fnaf to the movies

  • Tyson Stewart
    Tyson Stewart 10 days ago

    I would date Chica

  • Kathy jones
    Kathy jones 10 days ago

    My patronus is a dolphin

  • David Tate
    David Tate 10 days ago

    Homer beat Cthulu in an eating contest.

  • wastpord boooi
    wastpord boooi 10 days ago

    Rip loki :'(

  • Indigo Light
    Indigo Light 11 days ago

    My patronos is a red squirrel beat this

    MIGIX TD 11 days ago

    Cathulu: man that was a nice night swim

  • smiley satanson
    smiley satanson 11 days ago

    if i was batman and stopped i would be like ''ah i see fellow men of justice how may i save your day?'' in the classic batmam voice

  • Draco Malfoy
    Draco Malfoy 13 days ago +1

    i see dobby
    i click
    Any potterheads here??

  • 1-800-Meme- Lord-000
    1-800-Meme- Lord-000 13 days ago

    Oh I miss Dobby so much 😨😨😭😭😭😭

  • Meat Burger
    Meat Burger 13 days ago

    0:21 shrek

  • The ArtistYT
    The ArtistYT 14 days ago

    yeah but that Loki one as probably just Tom Hiddleston taking the bus with a bandana covering his mouth or he might have been traveling or filming a part of an marvel movie

  • Zosia Dembinska
    Zosia Dembinska 14 days ago

    My pochnes is a Wolf.

  • Meghann Hays
    Meghann Hays 15 days ago

    I would love to date Loki

  • Jacob Bergman
    Jacob Bergman 15 days ago

    Ones the rake

  • charmandersquad
    charmandersquad 15 days ago

    Why is Rebecca's voice sound so soothing

  • Teamquartz4ever
    Teamquartz4ever 15 days ago

    Ether Ash ketchum or Joker

  • September Jones
    September Jones 16 days ago

    *I feel like I'm the only one who hates Dobby XD*

  • Jesse Rowe
    Jesse Rowe 17 days ago

    No one believes in me so we should date

  • prince 72841
    prince 72841 17 days ago

    *Sees a random deer*

  • Pikachu Neoncat
    Pikachu Neoncat 17 days ago

    The naked dude on the roof was Offenderman.

  • Katronicsforlife :3
    Katronicsforlife :3 17 days ago

    My potrnous is a Lion :3

  • Curtis Sharp
    Curtis Sharp 17 days ago

    I vote Scooby Doo to date you. Lol It rymed

  • Sam Nanu
    Sam Nanu 17 days ago

    If there was a female davy jones i date her immediately

  • Brenna Hayes
    Brenna Hayes 17 days ago

    Those girls are mentally insane and sick