I Got A Personal Trainer For 30 Days


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  • Rocket Sheep
    Rocket Sheep 32 minutes ago


  • Bonolo Ngwenya
    Bonolo Ngwenya 3 days ago

    Love your voice💕what a fun video!

  • maleaaa h
    maleaaa h 3 days ago +1

    Y'all should try to do the keto diet❗it helps alot and I'm 8 pounds down in 2 weeks with no exercise:)

  • bigT
    bigT 4 days ago

    finally losing weight

  • Miriam Rios
    Miriam Rios 5 days ago

    I wish this trainer lived in my town. Great job to both of you well done

  • Kylie Lanning
    Kylie Lanning 5 days ago

    I know this is about working out or whatever but just wondering..... how in the world does she put lipstick on without getting it all over her piercing????🤔😂

  • zhiyan yu
    zhiyan yu 5 days ago

    I'm ready to want to work out too lol

  • Mckinley Canales
    Mckinley Canales 6 days ago +1

    When she showed what she packed for lunch I thought it was cocaine. But then she was like "it's protein" and then I was like "oh that makes more sense" lmao😂😂😂

  • Dana Thurnell
    Dana Thurnell 10 days ago

    It’s so great that she’s really trying to make sure her body stays healthy it’s a great thing to do for yourself

  • Hugo Karlen
    Hugo Karlen 11 days ago +1

    That protein looked straight up like cocaine.

  • Emely Samayoa
    Emely Samayoa 12 days ago

    I can relate to you I bin starting to hit the gym. even tho I have not lost alot of weight. I now that I will get there eventually. I am not doing it for anyone but for my selfe only . It make me feel good and help me with depression and anxiety thank you for sharing this video with us . 🧡

  • Sabrina Brown
    Sabrina Brown 13 days ago

    She is so pretty

  • Amanda Marie
    Amanda Marie 15 days ago

    I love that This isn’t about weight. Jazz is so beautiful

  • Iamtotallynotanundercovercelebrity

    I think if I ever get a personal trainer I’ll get a woman because they always seem to be more legit in whether or not they are qualified for their job.
    I am a guy and I get that a fellow guy knows more about what will work for me but like come on... I trust women 1000% more than men no matter the situation.
    (My only concern is that if I got a trainer like this gal I’d have to quit her because I would probably end up getting a crush on her in the end)

  • kona Akua
    kona Akua 15 days ago

    This should be about home girls eyebrows 🤔

    • kona Akua
      kona Akua 2 hours ago

      maleaaa h you should do something other then write come backs cause you’re not good at it. Im sure you’re eyebrows are trash too. Now im out :) gotta make moves unlike you. 🤟🏼🚀

    • maleaaa h
      maleaaa h 3 days ago

      +kona Akua sure, you aren't. Now move along sis.

    • kona Akua
      kona Akua 5 days ago

      maleaaa h sure lol

    • maleaaa h
      maleaaa h 8 days ago +2

      Sis you ain't cute either lmaooo

  • rocks become cold
    rocks become cold 15 days ago

    God shes fat and gross

    • maleaaa h
      maleaaa h 7 days ago

      +rocks become cold lmao that's super racist. Die you piece of scum

    • rocks become cold
      rocks become cold 7 days ago

      +maleaaa h im not black so i know who my father is

    • maleaaa h
      maleaaa h 7 days ago

      +rocks become cold find your father.

    • rocks become cold
      rocks become cold 8 days ago

      +maleaaa h well thats incorrect and foesnt change that she is fat and gross

    • maleaaa h
      maleaaa h 8 days ago +1

      Damn, just like your mother .

  • Kevin Salim
    Kevin Salim 18 days ago

    Im not saying she has to lose weight , but like health wise and looks wise there is nothing wrong with it , like its her business ofcourse

  • The black rose
    The black rose 20 days ago +1

    I love this vid, but some of the comment section makes me sick

  • Molly B.
    Molly B. 21 day ago

    Her shirt is very ironic to what she’s saying😂

  • Daniela Kašíková
    Daniela Kašíková 21 day ago


  • De’Asia Renaee
    De’Asia Renaee 21 day ago

    I’m loving your motivation and seeing you NOT give up on yourself 😊 go girl 😍

  • Ashley Toler
    Ashley Toler 26 days ago

    You are so beautiful

  • iiPeachSun :3
    iiPeachSun :3 26 days ago +1

    Id be concerned if you smelled like roses.

  • jacie ongpoy
    jacie ongpoy Month ago

    I need a personal trainer but idk where to find one!

  • Jillian Elise
    Jillian Elise Month ago +1

    I struggle with anxiety and depression. I hated sports and I couldn't stand gym class. Once I turned 16 and really got settled into working out, over the years I have noticed how much stronger I have become both mentally and physically. Seeing my muscles grow and pushing my limits has taught me that I truly can overcome difficulty, little by little, day by day. Health is really that important.

  • Chloe Pearson
    Chloe Pearson Month ago

    Any Canadians here? If so has anyone done grouse grind? If anyone has they can relate when I say that small hill of stairs is nothing compared to grouse mountain!

  • Madison Edwards
    Madison Edwards Month ago

    Il proie of you Jasmine And this Is So good for your Health you go girl !!!!

  • Bella Loasby
    Bella Loasby Month ago

    No but I love stairs
    I am dying

  • Sylvester Ogletree
    Sylvester Ogletree 2 months ago

    Go U NU!

  • Zelda breath of the wild Obsessed

    Jazz always looks fire like how?!!♥️♥️❤️

    EMJEY YEET 2 months ago


    3:06 _the guy in the backround lol_

  • munnygetmoney
    munnygetmoney 2 months ago

    I would be a personal trainer

  • Jillian Dance
    Jillian Dance 2 months ago

    Did anyone realize that her hair changed colors?

  • Mami Devil
    Mami Devil 2 months ago

    Y'all fat acceptance people literally hate when womens value is based on looks , but all y'all focus on is your looks. Why not point out other things you're good at or other talents?

  • Mami Devil
    Mami Devil 2 months ago

    I feel like if she said she wanted to lose some weight, she'd get so much hate from fat acceptance people...

  • chaos kay
    chaos kay 2 months ago

    u go

  • Terence Reyes
    Terence Reyes 2 months ago

    I thought she's concerned about stress relief, why is it when she started the training she talked about weight loss and stuff? Just be honest with yourself, if you want to lose weight that's totally fine, there's nothing wrong with it.

  • Sandra
    Sandra 2 months ago

    That’s terrible language on her exercise shirt. I’m glad she loves herself. I guess she just thinks it’s funny. I don’t.

  • Kiaja Kenard
    Kiaja Kenard 2 months ago

    I knew this was going to be a good video. Go Jazz.

  • Tøxic. Dreams
    Tøxic. Dreams 2 months ago

    If your very fat or fat now , your sooooo cute and chubby last time :)

  • J E
    J E 3 months ago

    Must of cost a lot

    • Sydney Andrea
      Sydney Andrea 2 months ago

      Well since it's a video for buzzfeed she peobably didn't have yo pay - buzzfeed did.

  • Isabel Mccallus
    Isabel Mccallus 3 months ago

    I HATE EMOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JCT7.62 T
    JCT7.62 T 3 months ago

    How do you get tired from stairs?

  • Kamila
    Kamila 3 months ago

    schudnij grubasie

  • Karolina Leszczynska
    Karolina Leszczynska 3 months ago

    You look so much better without makeup

  • Katelyn Boudens
    Katelyn Boudens 3 months ago

    Jazzmne you are uhhhmaaazing!

  • Marven Wilson S Donque
    Marven Wilson S Donque 3 months ago

    its not about losing weight? oh please..

  • Insanity Wolf
    Insanity Wolf 3 months ago

    love that shirt goes perfect with my personality

  • Destinee Guimaraes
    Destinee Guimaraes 3 months ago

    Can we be best friends please??

  • Young savant
    Young savant 4 months ago +1

    I got a personal trainer and collision

    I am still fat

  • Kelley Ryan
    Kelley Ryan 4 months ago

    Who is this lady I love her don’t know how I stumbled on this

  • Sumiya Carter
    Sumiya Carter 4 months ago

    Whoever disliked this video is a jerk

  • Miguel Angel Leo Acedo
    Miguel Angel Leo Acedo 4 months ago

    Yeah i think its a good idea do jumping juks when you are overweight OMG what Kind of "personal trainer" say that

  • Amireer Baker
    Amireer Baker 4 months ago

    Yessss Jazz!

  • No Cap
    No Cap 4 months ago

    I want her as a trainer! She's so positive

  • Maen Abu Hamdan
    Maen Abu Hamdan 4 months ago

    Not to be rude but the trainer look out of shape

    • Sydney Andrea
      Sydney Andrea 2 months ago

      People can look out of shape and still be pretty in shape

  • PMA II
    PMA II 4 months ago

    Fat girls voice is like dagger in the Lower abdomen

  • Coffee Pot
    Coffee Pot 4 months ago

    How does she change her hair from blonde to dark?

  • Isabella G
    Isabella G 4 months ago

    Good for you!!!!

  • Lara Germano
    Lara Germano 4 months ago

    Clearly it was pointless....

  • astrababs
    astrababs 4 months ago

    Honestly I lose her confidence and her body really suits her 😩💞😳💖💘💕💛

  • Menina Milenia
    Menina Milenia 4 months ago

    "I feel like I'm like happier?"

  • Lxcxy Lxxgh
    Lxcxy Lxxgh 4 months ago

    I love how she still looks like a queen even sweating! like how? Why can't I do that!!!???

  • Trey
    Trey 4 months ago

    Her shirt makes this so much better

  • iiAutumn
    iiAutumn 4 months ago

    In school I have to run down 30 stairs.. One by one.. To go to my locker and then go back up to get to class. Really.. 😂 why school why

  • sdvlt
    sdvlt 4 months ago

    Thank you,girl ! you gave me motivation to climb the stairs in my flat instead of using the lift ! start,stop start, stop start.. just important that I get to the top !

  • Swaggie Boys
    Swaggie Boys 4 months ago

    good job Jazz

  • Oliver Anderson
    Oliver Anderson 5 months ago

    Brynn is a beautiful name.

  • TheLivingLemon!
    TheLivingLemon! 5 months ago

    HOLD UP, that gym had the SAME equipment as my physical therapy. (Which if you didn't know helps you gain for flexibility in a joint) And mine was for my ankle, so did they like, BRING ME TO A GYM ER....

  • BLACKPINK_ I_Wanna_Go_To_Their_Concert_ISTG

    Okay i want this job of hers... she gets payed to get privately and professionally trained and some fun stuff..
    So how does one get into buzzfeed like Ladylike, Boldy, Bogus Beauty etc.?

  • cinnamon gordon
    cinnamon gordon 5 months ago

    I love the 'Failing Pile of Garbage' tee-shirt so much

  • xHappzx
    xHappzx 5 months ago

    I want that garbage shirt hahhah

  • Cecily Crasto
    Cecily Crasto 5 months ago +3

    It looks like it'd be terrififfying to go down those stairs 😵 I feel like I'd run down them and slip and die

  • Brigh Geal
    Brigh Geal 5 months ago

    This is so great

  • Meihelani Itaaehau
    Meihelani Itaaehau 5 months ago

    wow her form is so good!

  • Zach Adair
    Zach Adair 5 months ago +1

    Good for her

  • Veronica Lewis
    Veronica Lewis 5 months ago

    She don't need no personal trainer like did you see her body

  • Dahleigh Gabriel Greaves

    Buzzfeed workout videos are addicting. There's something about watching my favorite people better themselves even when they think they can't, and honestly that is so inspiring.

  • Satan's Lover
    Satan's Lover 5 months ago

    i love how the personal trainer make her feel good about everything she does. like''jaz is the best . and wow that was awesome''! this is just so kind...

  • supposedtobedoinghomework

    Awww they had such a connection this is awesome

  • DFB - Gaming
    DFB - Gaming 5 months ago

    You were going fast on those ropes, that's good. I workout and those KILL me everytime I do 'em.

  • Nicole
    Nicole 5 months ago

    Me just starts doing sit ups in bed because it inspired me but its 12 at night

  • mackenzie elise
    mackenzie elise 5 months ago

    the trainer seems so sweet!

  • Jenna Hataway
    Jenna Hataway 5 months ago

    When that guy in the ad took off his helmet, I thought he was Donald trump!😂

  • Sara Sepia
    Sara Sepia 5 months ago

    burn that garbage shirt STAT

  • madison buckley
    madison buckley 5 months ago

    the trainer fat too tho

    • granola
      granola 5 months ago +3

      madison buckley she’s at a perfectly healthy weight. Your idea of ‘fat’ is crazy.

  • heyverndontdrinkmountaindewdrinkmelloyello

    0:26 was that there a bacon donut

  • Satan's Lover
    Satan's Lover 5 months ago

    i want a personaly trainer but my mom is just to selfish with her motherfucking money (: i guess im fighting this alone

  • Wed ود
    Wed ود 5 months ago

    You look so beautiful without makeup omg ,not “jealous”at all jk 🤪🤪
    Love your confidence thou 💕💕💋💋
    Your my Girl crush every day 😏👅

  • Winter Leapaldt
    Winter Leapaldt 5 months ago

    Did you see get shirt that said "failing pile of garbage"

  • WriteLantern
    WriteLantern 5 months ago

    30 days? That personal trainer sucks!

  • noturaveragecupoftae :}

    i kind of like running up stairs..
    i’m insane ik

  • Massiel Aquinoalcantara

    Your instagram ?

  • Anna Cain
    Anna Cain 5 months ago

    those stairs aren't that tall now that i think about it lmao

  • Tia Enriquez
    Tia Enriquez 5 months ago

    Anyone knows jazzmyne’s insta?

  • Jeryan Jackson
    Jeryan Jackson 5 months ago

    Jumping jacks to keep your heart rate up...
    LMAOOOOO TOTALLY ME!!! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀😭😭😭

  • Delancy Rose
    Delancy Rose 5 months ago

    how much fat did she actually lose ?

  • Tominzay
    Tominzay 5 months ago

    the trainer is so encouraging

  • kiarrah
    kiarrah 5 months ago

    I wanted to see before & after to see if any physical changes took place but love this video

  • Jessica Messica
    Jessica Messica 5 months ago

    i’m disabled so it’s very painful to work out. i wish i could work out. please don’t take that ability for advantage. because of this, i’ve starved myself in order to lose weight. please exercise if you have the ability.