I Got A Personal Trainer For 30 Days

  • Published on Apr 10, 2017
  • "Why can't we do something I like... like naps or brunch?"
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    Brynn Langford

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  • Welshy
    Welshy 5 days ago +1

    im glad this video was so positive

  • Mrs J
    Mrs J 8 days ago

    By the way Jazz I love your video and you did so awesome girl 😊

  • A Mark
    A Mark 8 days ago

    Stop smoking

    JSHEN 11 days ago

    I’m a personal trainer! Best job ever and seeing people change not just physically but just seeing them feel more empowered is awesome! You did amazing❤️

  • Queen kitty
    Queen kitty 12 days ago

    Do 5 jumping jacks every time she says like😂

  • Lauren R
    Lauren R 12 days ago

    Jasmine: 2:50 I’m feeling so much better about myself
    Shirt: Failing pile of garbage
    That killed me😂

  • Ask Me
    Ask Me 13 days ago

    This is funny because Jasmine is now so much bigger

  • life by aixel
    life by aixel 14 days ago

    this video made me consider a career as a personal trainer , shes amazinggg

  • yo girl is here boi
    yo girl is here boi 14 days ago

    Every up next is buzz feed or as/is...
    Love you jazzy

  • Top Fertilizer
    Top Fertilizer 19 days ago +1

    fat personal trainer

    • Kyron Martin
      Kyron Martin 19 days ago

      Fat? Are we watching the same video? I think you may be a bit ill-informed. Just because she has meat on her bones, doesn’t mean she is fat or even overweight... I shouldn’t waste my time because you probably won’t listen to what I’m saying but ijs just because she doesn’t look like she weighs the same as a twig, doesn’t mean she needs to lose any weight. Especially not on your say so

  • dhhsjdjxnc djjdjjdjcj
    dhhsjdjxnc djjdjjdjcj 22 days ago

    bro when i walk 5 stairs i need a whole break

  • Amber Heart
    Amber Heart 25 days ago

    she looks soo good with dark hair and dark lipstick

  • Mrs J
    Mrs J 26 days ago

    I need new music to listen to and watch any ideas?

    • Angel runs
      Angel runs 8 days ago +1

      +Mrs J aww glad u liked them

    • Mrs J
      Mrs J 8 days ago +1

      +Angel runs These videos are all great 😊, the last one you recommended to me was not so much but thank you. I will show to my husband he might enjoy it more 😊. Thank you 👍🌞

    • Angel runs
      Angel runs 9 days ago

      tvclip.biz/video/TFAiOzgb8O0/video.html this one u might think is weird but its new

    • Angel runs
      Angel runs 9 days ago +1

      I recommended some of my fav music hope u enjoy

    • Angel runs
      Angel runs 9 days ago +1

      tvclip.biz/video/ALj5MKjy2BU/video.html last one

  • Love is what is
    Love is what is 28 days ago

    Her first check in she’s outside smoking a damn cigarette. I mean it’s her choice. I vape now. Smoking helps me lose weight to girlfriend. It just seemed ironic that her first day of this healthy journey she decided to check in while having a cig lol

  • Ismail Sidat
    Ismail Sidat 28 days ago

    I want a personal trainer but I cant afford it

  • LilyGames 212
    LilyGames 212 28 days ago +1

    Woah! She ROCKS with red lipstick!!!!!

  • Cierra Johnson
    Cierra Johnson 28 days ago

    Wow she's incredible

  • Liketodraw AndCreative
    Liketodraw AndCreative 29 days ago +4

    Trainer: do some jumping jacks to get your heart rate up

    Me: What are jumping jacks? 😂

  • mdizzle shnizzle
    mdizzle shnizzle Month ago

    What are those stairs called/where are they located??

  • jenan savanath
    jenan savanath Month ago

    Well that was a waste of money...she is still obese and unfuckable

  • Starlight Productions
    Starlight Productions Month ago +1

    Omg i love both of their hair

  • Michael Torres
    Michael Torres Month ago

    What necklace do you have jasmine?

  • Gabriella David
    Gabriella David Month ago +2

    Well that's quite a demotivating t-shirt xD

  • Jacob Devine
    Jacob Devine Month ago +1

    30 days won't be enough to see results

  • Toeto Carma
    Toeto Carma Month ago +1

    She does know you can drop weight healthily right? Why is it always one or the other with people like this? You either starve yourself and live on lettuce leaves or be obese. I mean there is a middle thing!

  • JadeFunkyCoffin
    JadeFunkyCoffin Month ago

    But she is still plus size how?

  • Ariana Asing
    Ariana Asing Month ago

    *i hate my body...*

  • Lindsey Drew
    Lindsey Drew Month ago

    When will people learn that how much you weigh isn’t the only indicator of how healthy you are. I know so many skinny people that eat like absolute crap and don’t exercise, and no one tells THEM to be healthier.

  • Oginaka
    Oginaka Month ago +1

    I need a trainer.

  • Egbe Etchu
    Egbe Etchu Month ago

    I am looking for a personal trainer in gaithersburg MD

  • Nice C.
    Nice C. Month ago

    Since when was everyone in the comment section doctors and health professionals

  • Alexisasheep
    Alexisasheep Month ago

    Isn't a more accurate way to measure how much weight you're loosing by measuring the actual fat? Cause muscle weighs too. Dunno how you'd do that at home tho...

  • Debra M
    Debra M Month ago

    You're amazing. CONGRATULATIONS!!

  • K B
    K B Month ago +1

    Is it just me or does buzzfeed employee the most insufferable humans

  • Brandon Cena
    Brandon Cena Month ago

    This fat trainer is training an even fatter person.

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Month ago

    Jazzmyn :/

  • Elayna
    Elayna Month ago

    She is so pretty!! And I love her makeup! I'm so happy for her!

    VANYA TIWARI Month ago

    The only question i have is how does she put her lipstick??

  • Liza Manelli
    Liza Manelli 2 months ago

    Her skin looks better and she looks happier at the end of the 30 days

  • Carla MSM
    Carla MSM 2 months ago

    I love those Culver stairs, they're deadly.

  • ahmed hilal
    ahmed hilal 2 months ago


  • Cool Dude
    Cool Dude 2 months ago +1

    Isn’t this the same girl who was in a fat acceptance video?

  • Savannah Powers
    Savannah Powers 2 months ago

    I love how Jazz was doing this any showing anybody of any size can do this!!! GO JAZZ!!

  • Jen Poole
    Jen Poole 2 months ago

    I love her style. She literally can rock anything and it's just awesome.

    HOIJ OIJHU 2 months ago +5

    I want a personal trainer but im too poooor. I'm not overweight but I like how weight lifting feels. I'm too self conscious to go to a gym by myself T.T
    Edit: i have social anxiety ik it's not the same for everyone

  • Sam Bannister
    Sam Bannister 2 months ago

    Didn’t she make a video about embracing her body and how she was🧐

  • Bryn Hale
    Bryn Hale 2 months ago

    omg i have never seen someone with my same name! hers is spelled with an extra ‘n’ but it’s still the same name!!!

  • Максим Британ

    It seems like the personal trainer should have her own personal trainer.

  • T BLK
    T BLK 2 months ago

    Your look.

  • Captain Emenike
    Captain Emenike 2 months ago

    "I love stairs", that'd be because you exceed the lift's weight limit

  • Keyauna Ferguson
    Keyauna Ferguson 2 months ago +1

    She did loose weight guys. She just didn't want to focus on that! If you cant tell she lost weight from the way she looked at the beginning of the video to the end your blind! I think they wanted to focus on that this is a LIFESTYLE change. Not just loose some weight and go back to what you were doing. Because what makes a personal trainer incredible rather than just good is when they can ingrave a change in your lifestyle so you can keep loosing weight even when they're gone. You go girl!

  • Olivia Young
    Olivia Young 2 months ago +1

    She killed the battle ropes!!

  • sacha hrx
    sacha hrx 2 months ago

    so proud of you ! at the beginning I wasn't see you losing Weight because you are so beautiful like you are but after I was so happy for you. you did it !!!yeah

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 2 months ago

    She ain’t fat she just thicc



  • Subrina yesmin
    Subrina yesmin 3 months ago

    Okay can I just talk about her shirt in the thumbnail? Literally me.

  • Lehana Juju
    Lehana Juju 3 months ago +1

    Good jod , I m talking french BRAVO A TOI MA JOLIE

  • KI.E
    KI.E 3 months ago

    She doesn't need to lose weight if she doesn't want to. She just need to keep herself healthy. Maybe turn some fat into muscle

  • marshmellow506
    marshmellow506 3 months ago

    The personal trainer seems so sweet and cool

  • Rocket Sheep
    Rocket Sheep 3 months ago


  • Bonolo Ngwenya
    Bonolo Ngwenya 3 months ago

    Love your voice💕what a fun video!

  • star bevolo
    star bevolo 3 months ago +1

    Y'all should try to do the keto diet❗it helps alot and I'm 8 pounds down in 2 weeks with no exercise:)

  • bigT
    bigT 3 months ago

    finally losing weight

  • Miriam Rios
    Miriam Rios 3 months ago

    I wish this trainer lived in my town. Great job to both of you well done

  • Kylie Lanning
    Kylie Lanning 3 months ago

    I know this is about working out or whatever but just wondering..... how in the world does she put lipstick on without getting it all over her piercing????🤔😂

  • zhiyan yu
    zhiyan yu 3 months ago

    I'm ready to want to work out too lol

  • Mckinley Canales
    Mckinley Canales 3 months ago +1

    When she showed what she packed for lunch I thought it was cocaine. But then she was like "it's protein" and then I was like "oh that makes more sense" lmao😂😂😂

  • Dana Thurnell
    Dana Thurnell 3 months ago

    It’s so great that she’s really trying to make sure her body stays healthy it’s a great thing to do for yourself

  • Hugo Karlen
    Hugo Karlen 3 months ago +1

    That protein looked straight up like cocaine.

  • Emely Samayoa
    Emely Samayoa 3 months ago

    I can relate to you I bin starting to hit the gym. even tho I have not lost alot of weight. I now that I will get there eventually. I am not doing it for anyone but for my selfe only . It make me feel good and help me with depression and anxiety thank you for sharing this video with us . 🧡

  • Sabrina Brown
    Sabrina Brown 3 months ago

    She is so pretty

  • Amanda Marie
    Amanda Marie 3 months ago

    I love that This isn’t about weight. Jazz is so beautiful

  • Iamtotallynotanundercovercelebrity

    I think if I ever get a personal trainer I’ll get a woman because they always seem to be more legit in whether or not they are qualified for their job.
    I am a guy and I get that a fellow guy knows more about what will work for me but like come on... I trust women 1000% more than men no matter the situation.
    (My only concern is that if I got a trainer like this gal I’d have to quit her because I would probably end up getting a crush on her in the end)

  • kona Akua
    kona Akua 3 months ago

    This should be about home girls eyebrows 🤔

    • kona Akua
      kona Akua 3 months ago

      maleaaa h you should do something other then write come backs cause you’re not good at it. Im sure you’re eyebrows are trash too. Now im out :) gotta make moves unlike you. 🤟🏼🚀

    • star bevolo
      star bevolo 3 months ago

      +kona Akua sure, you aren't. Now move along sis.

    • kona Akua
      kona Akua 3 months ago

      maleaaa h sure lol

    • star bevolo
      star bevolo 3 months ago +2

      Sis you ain't cute either lmaooo

  • rocks become cold
    rocks become cold 3 months ago

    God shes fat and gross

    • star bevolo
      star bevolo 3 months ago

      +rocks become cold lmao that's super racist. Die you piece of scum

    • rocks become cold
      rocks become cold 3 months ago

      +star bevolo im not black so i know who my father is

    • star bevolo
      star bevolo 3 months ago

      +rocks become cold find your father.

    • rocks become cold
      rocks become cold 3 months ago

      +star bevolo well thats incorrect and foesnt change that she is fat and gross

    • star bevolo
      star bevolo 3 months ago +1

      Damn, just like your mother .

  • Kevin Salim
    Kevin Salim 3 months ago

    Im not saying she has to lose weight , but like health wise and looks wise there is nothing wrong with it , like its her business ofcourse

  • The black rose
    The black rose 3 months ago +3

    I love this vid, but some of the comment section makes me sick

  • Molly B.
    Molly B. 3 months ago

    Her shirt is very ironic to what she’s saying😂

  • Daniela Kasikova
    Daniela Kasikova 3 months ago


  • De’Asia Renaee
    De’Asia Renaee 3 months ago

    I’m loving your motivation and seeing you NOT give up on yourself 😊 go girl 😍

  • Ashley Toler
    Ashley Toler 4 months ago

    You are so beautiful

  • iiPeachSun :3
    iiPeachSun :3 4 months ago +2

    Id be concerned if you smelled like roses.

  • Jaaciemaarie
    Jaaciemaarie 4 months ago

    I need a personal trainer but idk where to find one!

  • Jillian Elise
    Jillian Elise 4 months ago +2

    I struggle with anxiety and depression. I hated sports and I couldn't stand gym class. Once I turned 16 and really got settled into working out, over the years I have noticed how much stronger I have become both mentally and physically. Seeing my muscles grow and pushing my limits has taught me that I truly can overcome difficulty, little by little, day by day. Health is really that important.

  • Chloe Pearson
    Chloe Pearson 4 months ago

    Any Canadians here? If so has anyone done grouse grind? If anyone has they can relate when I say that small hill of stairs is nothing compared to grouse mountain!

  • Madison Edwards
    Madison Edwards 4 months ago

    Il proie of you Jasmine And this Is So good for your Health you go girl !!!!

  • Bella Loasby
    Bella Loasby 5 months ago

    No but I love stairs
    I am dying

  • Sylvester Ogletree
    Sylvester Ogletree 5 months ago

    Go U NU!

  • Zelda breath of the wild Obsessed

    Jazz always looks fire like how?!!♥️♥️❤️

    EMJEY YEET 5 months ago


    3:06 _the guy in the backround lol_

  • munnygetmoney
    munnygetmoney 5 months ago

    I would be a personal trainer

  • Jillian Dance
    Jillian Dance 5 months ago

    Did anyone realize that her hair changed colors?

  • Sxpreme -
    Sxpreme - 5 months ago

    Y'all fat acceptance people literally hate when womens value is based on looks , but all y'all focus on is your looks. Why not point out other things you're good at or other talents?

  • Sxpreme -
    Sxpreme - 5 months ago

    I feel like if she said she wanted to lose some weight, she'd get so much hate from fat acceptance people...

  • chaos kay
    chaos kay 5 months ago

    u go

  • Terence Reyes
    Terence Reyes 5 months ago

    I thought she's concerned about stress relief, why is it when she started the training she talked about weight loss and stuff? Just be honest with yourself, if you want to lose weight that's totally fine, there's nothing wrong with it.

  • Sandra
    Sandra 5 months ago

    That’s terrible language on her exercise shirt. I’m glad she loves herself. I guess she just thinks it’s funny. I don’t.

  • Kiaja Kenard
    Kiaja Kenard 5 months ago

    I knew this was going to be a good video. Go Jazz.

  • Tøxic. Dreams
    Tøxic. Dreams 6 months ago

    If your very fat or fat now , your sooooo cute and chubby last time :)

  • J E
    J E 6 months ago

    Must of cost a lot

    • Sydney Andrea
      Sydney Andrea 5 months ago

      Well since it's a video for buzzfeed she peobably didn't have yo pay - buzzfeed did.