The final week of high school

  • Published on Jun 16, 2019
    Hi, and welcome to episode 2 of John Cena ranting about Dance Moms. Todays topic: season 8. What do I think about it? All I have to say is that I miss the old team. I want Brooke, Paige, Chloe, Nia, Maddie and Mackenzie to hop in a time machine to relive the glory days and broadcast their sufferings to the world so that we can see it too. I mean lets be honest here, the new team is TOO talented; they’re all micro-professionals and it’s not that entertaining anymore. I like Brady though. He’s a cool dude. Him and his mother can stay. Savannah too. Did you see her in that Metamorphosis solo? When she did that attitude pirouette straight into the back undercut, I swear my brain was transported to another dimension. I sat there for a good ten minutes just rewatching it and asking myself: what physics did she invent to be able to pull that off? I also may or may not have attempted to do it only to get a big ugly bruise on my knee, but you’ll never know if that actually happened. Ok, I’m being too positive here. I didn’t like season 8 that much. Why? Gianina:
    She needs to leave.
    There’s the door. Walk out with your annoying mom and MAKE SURE the door hits you on the butt. She talks too much! WAY TOO MUCH!!! When I was her age, I didn’t know what talking was. I just sat there with my “too-big” glasses and did my homework. I was a silent sufferer. But Gianina - no, she is the loudest sufferer out there. And don’t even get me started on Stacey. What the heck happened to that woman. It’s almost like she quit her job as a psychologist to become a patient: THE WOMAN NEEDS THERAPY. Ok, that was a bit callous and uncalled for, wasn’t it? I hope they accept my insincerest of apologies.

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  • Cera Salter
    Cera Salter Day ago

    the avacado toast was avacado bread


    How can she run like that in those heels?!?
    John Cena is just amazing...

  • Alcat Smore
    Alcat Smore Day ago

    I love how she story tells I wish I could tell story’s like that

  • Justin Fang
    Justin Fang 2 days ago

    Ms. Chan lookin the same as always

  • Gulnar Kaur
    Gulnar Kaur 4 days ago

    You are so funny!!! Love your personality joana❤️❤️😊

  • June Bug
    June Bug 5 days ago

    Y’all joanas almost at 3 million subs!!

  • *.Sabrina The Wanna Be*.

    If all Of you were my kids at the end of the school year

    I will bring you to Disney world For the rest of the summer

  • Sarita SB
    Sarita SB 7 days ago +2

    Seriously I don’t know what she is talking about the 105% of the time. But I love it

  • Miroh
    Miroh 7 days ago

    Eggplant is so fucking good how dare you

  • h-ii-b-a
    h-ii-b-a 8 days ago

    You wore sandals in the rain
    And boots in the sunshine
    John Cena with hahaha

  • IIBobaTea
    IIBobaTea 8 days ago

    The last week of school I had was watching movies and drawing after lunch.

    AUDREANA ESPINAL 10 days ago

    How much do you wanna bet that it was pitbull that was in the car that killed Joana's right foot. Coincidince? i think not

  • Ali
    Ali 12 days ago

    Joana you’re at 2.99M subs rn :o

  • Vamika Bhat
    Vamika Bhat 12 days ago +2

    1:49 kemistry? What’s that? I only know *_C H E M I S T R Y_*

  • Dat PandaGirl
    Dat PandaGirl 12 days ago

    I’m in 3th grade.......................cus I’m late!!!!

  • Baby Sprout
    Baby Sprout 12 days ago

    *cake cone smh the disrespect

  • Stxrry_ Night
    Stxrry_ Night 14 days ago

    If it’s not raining, nae. I will not have a good day.

  • Madison Grayson
    Madison Grayson 14 days ago

    Don't mess with Jade's family


  • ruan greyling
    ruan greyling 14 days ago

    Damn High School in Canada seems so nice😂 2 courses in your last semester. I had seven😂 and that was the least I ever had in High School

  • Ella Luepann
    Ella Luepann 15 days ago

    Did you used to be a dancer bc ur pointe is better than mine wtf

  • Farting Doritos
    Farting Doritos 16 days ago

    The brown hair thooooo!!!!

  • --
    -- 16 days ago

    jade's energy is just amazing

  • Kerly _ Playz
    Kerly _ Playz 17 days ago +6

    Me: *Casually eating Cookies and Drinking Milk*
    Joana:I Hope the Cookies Taste Good and The Milk
    Me: *Suprised Pikachu Face*

  • Louis Cortez
    Louis Cortez 18 days ago

    *_p h a s t_*

  • xena aba
    xena aba 18 days ago +1

    honesly, i was just having my milk & cookies, and then i was so shook. i almost spilled the almond milk.
    Edit: seen @ about 8:04

  • Emely Santiago
    Emely Santiago 19 days ago

    June 12 is my birthday

  • Aman Gill
    Aman Gill 20 days ago

    Ur awesome youtuber love ur videos

  • Olivia Sasso
    Olivia Sasso 20 days ago

    So here's the thing, I connect with Joana on another... No. A spiritual level. She is weird, and honestly, cool. But there's one thing (actually two things) holding us back from being Canadian besties: I love tomatoes and despise avocados. Okay, the taste of avocados... It's fine, I guess. But it's the texture. No. Not for me. Secondly, she is more than five years older than me... But we will not discuss.
    Now. One more thing before I bore with my unnecessary comment: DOES SHE LIKE QUEEN? (Exhibit A - 4:19)
    Can anybody relate?

  • Leticia Gonçalves
    Leticia Gonçalves 23 days ago

    1:37 Omg I study this and I'm in eighth grade😵

  • blank facade
    blank facade 23 days ago

    Jade should get a channel too 👌

  • zelis elif
    zelis elif 24 days ago


  • Hannah Banana123
    Hannah Banana123 24 days ago

    2:20 Am I the only one that thought that was a polar bear?



  • Alana Sikora
    Alana Sikora 25 days ago

    Thx for playing classical music

  • Darian k
    Darian k 25 days ago

    Big scooby doo fan here. Just have to say, total Velma vibes in every vid. I'm living for joana

  • AriasxGaming
    AriasxGaming 25 days ago

    Tomatos: By John Cena
    Tomatos are horrible,
    They taste gross,
    And I despise them.
    Even when I'm ravenous,
    I hate the fruit.
    Yes, tomatos are a fruit.
    They can't make up their mind.
    Are you a fruit?
    A vegatable?
    No, you are a portal to hell.
    And dont even get me started on eggplants.

  • Smber Games
    Smber Games 25 days ago

    I live in Australia, have never seen snow only the sun. Has idea* How about we swap places (states) 4 a day you get the sun I get the snow all is good.

  • aj
    aj 26 days ago

    I’m concerned because I don’t think Joanna knows what toast is.... every time she says she’s eating toast she’s got a raw piece of bread that has definitively not been toasted... Mayne toasting the bread will make avocado toast better

    BBO- EYMEN 26 days ago

    Try the eggplant with greek yoghurt

  • Zoe Ostrosky
    Zoe Ostrosky 26 days ago

    Congrats. Still in middle school and it fucking sucks...but good for u

  • Fishy Fish
    Fishy Fish 26 days ago

    *backpacks were harmed during the making of this video*

  • Galaxy Girl
    Galaxy Girl 27 days ago

    *1 Days left*

  • limors
    limors 27 days ago

    I can't believe you choose to walk in the rain. And to RUN in it. THE HORRIBLE RAIN. I thought we were kindred spirits but I guess I was wrong. I want my money back please.

  • Vanessa Moralis
    Vanessa Moralis 28 days ago +3

    "We must not dwell on the future but instead celebrate the past." -Joana Ceddia

  • Anabel
    Anabel 28 days ago

    When I watch Joana (literally all the time) I feel like an intellectual

  • Lane Whitby
    Lane Whitby 28 days ago

    That was a cake cone though .....

  • Sophie Garcia
    Sophie Garcia Month ago


  • Keyre Daimane
    Keyre Daimane Month ago

    Did she just pass beside my school 👀👀

  • Sharon Anna Mathew
    Sharon Anna Mathew Month ago

    I don't know what u do but even when u talk abt random's so if someone is talking to me even though I'm sitting alone in my large room

  • Dante Lee
    Dante Lee Month ago

    8:00 😂😂😂😂

  • selome yared
    selome yared Month ago

    When she said 12 years at the end she was so proud of herself

  • Mikolaj H
    Mikolaj H Month ago

    9:52 WTF is that math?? Looks kinda hard

  • Skyee Lee
    Skyee Lee Month ago

    My bday is june 15 lol

  • Mon T
    Mon T Month ago


  • chicken fish taco davaney

    Sister home alone is played every week at my house I could seriously quote the entire thing

    MY HOME MY WORLD Month ago

    2.35--45 huhh ...😃😈😅😆😆

  • Jodi Lee
    Jodi Lee Month ago

    Ok urm I have those dreams...

  • Macy Moonlight
    Macy Moonlight Month ago

    I swear this is me and my friend where in Florida but I was not🥑🥑🥑

  • •sukłia•
    •sukłia• Month ago +5

    *one of those dislikes is her dad cause she called him a weirdo*

  • kaemon treadwell
    kaemon treadwell Month ago

    joana how did u pass high school not knowing that the cone ur ice cream was sitting upon was a cake cone not a waffle. Does it look like a waffle to ur -425 degree Celsius eye balls?
    Ps: congrats on defeating señiørįtïs

  • Cozy Queen
    Cozy Queen Month ago

    It’s wensday my dudes