*NEW EVENT* BATMAN IS HERE!! - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #685

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
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    What's up guys, back with Episode 685 of our Fortnite Awesome & Funny Moments! In today's Video, we have put together some of the funniest Fortnite moments! Can we smash 40,000 likes for Episode 686 Tomorrow!? Subscribe & join the road to 11Mil subs - goo.gl/9g7jnm
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    Here's Episode 684 of Fortnite Funny Moments if you haven't seen it!
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  • Platinum -Joshy
    Platinum -Joshy 23 days ago

    1:13 This is what you came for💓
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  • John Rider
    John Rider 26 days ago

    Did anyone else notice 'Titled'?

  • Sookanite
    Sookanite 27 days ago +1


  • Benno 2810
    Benno 2810 27 days ago

    Hallo BCC du kannst gar nicht schneiden

  • Cringey Gaming !
    Cringey Gaming ! 27 days ago

    If you land on a box of a supply drop and throw down a shield bubble, it won't go down for 30 seconds and there is a sheild

  • King-Slay3r
    King-Slay3r 27 days ago

    Use code bcc please

  • ND Gaming
    ND Gaming 28 days ago

    7:15 Aye that's me

  • BlaZeDizzy
    BlaZeDizzy 28 days ago

    Batman skin looks sick!

    (Small gaming channel btw)

  • Fred The Loot Llama
    Fred The Loot Llama 28 days ago

    Use code “BCC”
    I love the content

    MOSILO BRAWL STARS 28 days ago

    Abo sahel brawl Stars

    MOSILO BRAWL STARS 28 days ago

    # Abo Jolo klo

  • 8fjxdkfksnKfkzndkvjz 666
    8fjxdkfksnKfkzndkvjz 666 28 days ago +1

    Oh my gosh guys BATMAN'S IN FORTNITE.

    in fortnite's in game files

  • Arjun Khakh
    Arjun Khakh 28 days ago +1

    If anyone has played ye5t, you may have noticed some parts are from the original tilted such as the underpass and big red (which is about 93% same as yeh original)

  • ツLuiz
    ツLuiz 28 days ago

    Trick shot clips aren’t even cool any more

  • X-men dead
    X-men dead 28 days ago


  • The Everything
    The Everything 28 days ago


    ILLUSION 28 days ago +1

    This is what you came for 1:08

  • Elmer Martinez
    Elmer Martinez 28 days ago +1

    1:18 is what you came for
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  • Osher Block
    Osher Block 28 days ago

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  • Reyd #11
    Reyd #11 29 days ago


  • Reyd #11
    Reyd #11 29 days ago


  • Reyd #11
    Reyd #11 29 days ago


  • Luke The Gamer
    Luke The Gamer 29 days ago

    7:25 we just gonna ignore this dudes name

  • Helen Berridge
    Helen Berridge 29 days ago

    1:46 wannabe fresh?

  • Mikkel Jensen
    Mikkel Jensen 29 days ago +2

    Let’s Think iron man is next

  • Don’t click on my Profile picture

    Hi guys don’t read my name

  • its TSM Snipes
    its TSM Snipes 29 days ago

    Bcc keep it going in love your vids 100 likes and I'll submit a clip
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  • Örni fendt4live
    Örni fendt4live 29 days ago


  • Flex R Us
    Flex R Us 29 days ago

    Insane trick shot mauh

  • Flex R Us
    Flex R Us 29 days ago


  • 1k subs without video !!
    1k subs without video !! 29 days ago +1

    1:19 this is what u came for
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  • Keri Youtube
    Keri Youtube 29 days ago +1

    1:10 you come for!!!

  • Eric and masters
    Eric and masters 29 days ago

    1.11 is what you came for

  • Angry Creeper
    Angry Creeper 29 days ago

    I’m using code BCC you guys should use his code too

  • Peace Yang
    Peace Yang 29 days ago +1


  • Insane Inventor
    Insane Inventor 29 days ago

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  • GDprawn
    GDprawn 29 days ago +1

    roses are red violets are blue you got clickbaited I did to.

  • Joram0-7force Obrai
    Joram0-7force Obrai 29 days ago


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    Raider2018 29 days ago


  • Såklart Karl
    Såklart Karl 29 days ago

    Pay to win glider

  • Kyle Meem
    Kyle Meem 29 days ago

    7:25 can we all just take a pause real quick on the username *Cumdrinker21* ?

    le VRAI ROBINOU PRO 29 days ago


  • Leland Rice
    Leland Rice 29 days ago +1

    i hate when people play team rumble and have like 10+ kills
    do that in a pub match

  • Connor Radle
    Connor Radle 29 days ago

    6:12 should've eaten the taco

  • Lokillergame007 Fortnite

    2-55 20p IQ

  • Eydan 7u7
    Eydan 7u7 29 days ago

    1:11 it’s that what u came here for

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  • Wolfy/GrimReaper122Slasher

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  • CleverMocha63
    CleverMocha63 29 days ago

    Are we just gonna ignore that name at like 7.26

  • The Dark Night
    The Dark Night 29 days ago

    1:11 is the clip

  • Denyo Liebig
    Denyo Liebig 29 days ago

    The purple Skull Trooper in Tilted was so lost xD

    MATTHEW MITTS 29 days ago

    4:41 how did he turn into a prop??

  • Hawkeyedx
    Hawkeyedx 29 days ago

    6:13 just eat the tacos tf

  • sunethra Sauri
    sunethra Sauri 29 days ago

    Tilted Gotham

  • Tomás Amaral
    Tomás Amaral 29 days ago +1

    1:10 is what u came for bro.
    Use code bcc in the item shop

  • Fort-_-nightMegaOof
    Fort-_-nightMegaOof 29 days ago +1

    His name tho 7:26

  • Voltage HD
    Voltage HD 29 days ago

    Who else got clipbatted

  • tornike toradze
    tornike toradze 29 days ago

    Guiz how can i record videos just like that clips? I don't whant to do it with geforce

  • Lazy Conjurer
    Lazy Conjurer 29 days ago

    7:26 "cumdrinker21"