TSM vs FNC - Day 3 | Rift Rivals | TSM vs. Fnatic (2019)

  • Published on Jun 29, 2019
  • VoD of TSM vs. Fnatic
    Rift Rivals: North America vs. Europe 2019 #RiftRivals2019
    TSM Lineup:
    Broken Blade - Top Camille
    Grig - Jungle Sejuani
    Bjergsen - Mid Azir
    Zven - Bot Lucian
    Smoothie - Support Lux
    Fnatic Lineup:
    Bwipo - Top Aatrox
    Broxah - Jungle Elise
    Nemesis - Mid Veigar
    Rekkles - Bot Sivir
    Hylissang - Support Yuumi
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Comments • 96

  • Skrkkt
    Skrkkt 6 months ago +2

    So eu team won against one of best na teams in 25 mins?

  • Valen Neptune
    Valen Neptune 6 months ago

    BB is such a great player, we all know what's still missing for TSM to be the top of the top teams.

  • Robert Kuryk
    Robert Kuryk 6 months ago

    I think camera dudes might have a *thing* for junglers

  • Destro Zix
    Destro Zix 6 months ago +9

    So noone gonna point out that alphari broke the gem on the trophy? 38:30

  • Marcus
    Marcus 6 months ago +5

    Bwipo on aatrox is INSANE

  • Ginpachi Sensei
    Ginpachi Sensei 6 months ago

    Zventing is always op for opponents. Gj Fnc.

  • Bonehead Cycler
    Bonehead Cycler 6 months ago

    Grig is Shit. Why are you playing him??? Fuck TSM and their decisions.

  • Not an Illuminati spy
    Not an Illuminati spy 6 months ago +6

    IDK how these players can be hungry after the LCS so kindly fed them so much.

  • ZelosWilder
    ZelosWilder 6 months ago +1

    Literally every EU team was clapped by TL pff

    • ZelosWilder
      ZelosWilder 3 months ago

      @nemam ime G2 right now is the only good LEC team right now tough luck for NA but whatever... I mean at the time I was furious that I saw nothing but shit talk about how NA I'd trash and so on when A. No they arent because they can compete with the best and B. They did beat G2 twice during MSI however TL did lose clean sweep 3-0 but it's like whatever eventually NA will win

    • nemam ime
      nemam ime 3 months ago

      @ZelosWilder fnc trash as hell yeah I see btw where was tl last year when fnc was in the finals ?

    • Dimitris kouz
      Dimitris kouz 3 months ago

      man i am so happy to find this comment 3 months later, now that TL and DL once again failed to get out of the group stage, yet you still believe that tl is a good team lol!

    • nemam ime
      nemam ime 5 months ago

      @ZelosWilder fnc got lucky ... Boy you are stupid

    • Malevolent Fae
      Malevolent Fae 6 months ago +1

      @Yuran A They don't call america the "land of the free" for nothing! Lmao XD

  • Christian Koldenborg
    Christian Koldenborg 6 months ago

    so proud to be a Dane... so many Danes playing on top level...

  • TheTerribleTen
    TheTerribleTen 6 months ago

    When the heck is tsm gonna start banning aatrox???? So frustrating to watch them as a long time fan

  • Bedardo
    Bedardo 6 months ago +5

    Grig's SOOOOOO bad >.

  • Hops
    Hops 6 months ago +3

    Americans: "why do the world hate us?". commentators that are all from NA only talk about the opposition for 10% of the game, the reason we hate you is that you have no idea about neutrality

    • Fullmetal6
      Fullmetal6 6 months ago

      Nice. Has it not been clear that Riot themselves wants this tournament to be a "rivalry?" They themselves promoted this.

    • Gabriel Sore
      Gabriel Sore 6 months ago +3

      And they have their heads so far up their ass it annoys me so much

  • drunkensepo
    drunkensepo 6 months ago +1

    24:21 Where does Broxah gets this Ward from?

    • VSeve
      VSeve 5 months ago

      drunkensepo name checks out

    • drunkensepo
      drunkensepo 6 months ago +4

      @Knjaz Zlogrd ahh stupid me :D
      should not post with hangover

    • Knjaz Zlogrd
      Knjaz Zlogrd 6 months ago +4

      It was a ward from Yuumi

  • Dora D
    Dora D 6 months ago +9

    Zven absolutely irrelevant

    • Habeev07
      Habeev07 6 months ago +1

      HAHAHA said that even before the champ select!! TOTALLY went the most irrelevant ADC late game in LUCIAN. Zven needs to grow a champion pool.

    • Habeev07
      Habeev07 6 months ago +2

      Let me guess. He played Lucian or Ez....

  • Siegh Art
    Siegh Art 6 months ago

    NA > fre-EU

    • Malevolent Fae
      Malevolent Fae 6 months ago +1

      That's why NA won RR..... OH WAIT! 9 - 4 NA LAND OF THE FREE! LMAOOOO

  • Paul Goodwill
    Paul Goodwill 6 months ago +56

    43:14 how do you expect trash talk from NA midlaners towards EU, they are all EU themselves :D

    • Paul Goodwill
      Paul Goodwill 6 months ago +4

      @Jaybee B NA vs EU turnament, 6 teams, 7 EU midlaners (1 plays autofill but nvm) lol

    • Jaybee B
      Jaybee B 6 months ago +12

      NA Midlaners... Or should I say EU?
      (TSM)Bjergsen - Danish
      (TeamLiquid)Jensen - Danish
      (C9)Nisqy - Belgian/Turkish

  • pugzeh
    pugzeh 6 months ago

    Akaadian >>>> Grig

  • Felipe Bertolini
    Felipe Bertolini 6 months ago +3

    Kold breaking the craps joke hahahaha

  • Felipe Bertolini
    Felipe Bertolini 6 months ago

    So much salt in this comment section. Omg

    • Habeev07
      Habeev07 6 months ago

      Not really. Its obvious that CLG and TL are NA's only hope.

  • Alvezaro Oz
    Alvezaro Oz 6 months ago +22

    EU players now know how the Koreans felt every international vs everyone during skt era

  • Paul Goodwill
    Paul Goodwill 6 months ago +6

    I like bashing NA as the next European guy so dont get me wrong, but why did NA play FreeSM 2x instead of TL? TL at least looked like they belong playing copetetive League of Legends unlike FreeSM and Clown9. Did choaches think that FreeSM beat Fanatic one game so they can do it again? Like come on bro, ur coatches, everyone saw that Fanatic was hardcore trolling that game, and TL is obviously the best team u have by a very big margin, i think if TL played in LEC it could be a top 3-4 team, puting TL to play for NA 2x was a no brainer, final result would remain the same but at least we maight have had a series to watch as fans.

    • Dozdo
      Dozdo 6 months ago +1

      @Paul Goodwill I do agree, it could've been more enjoyable to watch. But FNC wasn't a good match-up for TL, and TSM / C9 would probably get destroyed by G2 in game 5 anyway.
      So I still think keeping TL for game 5 was the best try for NA. Especially since TL managed to win against G2, and that TSM won against FNC (somehow!)

    • Paul Goodwill
      Paul Goodwill 6 months ago +2

      @Dozdo Yeah but if u lose game 4 there is no game 5 at all, at least give us a series... Also i like TL, im sad i dont get to wach them one extra game :(

    • Dozdo
      Dozdo 6 months ago +1

      They wanted to keep TL for the last game of the bo5 against G2 (probably). Since the rules don't allow TL to play all the games anyway.

  • Aaron Rehmann
    Aaron Rehmann 6 months ago +4

    EU>(NA-TL) :)

  • Васил Йорданов

    Can we now agree that G2 are a wildcard team? It showed vs SKT and now vs TL!

    • Andrew Black
      Andrew Black 6 months ago

      aren't you fairytail teller? if not try it :) ...children will love you, man!

    • Leo Digga
      Leo Digga 6 months ago

      Васил Йорданов i dont will read thjs stuff 😂 EU is at the end better then Na.

    • Васил Йорданов
      Васил Йорданов 6 months ago

      @SuperJaaaaaa Sure they trolled against TSM, but they are trash so it doesnt matter and yes the 1st game vs TL they were trolling, but they sure as hell didn't troll against TL the 2nd time and got stomped. The C9 game was solid picks as well so. So really they won 1 of 2 games they played serious and it was against a weak team. So yea not really that great in my books.

    • Васил Йорданов
      Васил Йорданов 6 months ago

      @Leo Digga 1st I'm not Russian I drink the good stuff Rakia, none of that Vodka shit. 2nd They are wildcard team, they don't perform consistently against above average teams and they show it. In spring they had 71% win rate and OG had 67% so they aren't that much better really. They dropped half the games at MSI group stages where they went 5-5 and barely beat SKT at the semi finals. If TL didn't beat IG i'm not sure they could take the title from the Chinese. They went back to Europe and dropped a game vs FNC who were 3rd in Spring and now they dropped BOTH games against TL. I'm thinking G2 are to hyped and are gonna be in for a rude awakening at worlds.

    • SuperJaaaaaa
      SuperJaaaaaa 6 months ago +1

      they are just trollin' around,I mean...look at their picks and roles
      they are all over the place

  • BoroFreak
    BoroFreak 6 months ago +2

    NA Food.

  • Nicholas Nguyen
    Nicholas Nguyen 6 months ago +1

    Tl;dw tsm did not learn from their mistake and let sivir get picked by the opponent

  • Obosi
    Obosi 6 months ago +55

    EU > NA
    Just in case anyone missed it :P

  • Makudanos
    Makudanos 6 months ago +52

    Sorry for doing this, but it is mandatory: EU > NA

    • Hououin Kyouma
      Hououin Kyouma 6 months ago

      Git Gud
      It was a reply to the comment that said TL > EU.. and I asked him how he can believe that TL is better than G2 and Fnatic..

    • Git Gud
      Git Gud 6 months ago

      @Hououin Kyouma okay mb LOL

    • Hououin Kyouma
      Hououin Kyouma 6 months ago

      @Git Gud
      ?????????? I didn't say TL is better than G2 and G2, read it again. Do you know what question mark is?

    • Git Gud
      Git Gud 6 months ago

      @Hououin Kyouma but Fnatic just crushed TL 2 days ago with 19-10 score almost 13k gold difference and 11-4 turrets o_O u live in a bubble.
      And after all its a fun tournament that nobody cares about except the NA teams because they have no achievements LMAO.
      How is TL > G2 when u lost the fastest bo5 MSI finals LMAO 80 minutes.

    • Hououin Kyouma
      Hououin Kyouma 6 months ago

      Nicholas Nguyen
      TL > G2 and Fnatic? What?

  • SY F
    SY F 6 months ago +21


  • Mike Danger
    Mike Danger 6 months ago +10

    Why was Grig in, by the way? I don't think it was all his fault but he played poorly and Akaadian is damn good. Don't understand why Grig gets the call here when Fnatic brought out their top jungler.

    • Magenta
      Magenta 6 months ago

      Mike Danger well maybe you need to watch the game you missed, getting counter jungled on a last phase pick trundle against Sejuani is pretty bad as well. Also Akaadian has spent multiple seasons proving himself NOT being a NA top 3, guess you need to watch more games. Grig is hot garbage doesn’t make akaadian any better.

    • Mike Danger
      Mike Danger 6 months ago

      @Magenta You wanna use numbers, huh? Well how about these numbers; I watched at least two games from Rift Rivals (most of two games anyway) and in one hundred percent of them Akaadian was good, and in one hundred percent of them Grig was bad. What you think about that?

    • Habeev07
      Habeev07 6 months ago

      Akkadian is better. its a joke they keep swapping. IT DOESNT HELP ANYONE to have them sharing time!!

    • Ginpachi Sensei
      Ginpachi Sensei 6 months ago

      Akaadian is worse, trust me.

    • Magenta
      Magenta 6 months ago +5

      Maybe because Grig has 100% winrate in LCS summer and Akaadian has 25%? What a surprise.

  • Jeffrey Razon
    Jeffrey Razon 6 months ago +2

    grigs was not the plan bois

  • Diogenes of Serbia
    Diogenes of Serbia 6 months ago +3

    Notice how cameras are locked on junglers almost whole game

  • The New King
    The New King 6 months ago +20

    I love trashing NA as much as the next guy but this tournament was the dumbest and most pointless thing of all time. Rift rivals has never been good riot please just remove it!

    • maStiArsenal
      maStiArsenal 6 months ago

      @Васил Йорданов good explanation man!

    • hanirko00
      hanirko00 6 months ago

      Its a poor mans All stars

    • Васил Йорданов
      Васил Йорданов 6 months ago +7

      The point is to give a chance to teams from different regions to actually get a feel for the competition outside their region so heading into worlds they don't fail miserably like season 2 when the Taipei Assassins smashed everyone and then season 3 when SKT literally rolled over the entire world and then the same in season 4 when Samsung and SKT literally were untouchable and were playing against each other and the other teams were just for passing the time. That's why Riot made the Rift Rivals in Season 7, because we saw it many times teams that dominate one region show up to worlds and get trashed by pretty much everyone in another region and go home after the group stages and then we get a 2nd LCK in worlds for reference season 5 a whooping 7 of the top 10 teams were Korean and Chinese and they only sent 8 teams so it was pretty much Asia vs Asia or the fact that in Season 6 all 3 top teams were Korean. After they started Rift Rivals we've had EU and NA consistently showing in top 3 of all international tournaments.

    • StarClay666
      StarClay666 6 months ago +6

      @ニクラス Yeah, there is no rivalry when NA just is so much worse than EU.

    • ニクラス
      ニクラス 6 months ago +1

      @Obosi The rivalry is dying off tho ever since 2018

  • Hazz Sin
    Hazz Sin 6 months ago +3

    Remember when freeSM fans were trying to somehow claim that TSM would do better at msi. Dont know how retarded one has to be to get so delusional. TSM has been the cause of most NA international failures. Other teams rarely do as badly. C9 always does well, TL does well, heck even CLG did well in 2016. But TSM have failure after failure and their fans seem to think TSM would be better at MSI.
    I hope TSM stay away from worlds this year. Also, I love how loco tried to spin results as Grig being better than Akaadian. TSM's only win was when Akaadian played on an early game champion. Not do--nothing Grig.

  • Chuong Le
    Chuong Le 6 months ago +16


  • meteorsnthunder
    meteorsnthunder 6 months ago

    Only in resolution for ants?

    • maStiArsenal
      maStiArsenal 6 months ago

      thats how yt works man. dont watch videos thats just been uploaded, its always in 360. give it some time and you will get hd.

  • Angel Arm
    Angel Arm 6 months ago +23

    and people think TSM would've done better than TL @msi HAHAHAHA keep dreaming REGImonkey Squad.

    • Chuong Le
      Chuong Le 6 months ago

      @Habeev07 FreeLG

    • TacoComes •
      TacoComes • 6 months ago

      No c9 can only do well at worlds
      They did terrible rift rivals, at least tsm got a win

    • Habeev07
      Habeev07 6 months ago +1

      CLG, C9, TL....

      Those are the only teams in NA that can do anything internationally.

      CANT WAIT TILL CLG takes TSMs spot.

    • Glauaiv
      Glauaiv 6 months ago +12

      @Jimmystungod _ Which would still equal to na plat, lol

    • Chuong Le
      Chuong Le 6 months ago


  • CorbzS EUW
    CorbzS EUW 6 months ago


  • Milka Cokolada
    Milka Cokolada 6 months ago +5

    360p squad