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Germany vs Poland - Who Would Win - Military Comparison


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  • nemesis
    nemesis 5 hours ago

    Nie kazdy wie ze gwiazdki na fladze niemiec to wygrane wojny swiatowe xdddd

  • Tymon Tylicki
    Tymon Tylicki Day ago

    Yeah, germany has better fighter planes, but did you see how terribly they fought in air in the battle of britain (which poland basically won for britain), i feel for passengers in german aeroplanes

  • Piotr Wrona
    Piotr Wrona 2 days ago +1

    The one of the biggest mistake was not signing ribbentrop beck agreement before world war 2. It took our independence for next 50years. Everyone who post the meassage like: we want Germans blood are stupid. Politics is nothing but calculation, there is no place for emotion. Maybe in case of next world war is worth to get Germany as ally.

  • Michał Jerchel
    Michał Jerchel 2 days ago

    HUNGARY!!!!!! Do you want to conquer Emirates of Germany? Oh sorry, we don`t have to do it. Germany will commit suicide, by the muslim imigrants.

  • [ xX_RuS_I_BuS_Xx ]
    [ xX_RuS_I_BuS_Xx ] 2 days ago


  • FapU
    FapU 2 days ago

    im from poland my country is most powerfull why? we have alot of pierogi and kiełbasa and alot of mućka

  • Marek Szerenos
    Marek Szerenos 2 days ago

    Ameredia: Polish American Demographics. According to US 2000 Census, large Polish American population is concentrated in New York (986,141), Illinois (932,996), Michigan (854,844), Pennsylvania (824,146), and New Jersey (576,473). Nearly one third of all Polish immigrants in the U.S live in the Chicago area. don't forget Canada , Australia , ext. Germany ? I DONT THINK SO , to much political influence on top of it .

  • Furrever Lea
    Furrever Lea 3 days ago

    I didn't even know Poland was a country XD

  • Oliver Szadaj
    Oliver Szadaj 3 days ago

    Poland would win, i think

  • Schockomensch
    Schockomensch 3 days ago +1

    *Germany Victory Royale*

  • Schockomensch
    Schockomensch 3 days ago +1

    German Army 2019:
    2 drunken People with Bratwurst

  • Schockomensch
    Schockomensch 3 days ago +1

    Poland dont get the money
    French needs it more

  • Schockomensch
    Schockomensch 3 days ago +1

    Non of the countrys would be so dumb to fight vs the EU and Nato...

  • Schockomensch
    Schockomensch 3 days ago +1

    For all German and Polish People...
    WW2 Germany invaded poland like
    33%of its Land mass and the other
    67% got invaded by Russia...

  • Random German
    Random German 4 days ago

    I'm polish and German I don't know who will win.

  • 200 IQ
    200 IQ 4 days ago

    But Poland is using 360 no scope and screams „kurwa” and Germans r so good at drinking beer and screaming every funny german word

  • Das Kampfschwein
    Das Kampfschwein 4 days ago

    Danke Merkel

  • Kakaroto K
    Kakaroto K 4 days ago +1

    I don’t get the point of this post. Germany almost got destroyed last time they started a war. Why would they start another one now ?

  • Robert Pluta
    Robert Pluta 4 days ago +1

    Polska wygra

  • Hannoi Regiert
    Hannoi Regiert 4 days ago

    German win

  • Henry Smith
    Henry Smith 5 days ago

    And we still have a better army

  • Kamil Ratajczak
    Kamil Ratajczak 5 days ago +1

    Im Polish

  • mateusz ostrzycki
    mateusz ostrzycki 6 days ago +5

    Poland like
    Germany com

  • Demonik YT
    Demonik YT 6 days ago

    Cieszę się że mamy takich ludzi za granicą którzy chociaż wspominają o polsce

  • Fisch Typ
    Fisch Typ 6 days ago

    Ahm Germany have no phantoms. It have panavia tornados

  • Raven’s Hand
    Raven’s Hand 6 days ago

    Poland DIDNT GET ANY German terytory after 1st World war we just got back our lands That were stollen by Germans

  • Gergő Bendegúz
    Gergő Bendegúz 7 days ago +1

    Hungary I' love yu poland

    • Stella Gurr
      Stella Gurr 4 days ago

      Angolból biztos egy csomó ötösöd van.

  • CzarownicaVlog
    CzarownicaVlog 7 days ago

    Shame to be from kurwaland
    And germany will lose because literally all wants germoney.
    So funny to se 13-15yo, 5iq poles and germans together

  • Marcin Andrysiak
    Marcin Andrysiak 7 days ago

    Germany & Russia always will colaborate aganinst Poland it hapened in the past is happening now !!!

  • Marco Ceccarelli
    Marco Ceccarelli 7 days ago

    Poland would win Poland still keeps the Eastern European Traditions alive. You will never break the Polish people. There's no real Germans left in Germany to even fight for their country. Western Europe is turn into a third world country

  • Mati Gregov
    Mati Gregov 8 days ago

    Poland! win

  • Enforcer
    Enforcer 9 days ago +2

    Modern Germany lacks morale and is full of cucks. Even with the newest equipment (which they don't have) they would be eaten by Poles

  • Angina Merkel
    Angina Merkel 9 days ago +1

    U may think that Poland is weaker than Germany but we was destroyed the most in Europe and whole World. They SHOULD PAY more more and more... sooo... u still think that Poland is weaker? Funny! Germany colonized half world and STOLE MANY MANY GOODIES!!! So it’s FAKE RICH COUNTRY like 80% „western” countries

  • Angina Merkel
    Angina Merkel 9 days ago +1

    You are eastern block. Poland is central country and GDP is 540 blns ;))

  • Dekurion09
    Dekurion09 9 days ago

    Of course Poland win this war we never surdend

  • Benthegamer
    Benthegamer 9 days ago

    Most police border: Just in case

  • Lennard Ehlers
    Lennard Ehlers 10 days ago


  • Mobile Senix
    Mobile Senix 10 days ago

    Lets all be fat n happy

  • Izzy Nero
    Izzy Nero 10 days ago

    Poland should mot exist, this area belongs to Germany and Russia. Kosovo belongs to the Serbs

  • raphael maack
    raphael maack 10 days ago

    We're a sleeping giant.

  • Beautiful Monster
    Beautiful Monster 11 days ago +1

    Its a joke to compare high ingineered Germany to a poor country poland 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tynchy Temper
    Tynchy Temper 11 days ago

    And a partridge in a pear tree

  • Jan Tabedzki
    Jan Tabedzki 11 days ago

    poland win

  • Ein Max
    Ein Max 12 days ago

    America would win

  • Andrea
    Andrea 12 days ago

    Ha ha, they are both members of NATO but the U.S. Likes Poland more than Germany. So Germany would be screwed if it tried to be an ass hole to Poland. And Germany would probably still look like an ass hole even if Poland started it. Ha ha

    • Beautiful Monster
      Beautiful Monster 10 days ago

      +Andrea Yea sure Merkel done a big mistake but actually she didnt
      expected that all wanna come here. Her intentions was to invite some cuz as u know we are an aging country and the big guilt again played a big role for her actions but unfortunately it went backfire. When she noticed it they closed the borders. The problem is..east europeans are full of hates or envy thats why they have fun to spreads lies and exxagerated everything..thats typical for them anyway. They found a reason to bully Germany ..spreading lies etc. But the truth is..the poles are immigrant by themselves even more worse. In Germany there are just 5.5 % Muslims in compare to poles who are almost 3 million living here ..3 times higher than the muslims in Germany is. If i were Merkel..i would deport all those ungrateful and troublemakers poles and other east europeans back to the country where they belongs to along with turks and muslims scums or atleast mostly. Unfortunately our Government is stupid pfff.

    • Andrea
      Andrea 10 days ago

      But unfortunately Germany seems to be loyal to no one, including it's own people and flag. The German people have had a radical (and at times self-sacrificing) form of tolerance shoved down their throats under Angela Merkel and the European Union who's ass she licked while in office. Unlike Poland who basically told the EU that sanctions where preferable to flooding their streets with misplaced people who have no respect for the Polish people or culture... I am sad for the day that the German people's culture is no longer celebrated in Germany; to the point where their distant relatives who came to the U.S. long ago are the only German-ish people passing down any kind of German cultural traditions to their children, or pride in who they are and where they came from. Learn from the historical mistakes of the past, but its never good to allow someone to use guilt from those wrongs as a manipulation tool. WW2 was a long time ago. All we can do is try to be better than the people who came before us. My ancestors where Polish, my husband's where German, and they both came to the U.S. to try to give their children a better life than they had. Neither of us are ashamed. Although we do enjoy teasing each other about it. He he

    • Beautiful Monster
      Beautiful Monster 11 days ago

      yea cuz poland licks US ass 🤣 while Germany dont. Yep we all saw how US lost against small Vietnam and South Korea 🤣🤣🤣

  • pix egon
    pix egon 12 days ago

    SU 22 isn't a fighter

  • Estevan Guerre
    Estevan Guerre 12 days ago +1

    Who care about Poland seriously?

  • Paranodio Official
    Paranodio Official 12 days ago

    Germany, Russia, France: It’s about time.....
    Poland: Ummmmm... Anybody?

  • Philip Honig
    Philip Honig 13 days ago +1

    In den Kommentaren sind die Polen aber ganz schön hochmutig.

  • Ali Mahjoub
    Ali Mahjoub 13 days ago

    Dudes wake up ww2 is over why this hate !

  • Kuba 123
    Kuba 123 13 days ago

    Poland stronk

  • Hubert Kazmierczak
    Hubert Kazmierczak 14 days ago

    I dont get it who would win

  • Piechowski Kamil
    Piechowski Kamil 14 days ago +1

    Polands atmy looks exactly like it looked in 1939

  • lul bin reich
    lul bin reich 14 days ago

    I come from germany and i think that Germany is a very big Economical Power but its millitary is actually shit 🙂

    • Beautiful Monster
      Beautiful Monster 10 days ago

      Germany is spending more now..go check it
      They even mentioned about Nuke

  • linegolem •
    linegolem • 14 days ago

    Come on guys, Germany would obviously win because we have BRATWURST and SAUERKRAUT!!!

  • Ilikepie Ilikepie
    Ilikepie Ilikepie 14 days ago

    Poland wins because of Polandball.

  • KilledByJitterClick
    KilledByJitterClick 14 days ago

    When germany attacked on poland..
    Czechia and slovakia will help poland...

  • Joachim Dudczak
    Joachim Dudczak 14 days ago

    They hadnt payed the reperations yet? They never will

  • Stephan
    Stephan 15 days ago

    is this question seriously?

  • Palute n
    Palute n 16 days ago


  • Rostocker Jung
    Rostocker Jung 16 days ago

    But Germany has the NATO😏

    • Beautiful Monster
      Beautiful Monster 10 days ago

      comparing Germany to poland is a joke.. Its like David and Goliath 🤣

    • Lord Polish
      Lord Polish 15 days ago

      Rostocker Jung so does poland

  • DeSTyNiaK
    DeSTyNiaK 16 days ago

    Polish flag:
    White: honor
    Red: Blood
    German flag:
    Black: Imigrants
    Yellow: Beer
    Red: Polish blood

    • Beautiful Monster
      Beautiful Monster 10 days ago

      White: mass immigration to other countries
      Red: poor country
      Black: High Engineered
      Yellow: Wealthy
      Red: Blitzkrieg with poland in just 2 days

  • Krak
    Krak 16 days ago

    There is no logical reason for Poles and Germans to kill each other again, but there is a reason to fight side by side because we have the same enemies as Jews and pissshitskins flooding our countries.

  • Michacz
    Michacz 17 days ago

    Comments of people form Poland&Germany make me cry 😂
    Uhh st00pid people ur so funny

  • PlaPla plup
    PlaPla plup 17 days ago +1

    We win vs poland 1938 in 2 Weeks the hol country was down. So ITS Not a question

  • Cyrilkeannu reyes
    Cyrilkeannu reyes 17 days ago +1

    Irl germany will win but Massive respect for poland love from philippines

  • Polak Rodak
    Polak Rodak 17 days ago +1


  • David Ziolkowski
    David Ziolkowski 18 days ago

    Also america have their own military base in poland

    • Beautiful Monster
      Beautiful Monster 10 days ago

      nope they dont have but Germany..but Germany isnt poland..we dont fuckin need US🙄

  • asd asd
    asd asd 18 days ago

    third time's a charm

  • Człowiek
    Człowiek 18 days ago +1

    When soviets were litterally stealing uranium and other valuable minerals,Poland was getting poor,even more poor...and now poland is litteraly still in 1998 when the other countries are being futuristic.

    • Izzy Nero
      Izzy Nero 10 days ago

      Poland shouldn't exist that simple

  • Człowiek
    Człowiek 18 days ago

    Well,from what i know,U.S.A. troops help polish military.

  • Greg Partridge
    Greg Partridge 18 days ago

    Need a UK vs France. I can't seem to see one on your channel already.

  • Marek Tomasko
    Marek Tomasko 18 days ago

    Support Poland from Czech Republic 🇨🇿❤🇵🇱

    • Beautiful Monster
      Beautiful Monster 10 days ago

      +Marek Tomasko yea enjoying immigrating other countries i know..why not enjoy in ur own countries cuz its a shithole ? Lmao whatsoever..

    • Marek Tomasko
      Marek Tomasko 10 days ago

      +Beautiful Monster Oh man, slavs and love money? No, we enjoy our lifes and we do not need money for that😉 and sry, but I don t have time for this because u ar german and uhhh 🤢 and I think Poland still waits for 1 trillion dollars

    • Beautiful Monster
      Beautiful Monster 10 days ago

      +Marek Tomasko Dude if u Google it how desperated poles government is cuz they are needing skilled workers cuz their country is aging while poles screaming here how proud they are to be slavs but
      didn't hesitate to leave in mass to other countries!
      I just wonder why poles or slavs are immigrating Germany in mass when they hate it ? They love money more than to help their country? ..well well well.. slavs are known for that indeed !

    • Marek Tomasko
      Marek Tomasko 10 days ago

      +Beautiful Monster Oh why in Czech Republic, Poland, Russia etc.. the population growing?

    • Beautiful Monster
      Beautiful Monster 10 days ago

      +Marek Tomasko lol dude ur country couldnt even managed to stop all east eauropean scums to immigrate west european countries in mass. You always talk and talk but dont take actions..Lmao
      You must be happy we feeds u and let u in our country in!

  • Brenden Croese
    Brenden Croese 18 days ago

    All the people talking about history and using "facts" they've probably never done any research in their life outside of what their school tried to teach them 😂 fucken maggots just keep quiet listen to the man and enjoy the video

  • gaming with pat
    gaming with pat 18 days ago

    Most likely Germany will be the aggressor so possibly other allies will step in to start ww3 so let's not do Germany vs Poland

  • dsadsadsa
    dsadsadsa 18 days ago

    Why should we ever invade each other? Rather unite ! All Europe! WTF!?

  • Titan wolf
    Titan wolf 18 days ago

    Germany would win. We have a very low army and the most tanks and airplanes arent working, but that already better than the polish army

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog 19 days ago +1

    When Islam takes over Germany Poland ought to invade.

    • Beautiful Monster
      Beautiful Monster 10 days ago

      +Ali Mahjoub Yep cuz Germany have a strong mentality not like stupid poles. Besides poles are immigrants by themselves ..the worse one ! Just toilet cleaners of Germany and europe ! xd

    • Ali Mahjoub
      Ali Mahjoub 13 days ago +2

      Im german and muslim and i tell you bro germany will never be a muslim country or even invaded by muslims i'ts a christian country rouled with dimocrasy and it will be for ever at least the german People that you all hate helped the Peoples how needs help and by that i mean the immegrants yeah germany is a multi-culti state but that is what makes it strunger ( soory for the bad englisch )

  • Tony Delmonaco
    Tony Delmonaco 19 days ago

    2019 Anyone

  • Hachiko
    Hachiko 19 days ago

    War reparation hummmm

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 19 days ago

    German win easy. But chicks are hot in Poland

  • Marcin S
    Marcin S 19 days ago

    Seriously, what's the point of making such "what if" videos? Stupid.

  • Endermaniak
    Endermaniak 20 days ago

    People in german army arent loyal to him commanders. In Bundeswehr are nazists. They will fight with government (Makrela)

  • Rafal  Chojnowski
    Rafal Chojnowski 20 days ago

    Poland are unbeaten Germany are just thiefs

  • X KING
    X KING 20 days ago

    Germany win

  • Bosnian Lion
    Bosnian Lion 20 days ago

    Germans always won.

  • Davis Lyle
    Davis Lyle 21 day ago


  • Joseph Oconnor
    Joseph Oconnor 21 day ago

    Hello from Poland

  • Boguslaw Ksiazek
    Boguslaw Ksiazek 21 day ago +1

    Poland 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🏆

  • Link Noir
    Link Noir 21 day ago


  • Rise Of Equinoxx
    Rise Of Equinoxx 21 day ago

    Goddam germany, not again

  • Shit Storm
    Shit Storm 22 days ago

    Poland will win because Germany is not Germany anymore. Its the Islamic Republic of Germanistan.

    • Shit Storm
      Shit Storm 10 days ago

      +Beautiful Monster
      I'm just saying the truth. Germany isn't now what Germany should be about. Germany is not ruled by a strong man like Hitler. Its ruled by third world Immigration supporter. If Germany hadn't its technology stolen in 1945 then Germany could march into Warsaw in few hours.

    • Beautiful Monster
      Beautiful Monster 10 days ago

      in your dream. poland will get destroyed like always in just 2 days

  • Rask Mapper
    Rask Mapper 22 days ago

    Just look at Copenhagen in 1:33

  • Daniel Haussman
    Daniel Haussman 22 days ago

    Ding Ding Ding Round 2

  • Mojave4ever
    Mojave4ever 22 days ago

    Well, the only possible scenario in all of this "what if" hypothetic is Germany invade and/or assists an invasion into Poland given the fact that the German government has assisted massive invasions into its own country and insists/ed that everyone else do the same.

  • Francis Pichardo
    Francis Pichardo 23 days ago

    Stupid comparison, we are allied with US

    • Francis Pichardo
      Francis Pichardo 10 days ago

      +Beautiful Monster you are right, but still stupid comparison, by the Polish!

    • Beautiful Monster
      Beautiful Monster 10 days ago

      hahahah poles needs US help ..cant fight alone 🤣

    5 ZILLION 23 days ago +1

    We love our Slavic Brothers! From Czechia

  • K B
    K B 23 days ago

    The german Army Is in a very Bad Situation, also cause of Ursula von der Leyen, the minister of militar

  • JFK
    JFK 24 days ago

    This happened in 1939. Germany won.

  • Klay Thompson
    Klay Thompson 24 days ago

    Love both from Turkey.