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Germany vs Poland - Who Would Win - Military Comparison

  • Published on Dec 19, 2017
  • Today we are comparing the military of Germany and Poland. Which military is stronger? Which military has a bigger budget? Who would win in a hypothetical battle?
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Comments • 11 595

  • Bogumił Brzeziński
    Bogumił Brzeziński 4 hours ago +1

    w całych tych rachunkach bierze się część techniczną - ale zaraz a co to jest morale, Polskie wojsko ma je ogromne i z tą techniką którą obecnie posiada niemcy nie stanowią tak wielkiej siły. Polska w 100% obecnie pokonała by niemców. ale nie o to tu chodzi, zeby utrzymać porządek na ziemiach podbitych trzeba ich mordować, niewolić i koszt utrzymania wojska wzrasta to już nie jest 180 tyś tylko 360 tyś . w Polsce musi być 120 tyś na granicach 160 tyś plus 80 tyś jako nadzorcy obozów. Nie opłaca się

  • Anfam Ziogior
    Anfam Ziogior 9 hours ago +2

    Make an movie about the division 303

    Sorry, I don't speak in English

  • Kevin S
    Kevin S 15 hours ago +1

    Over 50% of the german military equipment doesnt even Work. The german soldiers even have to buy themselves Winter socks from there privat money.

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee 16 hours ago

    Poland have the best pilots in the world, in ww2 1 polish pilot would take on 17 german aircrafts and destroy them, that was during the battle for england

  • vxv capitan
    vxv capitan 17 hours ago

    I,m from Polend

  • Romanian Roman
    Romanian Roman 18 hours ago

    Poles: Poland will win.
    Germans: No, Germany will win!
    Me: Both wrong, Russia will.

    HΛKΞRΛV 19 hours ago

    Bwah! Then count Hungary in too! Atleast i would pack and help bracies right away.

  • The Vehicle Guy
    The Vehicle Guy Day ago

    Poland's special forces are one of the best in the world. They would win.

  • Dominic Schellenberg

    Why Going to a Cinema to watch a Blockbuster, why Going to a Life Concert....when you can just read the Comments and Enjoy the rest of ur Life when seeing all this BS here? xD srsly im suprised that they Didnt Disable Comments for this Vid. Already

  • SonRadek
    SonRadek Day ago +5

    Germany: Attacks Poland
    Poland:Prepare for trouble
    Hungary:And make it double

  • Ingrimmsch2908
    Ingrimmsch2908 Day ago


  • Дар'я Дар'я

    Why are there still videos about this subject? it's just a mockery of people they do it on purpose

  • Peter SCHENK
    Peter SCHENK Day ago

    We germans difinitiley win against poland with our tanks with brooms.....


    Poland 😆 I think because Poland now seems to be the only country in EUROPE with any backbone 😆 As for Germany 😒 80 years ago it was a great nation run by the greatest man to ever live ⚡⚡✋⚡⚡ now it's a CESSPIT run by traitors who would sooner kiss the worlds arses than invade them
    ⚡⚡✋ ⚡⚡ HAIL POLAND you refuse to take in all the world's human trash but GERMANY now wants to destroy itself taking in all the and bowing down to the world's human trash

  • Noel
    Noel Day ago +1

    Poland would definitivly lose

  • Consigliere
    Consigliere Day ago +1

    Germany is an economical giant with more population if it wanted it could make up a huge army but what is the point Germany already got USA behind so it's clear win

  • ItsTotallyCoconut

    well they are being shipped now.

  • Arthur Humphreys
    Arthur Humphreys Day ago +4

    I'm on Poland's side, it's a better friend to the US.

  • Wilhelm the Great
    Wilhelm the Great 2 days ago

    Poland can't compare with Germany (in the population)
    Germany have over 80 million people, Poland under 40 million people

  • LeopardBogen49
    LeopardBogen49 2 days ago +1

    Do you mean steal from Germany🌚

    • Arhal
      Arhal Day ago

      +LeopardBogen49 Which "thubgs" do you mean?

    • LeopardBogen49
      LeopardBogen49 Day ago

      I mean the donated thubgs

    • Arhal
      Arhal Day ago

      So why do you think that Poles are stealing sausages from Germany?

    • super bubas
      super bubas Day ago

      +Arhal yeah... I think man

    • Arhal
      Arhal Day ago

      You mean sausages?

  • Filip Laszczowski
    Filip Laszczowski 3 days ago +2

    Poland is in Central Europe not Eastern.

  • humandxp
    humandxp 3 days ago

    germany already lost, too many soyboi and muslims. how they can attack anyone with that. poland has strong masculine men

  • REGINA Kirrane
    REGINA Kirrane 3 days ago

    Germany flag

  • Hyrule Bros
    Hyrule Bros 3 days ago

    Give Germany 3 Months and the War is over

  • Lo Shadow
    Lo Shadow 4 days ago +1

    Bundestag: what???? Buying a new tank, no the old are still working no need to ubgrade
    That's why the Bundeswehr is trash

  • Jas Baum
    Jas Baum 4 days ago


  • Jonathan English
    Jonathan English 4 days ago

    Of course germany would win, industry and mass production is how a war is won, and germany clearly has the upper hand in that regard.

  • Kevin & Stevens channle

    Ukraine vs Poland

    • Arhal
      Arhal 2 days ago

      I think Ukrainians have enough problems with Putin.

  • Benjamin Stenlund
    Benjamin Stenlund 5 days ago

    Sweden and denmark, in unison: TRY US

  • JamieJames da chat boi

    (Meanwhile) Netherlands Belgium And Denmark: *grabs popcorn*

  • Viking_gamer271 2
    Viking_gamer271 2 5 days ago

    Germany wins duhh

  • Phil Man
    Phil Man 5 days ago

    All these kids saying Poland will win. Germany has always come on top in Europe and only got beaten when the huge powerhouses of the world like Russia and America just used their huge manpower and industry to win. Germany would easily crush poland

  • lol lol gaming
    lol lol gaming 5 days ago

    Polski i polish for polish

  • otto von Bismark
    otto von Bismark 5 days ago


  • dagson 47
    dagson 47 5 days ago

    lm polish
    Poland 105 000 solider
    🇩🇪 178 000 solider
    Poland ### tanks
    🇩🇪 227 tanks

  • Hector Lopez
    Hector Lopez 5 days ago

    I think we know how this ends

  • mr adizy
    mr adizy 6 days ago

    I am polish so go husaria

  • Mr. Orange cat
    Mr. Orange cat 6 days ago +3

    Im surprised the first 10 comments aren't polish/german so....


  • Jodie Hansen
    Jodie Hansen 7 days ago

    Germany will win!!

  • LP Jan
    LP Jan 7 days ago

    I’m Polish and German

  • Quackoducko_ kitteno

    Can i say *Both* ? ;-;

  • Pick Me
    Pick Me 7 days ago

    I dont think the 51% of immigrants in the german army would care enougth to fight. Where as the polish army is 99% patriotic poles.

  • TweezU
    TweezU 7 days ago

    One more thing to mention. There are so many polish people in germany that they could destroy that country from the inside :P

  • TaloN
    TaloN 7 days ago

    German won,from Vietnam

  • janusz korwin mikke
    janusz korwin mikke 8 days ago +1

    Fajnie że Anglicy myślą że ta sklejka jest lepsza od leopard 2a5 ;)

  • Mw 030
    Mw 030 8 days ago

    Germany wins easy

  • Olek 56
    Olek 56 8 days ago

    Poland is building milatairy bases in Poland to make the americans help Poland on war and Poland i love you !!and Poland Justs wants peace

  • Szymon Kasperczak
    Szymon Kasperczak 8 days ago +2

    Poland will win!

  • nikolay demi
    nikolay demi 8 days ago

    Looks like they learned

  • yoda the player
    yoda the player 8 days ago +15

    In My opinion Poland would win because it has a heart to fight and proved it throughout its history

    • Dominic Schellenberg
      Dominic Schellenberg Day ago

      +Arhal Just Looking at the Bad Sides From Germany, thats why these Comments are so enjoyable to read through, cause there will always be some polish fanboy acting as if Poland Will "Never Surrender" or "fight till the last Bullet" But when war Breaks out you would be the first one to desert xD Let me Put it like that Bigger Economy, Bigger Population, Stronger Relationship to Other Worldpowers and a Car Industry which can be Transformed into a War Industry, name me 1 thing that lets Poland win any battle anyhow

    • I made this account to comment you
      I made this account to comment you Day ago +2

      and best muslim soldiers.
      as american i lost respect to germany because you. Smh.

    • Arhal
      Arhal Day ago

      +MaximilianMussolini Of course, but could you see that not only Germans proved many things.

    • MaximilianMussolini
      MaximilianMussolini Day ago

      +Arhal they did, indeed but they also proved they have the best generals, the best technology and the best disciplined army

    • Arhal
      Arhal Day ago +1

      +MaximilianMussolini What Germany proved? They proved that they are arogant scums who love taste of innocent, civilian blood? Ohhh yeah, they should be really proud.

  • Xylem
    Xylem 8 days ago

    I'm German actually so automatically I like the country ya know. I wasn't born there or anything. That's just from my ancestors

  • Tdog 5
    Tdog 5 9 days ago +1

    Yeah thats never going to happen. Poland and Germany are like the most befriended countrys in the World and round about two millionen polish people actually life in germany. Polish people are the perfekt example for sucessfull Immigration. They work really hard, crime rate is like 0,0*% and their food is awesome.
    And tbh. both are totally not prepared for a war. Europs military is only strong when you combine it.

    • Olek 56
      Olek 56 8 days ago

      Poland and germany arent realy friends but america is with Poland

  • Sabina Musialik
    Sabina Musialik 9 days ago +2

    I live in poland

    • Arhal
      Arhal Day ago

      +mr adizy You mean sister? Sabina is female name. xd

    • mr adizy
      mr adizy 6 days ago


  • _ DU_NUT_TUCH_ME _
    _ DU_NUT_TUCH_ME _ 9 days ago

    Poland cannot into space.

  • Tarmant Mustapha
    Tarmant Mustapha 9 days ago

    the stay behind vs the algerian milita.

  • Calamatias
    Calamatias 9 days ago

    Did you kidding me the Video cover picture has the Flag of the German empire on it!Did no one notice that?

  • Ipa Bauk
    Ipa Bauk 9 days ago +1

    "Not gonna fight in the seas"? Blockade the sea trade routes then
    Like The British in ww1

  • Soviet Union
    Soviet Union 10 days ago

    Germany would win

  • Alina Samojednik
    Alina Samojednik 10 days ago

    I fear you Germany attacked my home country again I fear you

  • The Emo yr
    The Emo yr 10 days ago +2

    Ale ja jestem ciekawa ile sprzętów niemieckich nadal działa😂😂😂

  • Fugi a
    Fugi a 10 days ago

    germany can win the battle but will never win the war

  • Random Jolteon
    Random Jolteon 10 days ago +1

    Poland would win beacouse they have babushkas who make delicious pierogi

    • Random Jolteon
      Random Jolteon 10 days ago

      +Admirał Hax right sorry 🤣

    • Admirał Hax
      Admirał Hax 10 days ago +1

      Random Jolteon "babushkas" are Russian though. In Polish it would be "babcia".

  • Adrian Klepacki
    Adrian Klepacki 10 days ago +12

    Poland will win every war because we have HUSARIA kurwa.

  • Crusty MustardWorms
    Crusty MustardWorms 10 days ago

    What history tells us is NEITHER

    • SonRadek
      SonRadek Day ago

      History tells us *USSR*

  • Mathias Bichler
    Mathias Bichler 11 days ago

    Sometimes is better to be smart than brave.
    **looking at Poland**

  • Shaydon Yew
    Shaydon Yew 11 days ago

    Honestly Deutschland for the win

  • Bob Simpson
    Bob Simpson 11 days ago

    Germany does indeed have Nuclear Weapons. They are located on U.S Airbases and the Germany Airforce would carry them to their targets. During the Cold War, Germany, as well as other NATO allies, agreed to host American nuclear bombs with the understanding that their aircraft could be called upon to employ them if a major conflict with the Soviet Union broke out.

  • British empire
    British empire 11 days ago


  • Dan Big
    Dan Big 11 days ago

    Poland is famous for all the wrong things ,,,naming loosing wars ,,,relying on others to much which more than apparent today ,,,,polish people think there known for being tuff ,,,this could not be further from what people really think ,,,,,,

  • Lao 001/you will see me in every USSR Anthem video

    Poland: *Stop This*

  • Connor The Canister
    Connor The Canister 12 days ago +1


  • I'm stupid but,
    I'm stupid but, 12 days ago +1

    Poland for the win from usa

  • Jim Ivan
    Jim Ivan 13 days ago

    Mate are you suggesting ww3

  • Bimmer man
    Bimmer man 13 days ago

    Sorry but there is no germany anymore or germans the poles are patriots and a christian country with fighting spirit to defend the homeland poland would win any time against germany wake upp people !!!!

  • VAC action
    VAC action 13 days ago

    Actually Poland has atleaat 5 deatroyers

  • _CFBB21 _
    _CFBB21 _ 14 days ago

    The Wehrmacht had 18 million Soldiers that ever served in it :-) come back

  • Lego Films PL
    Lego Films PL 15 days ago +41

    Who would win?
    Some communists VS

    *one Piłsudski boi*

  • dogegamer23 HD
    dogegamer23 HD 15 days ago

    They have 3 trilion ? They can give 1 trilion war reperation

  • Мэтью Уорс
    Мэтью Уорс 15 days ago +7

    Love Poland from Russia!

    • SonRadek
      SonRadek Day ago

      *USSR anthem*

    • Arhal
      Arhal 2 days ago

      +Kacper Krynda No, It's called pierogi ruskie cause they're from Ruthenia.

    • Kacper Krynda
      Kacper Krynda 4 days ago

      I love Russia from Poland. One question tho, who first made pierogi, Russia or Poland? It's called pierogi ruskie, so the name suggests it's Russian, but it's a Polish food... 🧐

    • Cornucopia TM
      Cornucopia TM 7 days ago

      Love Russia from Poland ^^

  • Jakei Natsume
    Jakei Natsume 15 days ago +1

    *gErmAnY HaS lEfT tHe ChAT*

    Anybody knows countryhumans?- XD

  • Patrycja Pawlowska
    Patrycja Pawlowska 16 days ago

    Polska biało czerwoni

    Co mi się stało w głowę jezu

  • Kienth Unay
    Kienth Unay 16 days ago

    The hussars vs reichtangle

  • Don't read my profile picture


  • Liam Richardson
    Liam Richardson 17 days ago

    Just So You All Know, GERMANY DID NOT START WWI!

    • Mrożek
      Mrożek 11 days ago

      But your german race

  • Su-ro Kim
    Su-ro Kim 18 days ago

    I think the current Germany is too weak. If you fight Poland now, Germany will lose.

  • Super Shafs
    Super Shafs 18 days ago +1

    *Insert World War 2 joke here*

  • matlast
    matlast 19 days ago

    I'm from Poland polska

  • Aneta Kamoda
    Aneta Kamoda 19 days ago

    No it was Germany and Russian vs polend

  • Daniel Kalos
    Daniel Kalos 20 days ago

    Im half German. Poland is out of my bloodline, but i consider them more Kin. KOCHANA POLSKA. The winged Hussars have arrived!

  • Jose John
    Jose John 20 days ago +2

    Germany can take out poland even without the sovie-i mean Russia
    *instert wwii flashbacks*

  • Donald Tramp
    Donald Tramp 21 day ago +1


  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un 21 day ago

    Poland cannot into space :(

  • John Stoecker
    John Stoecker 23 days ago

    Hey- I have seen this one before.

  • DSZxNavtiisx
    DSZxNavtiisx 23 days ago

    Europe rise Brother for ever 🇪🇺❤️

  • DSZxNavtiisx
    DSZxNavtiisx 23 days ago +1

    We are brothers there will be never fighting again

  • Strategiq
    Strategiq 24 days ago

    Poland win kurwa blyet

  • Filipos
    Filipos 24 days ago

    Wiecie dlaczego polska by wygrała bo jak Polak jest wnerwiony oj to nawet patelnią zabije

  • Wiktoria Chojnacka
    Wiktoria Chojnacka 24 days ago +2

    Poland would win we have angry neighbours

  • The One Cube
    The One Cube 24 days ago

    1Trillion bucks? We simply conquer them again.

  • Smiley Gaming
    Smiley Gaming 24 days ago

    Germany has 82 Towed-Artillery