Germany vs Poland - Who Would Win - Military Comparison


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  • iTech Media
    iTech Media 5 hours ago

    Germany wins , from Albania ;)

  • Maximilian Buy
    Maximilian Buy 5 hours ago

    Germany doesnt have to pay any money to Poland. Poland itself declined it after the war and Germany wont accept to pay those bills now after all those years

  • Александр Максмен

    Germany win! Respect from Russian Federation

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B 15 hours ago

    Kto z Polski? :D

  • Peter SJ
    Peter SJ 17 hours ago

    Germany killed 6.000.000 Pols more than Jews in WW2 injured many more,destroyed Poland totally,40 years of comunism was consecquenses of Germany aggression in 1939,and now they say that they wont pay for that,this is Germans,remember this world!!!

  • Norbert Bystry
    Norbert Bystry Day ago +1

    Ja z polski kto z polski like. Xd

  • Cutepolarbear 34

    Poland does want revenge right? Like China and Japan

  • Brianna Manning
    Brianna Manning 2 days ago

    Sorry Poland because germany invaded you from the Usa🇺🇸

  • Vlog Cool Easy I
    Vlog Cool Easy I 3 days ago

    If Germany use his technology and money they can be one of the strongest military close to US military

  • JonnyC321
    JonnyC321 4 days ago

    Germany still shouldn’t be allowed a military force.

  • Dhairya Thakur
    Dhairya Thakur 4 days ago

    Germany vs india

  • Józef Piłsudzki
    Józef Piłsudzki 4 days ago

    Ha at 3:28 on the left side which is Germany you put in mosques that just made me laugh.😂

  • facundo rosello
    facundo rosello 4 days ago

    I think that germany could buy more gear and mantain 1 millon soldiers in a war ( even more) the population help's a lot

  • The Sylovest
    The Sylovest 4 days ago

    you forgot something (blitzkrieg)

  • Julie Wright
    Julie Wright 4 days ago

    They won't fight anymore👈

  • Barca 1313
    Barca 1313 4 days ago

    Poland win with rusia and Germany so...

  • X-man Polska
    X-man Polska 5 days ago

    its wron poland have 47 ships more corvets and patrol craft sooooooooooo

    what next polend v i donno aliens

    of corse poland heh


  • yasashii89
    yasashii89 5 days ago +1

    Poland would never need to fight Germany, Germany is already defeating itself by importing all those immigrants.

  • Tamim Afghan
    Tamim Afghan 5 days ago

    Support germeny from Afghanistan

  • XxNinja_ CatsxX
    XxNinja_ CatsxX 5 days ago

    the pl-01 is short for poland tank 01 i think q: im poland i dont know that much we aready learning worl war 1 in school

  • XxNinja_ CatsxX
    XxNinja_ CatsxX 5 days ago

    yes im poland and im fighting for my land but in ww2 we got defeted but....we think ww3 for us will come soon but were stronger well not that strong but with our song we will win god will help us win and im not asking for a war we just want pice

    • Faggoth Ur
      Faggoth Ur Day ago

      Mówisz że wygrany piosenką

    • Faggoth Ur
      Faggoth Ur Day ago

      Usuń ten komentarz bo sensu nie ma

  • Kent Massie
    Kent Massie 5 days ago

    Jemand spricht doytch

  • Kermit118
    Kermit118 5 days ago

    Who else is polish

  • StarioLax
    StarioLax 5 days ago

    Back in world war two germany used a single tank to take poland

  • windows 95 has ExPiRed !?!?

    if germany wins what will they do with all the sausages

    don't bully me im polish too.

  • Joanna Schleswig-Holstein


  • عابد علمدار

    اسبانيا ضد الجزائر

  • Tomasz Augustynek
    Tomasz Augustynek 7 days ago

    If you do bother to make such comparison - at least get your facts straight. There is a lot of mistakes. And Wikipedia isn't always the best source.
    Some MIGs were donated by DE, mostly as spare parts for existing fleet, as they were severely used - rest was in Poland from new, some were exchanged for new helicopters with Czech Rep. etc.
    No Leopard tanks were donated to Poland (some sold cheaply but with the agreement, all refurbishment and upgrades costing like 75% of the new unit will be done by German industry. Most of Leopards II were bought for a market price.
    German numbers seems OK, but most (aka more than 50%) of helicopters and planes isn't battle-capable and missing vital parts.
    And you start with a quote that German territory was given to Poland after WWI....but that countries clash for the last 1000 years and the current border is more or less as it was 1000 years ago. It is a bit like saying Germany appeared on Earth in 1871 on a former French, Austrian, Polish lands. History of both countries as entity spans way more than 100 years, more than 1000.

  • Pro Cro Bro
    Pro Cro Bro 7 days ago


  • Tomas Grimm
    Tomas Grimm 7 days ago

    I think Poland would be a serious threat to Germany if they decided to attack, they would want revenge from WW2 and even if their military force is a bit outdated, unlike Germany, they put a lot more interest in their military force. I think Poland and Russia are the main military threats for Germany, Russia because of the reasons we all know but Poland is lately moving too far to the right with a government and politicians promoting old grudges against Germany in their population. Germany should invest much more money in their military if they don´t want to get invaded by Poland

  • Icelandic mapping
    Icelandic mapping 7 days ago

    One thing:

    Poland cannot into space :((

  • Zjem ci lodówkę murzynie

    Noo polish active army iść 200 000

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S 8 days ago

    Shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, for God, Emperor and Fatherland!

  • Mr T
    Mr T 8 days ago

    Easy win Poland , Germany is full of German hating migrants.

  • postersandstuff
    postersandstuff 8 days ago

    Polakk , tusen takk

  • Pro Hise
    Pro Hise 8 days ago

    Sooo who would win....

  • Ray Zaki V. Naringahon
    Ray Zaki V. Naringahon 9 days ago +1

    I've always been a fan, supporter or whatever you call it. I love Poland (Winged Hussars!!!🙀😻) but, Real Ponit Talk, there's no way Poland could Win a war against Germany.
    Respect to Both Nations. 👉

  • iscariot89
    iscariot89 9 days ago

    Pretty sure this already happened, and poor Polan still can't sit down properly.

  • MMM Chuckey Cheese3424

    *1939 intensifies*

    JEFFREY CIHLAR 10 days ago +1

    Long live the third Reich

  • ace goesgaming
    ace goesgaming 10 days ago

    Poland of course i mean they beat the sovients to rigth

  • Mr. Head
    Mr. Head 10 days ago

    Ah yes Germany, aka Little Istanbul.

  • jeti jet
    jeti jet 10 days ago

    im poland: elo jak tam) i fell great what people think about my country *exept hater* (i think i spelled exept wrong)

  • Pawel fun Koziol
    Pawel fun Koziol 10 days ago

    in world war 2 there was big stuff,but i think poland would win bc half of the countries like poland and half dont like germany

  • Kamilek
    Kamilek 10 days ago

    Polskie napisy?

  • Gatchalian Gaming Channel

    *Polen can't into space*

  • Dominik Mazur
    Dominik Mazur 10 days ago

    There was no information about anti-aircraft defense or morale.

  • Call for Freedom
    Call for Freedom 11 days ago


  • Gamers Game
    Gamers Game 11 days ago

    Germany would win

  • Polish Emperor
    Polish Emperor 11 days ago +1

    what is germany? you mean germanistan

  • Secritek
    Secritek 11 days ago

    10 Mig-29s were exchanged with Czech Republic for 11 W-3 Sokol helicopters so not all of them were donated by Germany >.

  • GytisMagma
    GytisMagma 11 days ago +1

    im From Lithuania
    And Poland my brother will WIN!!!!

  • Lesvinx
    Lesvinx 11 days ago

    **Meanwhile in Germany during war** All “refugees”: How about i rape her and revolt?

  • U.S. Boi
    U.S. Boi 12 days ago

    NIEN NOT AGAIN(I'm an American not German but I just want to put Nien down)

  • Mr Leopard 1
    Mr Leopard 1 12 days ago

    Germany will win like in ww2 XD

  • NutLover360
    NutLover360 12 days ago

    Poland the India of Europe
    All talk no action

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 12 days ago

    1:59 if only it still was.

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 12 days ago +3

    We all know the outcome us this was 40 years ago.

    • Patryk Ptak
      Patryk Ptak 3 days ago +1

      In the next 30 years you will became a 3rd world islamic country, how you feeling Adolf? ;D What went wrong?

      REAL MOONWALKERS 5 days ago

      Adolf Hitler and we know we can make poland toy

  • LiezAllLiez
    LiezAllLiez 12 days ago

    Whoever loses this one, Russia wins.

  • Drace Provost
    Drace Provost 12 days ago

    Hasn’t this already been decided??

  • fake name
    fake name 12 days ago

    No body ever takes into account testosterone. Polish are much more manly than German cucks and would fight more aggressively

  • fake name
    fake name 12 days ago

    I wonder if UK and France would stay neutral? Would be interesting to see what sides they would choose if forced too

    JEBUS CHRISTY 12 days ago

    Is nobody gonna tell him this happened

  • Javier Gutierrez
    Javier Gutierrez 12 days ago

    No winner was named lame 🙄 Germany would win imo more advanced equipment and we'll trained soldiers also more industries so they can probably manufacturer goods faster if they want and the have more money which probably can help of they need to buy idk weapons or vehicles.

  • I love Poland
    I love Poland 12 days ago

    My mom was a pole in 1975-1979,she was born in Krakow,Poland.The USSR had control of Krakow in that time,so she escaped to Vienna,Austria,she bought a plane for 600€. (2000 Dollars)To the US,she arrived to Buffalo,New York.She moved to West Virginia,Oklahoma then to Texas,Ghent BACK to Oklahoma,then BACK AGAIN to Texas THEN to Oklahoma.
    Now my great great grandmother and grandfather,lived in WW1 & WW2,I do not know as much about them,exept the grandfather was...erm um...scroll down,it's kinda sad

    The Nazis executed him...😱

  • Hara Pro MBS
    Hara Pro MBS 12 days ago +2

    U forget to mention their massive Air fleet with 35 million Eagles

  • juan Mourinho
    juan Mourinho 12 days ago

    This comparison is unfair Germany has a limited army after WW2 so obviously Poland could beat Germany

  • Monika Statkiewicz
    Monika Statkiewicz 13 days ago

    POLAND was the only land that was boss over moskou like a long time ago And if someone say that not true then Shut ur mouth want ur parents are scared that y’all go know the true

  • lampo the dogGhost and tareling dog

    Well, poland was rich and germany stole polands money.....

  • Jean Lessard
    Jean Lessard 13 days ago

    Why you don't finish with a german-polish girls porn ?

  • Suk Mike Hok
    Suk Mike Hok 13 days ago

    These country's are normal and never would fight. Only russia is a threat

  • Marcin e-look
    Marcin e-look 13 days ago

    WTF? Dawno nie walczyliśmy z muzułmanami, ale nigdy nie byliśmy dla nich łatwym przeciwnikiem. Już widzę te pasy wojskowe z napisem "Allah mit uns"...

  • KJS 1
    KJS 1 13 days ago

    Dawaj na solo szwabski kutasiarzu

  • Max Mustermüller
    Max Mustermüller 13 days ago

    A Stg 44 form 1944 in 1940?

  • Max Mustermüller
    Max Mustermüller 13 days ago

    1:45 "Germany is rich in natural resources". Germany has no metals or oil. Germany import coal because it is cheaper. Gernany also kills his own forests.
    So from where have you this info?

  • Jimmy and the Resurrection


  • Wojtek Nużka
    Wojtek Nużka 13 days ago

    Poland won't have PL-O1. It was only a model.

  • Dziki Jaszczomb
    Dziki Jaszczomb 13 days ago

    It's hard to say who would win, but we can all agree that both Germans and Poles don't want another war, and here in Poland maybe there are some people who want to invade Germany, but there's a few of them, personally I love my country, but that's not the reason to invade your allies (both Germany and Poland are in NATO)
    And of course, Germans invaded Poland in 39 and did a lot of shit to us, but there's propably no people left in Germany who would want to go again with that
    I myself think that my country should stay focused on defensive war doctrine, no one in their right mind wants another conflict in Europe that would cost millions of lives

  • YT Gregorius
    YT Gregorius 13 days ago

    Ok guys stop with war thats stupid ok . Germany will no war and poland will no war .

  • Gerd Gerhard
    Gerd Gerhard 13 days ago +1

    The difference between Germany and Poland today is that in a war between these two countries Germany would not be attacked by France - behind Poland I would not be sure if Putin would not send his troops!

  • 9 Year Olds Army #6969696969

    Damn the 1900's Germany Is TheMost Feared Nation But now Because of the U.S. Germany Is Weak too Weak Now

  • uuhm
    uuhm 13 days ago

    I feel like I’ve seen this before...

  • Remolos Remol
    Remolos Remol 14 days ago

    Germany alone have no chance with Poland in these current days. This is fact and for me there is no point to explain here why.

  • Raul Maldonado
    Raul Maldonado 14 days ago

    When was hitler when we needed him?? Jokes aside Love for poland!!

  • Raul Maldonado
    Raul Maldonado 14 days ago

    Deutschland über der welt

  • Jakob Salamon
    Jakob Salamon 15 days ago


  • The Frosty
    The Frosty 15 days ago

    Go Germany no offense Poland I’m not German

  • JD 03
    JD 03 15 days ago

    Support poland from greece

  • Lans Quenet
    Lans Quenet 15 days ago

    Poland, the doormat of Europe

  • BlackRealz
    BlackRealz 15 days ago

    Germany Will always be the Best👌

  • Jingjing Senipete
    Jingjing Senipete 15 days ago

    Germany Inveded Ponland 30 Years Ago!!!!!!!!!! WW3 Is Back Ways next Rusia

  • Will The Person
    Will The Person 17 days ago

    Given what Poland is going through with Germany's weakling puppet Merkel and the Refugee issues, yet poland putting Poland First, and everything Poland may work better with Russia in the near future, and poland could topple germany with the help of other countries.

  • 10,000 Subs with no video challenge please

    Well I’m German and Germany destroyed Poland in ww2 so I got a go with Germany 🇩🇪

  • Brian Villapudua
    Brian Villapudua 17 days ago


  • You like jazz?
    You like jazz? 18 days ago

    Support Germany from US

  • Dimi3 Petrenko
    Dimi3 Petrenko 18 days ago

    I think russia would win

  • Clastery Clast
    Clastery Clast 18 days ago

    *paints preview in colors of German Empire's flag*

  • Pedzisai Rima
    Pedzisai Rima 18 days ago

    what German did in 1939 to Poland is likely the same to happen if the two engage in fight

  • HL. 12
    HL. 12 18 days ago

    Poland has Huge army right now. And the way They fight. They Never give up. In WW2 They attacked German tanks with horses. The Germans didn’t fought in honor. They just had an big advantage. Don’t forget the little boys who fought in Warsaw. Those little boys have more balls than any German ”man”

  • Proffzy1212
    Proffzy1212 19 days ago

    Poland :)