Coming Out

  • Published on Dec 8, 2014
  • your support means the absolute world to me & i hope this doesn't change a thing. i love you guys & can't thank you enough for everything xx
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  • jose aviles mora
    jose aviles mora 9 hours ago

    I was 15 when this video came out and it started my entire coming out journey, now at 19, I am thankful that Connor was brave enough to upload his coming out video because I am not sure I'd be where I am today.

  • Just Music
    Just Music 14 hours ago


  • Falkerwy Scray
    Falkerwy Scray 4 days ago +1

    Thank you connor, for being you and freeing me

  • Jallie Boii
    Jallie Boii 5 days ago

    Homo is literally in the human genus.

    *Homo* Sapiens

  • Sarah Rink
    Sarah Rink 5 days ago +1

    I remember watching this four years ago as an 11 year old and absolutely sobbing. Today, fourteen, still crying.

  • Hana Westlake
    Hana Westlake 6 days ago

    Right I know this is old but I’ve just finished reading your book for like the 100th time and it still inspires me. I haven’t watched you in ages but now I’m going to start again. I’ve always loved your videos and carry on ❤️

  • BeastGirl_9000
    BeastGirl_9000 9 days ago +4

    Connor: 2014 is the year I accepted who I am and became happy with that person
    Me: Nice
    Connor: I need to tell you that...I'm gay
    Me: *crying* _nice_

  • Anna Thompson
    Anna Thompson 9 days ago +1

    Came out to my mother as a trans man because of this video. Your bravery brought out the best in me. Thank you so much.

  • Hello Hyenn
    Hello Hyenn 10 days ago +5

    Who’s here after Daniels video

  • Natali Rudova
    Natali Rudova 11 days ago

    This is the act of a real strong man. Not all men who love women are so honest with themselves and the world. Good luck in your new honest life!

  • Meow Ross
    Meow Ross 11 days ago

    Don’t worry my friend 😉


    Peace be upon you, as a human beings who has been blessed with a feelings together with a good nature, you definitely need to listen to me, I just want to say that:-
    1. Religion is about Peace and Mercy of God.
    2. Either we're good person or we're the type of a person who put a barriers, why should there need to be a barriers to loves between one another.
    3. Nobody should ever feel belittled for whoever they love.
    4. I believe that God will please, and embraces with ours' kind and loving spirits.
    5. Whenever you come close to God, He will never judge you by your sexual desire, He will judges and look at you, based on what kind of people you are.

  • Thembekani Shange
    Thembekani Shange 12 days ago

    watching in 2019,,,, anyone with me

  • Cece T
    Cece T 12 days ago

    I remember first watching this video and fell in love with Connor even more. I still love you, now I'm 2019💙

  • hollyken3
    hollyken3 12 days ago +11

    Watching this pride month 2019, so proud of how far he’s come ❤️

  • Elijah Barker
    Elijah Barker 13 days ago +1

    I'm not surprised

  • Hani Nazar
    Hani Nazar 15 days ago +1


  • 앨렌낭 태꾹
    앨렌낭 태꾹 18 days ago

    2019 anyone?
    June 2019 / HAPPY GAY PRIDE 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  • Alyssa Mueller
    Alyssa Mueller 19 days ago

    Let’s get this to 1 million likes almost there !!!

  • Alayna Paige
    Alayna Paige 20 days ago +1

    2019 anyone??

  • Abby Grace
    Abby Grace 21 day ago +3

    who’s watching for the hundredth time in 2019 ✌🏼❤️

  • Fatah Panssino
    Fatah Panssino 25 days ago +2

    i love you the way you are in the end of theday you can't control it

  • Ebabil Turco
    Ebabil Turco 26 days ago +2

    isn't he the guy who says "im gay"

  • OperationMegalodon
    OperationMegalodon 27 days ago +1

    This is mad, honestly. Imagine being gay xD

  • Michaela Mcverry
    Michaela Mcverry 27 days ago +1

    First of all I'm lesbian and btw 20q9 anyone?

  • Hammy B
    Hammy B 28 days ago +2

    Connor you are an amazing person and I know I’m like 4 years late on telling u this but you are so awesome just the way you are. Never forget that.❤️

  • Meem [Mimi]
    Meem [Mimi] 29 days ago +2

    My favourite part was when your hand went up and the sun shone on it, making it look like you were glowing

  • killer queen
    killer queen Month ago +3

    I remember watching this with me sister and being SHOCKED

  • Terryn Rollins
    Terryn Rollins Month ago +1

    Did anyone else think this for a long time?

  • vanella
    vanella Month ago +2


  • Lamborghini Harley Davidson xoxo

    Oh CRAP!!
    I am still here CRYING AND SOBBING IN 2019!!!!

  • Reeve Coble
    Reeve Coble Month ago +2

    I first saw this video when it was released, but for the past 2-3 years I’ve watched it time and time again to try to gain the courage to tell my parents I’m a lesbian and I think I’m finally ready

  • Kevin Jangwang
    Kevin Jangwang Month ago +3

    Answear me if u watch 2019 bicuz i watch in 2019

  • Νατασα 16269
    Νατασα 16269 Month ago +3

    Yeah we don't really care, you make good videos , you seem to be a good person soooooo... Why should we care????
    And don't cry if you are gay you are gay it doesn't matter❤️❤️❤️

  • Katherine Kingsman
    Katherine Kingsman Month ago +1

    No matter who you are the real person within you doesn't change.
    You're still the friendly funny and loving person we know and that is what really matters.
    We love you!!

  • Eden Swartzentruber
    Eden Swartzentruber Month ago +3

    still one of the most iconic coming out videos. i remember in middle school when everyone was freaking out about this, and i watched it and cried. still love you so much 💗

  • Joshua Robinson
    Joshua Robinson Month ago +1

    I've just came out as gay to my dad.
    your video helped inspire me

  • CaliCupcake YT
    CaliCupcake YT Month ago

    I know what that's like... I have always known I was different from everyone else, and I couldn't do anything about it... my uncle is homophobic, and strictly Lutheran. I cannot express how lowkey TERRIFYING it is to be related to that man... it is scary. When he found out I had a girlfriend he threatened us both. I was so terrified that I legit broke up with her ( we are back together now) and I regret that so much. I an finally ready to come out to my family, and hope I dont get disowned... wish me luck!
    -Emma Lydick

    • Rizky
      Rizky Month ago

      Good luck girl, how did it go?

  • Xavier Rodríguez
    Xavier Rodríguez Month ago

    I've never related to a video as much as I have to this one.

  • Boom You find me
    Boom You find me Month ago

    *heart beats super fast
    *Checks that's not uploaded in 1st April
    Me: 🏳️‍🌈😘

  • עינבר נעים

    Dear Connor Franta,
    I know it's a safe space - since no one here know me or discover I ever wrote this, so I'll start.
    I think I'm gay. Actually, most of the chances are that I'm gay. No one knows and I managed - quite successfully - to convince everyone I'm Asexual. To me it's a very sensitive subject, so sensitive and embarassing that I never came out to anyone, but I couldn't hold it in much longer so I came here. So my question is: Any advices? How to come out of the closet to those who know me without being embarassed and without anyone doubting it?

  • Sarah Ellen
    Sarah Ellen Month ago


  • Samantha Faustino
    Samantha Faustino Month ago


  • Leona Kassa
    Leona Kassa Month ago


  • ava wolff
    ava wolff Month ago +1

    hi i know your cousin...she married my

  • All Stars
    All Stars Month ago

    The hints in the title.

  • Julius Noah Siebert
    Julius Noah Siebert Month ago +3

    Connor: "this may come as a shook to you, but I'm gay"
    Me: *not shooked at all, maybe shooked that he is the last to realize*

  • Cassee Dee
    Cassee Dee Month ago +1

    It's the year 2019, a man is running for President of the United States with his husband proudly standing by his side. When Connor made this video same-sex marriages were not federally recognized in the US. What a time to be alive! If Connor could come out 5 years, surely you, the person watching this video and reading the comments in 2019 and beyond, can and will find the courage to come out. We all believe in you and we'll be here cheering you on when you're ready to be free from your secret! Until then stay strong my friend. 💜💜💜💜💜

  • Spotlight Starz
    Spotlight Starz Month ago

    2 0 1 9 anyone?

  • Zara Camargo
    Zara Camargo Month ago

    wow this man acted so straight before he came out

  • sanjana kaur
    sanjana kaur Month ago +1

    The 13k dislikes are from homophobes.

  • Cheryl Reid
    Cheryl Reid 2 months ago

    Sorry that I just watched this today. You are an inspiration to all❤️ Someday we will be judged only by what’s in our hearts and how we treat others. We won’t be judged by the color of our skin, the size of our body or our sexual orientation. The more we look past society’s labels the easier that will be. Thank you so much for your courage to open yourself. You r awesome!

  • Slimey Soup
    Slimey Soup 2 months ago

    2019 Anyone????!!!!

  • Ron Obrien
    Ron Obrien 2 months ago +1

    4:15, strong words!

  • FallenStar _
    FallenStar _ 2 months ago +1

    I remember when I was 9 these boys in my year were joking around saying that they were gay I asked them what gay ment and they said that gay is when two boys love eachother and lesbian is the female equivalent and in my head I was just like OMG I didn't know that! Then when I was 13 everyone in my year that was a female minus me was talking about witch boys they liked I personally did not love they guys in my year I mean my best friend was and still is a guy but I did not love guys! I then remembered those boys from when I was 9 and thought am I lesbian?! Fast forward a year and I'm with Angela a girl that was one of my first friends and we are having a sleepover and she was one of the only people who knew that I thought that I was lesbian and then as we are in her room watching a movie she leans over and kisses me and well now she is my girlfriend and I'm 16 and openly lesbian well done you for coming out of the closet!

  • Chris Wilkerson
    Chris Wilkerson 2 months ago

    Keep being you Connor. You're so brave for telling the entire universe! Honestly, anyone who told all of TVclip has that inner bravery in them.

  • Lipika scorpion
    Lipika scorpion 2 months ago

    I don't understand, whats wrong with those dumb fucks who disliked this video. I love you for being so brave ❤.

  • Astron Anomaly
    Astron Anomaly 2 months ago

    If it came as a shock to people then they were obviously blind. Top 3 things how you came out before you came out. 1. Your voice and hand movements. 2. The way you act. 3. You did videos with gay guys. Like... .... like.....
    Btw I am gay to. I came out in 9th grade. 2011. Lol. You took your sweet time. Haha. Your fucking hot and hot. Always have been and always will be.
    It is interesting to see the change.
    Wish I would have known you earlier.

  • The Jupiter 2
    The Jupiter 2 2 months ago

    Teenagers today are so lucky to have more freedom to be their true selves.
    Young people today are so lucky that they have the Internet, modern information about sexual orientation and more freedom. I'm an older guy of 60yrs and I was never able to Come Out.
    Now it's too late as the emotional damage has been done.
    I am damaged from twenty early years of being bullied and beaten up and harassed and discriminated against. Most of my younger life I was told that I was unworthy and nothing but a piece of shit in the eyes of God and in society.
    I experienced so much negativity that I gave up on myself ages ago. I didn't have any support nor the Internet for information. When one is alone, you feel like there is no one else like you.
    All that hatred and bigotry affected and damaged my personality making me afraid to live my life freely. Hateful Catholic, religiously bigoted teenagers back in the late 1960's tried to set fire to me to 'cleanse' me , purify me by fire. ................................. I feel that God, if you believe in God, designed and created the Human Biology. God designed all the DNA and the Genetics that predetermines, pre decides what everyone's Sexual Orientation is to be. It's not a choice.
    We are all God's children. God designed and created Love for all of his children to seek out and too have in life. Think about it. If God did not like Gay people or LGBT people then God, being all powerful, would just make everyone be born Heterosexual instead.
    God loves all his children including all who are LGBT+

    • *nothing* lol
      *nothing* lol Month ago

      The Jupiter 2 yeah now the younger people have to deal with climate change
      Also in school people still are talking about how bad being gay is, wich doesnt make it much easier

  • Sarah Placzek
    Sarah Placzek 2 months ago

    I know im seeing this a bit late, but from the depths of my heart, i congratulate you on coming out! Listening to your story just reminded me of my story, and growing up in a small mid west town and etc. I can 100% see myself in you and this video has truly helped me to accept who i am. I finally got up the courage to admit it to myself that i was pansexual and genderfluid and im extremely proud to say i came out to my close friends and parents. My parents arent accepting but i am okay and i am just happy that i accept myself! Thank you so so so much for this. Just writing this comment is making me cry, but in happiness. Thank you!

  • Matt Animates
    Matt Animates 2 months ago

    Anyone from 2019?

  • Zakariya Peerbacos
    Zakariya Peerbacos 2 months ago

    Almost cried...ok maybe I did a little
    Or a lot

  • JB Weld
    JB Weld 2 months ago

    Steven Anderson (sanderson1611) preaches that gays must be stoned to death. TROLL THAT ASSHOLE!!

  • Daniel Dominguez
    Daniel Dominguez 2 months ago

    I just came out to my parents last night. At 24, hiding who i am has drained me so much but that stops now. Your video has always been an inspiration Conor, and I’m happy to join you and all others on this difficult journey.

  • Olivia Eskridge
    Olivia Eskridge 2 months ago +1

    We’re all here for you Connor, I’m so happy you’re happy with who you are because you should be❤️
    Also to whoever disliked this is a pretty douchey person.

  • Ahmed Elmogi
    Ahmed Elmogi 2 months ago

    I am watching that in 2019 WoW that's impressive ,

  • Nadia Aly
    Nadia Aly 2 months ago

    You are totally awesome

  • Falkerwy Scray
    Falkerwy Scray 2 months ago

    Thank You Connor, for freeing not only you but also me and alot of people who had gone through this journey.

  • President Turtle
    President Turtle 2 months ago

    I love this video. I keep watching it. I really really needed this right now.

  • Harry Chia
    Harry Chia 2 months ago

    I have watched this video many times❤️❤️❤️

  • Wolf Girl
    Wolf Girl 2 months ago


  • wonu
    wonu 2 months ago +1

    been four years and i still love this kid more than anything, insanely proud and that will never change for as long as i live

  • GirlPowerXx Love
    GirlPowerXx Love 2 months ago


  • donut seavey
    donut seavey 2 months ago

    I suppport you 100% connor 😌

  • E. D.
    E. D. 2 months ago +1

    Something you said reminded me of myself so much. When I was very young, I think I knew I was interested in guys, I didn't know what it was, but I had heard people talking about it and read that homosexuals were perverts and creepy and bad people. So when I realized finally that the reason I felt different from other guys was because I was THAT - it created a wave of terror inside me every time I thought about it. I would just forget about it, but then I would just be like walking down the street and then I would suddenly remember that I was gay and then I would just freak out inside with a terror that I didn't know what to do about.

  • shania freeman
    shania freeman 2 months ago +1

    ....Why are the cute ones always gay..😭😭 Ugh! I hate this! 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Isaac ASMR
    Isaac ASMR 2 months ago +1

    Im scared to tell my mom I have a crush on a boy

  • Marcus Anthony simpson
    Marcus Anthony simpson 2 months ago

    Be happy you could do it yourself I wasn't ready to tell my parents so I told my brother and sister and my brother told my mum and dad I was gay I still hate him for taking away my coming out 💔

  • Superboy
    Superboy 2 months ago

    Buddy I will tell you this now if everybody was the same the world would be boring be your self no matter what happens

  • Natalia Cazares
    Natalia Cazares 2 months ago +1

    2019 anyone?
    Also, I don’t care if you part of the lgbtq because everyone is equal. I’ve always liked you and this changes nothing. Congrats on coming out Connor!

  • Booperdooper xd
    Booperdooper xd 2 months ago


  • TheMasterArtz
    TheMasterArtz 2 months ago

    Yo I’m sorry if I’m offending you, but I think I might be gay and I’m trying to convert myself to straight because I don’t want to be gay.

  • My name is Mary
    My name is Mary 2 months ago

    I don't care which gender you are I love you. You're personality is amazing, so what if your gay? Very many people are gay, can you change it? No. You don't need to change I love you for who you are and I am sure lots of other people love you to. Don't look at the homophobic people they are weird why you gotta hate someone because of their gender. I myself am a girl but I can feel how hard it would have been to comeout I never had to come out but I have kept my feelings inside and you should never do that cause when you do keep them inside they blast out and it would be worse get rid of them whilst your feeling them not afterwards.

  • Liyliy Sam
    Liyliy Sam 2 months ago +1

    How 13k dislikes YOU HOMOPHOBES

  • Positivity Vibes
    Positivity Vibes 2 months ago

    The title could’ve been like “I like it in the ass”

  • paramita mallik
    paramita mallik 2 months ago

    Hey you made me cry , Conor . Please don't cry you are amazing and I love you

  • *[galaxy_potato]*
    *[galaxy_potato]* 2 months ago +1

    Nobody should care if you are gay you are amazing 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  • Aaron P
    Aaron P 3 months ago

    Not until recently, I didn’t know what it was like to express my feelings about people. I’ve come out to quite a few people and of course they are still my best friends. And I never knew how it felt to tell them that, I like “him”. I would always lied about the girls that I “liked” and try to be like my friends. It does seriously hurt to put up an act and be someone I’m not. So please guys if you are LGBT tell someone if it’s safe, you won’t regret it. Just get it off your chest and it will feel amazing

  • damn thats cool huh
    damn thats cool huh 3 months ago

    thank you, i needed that 🌈🏳️‍🌈

  • The worlds laziest gamer

    You're valid and amazing you deserve happiness, don't put yourself down I know I'm late, to anyone reading this you are amazing too, you deserve the best in life.

  • justin L .
    justin L . 3 months ago +3

    Bisexual squad!?!? Lmao

  • Arwa Medhat
    Arwa Medhat 3 months ago +1

    You are the best but try not to hold any emotion ever

  • Fatima Siddiqui
    Fatima Siddiqui 3 months ago

    He's faking it.

  • Chanray
    Chanray 3 months ago

    Every time I clean up the browser cache and the account is not logged in, the TVclip will recommend this video to me.

  • Ķìţ Ķãţ
    Ķìţ Ķãţ 3 months ago

    It's 2019 and I'm now watching this is anyone with me Connor I totally support you

  • That Couch Potato
    That Couch Potato 3 months ago

    Every time I come out to a new person I feel my heart beating ten million times faster. I came out to the first person last year and since have come out properly, but occasionally someone says something about guys and I don’t say I’m gay. It still scares me because people are still terrible about it

  • Wadima Alshamsi
    Wadima Alshamsi 3 months ago


  • Cole Smith
    Cole Smith 3 months ago

    Damn he sexy

    • Cole Smith
      Cole Smith 3 months ago

      @Andrew James Cairns you too
      Unless you have or if you're into women then the right woman.😅

    • Andrew James Cairns
      Andrew James Cairns 3 months ago

      Cole Smith hopefully you have or will meet a guy who is the best guy for you

  • Funnytrollolol
    Funnytrollolol 3 months ago

    Wow reminds me of something I watched in a compilation 🤔🤔🤔

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 3 months ago +1

    Don’t cry your hot...