Before You Buy - Sierra Designs Clearwing 2 Tent - Setup

  • Published on Apr 26, 2019
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    Before you buy any tent it is important to check on the setup process; how easy or how complex is it?
    This is the Sierra Designs Clearwing 2 setup video!
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Comments • 140

  • Paul McCarthy
    Paul McCarthy 27 days ago

    Can you do a military pop up tent pls🎪

  • Amanda Garnett
    Amanda Garnett 5 months ago

    where do I find it ? n how much does it waigh ? dementions would be nice too

  • Antonius vd Klis
    Antonius vd Klis 6 months ago

    Two minus points, 1/ The color (omg), 2/ I don't like plastic clips...

  • PaPa-D
    PaPa-D 6 months ago

    too many plastic clips to break/snap. no thanks.

  • Teresa Gibson
    Teresa Gibson 6 months ago

    Thank you for your vidio, I actually like the colours ☺

  • Marian Kotúč
    Marian Kotúč 6 months ago

    Color coding. I get it when a complete novice tries to figure out how to cross the poles and attach clips in a typical configuration. But color coding two identical poles that run in parallel? Man, if there's a person who needs that then tying shoe laces must feel like getting a PhD.

  • Rob Amos
    Rob Amos 8 months ago

    This tent would be fun to setup in the rain...

  • mima
    mima 8 months ago +2

    How much does it weigh and does it come with the ground sheet

  • Chris
    Chris 9 months ago

    The previous version of this tent was the Flash series. It had the same pole configuration but used sleeves instead of clips. The biggest criticism I heard of that tent was that they should use clips not sleeves and that they should create vestibules at the entrances. That is what they did with this tent. I actually prefer the Flash because of the side vestibules and overhang at each entrance. In terms of clips I can go either way. I have never had a clip fail on a high quality tent (Sierra Designs, Big Agnes etc.) and if it did I would just replace it. I guess everyone wants something different.

  • ForSaleBy Owner
    ForSaleBy Owner 9 months ago

    I think all those plastic clips are a malfunction waiting to happen

  • Sheriff Of Nottingham
    Sheriff Of Nottingham 9 months ago

    Have you ever reviewed any of the River Country Products trekking pole tents? I'd like to see your opinion.

  • William Lesh
    William Lesh 9 months ago

    Plastic clips 👎🏻

  • Keen Kayaking
    Keen Kayaking 9 months ago

    Would love to see you review either tentsile connect or Nemo Galaxi

  • William Schwartz
    William Schwartz 9 months ago

    Looks a bit like my rei half dome 2 plus.

  • Sean Fox
    Sean Fox 9 months ago

    I want to see a review of the luvu tent I sure hope I spelled that right lol

  • ColeKam
    ColeKam 9 months ago +1

    Have you looked at the luxe hiking gear tipi style tents? Something a little different.

    • Just Vin
      Just Vin 9 months ago

      Luke did a review of a Golite Shangri-La 3 a few years ago that was one of his favourite tents. It would be good to see some Luxe Outdoor reviews, thumbs up.

  • hugh Givens
    hugh Givens 9 months ago

    If it keeps you dry winner for sure

  • Nicholas Ramsey
    Nicholas Ramsey 9 months ago

    I’ve set up much larger tents that have much less steps. It kinda seems like a bit of over kill.

  • James ze
    James ze 9 months ago

    I wanna see a comparison of the catoma bednet vs USGI Industries Bivy Tent Sleeping Net System

  • Galactic Waterman
    Galactic Waterman 9 months ago +1

    Stopped watching when it came to the color coded poles.
    I'd never buy a tent that needs color coded anything!
    And dude, it's a tent, 3 poles and and a few pegs, nobody needs an engineering degree to put up a tent ffs!
    Find some more worthwhile topic for your videos.

  • TJ Ellis
    TJ Ellis 9 months ago

    Can you test a Beer tent?....

  • saemus hailstorm
    saemus hailstorm 9 months ago

    so , this is a 'fair-weather lightweight tent' for spring /summer ONLY' - yes ?

    • Tentsme
      Tentsme 9 months ago

      Yes, this is pop up tent! But you can also use it in autumn.

  • Tom Davis
    Tom Davis 9 months ago

    Thanks Luke for the Instructional Video. Guess they have made most Tents easy to put up now days.

    ORESTES LATERALUS 9 months ago +1

    Glad to see a conservative still on youtube.

  • Sa Sa
    Sa Sa 9 months ago

    I would like for you to do a video on large family tents that are good for hot summer months camping.

  • Lynda Payne
    Lynda Payne 9 months ago

    Try out River Country Products backpacking tents. I have one that sets up with stakes and a hiking pole. Easy peasy.

  • Laramie Jim
    Laramie Jim 9 months ago

    Hillenberg Tents

  • john hanrahan
    john hanrahan 9 months ago

    I had a Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight for many years. Used it for extended backpacking trips.
    Best tent I've ever had, by far. Less than 3 lbs. all up, survived horrific storms, multi-week trips, etc.
    Not one tear, not one drip.
    I can say that, if their still the same, Sierra Designs is a company you can buy from with utmost confidence.
    The only thing I didn't like was the color. Blue is OK, but for me, "camo" is always my first choice.

  • Lee Benson
    Lee Benson 9 months ago

    @5:52 you say it takes a little bit of time to set up. In future test, PLEASE add in the real time it took to set up, the first time and then your best time. This info maybe of help if you have to setup in a hurry are in adverse conditions. Just a suggestion, Trying to help. Thanks Luke.
    SPC-Lee A Benson 11B U.S. Army (RET.)
    P.S. Maybe add in a uninterrupted time elapsed setup from start to finish at the end of the review?

  • Riff
    Riff 9 months ago

    A video on how would you handle one or more of those plastic clips breaking my be nice. A video on 'field' repairs could be helpful and entertaining. Thanks for the tent set up too. :)

  • Jeremy two
    Jeremy two 9 months ago +1

    Military tents. All kinds. Newer ones will be good. Russian tents. Special Forces tents. Paratrooper tents. Best Zombie survival tents. Civil war tents. Shtf tents. Climber tents. Hyperlite mountain gear tents.

    • Jeremy two
      Jeremy two 9 months ago +1

      john hanrahan Great.

    • john hanrahan
      john hanrahan 9 months ago +1

      Two that I have my eye on are the British Scorpion 2 by Snug Pack and TCOP by Eureka.

      The TCOP has reversible camo rain fly that is lightproof and has 2 vestibules.

      The Scorpion sets up rain fly first, where the actual tent clips up to it. You can set up the rain fly quick if in the rain and finish the set up not getting soaked. You can also use just the rain fly as a hooch too.

      The bad part is weight and bulk. Not impossible but backpacking ant motorcycle camping are typically governed by what you can and cannot pack and carry.
      Don't forget the footprint, pad and sleeping bag. Stuff adds up quick...

  • Joe Sanders
    Joe Sanders 9 months ago

    I'm curious about the size of the footprint and the head room. Also the total weight.

  • The Goose
    The Goose 9 months ago

    I want to see the Dan durstan X-mid ul 1p

  • Norsefalconer
    Norsefalconer 9 months ago

    Are you related to the actor Eric Ladin? I was watching Bosch and his character came on. I had to show my wife your video, bc the resemblance is uncanny.

  • Keegan Barrera
    Keegan Barrera 9 months ago

    Finally some tent reviews!!

  • Scott Moore
    Scott Moore 9 months ago

    Too much work. And if you do not have a soft surface the stakes will not work, and too many parts I think for what you end up with. Price that may have been in details. You really have a nice product review process. S

  • Kevin Griffin
    Kevin Griffin 9 months ago

    I'd like to see more Hilleberg tent reviews.

  • hokieskrb
    hokieskrb 9 months ago

    Nice looking tent, thanks!

  • William Whitney
    William Whitney 9 months ago

    Looks like plenty of room!

  • Marketh Coleman
    Marketh Coleman 9 months ago

    Hey could you please do a review of the Snugpak Bunker?

  • spikester40
    spikester40 9 months ago

    Looks like a nice tent but am wondering about water splashing under the fly. I know you’ll test it out. Thanks Luke!!

  • 1970351C2V
    1970351C2V 9 months ago

    Weird pole architecture. Doesn't look like it would take the wind that well.

  • Jake Tews
    Jake Tews 9 months ago

    I'd like to see you review The North Face Fusion 2 tent please! I've not found a review of it on TVclip.

    A&B OUTDOORS 9 months ago

    Nice video

  • Rudy O
    Rudy O 9 months ago

    Looks to be a nice tent,
    But will it handle bad weather conditions ?
    Thank's Luke

  • Shanty Gilbert
    Shanty Gilbert 9 months ago

    Great video TY. It is already too much work for backpacking at 1 minute. We carry a tarp, but I am looking for an easy set up for a full shelter.

  • Bushwhacked Survivor
    Bushwhacked Survivor 9 months ago

    Very easy set up. Looks like a pretty sound tent. Leak?? 😆

  • Jen Yates
    Jen Yates 9 months ago

    Another tent that needs low wind and no rain to pitch and strike.

  • n2cable
    n2cable 9 months ago

    Damn Dude...i really look forward to your vids! I didnt think i would like them so much cause of your 'Dudley DoRight" persona. But it was just me being judgemental for no reason. Anyways liking your stuff more and more!!!

  • Getting Along Alone
    Getting Along Alone 9 months ago

    I don't care for it/ I like sleeping in my Van. Much safer and more comfortable:)

  • Tan N
    Tan N 9 months ago

    stakes on the vestibule corners looks like a good idea, to get the fly stretched out to get air flow under the fly.
    do you get additional stakes for the guylines?

  • Jari Perho
    Jari Perho 9 months ago

    Honestly, all tents are easy to setup in calm weather. It's in the rain and wind when you start to appreciate pole sleeves and the Scandinavian pitch, where both inner and outer tents are pitched as one like any Hilleberg for example. I also personally hate those velcro attachment points. I seriously doubt anyone ever goes thru the trouble to use them in the field. They take too long and are awkward to use. It's a nice summer tent, I'm sure.

  • Ib Erik Söderblom
    Ib Erik Söderblom 9 months ago

    Good review. Its most likely a good tent. But please in a different colour !
    And it only showed my, why I always opt for a exosceleton tent. I'm not a fan of wet tent interiors 😊

  • Jeffrey Reardon
    Jeffrey Reardon 9 months ago

    Tent looks great. Only issue is the color. White? If this tent sees frequent use, the color might stain etc... How about a darker green? Maybe they offer it in different colors? I will check it out. Thanks,

  • Lou Eckert
    Lou Eckert 9 months ago

    Cost and weight?

  • Hiking with Gus the Cattle Dog

    It would be great to see you do some videos on "light weight" tents like the Lightheart Gear or Zpacks single wall tents...

  • Sebastian Mange Escobosa

    Man, what an awesome video honestly, I like your channel real much and I really like the camping videos, but this tutorial was supper cool. Keep rocking and greetings from Mexico

  • Latonya Williams
    Latonya Williams 9 months ago

    Nice and easy

  • lewis williams
    lewis williams 9 months ago

    It's basically a rip off version of my Msr hubba hubba mx2

    • Jason McIntosh
      Jason McIntosh 9 months ago +1

      The MSR has some fabric in the screen shell whereas this has screen everywhere above the bathtub floor. That fabric blocks the view out of the tent when you're inside w/o the rain fly on. I love the MSR, but this is better for rainless summer nights.

  • Ralph Watten
    Ralph Watten 9 months ago

    I think I may need four years of tent college before I could set that one up.