The Most Popular Baby Names Are Sofia, Ava, And Mason: Why Are They So Popular? | Scary Mommy

  • Published on Jun 27, 2017
  • Sofia, Mason, Ava - oh my! These three kids' names are everywhere. But why? They're not linked to any obvious celebrities. Rachel on Friends never gave birth to a Sofia, Mason, or Ava. So, did they come out of nowhere? The Name Dame spoke to parents and experts to unravel these three baby name mysteries!
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    The Most Popular Baby Names Are Sofia, Ava, And Mason: Why Are They So Popular? | Scary Mommy
    Scary Mommy
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Comments • 21

    WERID ART KID 3 months ago

    IM AVA TOO!!!!!!

  • Mason Manley
    Mason Manley 3 months ago


  • S Ø Y Ø U N G
    S Ø Y Ø U N G 6 months ago


  • Emily Janine Ross Henry
    Emily Janine Ross Henry 10 months ago

    My name is Ava I love to 🎨

  • Not Ava
    Not Ava Year ago +1

    Lol all of the Ava’s in the common section

    O wait

  • School girl storys
    School girl storys Year ago +1

    My name is Ava I'm almost 9 my name was gonna be Paton but she named me Ava because it's a christan name it means 'living'. Happy days!🌈

  • HM Proctor
    HM Proctor Year ago +1

    My name is Ava as well and one girl said that her name was Ava Marie and that’s my middle name

    • Not Ava
      Not Ava Year ago

      Okay so is mine the heck

  • Greygirls gotthis
    Greygirls gotthis Year ago +1

    My name is Ava grey Shurtleff and I am very passionate about my family and friends and I will stand up for them when they are either getting bullied or being hurt from bad words

  • Suffiyan Shaikh
    Suffiyan Shaikh Year ago

    Hea my name is sofia

  • Kermit The Frog
    Kermit The Frog Year ago +1

    I'm Ava!

  • AnimalLover 084048
    AnimalLover 084048 Year ago +5

    My name is Ava and the girl in the the video said her name was Ava Marie and my middle name is Marie to 😋

  • Sofia moatassem
    Sofia moatassem Year ago

    My name is sofia 😂

  • nameless h
    nameless h Year ago

    my parents decided on my name after they watched show boat

  • J.C. GQNY
    J.C. GQNY 2 years ago

    Sophia is also the name of Mother Earth.

  • Sarah Johnson
    Sarah Johnson 2 years ago

    There definitely is a St. Sophia. You can Google it.

  • Missi Raftelis
    Missi Raftelis 2 years ago +2

    My Ava is about to be 11! We liked it because it was cute, easy, feminine. Also the only name dad and I agreed on. (She would've been Leighton otherwise)