• Published on Dec 19, 2017
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    I’m a 22 year old kid living in Los Angeles. I make comedy vids, travel a lot, I have a pretty colorful parrot named Maverick and a savage dog named Kong. This is my life.
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Comments • 39 778

  • Jaszlynne Torres
    Jaszlynne Torres 3 hours ago

    Hahahahahahahah that part is funny

  • Funny Videos
    Funny Videos 2 days ago

    RIP Nick

  • Funny Videos
    Funny Videos 2 days ago

    First Kong’s date
    And nows broley blue
    I cried at the part when they were singing to Kong rip King Kong da savage Pom

  • Jonathan Romero
    Jonathan Romero 3 days ago


  • gundam meister
    gundam meister 4 days ago

    Rip kong

  • April Doolittle
    April Doolittle 5 days ago +1

    How were they not like completely devouring that pasta

  • Oliver Kupiec
    Oliver Kupiec 5 days ago

    Ireland from I who also is

  • Pedro Nava
    Pedro Nava 6 days ago

    What’s sad is that kong probably has a baby

  • Aeisha Rodriguez
    Aeisha Rodriguez 7 days ago

    Damn, I already commented on how much I miss Kong on another video, but daaaamn so I miss that young doggie😩💞

  • Willow Mooncrescent
    Willow Mooncrescent 9 days ago

    Idk why I’m watching these vids, but I realized that a lot of Why Don’t We are in his vids, like in this one it’s You and Me at Christmas, Help Me Help You and I think there’s more

  • Dre Stinson
    Dre Stinson 9 days ago

    What if you get puppies RIP Kong

  • Cameron Fair
    Cameron Fair 11 days ago +1

    who else is crying because of Kong and Maverick.....Rip. I love you two so much

  • Daaang Gamer Girl
    Daaang Gamer Girl 15 days ago

    I watched this after king died😭

  • Gene Karijokromo
    Gene Karijokromo 15 days ago

    logan was in my dream sweert if you not stros me den

  • Pastel Wolf
    Pastel Wolf 15 days ago

    Poor Kong ❤️❤️

  • Ausrine Sav
    Ausrine Sav 15 days ago

    Did they actually do sex????????🐶🐕🥰🥰❤❤

  • C H I L L V I B E S
    C H I L L V I B E S 16 days ago

    Who else new they weren’t smashing?

  • Alex Bravo
    Alex Bravo 17 days ago

    Kong baby’s bru I thought they took is balls

  • Maddie Cute
    Maddie Cute 19 days ago

    You should make some “YOU GOOD BRO” merch

  • robbie wendypeoples
    robbie wendypeoples 19 days ago

    that happind to my eyer

  • Semi_Auto_4532
    Semi_Auto_4532 19 days ago +1

    yo are you not making any more vides

  • TheElectroVinci 1
    TheElectroVinci 1 20 days ago +1

    How’s after maverick dies ❤️❤️❤️

  • Sunrise _ Wolfy
    Sunrise _ Wolfy 20 days ago

    Rip Kong 😭😭💐🥀

  • disconnected account
    disconnected account 20 days ago

    R.i.p kong...

  • Austin Messina
    Austin Messina 21 day ago

    rip young doggy and legend mavric may they both rest in great peace.

  • Kid Gamer
    Kid Gamer 21 day ago

    kong was the best dog

  • ItsRobloxboi_728
    ItsRobloxboi_728 21 day ago

    Rip Kong
    Will be remembered

  • Austin Reeves
    Austin Reeves 22 days ago

    She will get older in 25 to 50 year's or something's like 100,000,000 year's from now

  • Nicole Loaeza
    Nicole Loaeza 22 days ago

    9:43 is so funny

  • Farhaan Jumeen
    Farhaan Jumeen 22 days ago +1

    RIP kong rest in peace buddy

  • Ashanti West
    Ashanti West 22 days ago

    Rip kong but didn't he get his peen removed bye ayla

  • Atticus Alarcon
    Atticus Alarcon 23 days ago +1

    R.I.P Kong Da Savage and Maverick 😭😭

  • Umbreon Shiny
    Umbreon Shiny 24 days ago +2

    Me: Hears the Gabe the dog for Kong*
    Me: R.I.P Gabe the Dog & R.I.P Kong

    Who else is here after long died? Poor boi

  • Keven Hernandez
    Keven Hernandez 25 days ago

    Didn’t Kong get neutered

  • FoRtNiTe GoDs OnLy
    FoRtNiTe GoDs OnLy 25 days ago +4

    Who’s here after maverick and Kong died 😭

  • Nicolas 2018
    Nicolas 2018 26 days ago

    But isn't maverick inside of there

  • Vlogs_w-me
    Vlogs_w-me 27 days ago

    2019 anyone?😕

  • Aaron gaming125
    Aaron gaming125 27 days ago

    RIP kong and maverick

  • SavageXD gaming
    SavageXD gaming 27 days ago +1

    But Ayla cut his balls off

  • Kaan Isik
    Kaan Isik Month ago

    1 like = 1 prayer for Kong
    Kong is the only reason I watch logan Paul

  • Red Tiger
    Red Tiger Month ago +1

    R.I.P Kong da savage

  • llamagamer104
    llamagamer104 Month ago

    She willl in 4099

  • A & S Trollers
    A & S Trollers Month ago


  • Miana Benton
    Miana Benton Month ago

    This might sound werid Logan and jake but I want to kiss u guys on the cheak

  • Danna Plauche
    Danna Plauche Month ago

    So cute

  • Hunter Kerkhove
    Hunter Kerkhove Month ago

    I liked the the channel and I put sub on every channel that you had

  • Hunter Kerkhove
    Hunter Kerkhove Month ago

    At the team 10 house

  • Hunter Kerkhove
    Hunter Kerkhove Month ago

    On your channel

  • Hunter Kerkhove
    Hunter Kerkhove Month ago

    Logan tell jake your channel he was on your vlog

  • Tony Papalotzi
    Tony Papalotzi Month ago

    Logan, kong can't have babies because um he has no bolls and rip kong 😢😭

  • Aaron liscum
    Aaron liscum Month ago

    To bad Ayla cut his balls off

  • Frank Alvarado
    Frank Alvarado Month ago +2

    If everyone love Kong, I want you to like and take a bottle of any beverage and pour it. Rest In Peace young doggo, you did not deserve this✌😔

  • Arturo Alvarez
    Arturo Alvarez Month ago

    Isn't Kong neutered

  • Nicole
    Nicole Month ago

    Who is watching this after Nick is no longer with us.R.I.P Nick. He will be missed.I dont know how to do emojis but

  • Life of Zeke
    Life of Zeke Month ago

    Also R.I.P Kong da Savage

  • Life of Zeke
    Life of Zeke Month ago

    So he can't smash

  • Life of Zeke
    Life of Zeke Month ago

    Didn't ayla neuter kong

  • Suak YT
    Suak YT Month ago

    Why are the comments only rip Kong. I miss him but I’m already over it

  • Maria Alvarado
    Maria Alvarado Month ago

    Oh my fucking god im crying 😭

  • Ethan Archard
    Ethan Archard Month ago

    Who’s in 2019 ?

  • eljordigg
    eljordigg 2 months ago


  • Olivia Lopez
    Olivia Lopez 2 months ago

    Every body litrly shut up about kong it's annoying yea he is dead and if people keep mentioning it it will hurt logan even more than he is already hurt

  • SpiderMonkeyStudios
    SpiderMonkeyStudios 2 months ago

    They should turn kongs smash pad into a Kong memorial

  • awesome Rodriguez
    awesome Rodriguez 2 months ago +1

    What if kong had a kid

  • melissa mclaren
    melissa mclaren 2 months ago

    I herd

  • Kiara Guzman
    Kiara Guzman 2 months ago

    Awwww. RIP kong we love you
    We miss you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Captain Bossatron
    Captain Bossatron 2 months ago

    rip kong

  • Robert Ortiz
    Robert Ortiz 2 months ago

    Rip Kong

  • fake op123
    fake op123 2 months ago

    Rip kong da savage logang will miss u

  • Sofia Gudino
    Sofia Gudino 2 months ago

    back when he was actually funny

  • Slater Destroyer
    Slater Destroyer 2 months ago

    No one wants to meet jake Paul . Be a logangsta

  • Cseth Gavin Banaag
    Cseth Gavin Banaag 2 months ago

    When I remember Kong i cried so very hard

  • Aarin Filip
    Aarin Filip 2 months ago

    Well good he got to smash rip kong

  • brittany vazquez
    brittany vazquez 2 months ago +2

    Come to Idaho please😁😁 my brother is a big fan😁😁😁😁😁😁❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Alexandra benitez
    Alexandra benitez 2 months ago

    I was sad kong died