• Published on Nov 25, 2018
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    THIS IS L&S  8 months ago +506


    • Jessica Vazquez
      Jessica Vazquez 7 months ago

      THIS IS L&S

    • Theyy.Love. KK
      Theyy.Love. KK 8 months ago

      THIS IS L&S You guys should do a winter wonderland theme

    • Poonam B
      Poonam B 8 months ago


    • Karime Lopez
      Karime Lopez 8 months ago

      THIS IS L&S I cant think of much but for the last part of the intro i was thinking u guys sit down but the chimney with fire lighted up and have your mugs and tilt your head to eachother and the l&s logo on top of you guys like if the camera is rising up

    • Diane Vazquez
      Diane Vazquez 8 months ago

      I think y’all should be dressed in pajamas and the dogs too and just do something creative

  • sarenity Ramirez
    sarenity Ramirez 4 months ago

    love you guys

  • Vania Orozco
    Vania Orozco 5 months ago +1

    So you're saying you don't have enough content to post everyday for a month?! Wow. That's scary. They really put joe in the back to protect their things? Lol shows what they care about!

  • Shania Lopez
    Shania Lopez 7 months ago

    Love you guys

  • Maria Ibarra
    Maria Ibarra 7 months ago +1

    that is what my family did we house hopped

  • Jenny Petri
    Jenny Petri 7 months ago


  • Shiloh Buizon
    Shiloh Buizon 8 months ago +1

    I just noticed that Landon wasn’t with the Ace Family in Thanksgiving.. something’s goin on here.. and oml your intro is scccc.. Landon as Santa🤩 Shyla as Mrs. Clause🥰 sitting on his lap😻 and the dogs as elves💋😘🤪 AHHHH this would be soooo cuteeeee

  • Autumn Brooks
    Autumn Brooks 8 months ago

    omg. i laughed so hard when shyla smacked landon with the wrapping paper. 😂😂😂🤣

  • Family Above Everything

    Love the new intro ideas check us out tvclip.biz/video/kpj385J-dSw/video.html

  • Rachel Dagostino
    Rachel Dagostino 8 months ago


  • Marlana Washington
    Marlana Washington 8 months ago

    I think Landon won but Shyla tried her best and tried to be artistic ❤️ you L&S

  • Sy Akhtar
    Sy Akhtar 8 months ago


  • Nancy Lopez
    Nancy Lopez 8 months ago

    Hey L&S I love you guys so much you guys are amazing I love all your guys vlogs their all amazing aww I just know the intro is going to be bomb and fantastic I love you guys so much 💯%😘💕💞💖💗💝👀❤U

  • Destiny Schultz
    Destiny Schultz 8 months ago +1

    Go to Flagstaff or Sedona when its snowing like right now, and just be yourselfs, make Christmas angles, snowmans, go sledding,

  • Roselym Reyes Moscat
    Roselym Reyes Moscat 8 months ago

    Y’all should put a part of you guys ice skating

  • Omg Club
    Omg Club 8 months ago

    Do you and Catherine get along ?

  • rastafamily2004
    rastafamily2004 8 months ago

    Santa Clause and Mrs.Santa Clause

  • rastafamily2004
    rastafamily2004 8 months ago

    Elf theme like from the movie

  • rastafamily2004
    rastafamily2004 8 months ago

    Winter wonderland

  • clio tebbe
    clio tebbe 8 months ago

    i think you should do a “what christmas means to you kinda vibe” and low key replay your love story type of a thing, like you guys meet, and fall in love and BAM this is L&S begins, but do it like a christmas theme type of a thing

  • leea2371
    leea2371 8 months ago

    An idea you guys can do is have Shyla dress up as Mrs Claus and Landon dress up as the Grinch. If you guys have a chimney literally have Landon climb the roof acting like he’s going down to chimney to steal Christmas presents, but once he gets to the house he notices Mrs Claus (Shyla) is already there with her big bag of presents enjoying her cookies and milk and looking like a fineee dimeee. The Grinch (Landon) can’t help but drool and go over to Mrs Claus forgetting he was there to steal the presents.

  • Alexzia Hernandez
    Alexzia Hernandez 8 months ago

    Catching up on my L&S! I can’t believe I missed this many videos! It’s only a couple but feels like a lot

  • Ariel Faith
    Ariel Faith 8 months ago

    I think you guys should do a classic type where you guys go shopping where there's a lot of Christmas lights, a cute caffe date, coming home to your dogs and play with them ofc, make hot chocolate with a Xmas movie on or fireplace by the Xmas tree then maybe have Santa make a surprise appearance towards the end but with a funny skit where he's using something of your guys things in the house lol love you guys been here since the beginning, this would truly be a blessing so thank you for giving us this opportunity. Hope you guys have a great holiday season ❤️❤️❤️🎄

  • Marijose Zavala
    Marijose Zavala 8 months ago

    Landon looks like he's not in the mood

  • Itz Kenielis
    Itz Kenielis 8 months ago

    I think you should incorporate a winter wonderland like at Disney land

  • Sierra crochet & Me!
    Sierra crochet & Me! 8 months ago

    Okay first who cuts ginger bread house pieces😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • shaquira styles
    shaquira styles 8 months ago

    Yall should run through the hallway in slow motion, and act like yall vlogging it while running in the hallway, then sit down, and Landon hands shyla presents, shyla does the same to Landon, open it and be surprised, and at the end y'all kiss and put something or throw something at the camera and end it🙂👍👌

  • Ariana Perez
    Ariana Perez 8 months ago

    You guys should dress up as Mr.Clause and Mrs.Clause and then the dogs should be dressed up as Santa's little helpers then the house should look like a work shop!!😍❤️

  • Karla Perez
    Karla Perez 8 months ago

    Y’all should be in a snow globe or something

  • Karla Perez
    Karla Perez 8 months ago

    There should be snow!!

  • eLaLissette AZ
    eLaLissette AZ 8 months ago

    Include the dogs ♥️♥️

  • Erin Lucio
    Erin Lucio 8 months ago

    u guys copy London brother Austin

  • Violet Carroll
    Violet Carroll 8 months ago

    wear matching christmas pjs and decorate your tree and then make a gingerbread house. then grab a glass of hot chocolate each an do a cheers and then kiss before you drink it

  • Preston English
    Preston English 8 months ago

    Sheila is such a bad sport I hope she looses landed wasent a bad sport

  • Enita Jose
    Enita Jose 8 months ago

    omg lol i keep replaying 7:58 to 8:05 .. made me laugh so much

  • Hibah
    Hibah 8 months ago

    When is the intro coming

  • Queen_ Alazay
    Queen_ Alazay 8 months ago

    Since it’s close to christmas I rly recommend a movie on Netflix it’s called Christmas Chronicals p.s ILY both ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  • Flor Bedolla
    Flor Bedolla 8 months ago

    You guys should do an intro, where you start off at the door like we’re guests for Xmas. Maybe Shula can be like making XMAS cookies &some hot cocoa and Landon like wrapping presents or something and then you guys can gather by the Xmas for the end ?

  • David Jones
    David Jones 8 months ago


  • David Jones
    David Jones 8 months ago

    One dog dressed up like a elf and the other like a rainbow and snow falling and it's like you'll in a ice land and shayla is a beautiful angel that is a snow queen and Landon is the snow king and it is nafical

  • Cindy Hernandez
    Cindy Hernandez 8 months ago

    Shyla always wants things that cost alot she's very materialistic. I really only watch for Landon cause she is hella annoying

  • Sonia Rodriguez
    Sonia Rodriguez 8 months ago

    What happened to that bonnie and clyde themed intro they were going to do??????

  • donna reyna
    donna reyna 8 months ago

    Do a snowglobe theme. Show you guys shaking a snowglobe as the people you were before TVclip, as the snow moves around it'll transition into the people you are now

  • Jackie Ramos
    Jackie Ramos 8 months ago

    So cute ❤️❤️

  • Emma Fitzgerald
    Emma Fitzgerald 8 months ago

    you guys copy the ace family way too much

  • SimplySalamnder
    SimplySalamnder 8 months ago

    I already posted an idea but as I was going to sleep last night I also had another idea to throw out there ! Haha I’ve never seen this done before so I feel like it set you two apart . What if your intro looks like a scene out of a Christmas movie but like a cartoon/animated movie. So you have like a cartoony version of Landon and Shyla and maybe the dogs . I hope this makes sense lol

  • Arianna Martin
    Arianna Martin 8 months ago

    yall just lazy everybody loves vlog-mas how can people with family's do it but yall can't 😂 and they go places and still have time for family so therefore yall just lazy and yall videos not even good.✌️

  • Liset torres
    Liset torres 8 months ago +3

    Only real youtubers like the ace family can actually commit to vlogmas. Lol and they have 2 kids and y'all dont.

    • M Gonzalez
      M Gonzalez 8 months ago

      @Arianna Martin Landon and Shyla also said there's a lot of blandness in Vlogmas. So they think the Ace Family Vlogmas' are also bland????

    • Arianna Martin
      Arianna Martin 8 months ago +3

      i just don't like these people i try and the time to get into their channel but shyla is so dry its annoying . and the ace family vlogs all the time but goood content. 100%agree with you

  • Angela Marcinkevich
    Angela Marcinkevich 8 months ago

    Your asleep in bed wake up run down stairs and see presents under the tree with the dogs opening their gifts .my mother-in-law's dog would open his gift

  • Anaiviv and Alex
    Anaiviv and Alex 8 months ago

    I feel like you should be in a winter wonderland for it

  • mzdimplez09100
    mzdimplez09100 8 months ago

    #lsgang y’all are amazing!!!

  • Angela Marcinkevich
    Angela Marcinkevich 8 months ago

    Landon beat Austin in a Christmas into wow cool .

  • Jenny Lopez
    Jenny Lopez 8 months ago

    2:28if you weren’t taught this you were not raised right

  • Pearla Montoya
    Pearla Montoya 8 months ago

    I think that should Shyla should be decorating the house and Landon will be eating some cookies and Fiji will be doing some tricks and Landon will run with the stack
    And at the end the of the people will go to the Christmas tree 🎄 and someone can Record Joe filming with Shyla Landon stacks Fiji near the Christmas tree 🎄

  • Aleecia Santiago
    Aleecia Santiago 8 months ago

    it would be cool if you guys could do like fake snow and your dogs can be in it and wear like really cute christmas pjs and you guy can be in front of you guys tree and like fake snow on the floor 😀

  • Tyra Canuto
    Tyra Canuto 8 months ago

    I love you l&S gang

  • makiyah simmons
    makiyah simmons 8 months ago

    i think you should come down the stairs have the dogs and everything and kinda go from there

  • SimplySalamnder
    SimplySalamnder 8 months ago

    Idk how you guys would do this aha but something with fake snow and a sleigh. Like how the intro is in a car now you could be pulling up to the house in sleigh . I’m all for Landon dressing up as Santa maybe he pulls up in the sleigh Shyla opens the front door to him looking beautiful as always ! Invites him in (like a I saw Santa kissing mommy vibe) then they are just have that warm cozy holiday feel inside together I’m kinda lost at this point with my idea haha but I think missile toe needs to be involved ! Shyla needs to kiss “Santa” at the end .. like close off the intro with them kissing under the mistletoe !! Sorry l&s but I got the beginning and the ending of the intro we just need to find a middle 😂💚❤️

  • Kelcey
    Kelcey 8 months ago

    does anyone know where Shyla got her sweater?

  • Mrs. Narvaez
    Mrs. Narvaez 8 months ago


  • Mrs. Narvaez
    Mrs. Narvaez 8 months ago

    Hi L&S GANG

  • Alyse Gales
    Alyse Gales 8 months ago

    They talk all that shit about vlogmas but that’s why the ace family got damn there 14 million followers and y’all got what? 2 mill?

  • Natalie Giron
    Natalie Giron 8 months ago

    love it

  • Estefani L
    Estefani L 8 months ago

    I really think y’all should do a Christmas carol movie theme it has a past, present and future! Start off something in the past where y’all met, then In the present demonstrate how y’all are growing as one day by day and through the video show a lot because pictures are worth more than words and finally for the future visually demonstrate where y’all want to be and saxs (don’t remember how to spell it!) but the two puppies can portray the future children. You both need a strong message especially if this channel is about love, family goofy and unity! #teamshyla #teamlandon much love for each! 🥰😊

    • Estefani L
      Estefani L 8 months ago

      Another idea is something involving mistletoe! The key is to make the intro one of a kind! Good luck hopefully an idea comes to the rescue!!! 😊♥️ #L&SGang

  • Anaya Curley
    Anaya Curley 8 months ago

    fake snoww and u guys should be decorating in the intro dressed up and the dogs dressed up and everything just christmas themed

  • Lezlie Pardo
    Lezlie Pardo 8 months ago

    This lightweight looks like the old ACE family’s house or am I tripping out?

  • The Crazy Mexican Family

    I have a great idea...Go to the snow and have a snow ball fight and have reindeer‘s have your dogs in the intro and have there names on the screen and let the sun go down let it be night time and get a cabin and have hot chocolate and shyla baking cookies 🍪 and you guys decorating a Christmas tree 🎄 and decorating the cabin with Christmas lights . And rap Christmas presents 🎁. And you guys can end the intro with a nice beautiful kiss with a nice beautiful view.....you guys don’t have to wait until the sun goes down you guys can do it when the sun is still up....And wear and ugly Christmas sweater....And have Santa clause delivering presents and eating the cookies that shyla baked....it’s something small and simple.....Love you guys❤️😘🎄🙏🏻🎁

  • Marco Garibaldi
    Marco Garibaldi 8 months ago

    I have a great idea...Go to the snow and have a snow ball fight and have reindeer‘s have your dogs in the intro and have there names on the screen and let the sun go down let it be night time and get a cabin and have hot chocolate and shyla baking cookies 🍪 and you guys decorating a Christmas tree 🎄 and decorating the cabin with Christmas lights . And rap Christmas presents 🎁. And you guys can end the intro with a nice beautiful kiss with a nice beautiful view.....you guys don’t have to wait until the sun goes down you guys can do it when the sun is still up....And wear and ugly Christmas sweater....And have Santa clause delivering presents and eating the cookies that shyla baked....it’s something small and simple.....Love you guys❤️😘🎄🙏🏻🎁

  • Darlene Fernandez
    Darlene Fernandez 8 months ago

    L&S Christmas intro : they wake up in their onesies , Shyla bugs Landon to wake up because it’s Christmas !!! She’s super excited , the doggies run into the bedroom in little Christmas outfits and jump all over the bed to wake up mama and papa , they go downstairs and see a beautiful Christmas tree with a lot of nice gifts , they take a clip of the fire place and shyla and Landon sitting on the couch drinking hot coco and then aftermath shyla is in her red mrs Clause outfit and Landon walks in with his mr Clause outfit and surprises shyla with a gift she gets surprised and they kiss infront of the fire place under the mistletoe. Sound Christmas enough for me guys !!!!

  • Abby Fernando
    Abby Fernando 8 months ago +1

    I love the Christmas intro it's sooooo good

  • Serguido
    Serguido 8 months ago +1

    Who else can't wait for the lit Christmas vlogs! 🎄🎁🎉
    Thank you LS for helping me get 200 SUBS! ❤️❤️ Can you help me hit 500 subs before my birthday?!!! 😍😍😍

  • Emely Sarceno
    Emely Sarceno 8 months ago

    Okay hello ! I love you guys btw lol. So I think it would be really cool if it started with you guys waking up in matching Christmas pjs down your stairs walking to the Christmas tree to hang up a special ornament of your preference or to put up the star and also act like your putting on the last strand of Christmas lights then plugging the lights and have it all lit up then have Landon sit down and Shyla sit on his laps but in a cute form not a weird form lol and then there will be hot chocolate somewhere next to you guys with some cookies and shyla will pick up a cookie (mind you she’ll still be on your lap) and feed it to Landon so he can take a bite and then lean in for a peck like how your intro ends and it will cut off there ! It sounds plain and sloppy but you guys would make it come true ya know !? It would come out really nice ! Let me know what you think. 💙💙💙

    • Emely Sarceno
      Emely Sarceno 8 months ago +1

      Also ! Omg I left out so much also when the scene of the peck comes before you guys kiss you both look up and there will be a mistletoe and that’s when you guys smile and give each other a peck !!💙💙💙 just so it’s more Christmas themed !😭😍💙 PLEASE SEE THIS !

    • Emely Sarceno
      Emely Sarceno 8 months ago +1

      In the thumbnail your tree is already up and it’s huge but that’s when maybe Shyla could wake up and go down the stairs to see Landon on the ladder putting up the star and a strand of light will hang off the tree and Shyla a will help Landon and fix the strand and plug it in all while Landon is climbing down the ladder to then go sit down and that’s how the rest of my idea plays out !! ^^^^

  • McKenna Rose
    McKenna Rose 8 months ago

    I think Landon should dress up as Santa or you guys can both dressed up as elves and in the video you guys should give presents to children or families that are in need because that is what you guys really are made of you guys are always so quick to give back so I think it should be like who are you guys really are. :-)

  • Brianna Shoffner
    Brianna Shoffner 8 months ago

    50s theme intro🖤 or retro

  • Theyy.Love. KK
    Theyy.Love. KK 8 months ago +1

    Do a winter wonderland theme ⛄️❄️