Owners Can't Take Criticism on Burger | Kitchen Nightmares


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  • Loremipsumdolorsit Amet
    Loremipsumdolorsit Amet 23 minutes ago

    5:03 legend has it hes still eating to this day...

    NAS. VLOGS 48 minutes ago

    "Some payple have called me a meet sculpter or a meet creator"

  • Joep Suttorp
    Joep Suttorp 54 minutes ago

    It's a crappy patty

  • king gentlemen
    king gentlemen Hour ago

    Arrogance .....

  • Enzeqq
    Enzeqq 3 hours ago

    What an old dumb bitch.

  • atomicbeachball
    atomicbeachball 5 hours ago

    I wonder if her restaurant will still be shite when *I'm* 64.

  • XxHamster HoomanxX
    XxHamster HoomanxX 5 hours ago +1

    Gen,Gen?Gen!GEN! where's Gen?NINOOOOOOOO

  • destruckta
    destruckta 8 hours ago

    fakest fucking cough

  • Toxic Hazard
    Toxic Hazard 10 hours ago

    “What is that strong taste that I’m tasting?”
    Me: *F* *L* *A* *V* *O* *R*

  • Owenirie LS
    Owenirie LS 13 hours ago

    That woman is just simply disgisting to even looks at

  • Myrna Martinez
    Myrna Martinez 14 hours ago

    "Jen? Jen? Jen? Jen? Where's Jen?"

  • iAsbestos
    iAsbestos 17 hours ago


  • David Pineda
    David Pineda 19 hours ago

    Lol, some people can't take criticism even if their soul(s),(who they really are), depended on it.

  • CrazyClara101
    CrazyClara101 19 hours ago

    People: .....
    Gen: you’re bullying me!!!

  • Tim Penny 101
    Tim Penny 101 19 hours ago

    Whenever you see a 2 parter you already know they have too much crazy shit to cut out. This place was a 2 parter.

  • drew6955
    drew6955 22 hours ago

    Stubborn donkey and his 64 year old toddler wife

  • axteRiii
    axteRiii 23 hours ago

    “I aM a MeDiUm RaRe GiRl”

  • The Asian Default

    If gordan says your burger is good. Hell, fuckin open your own restaurant.

  • Lord H4773Rthe2nd

    Jen? JEN! jen?? jEN?! Where’s Jen? je- *NINO!*

  • charles ohagwu
    charles ohagwu Day ago +1

    A paddy with cheese on top.. that’s damn near criminal. Where’s the FBI when you needem.

  • Tungsten
    Tungsten Day ago

    Emotional manipulation won't work on Ramsey.

  • Ash Archer
    Ash Archer Day ago

    Nino would clean this place up

  • Clayton Edwards
    Clayton Edwards Day ago

    "What is that strong taste that I'm tasting?"

  • Thwart Shroom
    Thwart Shroom Day ago

    I'm a 64 years old woman, I'm not taking any of this nonsense. Call me an ambulence.

  • zac4three
    zac4three Day ago

    fuck u jen

  • comic-con con
    comic-con con Day ago

    That women is awful

  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot Day ago

    reality TV is mostly scripted people.

  • Malcolm Washer
    Malcolm Washer Day ago

    Good chef held back.by stubbon owners

  • Joseph mullish
    Joseph mullish Day ago

    I really think Ramsey just goes around and eats free food and then just tells a person their food is crap

  • Infomonkey
    Infomonkey Day ago +1

    What is Jen favorite console?

    ... Nintendo 64

  • BulletBill110
    BulletBill110 Day ago

    “I am a medium rare girl” sounds like something that’d be on a teenage girls bedroom wall

  • SquidLord
    SquidLord 2 days ago +1

    Is it just me or does anyone keep coming back to this video?

  • Mr. Random
    Mr. Random 2 days ago

    1:37 to 1:45 that face

  • markaplier fan
    markaplier fan 2 days ago +1


  • Real Zero
    Real Zero 2 days ago

    64 years that's the only excuse

  • Dick Inpusssay
    Dick Inpusssay 2 days ago


  • Mitchell Sutton
    Mitchell Sutton 2 days ago +1

    iM 64 yeArS oLd

  • kimtaemily
    kimtaemily 2 days ago

    5:03 literally ME

  • im stupid
    im stupid 2 days ago

    2:41 I thought that was donald trump lol

  • Del Boyo
    Del Boyo 2 days ago

    When chef Ramsey said that little bit of saltiness ..I think he meant from Jen.



  • Brain Davison
    Brain Davison 2 days ago

    This chef has been held hostage by these Australian sexual deviants and he has been forced to make burgers he does not agree with. We should crowd fund for this man so that the FBI can liberate him in time for Christmas.

  • Spriggan Zeref
    Spriggan Zeref 2 days ago

    Shes 64, she has been an idiot for 64 years and just want to add another more years. Just understand her guys.

  • Exilious
    Exilious 2 days ago

    that shit eating grin of hers when gordon tried the shit burger...gotta love how much of an act she puts up just to try to discredit an actual chef when he makes food thats actually good

  • Trey K
    Trey K 2 days ago

    Yeah suck his dick Jen

  • Aj Jones
    Aj Jones 2 days ago

    Good for David he seems really civil

  • Keego Bleu
    Keego Bleu 2 days ago

    “How am I that powerful?” Hmmmm

    (Also, when she walked out they were talking about the burger, they weren’t “bullying” her, so uhm skrrrt, lies)

  • FaZe_skillz 21
    FaZe_skillz 21 2 days ago

    Mom: why are you do grouchy Jen? Jen: I'm 64 years old I've been in many many situations

  • nr 3
    nr 3 2 days ago

    I like how everyone is mocking Gen but is spelling her name wrong

  • Jacob Goodyear
    Jacob Goodyear 3 days ago

    Fuck Gen and all the shitty people on earth like her

  • Max Lgh
    Max Lgh 3 days ago

    Your weger tastes hedious

  • Bc Bowen
    Bc Bowen 3 days ago

    Booiiiii she a b 🐝

  • Dizzy Beast
    Dizzy Beast 3 days ago

    "Im a medium rare girl" just shut the fuck up

  • sᴇᴀɴ •
    sᴇᴀɴ • 3 days ago

    Food jen-ocide

  • Shanaya
    Shanaya 3 days ago

    For a sensitive 64 year old woman

    She's a cold mean bitch

  • DNC- World
    DNC- World 3 days ago

    Yes Gordon... good question to the chef. What the f.ck are you doing in this so called restaurant. Unbelievable to see so much arrogance. No wonder no one wants to work there.

  • realitygaming322
    realitygaming322 3 days ago

    I'm wondering, how old is that lady in the video?

  • Denisse Alido
    Denisse Alido 3 days ago

    Jen. Jen, Jen, Jen, Jen... Nino!

  • hydro GEN
    hydro GEN 3 days ago


  • Eliazar753
    Eliazar753 3 days ago

    What an arrogant bitch that is the one word that comes to mind when watching this.

  • FREE BEER for you
    FREE BEER for you 3 days ago

    do people really eat their burgers like that?

  • Carter Man
    Carter Man 3 days ago +1

    There should be a horror game where you have a shitty restaurant and then Gordon Ramsay walks in

  • B717R BLRO
    B717R BLRO 4 days ago

    Yes, i made it.
    It's amazing
    Gordon: It's hideous.

  • Lafe Denton
    Lafe Denton 4 days ago

    "They call me a Meat Sculpturor" yeah maybe down at the bar behind the airport called the MANHOLE. Or over at McAurthor's park at the mens room.

  • HPB 420
    HPB 420 4 days ago

    Gross, under cooked beef again..

  • Tiffany ダイヤモンド

    Jen = ‘That’s amazing *smiles* !
    Gordon= That’s hideous!

  • MaidMask
    MaidMask 4 days ago


  • RAD6150
    RAD6150 4 days ago

    Gen has more than a little bit of saltiness, that's for sure...

  • pauly G
    pauly G 4 days ago

    This is fake .. Good perf but Fake

  • john vines
    john vines 4 days ago

    I had the opportunity to try one of chef Gordon's food, and oh my lord, I dont think I'm typing this right now, I think I died there and now in heaven.

  • len roberts
    len roberts 4 days ago

    fucking stupid bitch

  • __x Nobody
    __x Nobody 4 days ago

    “64 year old still can’t handle someone ‘bullying her’”

  • Kūra
    Kūra 4 days ago

    I can't wait till Jen dies of old age, I hope when she's on her death bed she realizes that she's the restaurant is failing and she's the one that's Delusional.

  • Dimbaa X
    Dimbaa X 4 days ago

    Psychologist and a great chef, chef Ramsay is a goat 😎

  • Vi _XXiV
    Vi _XXiV 4 days ago

    I'm 64 years old, I've been through
    Oh shut up, your heart hurts? Maybe it's the good protein you just ate and refuse to swallow.

  • SummerDogs
    SummerDogs 4 days ago

    Help..I cant stop watching Kitchen Nightmares! I have school tomorrow ... wish ME luck (its 1:54 am)

  • Verona Gomez
    Verona Gomez 4 days ago

    Chef Ramsey for the first time tasted a good burger so wtf is the owners talkin about

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller 4 days ago +1

    Jen is the type of person I don’t fuck with and never will, I won’t even talk to people that act that way, fucked in the head

  • Dyslexic Stoner240
    Dyslexic Stoner240 4 days ago

    *What is that strong taste that I'm tasting?*
    *Me: Flavor bitch*

  • Cocoy Songco
    Cocoy Songco 4 days ago

    I’m a 64 year old woman! So what

  • Mister Bean
    Mister Bean 5 days ago

    They need to close

  • David Medred
    David Medred 5 days ago

    Step One: SHUT THE FUCK UP

  • crimsontide1980
    crimsontide1980 5 days ago

    Wow.....talk about playing the victim lol!

  • g 26354
    g 26354 5 days ago

    No chef in their right mind smashes a burger with the spatula, like this (chef)guy did.

  • Jacob Baily Jacob baily

    Alan was just in there smashing that burger when Cheif Ramsey walked out

  • Ralph Pelaez
    Ralph Pelaez 5 days ago

    "I'm 64 years old" *acts like a child*

  • Raging Trollers
    Raging Trollers 5 days ago

    1:18 keep talking bitch

  • vanna
    vanna 5 days ago

    that kind head chef needs to ge outta there and aim for a better resto

  • Lika Ibrahim
    Lika Ibrahim 5 days ago

    rare clip of gordon ramsay liking something

  • Pradeep Shearan
    Pradeep Shearan 5 days ago +1

    You are a medium rare bitch....

  • Emily
    Emily 5 days ago

    The owner of the burger place is the son of an Australian gangster. Karma is probably biting him in the ass for his failing business.

  • Thelifeof Pewpew
    Thelifeof Pewpew 5 days ago

    I love this shit!

  • young_GG
    young_GG 5 days ago

    Zucc un thss brgr

  • Easy Steazy
    Easy Steazy 5 days ago

    A lot of the best restaurants I've been to have an owner who is also a chef, of sorts at least. I can't understand why someone would stake their assets on a food career when they have no culinary background and yet so many restaurants are owned by those with no experience in the culinary arts. I'm stumped.

  • i_-TriXzzY -
    i_-TriXzzY - 5 days ago


  • lordy075
    lordy075 5 days ago

    U r the owner....the chef has to cook what u say u old twat. U don’t have to be in the kitchen to decide what gets cooked in “your” restaurant.

    ACTING BEAST 5 days ago


  • Brent W
    Brent W 5 days ago

    The way he said "yes" after spouting celebrities have had his food makes it seem like he has to reassure himself of what he said is fact.

  • Williamtipq
    Williamtipq 5 days ago

    What disgusting owners.

  • Williamtipq
    Williamtipq 5 days ago

    That lady is a disgrace, and the creep with the glasses is just delusional.