Owners Can't Take Criticism on Burger | Kitchen Nightmares


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  • Axel Hoel
    Axel Hoel 59 minutes ago

    Ima medium red girl😂

  • live stream online

    Meat sculptor, meat creator, how about a meat fucker. Because that is the only thing he will be able to fuck. A bunless patty with cheese. Fucking ridiculous.

  • AldinoTheBorrito
    AldinoTheBorrito 4 hours ago

    Fucking Jen is saying I don’t have power over him, wtf you’re the owner of the place

  • Vanlalchhanhima Vanchhawng

    I know they are script to be more interesting but. It seems most of these restaurant owner are more about their personal pride and they are not even chef.
    A businesses men, owner should accept the best

  • Vanlalchhanhima Vanchhawng

    Meat with blood 😫

  • VinneGaming YT
    VinneGaming YT 7 hours ago

    **In primary school** He's being a bully, and 'abusive' to me

  • Saleh A. Bahshwan
    Saleh A. Bahshwan 9 hours ago

    I dont know Alen but that guy is an asshole. And the '64' year old bitch fuck her man.

  • TheBerto72
    TheBerto72 10 hours ago

    The owners is very fucking delusional and arrogant! They cannot accept criticism! What a shame people!

  • Taviara Berry
    Taviara Berry 10 hours ago

    This Bitch here 😒

  • Prankonic Dunn
    Prankonic Dunn 11 hours ago

    "what's that strong taste?"
    Salt. Lots. Of. Salt.

  • NeoTheStylist
    NeoTheStylist 12 hours ago

    Those owners are horrible. Hang it up. Stop crying about you being 64. You knew you were fucking 64 when you woke up. Listen to your staff. Let them run it.... Just pop up every now & then bc obviously the chef could run it better.

  • CenterNova
    CenterNova 12 hours ago

    "abusive" headass

    TRAP TOREY 12 hours ago

    The second burger looks like a whole krabby patty

  • Vanilla Whispers
    Vanilla Whispers 14 hours ago

    I’m glad the chef left.

  • SSJPunchoutkid
    SSJPunchoutkid 14 hours ago

    2:26 Ohhhh so they are used to their shitty ass garbage food they can’t even recognize good food

  • *blank*
    *blank* 14 hours ago

    The following sentence makes sense

  • SSJPunchoutkid
    SSJPunchoutkid 14 hours ago

    This is literally a exact replica of me at school with my worst enemy lol

  • Robens Monteau
    Robens Monteau 15 hours ago

    Which episode is this so I can write a proper clever comment?

  • cheesemanofderp Dwyer
    cheesemanofderp Dwyer 16 hours ago

    64 years old and has no power and can't cook in the kitchen? My grandma is 75 and she cooks Christmas dinner every year for 20+ people and is on her feet for up to 8 hours that day

  • dj johnson
    dj johnson 16 hours ago

    there is a reason why this dump closed. How can you go through 10 chefs and 10+ menu changes and expect to be a viable business. Last time i checked most executive chefs have some or entire of the menu and how the food is cooked.

  • STAR1518jb
    STAR1518jb 16 hours ago

    *OOF. That burger is thicc*

  • H0neyyy
    H0neyyy 17 hours ago

    "Wagyu burger" LMAO

  • Voljubs Lab
    Voljubs Lab 18 hours ago

    "I'm not that powerful! I can't control him!" Lady... you sign the paychecks... Did she expect mortal fucking combat for control of the menu?

  • PenaPVP
    PenaPVP 18 hours ago

    Who eats a burger with cutlery

  • azurequincy
    azurequincy 19 hours ago

    That Medium burger is actually juicer than the mess the owner made. Look at those juices when Gordan bites into the burger.

  • gaming boy _
    gaming boy _ 23 hours ago

    "its not medium rare as it should be"
    Me:so...he can recreate it again

  • Sebastian Dibbern

    This video Got oploaded on my birthday

  • Mr. Swagger360
    Mr. Swagger360 Day ago

    It was fantastically Shit

  • Led Tred
    Led Tred Day ago

    That 64 year old bitch smiled when she came back with ramsay i cant stand those kind of people

  • Phantom X Gaming

    What season and episode is this?

  • Lindsey Pischinger

    Gen wanted me to tell you to get this to 64 likes. 1 like = One year until 64 years old.

  • Nators Terra
    Nators Terra Day ago

    I'm a 64 old lady

    and in case you missed it: _I'm a 64 old lady_

  • LightningFlare1
    LightningFlare1 Day ago

    Why does the staff stay with these fuckers for so long

  • Tristan Nguyen
    Tristan Nguyen Day ago


  • Some Body
    Some Body Day ago +2

    *What is the strong taste that I'm tasting?*
    *It's flavour , STUPID!*

  • tom165983
    tom165983 Day ago +2

    I remember this one... this is lady would t list. For shit

  • aidan 808
    aidan 808 Day ago +3

    Gen? Gen? Gen? GEN GEN

  • Depression Cherry

    "oh I'm 64" shut the FUCK up you rude fucking idiot.

  • Depression Cherry

    FUCK that woman. Absolutely fucking disgusting.

  • Yellow Toad
    Yellow Toad Day ago +2

    I love this video you can just tell how happy he is about expressing his thoughts on there crappy business and the owners just don’t know how to respond it’s awesome

  • Lucas Game
    Lucas Game Day ago +1

    Stop saying your 64 we know your saying that because it’s a excuse shut up

  • Joseph Miles
    Joseph Miles Day ago +2

    When shes 64

  • Small Dylan
    Small Dylan Day ago +8

    You know who is the best person is

    Read the first word

  • Jason
    Jason Day ago +1

    That blonde old RAT is a fucking liar and a DISGUSTING, DISGRACEFUL, INSECURE, DELUSIONAL LITTLE SLUT!!!
    And im not saying that lightly, trust me

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Day ago +6

    I feel so sorry for David... 😕

  • NoTiCeMeH
    NoTiCeMeH Day ago +1

    What the hell
    I smile even after getting punched in the face and she cries over a good burger

  • Aliz Szilagyi
    Aliz Szilagyi Day ago +5

    2:22 omg you can hear the fake ness in her voice..

    • Depression Cherry
      Depression Cherry Day ago

      it's so cringy "I am a medium rare girl" lmao she's fucking stupid

  • Parker Benfield
    Parker Benfield 2 days ago

    Jen is a new type of feminist

  • Succ Master 56
    Succ Master 56 2 days ago

    2:26 that sounds FAKE AS FUCK

  • Stupid Channel
    Stupid Channel 2 days ago

    He also gave Ramsay 2 watermelon slices

  • dan iel
    dan iel 2 days ago +1

    gen? gen? gen...


  • Ethan Musngi
    Ethan Musngi 2 days ago

    That lady should of choked on the burger

  • LuCaz_HyPeR
    LuCaz_HyPeR 2 days ago +1

    You know you've done something right when ramsey likes your food

  • Rich Stoddard
    Rich Stoddard 2 days ago

    When Alan said yes its like the camera man was shaking his head no

  • Ella Renee
    Ella Renee 2 days ago

    2:11 damn she's evil

  • Bummble Bee
    Bummble Bee 2 days ago

    Jen is such a bad boss

  • Rickee 171
    Rickee 171 2 days ago

    I didn’t know Captain Kirk worked at a restaurant

  • Sitharos
    Sitharos 2 days ago

    Damn, now I want to try that burger!

  • Fabian Fuhrmann
    Fabian Fuhrmann 2 days ago

    I want a burger :(

  • Michio Fl Chan
    Michio Fl Chan 2 days ago +1

    That Woman is a right cunt, faking she didn't like it because it wasn't in her or her partners style.....
    If I was the Chef, I'd quit and go work somewhere better.

  • Harris Matthew
    Harris Matthew 2 days ago

    If i was a owner I’d be fucking thrilled to learn my head chef impressed chef Ramsay ... but of course this lady who’s clearly not all the way there mentally storms off and takes it as a personal attack .. glad their business failed and hope the son got his money back and moved far away from his crazy mentally ill parents

  • Brent Beckstead
    Brent Beckstead 2 days ago

    This bitch is giving Amy's baking company a run for its money.

    HEWBIE THE KID 2 days ago

    "way goo beef" it's pronounced wag-yoo (spelled wagyu) you uncultured idiot

  • Thanya Wells
    Thanya Wells 2 days ago

    I would have thought better of her if she just admitted the burger was good instead of criticizing something that need not be criticized.

  • Legend
    Legend 3 days ago

    did that fucking fat lady said she got abuse abd got bully???wtf...her food is worse than trash

  • Pretty Pesto
    Pretty Pesto 3 days ago +1

    She’s trying to sound Better then Gordon.

  • Pretty Pesto
    Pretty Pesto 3 days ago +1

    And shave arm hair

  • Daniel Chai
    Daniel Chai 3 days ago

    looks like 64, acts like 5

  • Thomas Wagner
    Thomas Wagner 3 days ago +1

    Jen:”*WhY yOu BUllY mE*”

  • Giya George
    Giya George 3 days ago

    Jens a sket

  • 怪我ドル Z O M B O I D

    Nino is also a medium-rare girl

  • Erick97
    Erick97 3 days ago

    2:20 such a fake cough

  • SWAGdabb3r _
    SWAGdabb3r _ 3 days ago

    This guy was the son one of the biggest gangsters in Sydney. His father controlled Sydneys nightlife and he struggles to run a burger joint.

  • Christopher Tom
    Christopher Tom 3 days ago

    The Watermelon as a garnish was a bit of an odd choice i thought, but otherwise, that burger looked amazing!

  • ded literally
    ded literally 3 days ago

    Ok please dont hate me but i kinda fell bad for the old guy

  • Aluminiuminum
    Aluminiuminum 3 days ago

    6:19 Gen? Gen? Gen? Gen? Where’s Gen? Gen? Ninooo!

  • lugia flames
    lugia flames 3 days ago +1

    “What is that strong taste that I’m tasting?”

    Me: Nino

  • Poké Tube
    Poké Tube 3 days ago

    what makes a celebrity say ur f**ken food is delicious and a normal person say ur food's delicious any differentEsti d'connardille

  • Bread
    Bread 3 days ago

    (White van pulls up) Hey, Gordon, do you want some delicious FOOD? (Evil chuckle)

  • Mr.Comedy
    Mr.Comedy 3 days ago

    Help me call 911 now

  • SpookyBigBoiii
    SpookyBigBoiii 3 days ago

    We get it your 64 years old😂

  • SimpleKarina xx
    SimpleKarina xx 3 days ago

    “IvE MaDe a ChEeSeBuRgeR!”
    Yeah a cheeseburger is made out of just cheese and a patty..

  • Spiceboy9000
    Spiceboy9000 3 days ago

    Alan reminds me of the guy who used a dead guys voice

  • Chris p
    Chris p 3 days ago +1

    It's the owner's fault! jen and the guy in the blue shirt

  • Chris p
    Chris p 3 days ago +1

    omg! gordon loves the food!

  • Krekles krek
    Krekles krek 3 days ago

    3:19 . dOInG

  • Catalyst V7
    Catalyst V7 3 days ago

    Can we Hire Nino to tell at these owners?!?!

  • Dariuxee
    Dariuxee 4 days ago

    That is hideous lol

  • you layk dis chain?
    you layk dis chain? 4 days ago

    Me: *breathes

  • FeelsGood Man
    FeelsGood Man 4 days ago

    0:50 Ramsey looks like a fat kid tucking his tommy

  • Mika Sihite
    Mika Sihite 4 days ago

    "what is that strong. That strong. Strong. What is that s

  • jeff rotv
    jeff rotv 4 days ago

    Jentendo 64

  • Rizuchan
    Rizuchan 4 days ago

    The owners are dickwards but I wonder if Gordon genuinely liked the chef's burger or he just wanted to irritated the dickward couple.

  • Dark_Shadow 107
    Dark_Shadow 107 4 days ago

    That cough was honestly so fake 🤦🏻‍♀️ it sounded like a hippo being constipated 😂

  • Brandon BP
    Brandon BP 4 days ago

    I wonder how old she is?

  • AKRocket STUDIOS
    AKRocket STUDIOS 4 days ago

    The lady is always talking about mushrooms

  • Laurence
    Laurence 4 days ago

    Imagine working for those terrible idiots. The resentment is much too strong. The Chef should find a job elsewhere.

  • Joseph Kim
    Joseph Kim 4 days ago

    This show ended 4 fucking years ago and its still being uploaded

  • Lucas Ellis
    Lucas Ellis 4 days ago

    Can someone get me a recipe?

  • XXXTentaction ,
    XXXTentaction , 4 days ago

    2:25 “what is this taste I’m tasting”
    Me: *FLAVOR*