MASSIVE Record Size Tripletail Fish

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • In this episode of BlacktipH, I catch a record size fish in Louisiana, one of the largest tripletail fish ever caught in the history of fishing! I went fishing with my good friend Capt. Blake in Louisiana and our goal was to catch tripletail. Capt. Blake and I decided to have a friendly competition. Whoever catches the most and largest tripletail, wins. On my first cast, I caught a good-sized tripletail, over 10lbs! Shortly after, Blake caught three tripletail back to back, one being around 20lbs! He was leading 3-1 in the competition. I caught another fish around 10lbs to close the cap. Around an hour later, I hooked the largest tripletail either of us had ever seen! Blake quickly netted the fish as it swam towards the boat. This fish was so too big to fit inside our net. Once we got it in the boat, we started screaming, "it's 40lbs, it's 40lbs!" We couldn't believe how big this fish was. This fish might be a new record! We quickly headed back to the dock to weigh this fish. The final weight was 39lbs 5oz, only 3 ounces short of the state record from 1959. My tripletail is the largest caught in Louisiana in the past 60 years and the fourth largest ever caught in the world. If we would have taken better care of the fish, I am 100% convinced it would have weighed more than 40lbs and broke the state record.
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    I have to say you have the most professional, entertaining, fishing videos I have seen, and I watch a lot of fishing videos!! Your professionalism, the expert camera work, and the personalities of the people you fish with, all combine to make your videos the ones I can't wait to see!!! Thank you for the time and effort you put in to keep us entertained and show us how fishing is supposed to be!!!!

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    Hey congrats on the monster of a fish!! Suck that it fell just shy of the state record. Josh I love watching your videos, you do such a good job with the filming and photography. Your videos are very entertaining and fun to watch. You make it feel like the viewer is on the boat with you while you are fishing. I wish I could go on some of the fishing trips that you get to go on, they look like a blast!

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    As we fish in Russia, come to our channel!

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