Build Underground House ( New Place )

  • Published on Mar 17, 2018
  • Hello Everyone ,
    Today i'm build new Underground House because i'm leave from my​ old village. my old village was Was destroyed by the flood so now we start our building at new place.
    Thank you..for watching..

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  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 11 days ago

    11:45 is no one going to talk about that they made a dick and balls house

  • Owen Gamer Boy
    Owen Gamer Boy 13 days ago

    I would also live with them there cool

  • Gary O' Connor
    Gary O' Connor 26 days ago

    When your outside and you find mud

  • Maximilian Pennington
    Maximilian Pennington 28 days ago

    I don’t blame you cuz floods are so annoying and terrifying
    And question
    How did u survive the flood?

  • Maya Hossam
    Maya Hossam Month ago

    Who else is watching this at midnight while laying on the bed?

  • ItzAble
    ItzAble Month ago

    when mom doesnt let u play minecraft

  • Igert Loka
    Igert Loka 3 months ago

    How did they make the mud

  • Duy Ngô Phương
    Duy Ngô Phương 4 months ago

  • 이현주
    이현주 4 months ago


  • Marc Ferguson
    Marc Ferguson 4 months ago

    2:10 "Why is there two men in my eye sockets" - some giant: 2018

  • مجهول المجهول

    استمرو عمل ابداااع

  • edi Di
    edi Di 5 months ago

    Thank you so much to make me remember about our plan to build a bunker or underground with my friends. And you know you are ginius when i see in the world
    In is me charli syahputra. On this name that is not my name and i 14 years. I have soo many ideal to build something okay ;-)

  • Putti suresh Babu
    Putti suresh Babu 6 months ago

    Where are you living guys?

  • Allie Holm
    Allie Holm 6 months ago

    When the landlord comes and you haven’t payed rent

  • Mustafa Al Raqadi
    Mustafa Al Raqadi 7 months ago

    Great work team! U can sit on that house now 😂WTF

  • Meneer Jonas
    Meneer Jonas 7 months ago +1

    Why din’t he not talk

  • Vex Vids
    Vex Vids 8 months ago +1

    These bois take minecraft to the next level.

  • Spi Dy
    Spi Dy 8 months ago

    these guys are actually slaves being forced to build these by the camera man for views

    NURALI KZ 8 months ago


  • Tahir Abdullah Lone
    Tahir Abdullah Lone 8 months ago


  • BootyPie ASMR
    BootyPie ASMR 8 months ago

    looks like a dick and a pair of balls

  • Thiên Ân Trịnh
    Thiên Ân Trịnh 8 months ago

    Co ma

  • dank frank 420
    dank frank 420 8 months ago

    It’s cool and all but it looks like a dick and balls at the end

  • Unique Halo
    Unique Halo 8 months ago

    Nobody can hate on this what’s yo hate on ?

  • Kiwii Fruit
    Kiwii Fruit 8 months ago


  • tiktok trending complitatio

    Amazing 2man incridible work

  • Wids
    Wids 9 months ago

    It fit with your coffin

  • 10,000 subs with no videos?

    Me in 2 years when I find out that there is a ghost in my house.

  • Get Pugger
    Get Pugger 9 months ago

    Back in my day...

  • Niamh Fogarty
    Niamh Fogarty 9 months ago

    4:39 when you put your hand in your pocket but cant feel your phone

  • Oreo' S
    Oreo' S 9 months ago

    It looks like a tiny penis

  • Oreo' S
    Oreo' S 9 months ago

    You a copy of primitive technology

  • Yee Oof
    Yee Oof 9 months ago

    11:38 looks like a nose 👃

  • Scrapped Dicer
    Scrapped Dicer 9 months ago

    The hut looks all nice and nosey to live in

  • Drums By Jayla
    Drums By Jayla 9 months ago

    So cool

  • Tech Studio
    Tech Studio 9 months ago

    12:30 my dick

  • adam ladew
    adam ladew 9 months ago


  • adam ladew
    adam ladew 9 months ago

    I saw something move in the background 😱😱😱

  • Gamer Boi
    Gamer Boi 9 months ago

    Sorry for your village

  • Justus
    Justus 9 months ago

    These guys won't have a problem surviving on an island without a radio or a phone to call for help

  • Flytru life
    Flytru life 10 months ago

    somehow reminds me of a p’nis...

  • Andrew Zhu
    Andrew Zhu 11 months ago

    Minecraft IRL

  • B&B Bros cool
    B&B Bros cool 11 months ago

    how do you make it, its so cool you both are really strong.

  • Stephen Barrett
    Stephen Barrett 11 months ago

    You never show the inside,not very big so exactly underground either.

  • Zouio
    Zouio 11 months ago

    Im going to a creek tomorow and never coming back

  • PixeeBowtique
    PixeeBowtique 11 months ago

    How many ticks ya' got?

    • CaseOfThe Sniffles
      CaseOfThe Sniffles 10 months ago

      humans don't really get ticks or fleas, usually ticks like a very warm environment, our skin is exposed to the elements

  • Luckypants YouTube red

    Lol imagine having a primitive builder school and 10 year master primitive builders etc building all kinds of things out of dirt in the woods

  • Beautiful Saba
    Beautiful Saba Year ago


  • M M
    M M Year ago

    It’s a 😂

  • Asdcfds Sadf
    Asdcfds Sadf Year ago

    اتو تمضرطون

  • Balin Waters
    Balin Waters Year ago

    😱 SO COOL

  • Xetro
    Xetro Year ago

    They dont live like this, they get tons of Money every video

  • Bob Lesilencieux
    Bob Lesilencieux Year ago

    The video stopped to show me some ad with no high tech tools. So irrelevent xD

  • Edward Factor
    Edward Factor Year ago

    It looks like a small penis with huge balls.

  • leonardo alflen
    leonardo alflen Year ago +1


  • Ak Tolganı
    Ak Tolganı Year ago

    From you guys ı learned how to make houses

  • SpoopyAkita
    SpoopyAkita Year ago

    Stop hating people! They are unique and have a special ability for creative structures respect that

  • SnipzSkillz_ 54
    SnipzSkillz_ 54 Year ago

    Leave them on solid flat concrete with trillions of bricks and they would make a city

  • Army girl
    Army girl Year ago +1

    12:47 there is someone walking at the back

  • Guilherme Antônio

    Man they're amazing.