Melting Magnetic Putty

  • Published on May 23, 2019
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    Today we're taking many different colors of magnetic putty and seeing what happens when you heat it up, freeze it, and test which is the most magnetic.
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Comments • 1 463

  • Marley Dees
    Marley Dees 21 hour ago

    It melted in my hands

    I knew my hands were hot... BUT NOT THAT HOT!

  • Gacha Girl kaitlynne

    Try putting little magnet balls in a big magnetic slime/ putty.

  • Christina DeVries
    Christina DeVries 3 days ago

    Try boiling the magnetic putty in water, then put dry ice in it.

  • Logan Gilreath
    Logan Gilreath 5 days ago

    do stuff with co2 cartridge

  • coffiecat R.
    coffiecat R. 5 days ago +2

    Can magnets hold up a person?
    Or make a magnet suit and have a putty fight

  • Michael Viel
    Michael Viel 5 days ago

    Put magnetic putty in the vacuum chamber, and put magnets in a magnetic putty bubble!!!!

  • Logan Riffey
    Logan Riffey 7 days ago

    Can you make and use an electro magnet whith the magnetic putty?

  • Alexander Minds Ladegaard

    Make Your own meg slime pls

  • wizzl dizzl
    wizzl dizzl 8 days ago

    Magnets loose magnetism when heated

  • Lumberjack king the great

    Magnet Rocks

  • guenter albrecht
    guenter albrecht 9 days ago

    You sure that a dog didn't go diarrhea in the pan

  • mutanix
    mutanix 9 days ago

    In another universe you guys are supervillains

  • Adam Alderson
    Adam Alderson 9 days ago

    Three ideas:
    -What would happen if you freeze dried magnetic putty
    -Magnetic putty combined with ferrofluid
    -super strong magnet vs. magnetic putty

  • Jennifer Nitti
    Jennifer Nitti 9 days ago

    you should put magnetic putty into a vaccum chamber

  • Dead Voices
    Dead Voices 10 days ago

    Try it with a polymagnet of your logo

  • Samuel Tavani
    Samuel Tavani 10 days ago

    I hope she sees this: Calli you are incredibly hot!

  • ariochdivij666
    ariochdivij666 10 days ago

    shouldnt heating a magnet destroy the magnetism? the molecules will get excited and no longer have alignment to maintain a magnetic field

  • Ramsey Moore
    Ramsey Moore 11 days ago +1

    Try the magnetic putty with the strongest magnet in the world

  • Captain Shotgun
    Captain Shotgun 12 days ago

    I kinda want to see you guys hit the magnetic slime with a metallic baseball bat, would it bounce of, stick, or stick but fall

  • Ashley Harvey
    Ashley Harvey 12 days ago

    can you put as many pillows in a 6 foot balloon

  • experimental gamer 44776

    Blowtorch vs liquid nitrogen

  • Fluffys gaming/vloging channel

    deep fry the putty

  • Gaming farmer
    Gaming farmer 13 days ago

    What happens when you put putty in a vacuum

  • Eli the one wheeler Yt

    Do magnet putty’s magnetise(?) other magnetic putty?

  • Rokas S
    Rokas S 15 days ago

    hit slime with presure washer

  • Jeremiah Valeska
    Jeremiah Valeska 15 days ago

    get it in black and call it venom

  • Louis van der Meer
    Louis van der Meer 15 days ago

    Make your own strong electro magnet

  • Kirrillee MacDonald
    Kirrillee MacDonald 16 days ago

    You should try deep frying magnetic putty

  • EdgarSketches
    EdgarSketches 16 days ago

    15:06 That literally looks like a pet

  • EdgarSketches
    EdgarSketches 16 days ago

    5:17 OMG that's ME! Just being a clumsy mess... "I'm great!!" xD

  • löaf
    löaf 16 days ago

    Calli is the definition of a pyromaniac

  • Lewis Fryer
    Lewis Fryer 16 days ago

    Does it stick to each other

  • bigmofoturbo86
    bigmofoturbo86 17 days ago

    squid/cuddlefish ink ferrofluid?

  • Ben The zebra finch
    Ben The zebra finch 17 days ago

    Make your own magnet

  • Brad Stidem
    Brad Stidem 18 days ago

    Have your freeze dried slime yet?

  • RoleDoodle
    RoleDoodle 18 days ago

    what will happen if you freezedry the putty and the ferrofluid?

  • totally real Jaiden animations lol


  • Sync_Limberswine98
    Sync_Limberswine98 18 days ago

    Dehydrate ferrofluid like so Tkor can see

  • blue fireplays
    blue fireplays 18 days ago

    Try to melt a magnet

  • Audrey Crawford
    Audrey Crawford 19 days ago +4

    Can you try blow torching some liquid nitrogen?

  • computergamer888
    computergamer888 20 days ago

    Electromagnetic tube & magnetic putty?

  • bacon boys
    bacon boys 20 days ago

    When he put it in the magnet in the pan it looked like he was mowing the grass

  • Muhammad Haziq Najmi Bin Nazarudin

    In the video,is that his wife or his sister?

  • rebel300 biker
    rebel300 biker 22 days ago +3

    magnetic putty vs magnetic sand... which is stronger and have better reactions?

  • John McBean
    John McBean 23 days ago

    Nate what does magnetic putty do in a vacuum chamber

  • Matthew Stewart
    Matthew Stewart 24 days ago

    Putty vs Furnace

  • Dustin Whitesell
    Dustin Whitesell 25 days ago

    Callie you’re so beautiful 😍

  • Puppy Paws
    Puppy Paws 25 days ago

    Cast gallium in the magnetic putty

  • Paul Pritchett
    Paul Pritchett 25 days ago +1

    I am curious how heating it with an inductive hotplate would work.

    REALSHOOTER Tv 26 days ago

    Flash quote you know nothing ?

  • Ethan’s Videos
    Ethan’s Videos 26 days ago

    Will you plz boil homemade slime then put it in a water filter and see what it does.

  • ツM¡lEs
    ツM¡lEs 26 days ago

    Try melting cobalt and seeing if it is still magnetic.

  • Colgien
    Colgien 27 days ago +1

    They should dehydrate slimes and putys and then try and then rehydrate them

  • maryum hussan
    maryum hussan 27 days ago

    in the end it looked like a magnet putty waltz. it was awesome

  • Speedy LEE
    Speedy LEE 27 days ago

    Melt a magnet

  • hammer!!!!!! time!!!!!! 123z!!!!!!!!!!

    You should do magnetic putty in between a magnet and a coin then see what happens if you burn it

  • Angel Rosenthal
    Angel Rosenthal 28 days ago

    Please, can you try soaking an uncooked egg still in the shell in water with highlighter fluid also in the water to see if the egg glows and loses its shell like in vinegar.

  • Alonso Quesada
    Alonso Quesada 28 days ago

    Calli Targaryen mother of dragons

  • Rohan Agarwal
    Rohan Agarwal 28 days ago

    R u both dating

  • KeiAna Branch
    KeiAna Branch 28 days ago

    You should you do a video with GMM

  • Mason Palmer
    Mason Palmer 28 days ago

    You should put dry ice in lava

  • Tomasino
    Tomasino 28 days ago

    Hey this is my comment idea

  • Staley Lyle
    Staley Lyle 28 days ago

    can you put the magnetic putty in a vacuum chamber?

  • James Holmes
    James Holmes 29 days ago

    I've been planning out my very own D&D world. Callie is going to be the representation of the goddess of fire.

    SEAN JENNINGS 29 days ago

    throw it at a magnet will it stick or bounce?

  • Mixed Mood Will
    Mixed Mood Will 29 days ago

    Just blend a magnet then put it in cornstarch and water.

  • DH
    DH 29 days ago

    I want to watch this in slow-mo

  • Christian Sams
    Christian Sams 29 days ago

    A whole blooper episode would be hilarious with you two. I bet you guys have the most fun. I love you guys.

  • Kristian Corpuz
    Kristian Corpuz 29 days ago


  • BigMapGuy
    BigMapGuy 29 days ago

    Has goggles on head, goes ahead with the blow torch, doesn’t even use them

  • WinterCrystal 1009
    WinterCrystal 1009 29 days ago

    1:30 & 9:52 If Calli's the Fire Queen, then Nate's the Ice King!

  • Sasha Whitefur
    Sasha Whitefur Month ago

    In a Neodymium magnet, the magnetic properties will reduce when heated. (personal experience)

  • AmExpertCookie326
    AmExpertCookie326 Month ago +1

    How many intros they gonna make
    The king of random: Yes.

    • AmExpertCookie326
      AmExpertCookie326 Month ago

      Ugh okay I’m just a dude living in he’s moms basement

  • Georgia Riolo
    Georgia Riolo Month ago

    What happens if you put liquid nitrogen in a vacuum chamber??

  • Floof The Bird
    Floof The Bird Month ago

    Now "Judgy Amebae" needs to go on a t-shirt.

  • Geralyn Ann
    Geralyn Ann Month ago

    Ace of Blaze for Cali. Since she excels at lighting things on fire. Hahahahaha

  • ant bat
    ant bat Month ago

    Magnetic putty and the fluid in a vacum camber with magnetics of course.

  • Alex Taylor
    Alex Taylor Month ago

    Hey tkor i know you have heated and cooled magnets before but have you tried melting them?

  • Kevin Berger
    Kevin Berger Month ago

    FORGE IT! Throw the putty in the forge!
    Then try to shoot the liquidize putty from the "flame thrower". It doesn't burn, but could still be cool. And maybe shoot it past some magnets

  • Mitchell Febrile
    Mitchell Febrile Month ago

    The frozen putty is like the T-1000 from terminator

  • Scott Giles
    Scott Giles Month ago

    If I had this I would make that magnet shape of the hand it would look like slime is taking over

  • Luka Mtc
    Luka Mtc Month ago

    Hydrochloric vs sulphiric acid?

  • XxH0LL0WxX
    XxH0LL0WxX Month ago

    what happens if u put putty in a vacum chamber?

  • J&Ster Studios
    J&Ster Studios Month ago

    where there's a DRILL there's a way. incorrect. correction where there is flex/duct tape there is a way.

  • HotSauceBear
    HotSauceBear Month ago

    Is it weird that I want you to make it into a giant ball and shoot it?

  • DecidingOdin 251
    DecidingOdin 251 Month ago

    You should take as many different metals as you can find and melt them together to to make a super metal!

  • Squid Kid90
    Squid Kid90 Month ago +1

    Ho many black rubber gloves do you think theyve gone through?how*

  • Sauce Boss
    Sauce Boss Month ago +1

    It wasn't Vat19's putty though😣😢

  • Blaze Gaming19
    Blaze Gaming19 Month ago

    Try how electro-magnets react to magnetic paddy.

  • CC
    CC Month ago

    What’s the kin go frandom . Com

  • Milo The Triple M
    Milo The Triple M Month ago

    Put it in the vacuum chamber! Or freeze dry it!

  • KC Moreland
    KC Moreland Month ago

    Test how strong the putty is and see if the putty can hold you

  • RustyShoe
    RustyShoe Month ago

    U realize that heating up a magnet it loses it magnetic pull

  • Ddub1083
    Ddub1083 Month ago

    It didnt boil it just sorta liquified and you didnt get the boiling.... right.... you brought it to its MELTING temperature where it turns to liquid. You arent anywhere near the temperature required to turn it from liquid to gas.... hence no "boiling"

  • Evil Genius97
    Evil Genius97 Month ago

    I spy a bug a salt. Is there anything you can do to it?

  • Blaze Slayer
    Blaze Slayer Month ago

    You guys should see what happens when ferrofluid and or magnetic putty reacts with an electromagnet

  • Gavin McCready
    Gavin McCready Month ago

    Put a bunch of it in a mini metal foundry and see if you get any metal from it since you wont get much try turning it into a bullet and shooting it

  • Joshua Howard
    Joshua Howard Month ago

    That hot slime reached up to the magnet like the symbiot

  • Suzanne Pinder
    Suzanne Pinder Month ago

    Is baby powder flammable

  • Syed Wajahath
    Syed Wajahath Month ago

    How about making a fire vortex whirlpool ( seen on Instagram)