LIVE - Sunshine Pasta - VEG BOOK - Wooooo!

  • Published on Aug 14, 2019
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Comments • 245

  • Herald
    Herald 18 hours ago

    You are such an amazing father

  • Justyna Brzezina
    Justyna Brzezina 19 hours ago

    👍👍👍 for Buddy

  • Uwe Schroeder
    Uwe Schroeder Day ago

    The boy is impressively proficient with a knife for his age. Well, ok, Dad is great with a knife too. I just love seeing kids having an interest in cooking - way too rare these days. It's funny how my neighbors react to me cooking in the driveway --- long story, but I'm remodeling my kitchen and takeout is just not an option for me, so I hooked up the old camping equipment in the driveway, set up a makeshift sink and that's where I cook these days until I have my kitchen done. I just hope the weather holds for a little bit longer...

  • gayla gavin
    gayla gavin Day ago

    Because I complained on a previous video (still gave it a like, though), I especially to say thank you for this one because it focuses on one recipe and shows all the details so I can make it, and I will as the ingredients are common. Also enjoyed seeing Buddy do such a great job.

  • QueenNoTeetha151
    QueenNoTeetha151 10 days ago

    I bought a pestle and mortar. I noticed when I ground things that powder would come off of the actual bowl and I didn't like the idea of that mixing with my food so I didn't use it again. It wasn't a cheap one either! Wonder where you can get one that doesnt do that.

  • M Sampson
    M Sampson 12 days ago

    Parenting 101
    Don’t laugh when your child gets injured, stop cooking and tend to his wound.
    Poor lil lad needed cool water on it immediately!
    How disappointing, watching him rub it as it was hurting was painful for us.

  • Beata Borucka
    Beata Borucka 16 days ago

    Who and what has turned JO into artificial, pathetic and no-personality creature??? I want JO as he was - natural, noughty ang lovely with passion and enthusiasm. UFO kidnaped JO, and sent the alien. JO came back please!!!

  • Kate Bowen
    Kate Bowen 20 days ago

    I noticed Jamie used 'big boy', very Marco!!

  • Kate Bowen
    Kate Bowen 20 days ago

    Got the book last week!!

  • Lolly Alwazxmas
    Lolly Alwazxmas 22 days ago

    Yes please! I always loved everything I’ve seen you cook!

  • Cornwall 59
    Cornwall 59 26 days ago

    Buddy is the star

  • Matilda Martin
    Matilda Martin 29 days ago +2

    Very Delicious teaching his son the rules of the kitchen what a terrific father .I remember Jamie along time ago when he was a youngster now he’s grown with many children so a Fabulous thank you fir these recipes you’re son will be a terrific Chef one day I will have my son send for your Veg Cook Book!!!***❤️❤️❤️

  • mikimi steinberg
    mikimi steinberg Month ago +2

    Jamie needs to move the handle of his pan inwards so it doesn't catch on his sleeve/elbow/child running by.

  • Chun Wing Chan
    Chun Wing Chan Month ago


  • Chun Wing Chan
    Chun Wing Chan Month ago


  • S S
    S S Month ago

    Oh no! Did his son get burned by the sauce? His poor wrist looks red. 😢

  • JoGabJo
    JoGabJo Month ago

    I can’t wait to try this recipe! I hope Buddy’s hand was ok x

  • Mina Naji
    Mina Naji Month ago

    You are the best

  • DreamingTata VeganMama

    Cannot wait to see what vegan recipes are in the new book!

  • Evelyn De Jesus
    Evelyn De Jesus Month ago

    Poor Buddy his poor hand is burned .

  • TheCaptainKim
    TheCaptainKim Month ago

    Lose the glasses dude, you can afford contacts. :D

  • 2ddada 이따다 Korean Food Recipes

    You feel that food is always full of care.
    If you have food on you
    I'm not just calling
    I think it'll be warm.😊😃💜💜👍

  • Jan Kenny
    Jan Kenny Month ago +1

    Kids have the BEST NAMES!!!! We named our girl
    Abbey in 97’ when it wasn’t a big trend yet... but had we had a son,
    The name Buddy is soooo amazing. Nice one mate!

  • Ms. Italics
    Ms. Italics Month ago

    Looks delicious! I didn't catch what type of vinegar was used.

  • Anne Czajkowski
    Anne Czajkowski Month ago +2

    Buddy genuinely did very well. Very encouraging for other children to ask their parents to cook with them. Anne

  • Max Fax
    Max Fax Month ago

    I'm a follower from Morocco, when I saw your videos I found myself directly in the kitchen 🤣 I feel myself motivated

  • Irina K
    Irina K Month ago

    Мальчик такой старательный, молодец!

  • Vincenzo's Plate
    Vincenzo's Plate Month ago

    Beautiful team😍

  • Amateur Home Cook
    Amateur Home Cook Month ago +2

    Hope you're doing alright Jamie, I know things have been rubbish lately but it all goes up from here my friend especially when you hit rock bottom. Big fan of your stuff since I watched your shows as a kid 20 years ago. Crack on mate, crack on.

  • Betty Boo's Sister
    Betty Boo's Sister Month ago +6

    Voice is naff and camera work rubbish and that woman darting in and out doesn't help presentation

  • Felicia Rotaru
    Felicia Rotaru Month ago

    Good job to work together with your son .

    KELLY PASSALAQUA Month ago +3

    I love this team! Such a kind father!

  • wmpdd33
    wmpdd33 Month ago +2

    7 year old son won't eat anything, but now wants the 'yellow things', result!

  • Attilio Lesilio
    Attilio Lesilio Month ago

    Veg with cheese?

  • chubbybunny
    chubbybunny Month ago +7

    🥰 Loving his son's cooking confidence 🥰 lovely video.

  • Patrici G. Adrec
    Patrici G. Adrec Month ago

    The boy is absolutly brave ...!!!!

  • Nora Acevedo
    Nora Acevedo Month ago

    Good show but why the shaking camera?

  • noway6489533
    noway6489533 Month ago +2

    How awesome cooking with his son. My boy is 2. Gotta wait a few years yet before I can do the same. I'll definitely be sharing his Italian grandfathers recipes.
    Great work Jamie. Bravo 🇮🇹

  • 7399Misty
    7399Misty Month ago +2

    You never fail to get me motivated to try something new. This was so delicious, and easy. I served it with grilled lemon pepper shrimp. Thanks for your lovely recipes and excellent videos.

  • pamela ortiz
    pamela ortiz Month ago +10

    What a fabulous Dad you are Jamie! He's going to be a brilliant chef, just like you 💯 I'm so excited for your new book! Thank you for sharing your gift of cooking 😊 from your biggest fan in Chicago 💜

  • Josh L
    Josh L Month ago

    Stick blender didn't go too well for me, i don't think i cooked the veggies long enough. Attempt 2 tomorrow

  • neoky suiam
    neoky suiam Month ago

    Can i get the book in India?

  • Kim Runic
    Kim Runic Month ago

    I have a really brilliant simple pasta dish that I enjoy. Take some pasta, cook it, eat it.

  • Daniela Materna
    Daniela Materna Month ago


  • BIG T
    BIG T Month ago

    That sauce was steaming hot I think bobby was in some pain there

  • Dawn Barden
    Dawn Barden Month ago +5

    I've been a massive fan of Jamie's from his very first episode of the naked sheff and happy to say I've never missed one programme ever that might sound a little creepy but hay ho I think he's a great chef and a great dad

    • Betty Boo's Sister
      Betty Boo's Sister Month ago

      @Dawn Barden 🤣😂🤣😂 you welcome

    • Dawn Barden
      Dawn Barden Month ago

      Lol I didn't even notice I had spelt it wrong but thank you for pointing it out to everyone lol

    • Betty Boo's Sister
      Betty Boo's Sister Month ago +2

      Chef not sheff

  • Маргарита Ткач


  • orlovsskibet
    orlovsskibet Month ago +2

    I think it's the first time I've actually made one of the many recipies I watch.
    It was great - and the color is awesome with the yellow peppers.

  • Keith Harris
    Keith Harris 2 months ago

    Lookin totally Delicious 😋

  • Focalplane
    Focalplane 2 months ago

    you could have offered the woman a taste of your pasta........!

  • Noeline Campbell
    Noeline Campbell 2 months ago +1

    Loved watching this video! It’s awesome how Buddy not only enjoyed the cooking, but he got stuck right in eating it! Inspired to get my 7 year old grandson doing more👍

  • babara davis
    babara davis 2 months ago +1

    Buddy is lovely

  • Elsie Paculanan
    Elsie Paculanan 2 months ago

    I want to learn more about your a new friend i visit your house im waiting also tnx friend

  • mongango
    mongango 2 months ago

    Superdelicius !! Thanks.

  • Tamara Prevost
    Tamara Prevost 2 months ago

    Keep on cooking on Jamie. Love from an American in Paris!

  • national buzz
    national buzz 2 months ago

    Can make a yellow tomatoes pasta

  • TokyoBlue
    TokyoBlue 2 months ago +4

    Omg, Buddy is so adorable, following in his dad's footsteps. Looking forward to this new book!!

  • Ed M
    Ed M 2 months ago +2

    i think its amazing jamie has taught his children and allows them to think for themselves while they cook ..... good stuff

  • R Richards
    R Richards 2 months ago +16

    How about a book/show on teaching kids to cook?! Include knife skills and fun recipes of real food that kids can cook for themselves and their family. They would be inspired by Jamie.

  • The Dude
    The Dude 2 months ago +1

    first of all, sulfuric acid is what you mean. onions don't produce hydrochloric acid, second I bet Ramsays kid Jack could beat the living piss out of your Buddy.

    • Lily Lebowsky
      Lily Lebowsky Month ago

      @Joe Pants he does!!! He wanted to bring a family touch. Why compare the 2 chefs anyway? Less comparing more appreciating

    • Joe Pants
      Joe Pants 2 months ago

      I totally Agree! I also find it sad that you have to use your wife as a camera man, and your little son as your assistant. Get a real crew! Ramsays has a camera crew. LOL What a joke!