Trained not to cry: the challenge of being a soldier | Richard Doss | TEDxNaperville

  • Published on Dec 6, 2016
  • Members and Veterans of the US Armed Forces have unacceptably high suicide rates. Why?
    It's not the combat experience like one would suggest, but a much more complex issue that needs to be talked about.

    Dr. Richard Doss is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and works for the Veterans Administration Vet Center. He is also a former Department of Defense Suicide Prevention Program Manager for the United States Army Reserve, training commanders, soldiers, and their families on suicide prevention and assisting over 13,000 soldiers in 26 states and Puerto Rico. Certified in Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST), Richard has trained hundreds of Soldiers and their families in the art of Suicide Awareness and Suicide Prevention.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Juuso Hämäläinen
    Juuso Hämäläinen 15 hours ago

    Soldiers are not heros not a single one of them. They are mislead youngs used by irresponsible governments and politicians who would never risk their own lives whatever happens.
    Young soldiers should use their skills to kill their own leaders and those of their enemies. There would not be any wars if we get rid of our warmongers.
    This presentation is excellent in its realism. It only has two basic faults; it assumes wars are inevitable and it tries to fix only symptoms. That is a mistaken assumption.

  • David Shaughnessy
    David Shaughnessy 23 hours ago

    I agree with him 100%. The only problem is, the Chinese and the Russians aren't going to listen to this advice.

  • Yeyeboi132
    Yeyeboi132 2 days ago

    I am a child suffering from many metal illnesses, from the school system which , I believe needs a rework, but I HOPE, anyone who has almost ended their life, gets the help they need before anything horrible could occur

  • Archer 721
    Archer 721 2 days ago

    This is absolute truth beyond any shadow of a doubt.... But also the truth is just exactly what he said it is "seek help and you WILL end your career" - seek help and you WILL be deemed unfit for duty, because THEY will restrict you from the ability to possess your weapon - and because you can't carry a weapon you WILL be medically discharged or retired... you will be removed from your true support group of your brothers and sisters in arms and placed in the civilian world that will never understand the tribalism culture that you were a part of and how much it has become a part of your life. They will never understand what it is to be.... and you will never be able to truly assimilate into their world of "unknowing" the things that you have done and seen and the bonds of the tribe will be forever a mystery to the mind of those whom know not what you know. - so called help is not always what "they" claim it to be. - yes my brothers and sisters in arms, we need to help each other, but be aware of what it is that asking for it may bring.

  • Reba Nerk
    Reba Nerk 3 days ago

    If you commit a crime involving drugs, domestic violence or EVEN theft/shoplifting you get a case manager, access to mental healthcare, you're required to attend groups/classes to help you learn to overcome your problems. You are assigned a PROFESSIONAL to look out for you and make sure you are OK. You get hurt in the line of duty, are "lucky" to be rated 100% bc that's "good money" and sent on your way. Most of us served in attempt to do the right thing but we aren't given the resources that those who commit crimes. What's wrong with this picture? The VA doesn't offer any programs to rehabilitate an emotionally injured soldier. We did what was asked of us and are punished for doing so. I haven't interacted with anyone in days, I don't want to burden anyone, but this is no life.

  • Jason Jacob
    Jason Jacob 9 days ago

    He sounds a little like Denzel Washington

  • delta229
    delta229 9 days ago

    VA is literally two of the three stressors

  • Mo Fo
    Mo Fo 12 days ago

    You SHOULD teach your boys to not be cry babies. Seriously?

  • Mo Fo
    Mo Fo 12 days ago +1

    I don't wanna keel no keeee-id

  • Aaron Myers
    Aaron Myers 21 day ago

    I served 12 years in the Marines, and had 4 combat deployments. This guy is way off, he is selling an agenda.

  • bigwaverider
    bigwaverider 24 days ago

    saxophones are not used in symphony orchestra's.

  • Chris Bolin
    Chris Bolin 26 days ago

    I survived 7 tours in

  • john smith
    john smith 27 days ago

    I have no sympathy for these people
    Usa armies just go & kill anyone in sight usually innocent civilians they have no clue in todays gurellia warfare

    • E K
      E K 13 days ago

      I’m sure you’re an expert on “gurellia” warfare, John.

  • Tim Quest
    Tim Quest 29 days ago

    Thank you

  • SolidMike84
    SolidMike84 Month ago

    He kinda sounds like Denzel Washington.

  • Dione Page
    Dione Page Month ago

    Incredible….. thank you for this Ted Talk.

  • KG
    KG Month ago

    One reason why deployment isn't correlated to suicide is that what happens on a deployment affects everyone no matter their situation. The guy who broke his leg in a motorcycle accident just days before deployment is tormented by the knowledge that his brothers died and he was never there. The guy who made friends in boot camp but was a POG at a duty station that never deploys to a combat zone is tormented by the news that that friend he made was brought home covered in a flag while he stayed in relative comfort and safety. I deployed with a poor self image. I was ready to die the most painful death imaginable if the other guys could just make it home alive and untouched. Of course I made it home, unscathed and never having seen combat. Unfortunately my brothers weren't so lucky. Two guys I knew, that no amount of reassurance can convince me weren't better men than myself, died on the last op. I'm tormented by the knowledge that I have much less to give to society than either of those guys. One, a competitive swimmer. The other, a musician who played guitar and practiced counting cards in anticipation of the Marine Corps Ball in Las Vegas. The world lost a great deal in 2012 and it's got me as a poor consolation prize. What he said about not being able to reach out is 100% true. While in the service, we fall into fears that tell us that we won't be accepted or that we won't pick up our next rank. Outside the service is almost worse. We hear of red flag laws. For me, all a red flag law is is a threat to a past time that reminds me of days in the field training with those guys. It's a brief respite from the pain. A respite that is threatened almost daily by politicians who only talk about gun policy because of a perverse need to virtue signal. I am not suicidal. I harbor no thoughts of killing anybody. That said, a warrior's death is not something that I can say that I haven't wished for. Turning to others for help opens me up to everything that I fear. Will I be able to keep my rights? Between red flag laws and political bias running rampant it's hard to feel like people won't screw you over. Free speech is under attack as well. Was opening myself up to this kind of pain worth it? Sometimes the pain comes from civilians who don't seem to appreciate the gift that others earned for them.
    What truly keeps me sane is my friends, my family, my military family, and my principles...probably the one area of discipline that I still adhere to. Comfort food doesn't hurt either. Hopefully myself and others will find a time when help feels like a gift rather than a surrender.

  • Eric Hodge
    Eric Hodge Month ago

    This gentleman needs to do voice-over work. He's absolutely great. Please don't think that I paid no attention to the topic of this talk, which was very powerful and much needed. I am merely pointing out that this man obviously has a great gift in having such a persuasive voice, manner, and delivery.

  • Raul Benitez
    Raul Benitez Month ago

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  • John Vining
    John Vining Month ago

    Wow.. this guy nails it.

  • Shhtteeve
    Shhtteeve Month ago

    this man needs to record audiobooks

  • Kyle Sexton
    Kyle Sexton Month ago

    Some people are comfortable with killing, and others are not. It's not easy, but being a Christian does help. And their are bad people, who commit great atrocities, and need to be stopped. Killing the boy, which I doubt he was a boy, probably 13 or 15, and we have 13 or 15 year olds here in the USA killing people in gang violence, and 10 year olds killing their family. We have serious issues, but when it's you or them, hopefully people make the right choice and choose themselves.

    KGSJR Month ago

    He wasn't Drafted, he was trained and knew what he might be up against and if his actions or lack of gets his Platoon/Brothers killed than how's he gonna feel.

  • GamersTale
    GamersTale Month ago +1

    I know that this isnt really comparable to a soldiers life but my dog died not too long ago. I had been best friends with this dog for as long as i can remember. and when this dog was put down and i felt really like the world was ending, my stepmother told me "its just a dog" how horrible does that sound? pretty bad. but didnt stop her from saying it and didnt stop me from vrying for almost two nights straight. it hurt me. it damaged me. Now my other dog, even closer to me than the last, is passing away very slowly. and i have no one to talk to because my stepmom will step in and say "well shes just a mutt" and go on to tell how her dog died when she was my age and didnt have any feelings. thank you for listening to my ted talk

  • The Left Mike Right Mike Show

    I call BS on the story. He obviously takes some artistic license to describe Jason as if he was there, which is annoying, but more importantly you don’t shoot people with the 50 either you lied about the weapon to make it more sinister (as opposed to say M249 SAW) or the story itself is a lie

  • 2to2
    2to2 2 months ago

    Good talk. Thank you, Richard....

  • Threat Mitigation Manufacturing

    Nothing worse then being a disposable hero.

  • james clark
    james clark 2 months ago

    Don't worry, folks! Trump will MAGA, and then the VA will start taking proper care of veterans!
    This will fix many financial problems and many legal problems, which will surely help with relationship problems too!
    He will do this right after he delivers on all his promises, LOL! But first, he will golf... and tweet.

  • Pati Mualia
    Pati Mualia 2 months ago

    can this guy hook up with mateusz m and do an inspirational video clip please?

  • Sir ChucklenutsTM
    Sir ChucklenutsTM 2 months ago

    My friend came back from the army, stressed out and different but he tried to remain the same
    He died in a bike accident, and the way it played out and whaht he told me
    I can't shake the feeling he did it on purpose.

  • HQ Very Lucky
    HQ Very Lucky 2 months ago

    when an asian kid falls down they say:
    play some more la, see what happen

  • Elmer Lino
    Elmer Lino 2 months ago +1

    I was raised like that

  • Kyle Mouttet
    Kyle Mouttet 2 months ago +1

    keep in mind that this is true for all people, not just soldiers.
    when the people in your life don't want to hear about your pain.. don't care about your problems.. and don't want you to talk about anything serious.. then you'll start to fall apart.
    people need to acknowledge one another.. nobody is perfect, but we're all who we are in our own unique ways. if there's someone in your life whose eyes carry the shadow of pain, then reach your hand out to them. what we all want and need is for someone to care. it's always a good time to talk.

  • AR-Sith F.Austin
    AR-Sith F.Austin 2 months ago

    My cousin, and brother in arms. Zachary Phillips, SGT. USMC. Discharged honorable, Suicide infront of his current (at the time girl friend).

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 2 months ago

    prison inmates are the same way. ive been both, and id choose combat or prison any day. atleast there i know where i pigs, creditors bankers etc.....

  • Ro lf
    Ro lf 2 months ago

    Chinese culture is different. Women are not supposed to be emotional. Rural Chinese communities is one of the rare places in the world where female suicide is considerably higher than male suicide. Something to look into.

  • passtheparcel2007
    passtheparcel2007 2 months ago

    Soldiers are taught to kill, without question. Without giving it a second thought. They have to obey orders, no matter how distasteful, illogical and/or morally indecent! When they manage to get out of the services, as they are trained, killing machines, unleashed in a civilian world. They are not taught, how to survive this sudden change!

  • andrew dods
    andrew dods 2 months ago

    This is me, from 18 to 48. Police and Army. Been preparing to lose all since 18. And after 30 years, one ex wife, 2 lost daughters, got shown the door ( x 3), and... having lost all ... what now ??????

  • Caleb M
    Caleb M 2 months ago

    The VA isn’t upset about veterans committing suicide. When we do it they’re counting dollar bills saved and put back in the budget.

  • Brandon Kulis
    Brandon Kulis 2 months ago

    His voice is so quiet, I fell asleep watching this.

  • Paul Singleton
    Paul Singleton 2 months ago +1

    I'm sitting here trying to find how to respond without knowing what to say. This is truth and this is pain. I am in this and once you have been through it, you can't easily come back. Part of me is still in the middle east, because it made sense, life doesn't anymore.

  • Awesome Austin2A
    Awesome Austin2A 2 months ago

    Seems fishy how many “Veterans” are in the comments

  • Mass Vocals
    Mass Vocals 2 months ago

    when you are discharge , remember , that life is over , its value is taken but its over , the new standard is simple , Capitalism ,,, just as you dove in to the contact to join now join in on your own behalf create your dream , love your family and friends , be vocal take time to understand this ,do not be dependent upon love by earning money instead " get love by being loved This takes evolutionary shift , you MUST take the time to be in the lives you want to shear " earning a relationship in love . Remember all things must past

  • Mass Vocals
    Mass Vocals 2 months ago

    when you join arm services , you are and have waved your personal rights and you are under orders , so ... Soldiers psychological mind set , is beyond combat experience , to wit a question of balance one must choose before signing in ....

  • trollstation z
    trollstation z 2 months ago


  • x_x
    x_x 2 months ago

    Land of the free.

  • Jano James
    Jano James 2 months ago


  • Alex Malenfant
    Alex Malenfant 2 months ago

    8:22 is that Novak? Bam margaras friend?

  • Lyle Bardwell
    Lyle Bardwell 2 months ago

    My command used the snow and starvation to injure me and my brothers.
    Starvation is a very painful thing especially after 6 days. My hands are swollen permanently from the snow. They burn as a reminder of trying to stay alive.
    Once I broke they came at me even harder after a dr I never met told them i was malingering which they knew was false but it gave them a green light to destroy me.
    I watched my brothers take injuries and become suicidal but because they were slandering me noone would help.
    I was discharged with PERSONALITY DISORDER and left broken.
    I thought I was mostly alone but I've since learned that
    I am one of thousands.

  • xGottelx
    xGottelx 3 months ago

    no one has to become a soldier. soldiers are murderers.

  • jimbelter2
    jimbelter2 3 months ago +2

    From personal experience, I can tell you the military also teaches you to separate your mind from your emotions. You cannot survive on the battlefield unless you've "mastered" this task. You have to learn that emotions will get you killed in combat because it causes you to second guess yourself and if you second guess yourself, then the enemy has the opportunity to kill YOU. You must learn to flip it on and off like a switch. When you are in training or in combat, the switch must be turned off. When you are off duty and with your family, friends, and loved ones you need to turn it back on as your emotions is what makes you the person you are. I served 21 years. In those years I had to learn very early in my career that your emotions will do you no good when in uniform. You must act instinctively and without second guessing yourself because it's the training that you've mastered that will keep you alive. If anything else, you remember that the most. The problem is that also carries over into your relationship with your spouse, then you are told that you are cold hearted because you no longer can express yourself emotionally and you begin to drift apart. The only people that understand and relate to you are those with which you served. You are closer to them than your own family, spouse, and children. Thus the only comfort you feel you can receive is from your battle buddies, your "military family", your brother in arms. It also spirals when you leave the military as you have a very difficult time adjusting to what socially correct norms are. I can write a book on this through my own experiences but the point is you are trained to be a machine - to react, survive, and complete your mission; nothing more. You must exist without emotion, something we are genetically programmed to express and use in everyday life. And that is what makes the life of any service member extremely difficult with which to cope because you no longer possess that trait.

  • Alexandra Almanzar
    Alexandra Almanzar 3 months ago

    Mmmmmm I want him to tell me a story every single night!

  • Fungus Infection
    Fungus Infection 3 months ago


  • Jay Charles
    Jay Charles 3 months ago

    This is why I did not go to Iraq. War is useless, just being in the army as i was 20 yr ago was hard, dangerous, you never know what to expect even in peacetime. Some training is hazardous and accidents abound in any service! I decided to work for peace in my world since it is the only one i have.

  • christina potter
    christina potter 3 months ago

    Soldiers are enemies of every human being in this country, and native Americans especially. It’s ok not to support those who will eventually kill us, those already persecuting Mexicans, Guatemalans, those kidnapping native Americans and en mass hunting them down,

  • Danforth Paleontologist
    Danforth Paleontologist 3 months ago +1

    I have actually trained myself not to cry without violence.
    I just have my cat... actually there is violence... like, I get scratched and bit a lot... mostly because I don’t pay attention.
    Mostly because society is all jerks and if I did cry I would be called weak no matter my power level.

    • Jake 19
      Jake 19 3 months ago

      See.. that's the core problem right there. Males are taught that showing any emotion other than anger is a sign of weakness. Repressing those emotions out of fear of ridicule IS weakness.

  • Spencer Genovese
    Spencer Genovese 3 months ago +1

    We wouldn't be given such a strong desire to cry were it not useful.

  • Eian Dumo
    Eian Dumo 3 months ago

    a lot of these ted talks are depressing

  • David Brown
    David Brown 3 months ago +1

    Retired Marine vet since 1985, 8 years of service. Would have made it a career if I had not sustained a career ending injury. To this day I have dreams that resolve around my time in. My civilian friends just don't seem to comprehend what this is all about. My best friends are vets from all the various services. I still have trouble adjusting to civilians after 33 years retired! The men I served with will always me my family, like my father, a WWll vet in Patton's 3rd Army who always talked about his time in Europe. Didn't understand it as a kid, but after boot camp, I understood completely!

    • David Brown
      David Brown 3 months ago

      You don't have to thank me for my service, I volunteered. I wanted to make the Corp a career, but was heartbroken when a simple training exercise caused fractures in my lower spine.

    • I’m that Ginga
      I’m that Ginga 3 months ago

      Thank you for your service sir as well as your father and his, I know nothing of what you have done I know you have gone through hard things as have I. my experiences are very different though, growing up in Oakland, CA as an Irish, white, ginger, I would be bullied on a regular and one day when I was walking home from school I found my brother dead outside of a corner store, he was killed in a drive by shooting. My bestfriend is a gang member I consider him my brother, so I consider the people he considers brothers, brothers. I have been to many funerals and just as my biological brother I have seen them under white sheets on the street. The things I just typed might not have to do with you but I wanted you to know that I have had comrades, brothers, and best friends die. You sir are not alone I thank you over and over for your service. Know that many civilians do understand and we will stand with you...

  • Nate Haselton
    Nate Haselton 3 months ago

    X Perv lol

  • Lo
    Lo 3 months ago

    If you need to express an emotion, just do it. It's one of your most basic rights and that's a communication basic. People communicate looking at body and oral languages. Even saying "i'm awkward with expressing my feelings" is something. It's a start! You may not be allowed to do it in the army. But as humans tyou should, cause expresqing something permits you to get the feeling out of you. And it helps people around you communicate too. Expressing hapiness, loneliness, joy, sadness, despair, nostalgia, confusion, anger and so on. That's just how humans work. Guys DO cry. So do girls. But it shouldn't be about boys or girls. Let me rephrase it. People do cry. People do feel. And people try to express.

  • lilhamps
    lilhamps 3 months ago

    As a Marines I really appreciate he laid out our problems but didn’t hate them per say. Because those things that make us weak are the things that make us the best fighting force to defend our freedom and our lives. And that’s something I hope everyone watching this understands. It’s a kill or be killed world and you need to be an independent numb person to do it.

  • Jersey Devil
    Jersey Devil 3 months ago

    Then dont join the army?

  • Jonathan Perry
    Jonathan Perry 4 months ago +1

    I am a musician and I was trained by several Marine corps band members. They started my career and they are the top musicians. They are called the president's own. They are the president's personal band. They are the only service band that isn't required to go to boot camp Because they are so prized and great musicians they are too likely to have an injury to their fingers or wrists or whatever that would ruin their musician skills. Army and Navy bands go to camp because everyone has to be a soldier first. But the Marines try and be the best and they're musicians are highly prized. The Marine corps band can be harder to join than the national symphony. So how did he end up in combat. I guess there are lower level Marine bands? Or he already was a marine and won the audition? No one in the president's own would end up in combat. I'm not criticizing. As a musician who wanted to play in a military band and knows alot of them I wish I knew more of how this happened.

  • NPC S/N 1579325
    NPC S/N 1579325 4 months ago

    Man.... I don't have words... So true... Feels good to actually hear it spoken outloud....

  • Jacob Opstad
    Jacob Opstad 4 months ago

    What a captivating speaking style! Great talk!

  • Loops
    Loops 4 months ago

    this mans seems awkward

  • Jordan Miller
    Jordan Miller 4 months ago

    Well i watched a try not to cry video and passed it sovyea i think i can relate to this man

  • Valium
    Valium 4 months ago

    Someone who actually talks about this subject out loud. God bless

  • Godzilla Pro
    Godzilla Pro 4 months ago

    Never realized till my mom had a talk with me that I wasn’t the same after joining. Said I seemed a lot darker. Really hit me to think about how I use to be compared to now

  • TheNocturnal
    TheNocturnal 4 months ago

    This guy related to Denzel Washington?

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones 4 months ago

    I've been in for going on 6 years now. Army, 19delta, 1 guy in my basic training unit committed suicide, and one from my unit, 1st 172nd regiment of the 10th mtn also, they were my brothers, and not a day goes by that I don't think of them.

  • playfsx
    playfsx 4 months ago

    1.5x sounds about right

  • Gary Rose
    Gary Rose 4 months ago +1

    are you related to Desmond Doss? i met him in the 50 s a medal of honor recipient and a nice guy...

  • Zenny
    Zenny 4 months ago

    8:21: Is that biggie 2988??

  • Drippy Splashn
    Drippy Splashn 4 months ago

    ICU Brandon Novak

  • Gary Rose
    Gary Rose 4 months ago

    i really don't understand all these ptsd problems - i was in the nam in 67 i came home and finished university and went to work as an airline pilot. i know the experience changed my life i grew up fast and became more introspective but i never wanted to kill myself. for me it was an experience i never want to go through again but i am glad i did it and i think i am a better person because of it...

  • Torture Killah2
    Torture Killah2 4 months ago

    My fortress is crumbling and shits need for likes. I need prayers. Deployments where the only good thing I ever did.....God bless these currently serving troops

  • Orlando Diaz Ortiz
    Orlando Diaz Ortiz 4 months ago

    I hurt everyday my depression sometimes gets the best of me i think of suicide almost everyday the only thing that keeps me up right is my kids otherwise i dont know. Im a shell of who i was before the army even tho i loved my time and wish to go back. The military and war changed me to a person that i dont know

  • anumere
    anumere 4 months ago +1

    8:20 Dude at the bottom left is Brandon Novak!?

  • PauhovXiong
    PauhovXiong 5 months ago

    Soon to be US Army veteran. Everything he says is true.

  • Ambi Cahira
    Ambi Cahira 5 months ago +3

    Tear ducts were installed to be used. ❤

  • R. H.F.
    R. H.F. 5 months ago

    i could listen to his voice all day, his cadence is reminiscent of a buddhist monk.

  • Laughing Jack
    Laughing Jack 5 months ago

    I’ve never got the high voice thing. I’ve always got the quit crying of I’ll give you something to cry about, stuck it up, walk it off, and etc.

  • Isaac thewhite
    Isaac thewhite 5 months ago +1

    Morgan freeman

  • Mark Crawfy
    Mark Crawfy 5 months ago

    very deep...

  • arseniovayadares
    arseniovayadares 5 months ago

    As an Army infantry grunt war is war you dont think about it its eighter you or that kid with a suicide vest or gun trying to kill you, it's war man its an igly business.

  • verilyheld
    verilyheld 5 months ago +3

    Having been in the military, here's something. The military Does Not Care. It talks about how it does, how it will be there for you, but That Is A Lie. Furthermore, in training the military tells you over and over and over you're no good, not worthy, then they scream at you for proving them right.

  • 劇場X リミックス (Theaterxremix)

    If he spoke in a planetarium I would pay large amounts of money to go.

  • Arief Rakhman
    Arief Rakhman 5 months ago

    The Punisher

  • Pitusa Radiactiva
    Pitusa Radiactiva 6 months ago

    I freaking love his voice

  • Robert L.
    Robert L. 6 months ago +1

    WHAT A FCKED UP WORLD, what fcked up lives,

    where u need to go to war to find honor and companionship!

    WHAT FCKED UP WORLDVIEW that glorifies war.

  • Charlos
    Charlos 6 months ago +1

    I’ve always had a hard time with the concept of asking for help when I need it. My whole life I would rather die of thirst than to ask for a sip of water. I didn’t know why until now. Thank you for this. I now have some minor sense of inner peace and feel like I understand myself a little better

  • Daniel Stevens
    Daniel Stevens 6 months ago

    Thank you Richard

  • Jason Spencer
    Jason Spencer 6 months ago

    Probably one of the most charismatic speakers I've seen, most likely because it's coming from the heart. I'd love to hear him do some audiobooks!

  • Conor Geoghegan
    Conor Geoghegan 6 months ago +4

    I'd love to sleep on a bed made of this mans voice!

  • Jesse Cab
    Jesse Cab 6 months ago +10

    Choosing to fight in the Marine Corps or Army as an Infantryman is suicide. I joined during a time where guys were dying on their first tour. My leaders all had divorces, multiple comrades killed in combat, and had their souls taken from them. Without those guys I would have died on my first tour. We were all phased out of the service due to the Army wanting to get rid of the guys who they needed to do multiple tours and have their souls taken from them. We were replaced by fresh troops who joined for benefits without the possibility of deploying. I left because I didn’t feel comfortable even in the Army anymore. So I don’t feel comfortable back home now. Isolation is the only option for me. I bundle up my memories and never talk about them and hide my past. Most of my coworkers have no idea that I fought in three deployments and fought in one of the biggest battles in Iraq. When I see an active duty Army or Marine Infantryman, I hope that those individuals can make it past the initial contact with the enemy with the vacancy of leaders that I was grateful to have that are now living in isolation as well.

    • Eric Hodge
      Eric Hodge Month ago

      You dished up a lot of truth, Sir.

    • Lil Joe
      Lil Joe 2 months ago

      Jesse Cab Damn Brother Thank You For Your Service!

    • Karan Arora
      Karan Arora 2 months ago

      I hope you and your colleagues are doing alright man.

  • Rick Harris
    Rick Harris 6 months ago

    I'll always remember the wise words of my DS in basic. He came out shitfaced one night to release us and said "you can't feel sad if you can't feel anything".

  • Pseudo Nym
    Pseudo Nym 6 months ago

    I see a perv to his left

  • night_terror 851
    night_terror 851 6 months ago

    At 8:10, the guy in the bottom left with the hat. Is that Novak from viva la bam lol.