• Published on Nov 19, 2019
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    THIS IS L&S  17 days ago +1199


    • Samantha Perry
      Samantha Perry 9 days ago

      THIS IS L&S Congratulations! 🍾🎊 one question can y’all please do a updated morning routine including the dogs? Plzzz or a updated Night time routine

    • Mikayla Mills
      Mikayla Mills 11 days ago

      THIS IS L&S I’m so happy for you guys 😁 you guys definitely deserve it I’m so excited for the house tour

    • Chanie Kaahanui
      Chanie Kaahanui 14 days ago

      Can’t wait for baby now

    • Nia's Gang
      Nia's Gang 14 days ago


    • Jenny Rose
      Jenny Rose 15 days ago

      THIS IS L&S you guys should keep the same beat at the end of every video i love it.

  • sy_ nuha
    sy_ nuha Day ago

    Shyla so pretty inside and outside ❤️😍😘💗

  • Irma'z Vizion
    Irma'z Vizion Day ago


  • Ruk K
    Ruk K 2 days ago +1

    All Shyla ever says in all their videos is "like" 🤣 girl needs to expand her vocabulary

  • Griselda Gonzales
    Griselda Gonzales 5 days ago +1

    Good job (:

  • Norma Rivas
    Norma Rivas 7 days ago


  • Valeska Chapoy
    Valeska Chapoy 7 days ago

    Yo I've been dying for those x drawing jounerls and they have some

  • Selena Figueroa
    Selena Figueroa 8 days ago

    Aww CONGRATULATIONS you guy's are so blessed!! I loved Shyla's reaction made me emotional 🥰😢🙏🏻

  • BeautyTipsByAnita
    BeautyTipsByAnita 8 days ago

    She is real and humble not like Catherine

  • BeautyTipsByAnita
    BeautyTipsByAnita 8 days ago +1

    I love Shyla she is so humble so humble ❤️❤️❤️ I love she always thank Jesus very grateful so loving and caring ❤️

  • jen jd
    jen jd 9 days ago

    Finally something goes right for them happy for them. Seems slow has gone wrong their way.

  • Tricia Espitia
    Tricia Espitia 9 days ago

    Hahahaha I laughed so loud when he asked how to spell congratulations. That's how we know the smartphones are takin over our lives. I do the same thing cause i am used to autocorrect. Good man u got shyla!

  • Christina DIY & Beauty
    Christina DIY & Beauty 9 days ago +1

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Donna Dosh
    Donna Dosh 10 days ago

    Congratulations guys on your new house love you guys

  • Elizabeth Ashley
    Elizabeth Ashley 10 days ago

    Their conversations are so genuine. The way Landon looks at Shyla and speaks to her as if there’s not a camera in sight is absolutely beautiful. Their chemistry is everything. I can’t wait to see baby girl! 💗💕

  • Ania The Unique
    Ania The Unique 10 days ago

    It’s a good house

  • Alondra Dayana
    Alondra Dayana 10 days ago

    Every video starts with Landon being crazy😂(me)

  • Stephanie Luna
    Stephanie Luna 11 days ago +33

    She said “all my chins are out today” 😂😂😂 lmao saaaaame

  • Isabella Hoffman
    Isabella Hoffman 11 days ago

    what was the song called they played in the car

  • Roland Martinez
    Roland Martinez 12 days ago

    So happy for ya'll,and just know that the l&S gang will be here for y'all through this journey 👌

  • Dennys Berumen
    Dennys Berumen 12 days ago

    I just love shyla Landon you’re blessed

  • Blanca Jacobo
    Blanca Jacobo 12 days ago

    Hi l&S gang love you 💙💜

  • elizabeth boham
    elizabeth boham 12 days ago

    Good vibes

  • Zoe Rhiannon
    Zoe Rhiannon 12 days ago

    This would be my pregnant ass crying all emotional and then realizing I’m not supposed to rub my eyelashes for 48 hours 😂

  • A'arizu 19
    A'arizu 19 12 days ago

    I dont know y y im starting to like these more than Ace fam🤭♥️Sorry but No sorry😜💞💞💞

  • The Mccall Tribe
    The Mccall Tribe 12 days ago

    So happy for y’all, y’all deserve wayyyyyy more🤟🏼

  • ker3riea kerrie
    ker3riea kerrie 12 days ago

    I want to like them together so badly . But Shyla just doesn’t seem like she is truly in love with him . And he worships the ground she walks on. Please tell me I’m not the only one that sees this!

  • angelina ruiz
    angelina ruiz 12 days ago +1

    I wouldn't think that this would make me cry too!!!😭❤😭

  • Ashyell Gentle
    Ashyell Gentle 12 days ago

    I love the love that comes from you guys’ aura. I’m so happy for you guys, and God will continue to bless. Congrats on your new house where you can raise your family.💗✨

  • lancyfrias
    lancyfrias 12 days ago

    What’s the song on 4:38?

  • Yorimar Osorio Méndez

    Why isn’t Austin wife ever in your videos

  • Ashley Marie
    Ashley Marie 12 days ago

    Shyla! Girl please don’t ever drop to the floor like that again. You scared the hell out of me. 😩

  • jayalysa
    jayalysa 13 days ago

    I want you guys to post more :(

  • Cristina Garcia
    Cristina Garcia 13 days ago

    The begging is mood when i get out of school❗😂😂😂😂😂

  • Queens Gutierrez
    Queens Gutierrez 13 days ago

    I think the Baby already came because they haven’t post in a 4days 😚😋😋🤪

  • Ta'nyla Walker
    Ta'nyla Walker 13 days ago +1

    literally stop comparing him to Austin just because they are brothers don't mean that they have the same mind set and personality 💯

  • M Elle
    M Elle 13 days ago

    Lord, I pray that you bless this family and keep them safe and away from all the evil that their surrounded by. Surround with you love and cover them as they take new steps into parenthood. Lord I pray that Austin keeps his bullshit farrrrrr away from his brother who clearly got his head on straight. And the church says....

  • Gift Madukwe
    Gift Madukwe 13 days ago

    OMG why doese this viodeo have 520 dislikes? they diserve to be happy and have a new house like for real congrats!!!!!!😁

  • Belinda schuberg
    Belinda schuberg 13 days ago

    When is your baby shower

  • Selena Perez
    Selena Perez 13 days ago

    Gorgeous house! Congrats L&S ! 💛

  • Anny Vargas
    Anny Vargas 13 days ago

    I love you us you so real!! Bless you 3

  • Isabel Arsiaga
    Isabel Arsiaga 13 days ago

    I have a feeling the babies name is Sky or Star🤔🤔

  • Alissa Wright
    Alissa Wright 13 days ago

    Watch the baby’s name be sky😌

  • itz aileen
    itz aileen 13 days ago

    11:27 aweee😢

  • Cynthia
    Cynthia 13 days ago

    I think I know the baby name🤔 maybe Shanel or Shantel

  • charlotte foster-ellis

    The baby name is skyla 🥰

  • Elizabeth Bahena
    Elizabeth Bahena 13 days ago

    Dear l&s
    I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant and going through a hard financial time with my boyfriend, we just lost our car and have many bills to pay and stuff to buy for our future daughter but having each other by our side is what counts, seeing your video makes me feel happy And I hope to feel your joy from getting a new home hopefully soon before my little baby is here 😔

  • Lee family
    Lee family 13 days ago

    Hey guys check out are first family vlog

  • Lesly Mendez
    Lesly Mendez 13 days ago

    Oh ya

  • Beats Beats
    Beats Beats 13 days ago

    Do anybody know the outro song??

  • Marleen Diaz
    Marleen Diaz 14 days ago

    Shyla has be dying with that comment "you got me looking all crusty, with all my chins out today" 😂😂

  • Iyonna mason
    Iyonna mason 14 days ago

    The house is beautiful she is going to be so happy...she is a lucky girl for u to have love u guys

  • Amruthavarshini Ranganath

    Love you guys sooo much mahn

  • Chanie Kaahanui
    Chanie Kaahanui 14 days ago

    Can’t wait to u guys have baby

  • Adriana Ramirez
    Adriana Ramirez 14 days ago

    he even got the elote man ? awwww 😂💕

  • Mereis pillay
    Mereis pillay 14 days ago

    So happy for them ❤❤

  • Debby Love J
    Debby Love J 14 days ago

    I’m crying with you guys

  • YooItzKarolina
    YooItzKarolina 14 days ago +1

    Now in waiting for a while house tour in so excited

  • bria nicole
    bria nicole 14 days ago

    im mad he been outta breath for like 3min straight.

  • 73Jlynn
    73Jlynn 14 days ago

    I felt Shyla, she made me tear of happiness because they deserve it. God bless you L&S