10 Completely False "Facts" Everyone Still Believes!

  • Published on Jan 25, 2018
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Comments • 5 051

  • Winter Wine
    Winter Wine Year ago +2759

    I love this channel!

  • Juju Marie Aleman

    I like your beard. (I know thats probably weird.) I likw how you put senses as number 6 and talked about the 6th sense🤘🏼

  • עמית אביב
    עמית אביב 20 hours ago +1

    גן עדן כפרה

  • chris gentry
    chris gentry Day ago

    "Its like nature's very own radar". You mean sonar?

  • Candace Dunson
    Candace Dunson Day ago

    I lost my sense of time. I had died of air emboli and when I came back, I just don't have it. If I'm in a dark room without a clock or something to tell time, I can't even estimate. I constantly forget the date and day of week, and sometimes the month, too. I have all my other senses, in fact my hearing is more sensitive now.

  • MrFloppy19
    MrFloppy19 2 days ago

    I already knew that it wasn't an apple that Adam ate in the Garden of Eden because I actually pay attention when I read the Bible, it says "forbidden fruit" but never specifies what type of fruit. My guess is it was a fig as it was Fig Leaves that Adam and Eve covered themselves with.

  • Jerome Bruce
    Jerome Bruce 2 days ago

    you need to try Stand Up Comedy.. its right up your alley.. cus you're funny as a wet orangutan

  • Christopher Cory
    Christopher Cory 3 days ago

    People still "learning as students in school" on everyday life.
    Till tomorrow we die.
    Tune to Steve roach music "dream time return"
    So how many albums that Steve roach made?

  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson 3 days ago

    He is right it wasn’t an apple. It was sex

  • Rain0and0Thunder
    Rain0and0Thunder 3 days ago

    Another false..Pyramids were not tombs, they were special places that works as Astrological charts. There were no bodies. XD

  • pydro
    pydro 4 days ago

    But my sister punched me in the nose when i woke her up while she was sleep walking. Either that or wait she probably hit me on purpose probably cuz i jumped on her back

  • stanaclausisanalien 101

    Humans evolved from chimps I’m glad you touched on that but bud you know as well as I do we come from the passed an that’s it not such a thing as evolution Darwin was a bullshitter we come from the man above

  • stanaclausisanalien 101

    Facts that people still believe
    Fluoride is good for you
    Milk is good for you
    You should listen to doctors advice
    nasa landed on the moon
    Water curves
    I could go on and on believe that

  • Allison Shenanigans
    Allison Shenanigans 5 days ago

    It was a fig

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 6 days ago

    Aliens actually made the pyramids

  • Krowned Kitabah
    Krowned Kitabah 6 days ago

    You need your own tv show.

  • Gospelwatcher
    Gospelwatcher 6 days ago


  • Riozu
    Riozu 6 days ago

    the fact about the senses is not fake its just the fact actually is that you have 5 "Main" Senses

  • badgerbadger_badger Poppy?

    Are you the sun? Because the world doesn’t revolve around you.

  • Antonio Galindo
    Antonio Galindo 7 days ago

    The fruit was free thought and wanting to understand. Knowledge itself. Why do you think the Illuminati displays apple products with a bite out of the apple.

  • Angela O'Brien
    Angela O'Brien 7 days ago

    I have the 21st sense lol

  • Vester1985
    Vester1985 8 days ago

    No evidence to support the claim that the pyramid at Giza was a tomb...?

  • It’s Delightful
    It’s Delightful 9 days ago +1

    I’ve never thought the forbidden fruit was an apple I always pictured it as a peach.. 😅

  • Takenbyspiders
    Takenbyspiders 9 days ago

    6:04 Liked just for this.

  • Dane Andree
    Dane Andree 10 days ago

    How ironic is is that this video itself is filled with false information. Its well understood today by anyone with more than 400 brain cells going in the same directiom that the pyramids are absolutely not tombs of Pharoahs. Also, considering that its still virtually impossible to replicate the building of the pyramids TO THIS DAY, it was clearly impossible for any human worker or slave with primitive technology to build such a thing. Its been revealed that the pyramids and the sphinx were present in the area of Egypt long before any Pharoah of antiquity. You need to do some homework

  • Look At My Adorable Profile Pic

    Mandela effect

  • deadpoetoftheyear
    deadpoetoftheyear 12 days ago

    I feel disappointed. I knew all of them part from the finger wrinkles. I need a cookie. I came here to maybe for real learn something new. But nope. Since when did you start acting like a content farm? And make a feel good video so everyone can pride themselves at least knowing half of this? :( And my fingertips are always a bit wrinkly. So that it a brain anomaly? If so, I really learned somthing, but sure as hell no one will be able to answer this since it's not in Wiki.....

  • Richie Davis Jr
    Richie Davis Jr 12 days ago

    You are awesome dude! I can put your videos on and turn the screen off and listen to "facts to blow your mind"!. Have a good day

  • Dubz_Gameplaygamer
    Dubz_Gameplaygamer 12 days ago

    So in other words it’s the earth revolving around gravity

  • Jadesada Tandozeus
    Jadesada Tandozeus 12 days ago

    knowledge and so funny man.

  • Stark_Syndrome
    Stark_Syndrome 13 days ago

    Another one is that Matt doesn’t do cocaine. Just watch this video.

  • reapapyrus plays roblox

    1. god.

  • Kristen Kennedy
    Kristen Kennedy 13 days ago

    His side comments make me cackle I swear😂😂😂

  • Krysta Monaco
    Krysta Monaco 13 days ago

    adam and eve are fake anyways so why even add that

  • prid3 33
    prid3 33 14 days ago

    Yeah my brother use to seriously freak out when you woke him he use to scream and hit

  • Fikretemariam Mengistu

    My name is matthew mekonnen

  • Tony mcbadgett
    Tony mcbadgett 15 days ago +1

    I used to sleep walk and my parents would always just guide me back to by bed.

  • Cheri Chesley
    Cheri Chesley 15 days ago

    Don't talk to me about goldfish. We had one once that committed suicide by bashing its head against the side of its bowl.

  • bullethead247
    bullethead247 15 days ago +1

    I knew the one about the fingers wrinkling in water! :) man i used to watch this channel all the time a couple years ago, no idea why i stopped but im glad i started again x

  • TheFlamerWolf _
    TheFlamerWolf _ 15 days ago +1

    I was sleep walking as i was trying to lean my desk down as it had a long cabin and my grandpa woke me up and couldn't hold it and we went back to bed

  • Diego Acosta Carrasquillo

    And the biggest false "fact" everyone still believe is: *Columbus discovered America*

  • Willow Cardinal
    Willow Cardinal 16 days ago

    why would you leave out the one that would actually help people? WEARING WHITE ON A HOT DAY WILL MAKE YOU MORE HOT THAN WEARING BLACK!!!

  • Timon
    Timon 16 days ago +1

    Just know that a gold fish bowl is really a prison. Humans are so nasty. 😢

  • Sean Stewart
    Sean Stewart 16 days ago +1

    Now I feel bad for putting a goldfish in a tiny bowl!

  • Darkfirefury Firery
    Darkfirefury Firery 17 days ago

    So technically speaking... the earth also revolve around venus and mercury?

  • Zoe Elkington
    Zoe Elkington 17 days ago

    Goldfish don't have three second memory people trust me ever tried to feed one as soon as you step near there tank around 7:00am my fish just go 'gonna feed me' an if you don't they just follow you around like 'come on you know you want to'

    • Zoe Elkington
      Zoe Elkington 17 days ago

      Dad just fed them and the gold goldfish one started to 'eat' the water then looked at him when he fed the three bata fish first an it shoved the two black ones away (one of the couldn't swim with its fin) mean

  • Jane Marsee
    Jane Marsee 17 days ago

    The fruit may have been a fig. After all, Adam and Eve 'sewed fig leaves together to cover their nakedness'.

  • Kermit the dick
    Kermit the dick 17 days ago

    Man didn't build the pyramids

    • Kermit the dick
      Kermit the dick 16 days ago +1

      @Timon Aliens

    • Timon
      Timon 16 days ago

      It was the reptilians, wasn't it? 😂

  • John Marston
    John Marston 17 days ago

    His side over acting is so obnoxious

    DSTARPLAYZ YT 18 days ago

    When I sleep walked once I was on my deck and almost fell the other time I woke up in the shower

  • ninjago lego
    ninjago lego 18 days ago

    Love ur edits

  • Mike Wilson
    Mike Wilson 18 days ago

    It's like being talked at my a coke head watching this guy

  • kaiser broze
    kaiser broze 19 days ago

    Sense of temperature IS sense of touch...

  • idk why
    idk why 19 days ago

    Qur'an approved the fruit was an apple literally thousands of years ago, and guess what, our language was never translated, or somehow changed, it literally stayed the same for almost 3k years

  • ghost 68
    ghost 68 20 days ago +1

    Hate to break it to you, but the forbidden fruit was not a fruit... it was sex. Seriously look it up.

  • Goat Cvlt
    Goat Cvlt 20 days ago

    This is the guy you punch at a party

  • Duolingo Owl
    Duolingo Owl 20 days ago

    I killed a dog

  • Lpflux96
    Lpflux96 20 days ago

    Mathew Santoro has permanent annoying face

  • MiaelSG
    MiaelSG 20 days ago

    "Constructing the tombs of the pharaohs" aaand there we got another giant false fact :D We don't even know when they were built or by whom :(

  • _ .d.wehrle. _
    _ .d.wehrle. _ 21 day ago

    Anytime I see his face, I just remember that video where he was crying 😂

  • Ted Cook
    Ted Cook 21 day ago

    Yes bats cant see

  • Ted Cook
    Ted Cook 21 day ago


  • Ted Cook
    Ted Cook 21 day ago


  • Ted Cook
    Ted Cook 21 day ago

    Posion Apples

  • Ted Cook
    Ted Cook 21 day ago


  • Philphilly 5.0
    Philphilly 5.0 21 day ago

    You do meth or some kind of uppers 100%

  • xxX Jayla squad Xxx
    xxX Jayla squad Xxx 21 day ago

    One time my brother saw me sleepwalk all around my room, and I bumped into a WALL! And I bust my lip. 😕

  • KIXXEN walla
    KIXXEN walla 22 days ago

    I wonder why my fingers don't prune.

  • todd musselman
    todd musselman 22 days ago

    The Adam and eve thing Jesus was the tree of life according to the Bible the tree of life love and peace it’s only fair to say that the tree of knowledge was a man too the god of knowledge war and death look that up to eat is to learn

  • Ex Metta
    Ex Metta 23 days ago

    10:00 Wish me luck have Test next week 🤣🤣

  • Rational believer
    Rational believer 23 days ago

    No one evolved!

  • Kaitie Ricketts
    Kaitie Ricketts 24 days ago

    "Definatelynetter than me, I cant even remember what I ate for breakfast this morning"
    Relatable lol

  • savio george
    savio george 24 days ago

    After hearing the last fact,I realized my life is a lie :o

  • Mateusz Ponikowski
    Mateusz Ponikowski 25 days ago

    Bonus 11: Mathew is actually cool

  • Jorge Johnny
    Jorge Johnny 25 days ago

    I also put money that Adam and Eve weren’t white people with blonde hair. Add that to your facts ;)