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Are You Different Than An Average Teen?


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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  3 months ago +1043

    Being a teen isn't easy, but it helps to read some comments and realize you're not the only one going through this phase... Stay positive and enjoy this hard yet very exciting time in your life!

  • Brotherz4life Tv
    Brotherz4life Tv 15 hours ago

    I’m 10 and my smile went away when I was 8

  • Gabris lenny
    Gabris lenny 18 hours ago

    Well thanks infograpfhic show you are wasting my teen days

  • Koba The Irish Pomsky

    Pornhub 20%

    G. HOUSTON Day ago +1

    who else is a teen watching this.
    jeez i feel even more depressed im 14 and no matter how hard i work my tail im always the whiny bucket well i am wanting a car..........

  • Nodded Junky
    Nodded Junky 2 days ago

    Anyone else not get an allowance not play that much on video games he said daily expenses yeah no

  • Carlos Ruiz
    Carlos Ruiz 2 days ago

    I have cancer mom
    Mom: it’s because that damn phone

  • Willie Boy
    Willie Boy 4 days ago

    I am definetey different from am average teen. Literally every teenager I know listens to rap music and plays fortnite while I listen to classical music and play Roblox.
    Edit: Oh yeah and they all have IPhone X while I'm stuck here watching this video on my Ipod 5.

  • Ivan Ivanov
    Ivan Ivanov 5 days ago

    Not like someone is going to see my comment, but they guessed almost everything i go through and feel. Im curious how old are you guys (the ones that relate to this video a lot)?

  • Max Deview
    Max Deview 5 days ago

    Linkin Park has entered the chat

  • king of toads
    king of toads 6 days ago

    Yes I relate a lot

  • Jeremy Ames
    Jeremy Ames 7 days ago

    3:52 I wish but my mom and dad got this circle with Disney thing that limits screens to like an hour

  • Jeremy Ames
    Jeremy Ames 7 days ago

    Me: I feel pins and needles in my feet
    Parents: it’s because of that phone

  • Alejandro Medina Alvarez

    Yep i'm totally a weirdo, 15 and I barely use social medias apart from TVclip. Not either a feeling of needing more independence

  • my name
    my name 8 days ago


  • sozoshi shonen
    sozoshi shonen 8 days ago

    That background music irritates me

  • Bengi Alfaro
    Bengi Alfaro 8 days ago

    “Become more extraverted” uhhhhh you sure?

  • TillyTheWeirdOne
    TillyTheWeirdOne 9 days ago

    I hate this. I'm sorry, i just hate these kinds of things. We don't want to be documented, treated like animals in a zoo. Just let us be.

  • Ash overthinks
    Ash overthinks 9 days ago

    Me: ma my stomach hurts
    Mum: it's cause you always on that damn phone

    RATTPACKTID 9 days ago

    “How it” damn

  • QBU licious
    QBU licious 10 days ago +1

    I don't use social media.

  • Tina Tuger
    Tina Tuger 10 days ago

    I see everybody putting forth their daily routines.
    I wake up at 4:30 or 5:00 so I can get rest because my hair takes forever to brush (curly hair 🤤) . Then I need to take the bus at 5:45 so I can go to the downtown area where I wait for my friend to pick me up. Then I go to school and get there at 7:30. I start till around 7ish for clubs and such. Then I wash to the bus stop which only takes fifteen minutes. Then I take it to my dad's house where my mom picks me up (divorced parents). Do I get home at around 8:20-8:35.
    I then do most of my homework at home until I get tired and I usually just do the rest on the bus. I eat dinner in my room, take about half an hour to text my friends and boyfriend (just about me getting home and or homework questions). Then I head to bed at hopefully 10:30 (go to sleep at 11:00)
    The only difficult thing is taking college classes online. It really only takes maybe fifteen minutes a day but if I need to retakes test on there it gets harder.
    Vince and repeat.

  • koloroksu kun
    koloroksu kun 10 days ago

    0:03 i have an anime profile picture. i don't think so.

    KIPMUS 10 days ago

    Me: Mom I broke my foot in a football match.
    Mom: It’s cause you’re always on that phone.

  • Video Review
    Video Review 10 days ago

    Just saying not everyone is a bad teenager.
    Also I'm only allowed on my phone one hour a day.

  • Jesse luna
    Jesse luna 10 days ago

    As a teen i work

  • Maya Bishop
    Maya Bishop 10 days ago

    Common traits of teenagers is depression

  • Stubborn
    Stubborn 10 days ago +1

    Mom, I think I sprained my leg when I was at football practice
    Mom: *It's because of you are always on that damn phone. I'm taking it away for a week.*

  • Mars Bars
    Mars Bars 10 days ago

    Adults are not much different.

  • 8R14N NoLastName
    8R14N NoLastName 10 days ago +1

    80% of the stress that go through teens is all because of school

    • ion
      ion 10 days ago

      School is some of the most easy work you’ll find in life. Most people simply just procrastinate with assignments and panic and do all nighters, losing their sleep, increasing stress. Human laziness and in turn, human nature is the problem. Don’t blame schools or the school system.

  • biccy the soggy owl
    biccy the soggy owl 10 days ago +1

    2004 - funny geezers

  • SwearingDisk
    SwearingDisk 11 days ago +1

    2:40 when... when does this happen.

  • Diana Figueiredo
    Diana Figueiredo 11 days ago


  • Lightskin squad _ _ _
    Lightskin squad _ _ _ 11 days ago

    Only if you have white parents

  • Milos
    Milos 11 days ago

    Romantic locked in basement and im not going aou

  • Zale 88
    Zale 88 11 days ago

    Is it JIM KWIK?

  • Mordecai
    Mordecai 11 days ago +11

    Teachers: You need to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep.
    Also teachers: You have three 1000 word essays, 2 projects and a test all due tomorrow. Have fun.

  • PROLAG 777
    PROLAG 777 11 days ago +1

    Well after middle school I'm going to kill myself cuz I'm to lazy for life

  • lovs jeongin
    lovs jeongin 11 days ago

    me: mom i broke my back
    my mom: mAybE iF yOu gET oFf yOUr daMn pHOnE

  • LanaDel Rey
    LanaDel Rey 11 days ago +2

    Am a 2001 kid, social media destroyed my life tbh. I survived 3 suicide attempts, grateful for that. I saved my own life with the pressure of my narcissistic parents. I have one year of high school, I have never been allowed to express myself. Not blaming it on my generation, but my time sucked.

  • herobrine zoro
    herobrine zoro 12 days ago

    What different between teen and preteen ?

  • Elizabeth Olayo
    Elizabeth Olayo 12 days ago

    My sister but not me lol 😂 anyone else? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Cayden M. Johnson
    Cayden M. Johnson 12 days ago

    I'm a teen and I can't decide whether to be offended or not🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • BigaSs PuMp
    BigaSs PuMp 12 days ago

    Tf is allowance man. I don’t even get money from parents

  • Exuz Depression
    Exuz Depression 12 days ago

    I checked my screen time... and my daily for everyday was literally only 3 hours and the only reason it’s even that high is because I play music.

  • Rajat Makwana
    Rajat Makwana 12 days ago

    My father still holds my hands

  • Husky My boi
    Husky My boi 12 days ago

    Child: *Mom I'm going out with my friends!*
    Mom: *Do the dishes first*
    Child *I'll do it when I get home*
    Mom: *Slaps son*
    Child: *Sorry mom*

  • Franz Gam
    Franz Gam 12 days ago

    And we know everithing about sex in comparison with older it's normal for fourteen kid to buy condoms..
    Also we dont respect 18+ in any way ..

  • Megatronian
    Megatronian 12 days ago +1

    This comment section is so entertaining

  • Nicolas Llousas
    Nicolas Llousas 12 days ago

    No, you are avarage, just like me

  • f%#k t series sub to pewdiepie and komand


  • Zoe Gibson
    Zoe Gibson 13 days ago

    of course teens are unprepared for adulthood they aren't supposed to be they are teens

  • Natalie Peach Gacha
    Natalie Peach Gacha 13 days ago

    Hmm, I spend more time online than the average teen, and I'm 10...
    *God save my precious soul ;( ;(*

  • Isomiddinjon Abdusalomov


  • 7_k
    7_k 13 days ago

    In different no allowance I just get random money at random times,good grades and I’ll be good

  • Little Cry baby
    Little Cry baby 14 days ago

    Okay now I understand I'm a lonely person :'(

  • Ethan Chun
    Ethan Chun 14 days ago

    Apparently I am because I like old music.

  • Just_AutumnYT
    Just_AutumnYT 14 days ago

    am 12 why am i watching this

  • Jarren Fisher
    Jarren Fisher 14 days ago

    I think as a teenager, my greatest fear is that I will grow up as a failure. That I won't know how to be a good adult. I don't know how a lot of things work, I feel like that guy on the liberty Mutual commercial, "Is this a lug wrench? Like lol that's my life."

  • Lachlan Kritharis
    Lachlan Kritharis 14 days ago

    Who else is a teen and know how inaccurate this is

  • R e m i
    R e m i 14 days ago

    Okay I'll be deleting all my social medias and getting them on my computer. Im doing this so I won't be on as long. Wish me luck

  • Minathi Mvinjelwa
    Minathi Mvinjelwa 15 days ago

    I would always see on american shows, the way these teens disrepect their parents, and i was so shook, cause I'm 16 and from a black family in South Africa, so the moment I disrespect my parents, I would get the beating of my life. So i can never relate to all these stereotypes of teenagers
    Oh and this whole teenagers r mean thing, (maybe it's an American thing) but bullying and stuff like that in SA it's really that common.

  • Blue 3528
    Blue 3528 15 days ago +7

    Me-*Casually sighs due to tiredness*
    Dad- *ArE YoU BeInG BuLlEd?!?!*

  • Zachplayz
    Zachplayz 15 days ago

    nah hitting backwoods

  • ishak 8
    ishak 8 15 days ago

    I'm most 4:30 hours online.

  • Duck Duck
    Duck Duck 15 days ago

    Your talking about teens like national geographic

  • Shah Bakar
    Shah Bakar 15 days ago +1

    Its so funny how this video keeps blaming our cell phones. Bij i learn so much more using my phone than going to school. And stop saying as if social media is such a horrible thing. Its legit just people surrounded by people like wtf. Tbh without this phone, i would be such a close minded kid. Social media lets us think outside the box and share our feelings and listening to people's experinces etc. Admit it. We don't open up that much in real life. So if you ask me, phones and social media helps us kids become an open minded people.

  • Jew Joe
    Jew Joe 15 days ago

    average teens just smoke or snus lol

  • The Account Remains the Same

    yes cause I enjoy education

  • Eric Boss
    Eric Boss 15 days ago +1

    I'm different then a average teen I'm 12

  • the snail
    the snail 16 days ago

    i hate this society....but sadly im living in this so....i wanna die

  • Alma
    Alma 16 days ago

    I got bored

  • too tired for a username
    too tired for a username 16 days ago +1

    iM DiFfErEnt fRoM tHe otHeR giRLs

  • Rabbit Who?
    Rabbit Who? 16 days ago

    Me: Starts playing at 6 am on weekends
    Mom: get off the computer its 4 pm
    Me:But i only started playing 5 minutes ago

  • Indiana Jones
    Indiana Jones 16 days ago

    *my allowance for doing chores is being allowed to live in a house*

    also this is stolen, I'm not claiming this as a joke I came up with

  • 10101 10101
    10101 10101 16 days ago

    Lots of homework and assingment

  • Oscar Plays
    Oscar Plays 16 days ago

    As a teen my self, I can agree with most of these, I feel like when we are young we are very clingy to our parents, but as u get older u will be more clingy to your friend lmao😹

  • Not So Pretty Queen
    Not So Pretty Queen 16 days ago +1

    School is too mentally draining and tbh I want to drop out

  • Fraiduz
    Fraiduz 17 days ago +4

    Me: mom my balls hurts

    Mom: it because of damn phone.

    • Jared Ritkes
      Jared Ritkes 11 days ago

      Fraiduz fr that’s so fucking accurate

  • SupremeChippy
    SupremeChippy 17 days ago

    14 year old gang where you at ? ✊🏼

  • alienapt101
    alienapt101 17 days ago

    Why does the thumbnail say 13-18? 19 year olds are also teenagers.

  • CrazyCripp
    CrazyCripp 17 days ago

    Scooby got waves

  • Matthinator
    Matthinator 17 days ago

    Im the complete opposite

  • Lurking Lion
    Lurking Lion 17 days ago

    Me: Mom I broke my wrist!
    Mom: It’s cause of that damn call of dut...
    Me: MOTHERFU....

  • dad_.___
    dad_.___ 17 days ago

    ok but why does his hairline recede as he grows up

    NO BOUNDATION 17 days ago

    Jonny sinns to be 😁😂

  • Jammy Bread
    Jammy Bread 17 days ago


  • Ian Meadows
    Ian Meadows 17 days ago

    From my experience as previous teen (I’m 19 so I got pretty good info) a lot of them fake con artists

  • crazygirlisabella
    crazygirlisabella 17 days ago +1

    I’m an antisocial introverted teenager

  • I’m stupid, but
    I’m stupid, but 17 days ago +1

    I’m 14 and already making more money than my teachers selling drugs

  • jacidstorm
    jacidstorm 17 days ago

    Huh 6 hours that's what I spend on TVclip

  • MusimilianMax
    MusimilianMax 17 days ago

    i have no life

  • MasterConnor 06
    MasterConnor 06 18 days ago

    8 hours online

    'Scuse me only 8?

  • Grace Haycock
    Grace Haycock 18 days ago

    Define irony
    A media channel blaming the media

    INFABRO 18 days ago

    2:00 what about Jared, 19

  • Mr. E
    Mr. E 18 days ago

    Are you skilled at English? Because that title heavily implies you aren’t.

  • Nyly
    Nyly 18 days ago

    At least i can do math

  • Sandra Alhassan
    Sandra Alhassan 18 days ago

    Honestly I’m more mature for a 12 year old, even if I say so myself. I’ve seen things most 12 year olds haven’t. (I’m turning 13 this year) IN THIS CASE ‘age is just a number’. I follow a lot of gore pages, I’ve been on the dark web LEGALLY, etc. also is it bad that I like a 18 year old :/ (turning 19 this year)

  • Jaden Denham
    Jaden Denham 18 days ago


    eBay ass tho 😂

  • Ismael Zetina
    Ismael Zetina 18 days ago

    Un-prepared for adulthood? What? We spend time online because we can't do much else, we aren't prepared for adulthood because of the garbage jobs, I play 7 instruments, speak 2 languages, currently learning 2 more, work out 1 hour a day. tell me why our older generations didn't waste time? I hate it, I've inherited Acne and being overweight form a time when I didn't know what to do. I'm 14 btw.