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Are You Different Than An Average Teen?

  • Published on Aug 10, 2018
  • Are you different than an average teenager? What are the most common traits of teenagers? Are all teenagers the same? Are you the same as the teens at your high school?
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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  7 months ago +1614

    Being a teen isn't easy, but it helps to read some comments and realize you're not the only one going through this phase... Stay positive and enjoy this hard yet very exciting time in your life!

    • CATO MINE Gaming
      CATO MINE Gaming 4 days ago

      @ýəəţüş řəəťûş ĐƏƏŁƏŢÜŞ lit

    • SI Irfan
      SI Irfan 16 days ago

      I'm a teen.

    • ♡Princess♡
      ♡Princess♡ 27 days ago +1

      Its only hard because of parents
      Like literally

    • Mac does stuff
      Mac does stuff 2 months ago +1

      @The Trolling master who me?

    • The Trolling master
      The Trolling master 2 months ago +1

      I don’t want your sympathy if tell you me that it’s a scientific fact that I have a second rate brain.

  • Breakdown 654
    Breakdown 654 2 days ago +1

    Me: *smiles at phone*
    Me: no I got rejected 3 weeks ago
    Like if your grandma does this to you to

  • Deno Crockett
    Deno Crockett 4 days ago +1

    I'm a teenager

  • Julian Cromar
    Julian Cromar 8 days ago


  • Michele Wu
    Michele Wu 9 days ago

    When adults think they know the cause of teenage anxiety

  • Abby Varner
    Abby Varner 10 days ago

    Teenagers are fine just how they are. We might have different uses of technology, but that doesn't mean that we are obsessed with it. Let us do us and you do you.

  • Dark Raider
    Dark Raider 13 days ago

    Teens watch this..... 'Who cares? '

  • ECY a
    ECY a 14 days ago

    Im inlove with my girlfriend and Im 12

  • Santiago Taron
    Santiago Taron 15 days ago


    MILO RAY BEATS 17 days ago

    I just go to a part time job, do my online school, treat my family respectfull and, play basketball, I guess only teens do that tho 🤔

  • Bruno Briseño
    Bruno Briseño 18 days ago


  • Smashing Smashers
    Smashing Smashers 20 days ago

    Anyone notice the part where the girl has a crush on other girls? 3:09

  • S.C.P. dokumentumok
    S.C.P. dokumentumok 20 days ago

    Im not addicted to computer
    VisibleConfusingConfusedConfusion 💯

  • The Terminator
    The Terminator 21 day ago


  • KitKat :3
    KitKat :3 21 day ago

    The ironic thing is on the poll on this video,More people said they are special( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • KitKat :3
    KitKat :3 21 day ago

    Ah yes the teenager,From here we should be able to see one in its natural habitat...

    There he goes!
    Ah yes very much interesting creatures,I must say myself!

    • Randomness Inc.
      Randomness Inc. Day ago

      be careful, they might bite because of *undeveloped frontal lobes*

  • Irreleadas msp
    Irreleadas msp 21 day ago

    “Do teenagers today have a bright future to look forward to?”

    *Uh, considering that climate change is real and we only have 12 years to reverse it... id say it’s not pretty bright*

  • Zlijah YT
    Zlijah YT 21 day ago

    I’m not like other -girls- teens.

  • Kenny Wilkins
    Kenny Wilkins 22 days ago

    I'm 16.And I think I am not ready 4 adulthood.

  • Triagnular Quantumxjdjeu

    Why not also mention school for a mental problem cause

  • NPC Pika
    NPC Pika 24 days ago +1

    Teens don't need to be read to.
    This is because they don't read at all

  • Not Pocketsoviet
    Not Pocketsoviet 25 days ago

    This is more of a parenting issue
    todays parents are F*cking useless
    have you SEEN some of these kids?

  • Cal Langston
    Cal Langston 26 days ago

    give our public schools some credit for the mental health problems

  • 23HansenBr
    23HansenBr 27 days ago +1

    I'm called a teenager. a common alien species found on earth.

  • 23HansenBr
    23HansenBr 27 days ago

    School work gets in the way of interaction with others

  • Laura Does Random Stuff

    Im almost 13 but i still play with my mom

  • zeus lim
    zeus lim 28 days ago

    Huh. Seems like I'm different.
    My parents just didn't bother that much, they let me do what I want and they don't really try to relate. They actually wanted me to go out with my friends, I just didn't have friends that would ask me out unless they needed my help, I mostly just went out to cycle.

  • Indonezja ball
    Indonezja ball 28 days ago

    What my friends want when they re 17 years old: car or motorcycle
    Me: 100 cc engine

  • Iron
    Iron 29 days ago

    frick, im just getting ready for childhood!

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 29 days ago +1

    *McDonald's Commercial*
    McDonald's: Introducing..... the teenager*
    Me: C'mon

    BAPPO NO HACKO2 Month ago

    Wait y’all get a allowance man I only get money two times a year

  • Lumberjack king the great

    In nature I think teenagers left at 13 or 14 to find a mate don't judge me it's nature it's messed up to us. Deal with it

  • rapixd killer
    rapixd killer Month ago

    Begin on corners in citys and using drugs cause shanse for destroying world tehnologys not

  • mip mip
    mip mip Month ago

    Why does everyone uses johnny for example
    Johnny is just in the corner doing nothing

  • Rhyno Souris
    Rhyno Souris Month ago

    Half of all teens are performing below average. It's a crisis which must be addressed!

    • Adrian
      Adrian Month ago

      the previous generations should have raised us to perform better then,see how that's not our fault?

  • Conner Is doing laziness, gaming, and memes

    Hey give a little credit to our public schools for our mental health problems

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Month ago

    I'm 13 but I'm only 4"9

    • Adrian
      Adrian Month ago

      I'm 5'4 at the same age,I feel so sorry for you

  • Adrian Alvarez
    Adrian Alvarez Month ago

    The teens I see at my school put water bottles on their heads and dance with it on their head or fight/do drugs/drink alcohol 💀so I would say im not like most teens

  • Gracious ;-;
    Gracious ;-; Month ago

    **whispers** *Johnny is a little monster*

  • kpops bitch
    kpops bitch Month ago +1

    Wait people get allowance

  • Izaraqio Zorexsix Frigidus aeterno gelu legionis


  • Hi
    Hi Month ago

    I different because I ducking hate social media and love my parents.

  • Aidan Schmidt
    Aidan Schmidt Month ago

    I literally turned 13 today!!! (May 12)

  • TooCut Throat/RNG
    TooCut Throat/RNG Month ago

    "*At LEasT 9 HouRS A DaY On ElEcTrOnIcS*"

  • Glenn Videos
    Glenn Videos Month ago +1

    I'm the complete opposite of what you said in this video

  • Roseangelie Figueroa

    I guess I am the average teen...

  • ellie600
    ellie600 Month ago

    Pffffft I BAReLY use my phone..... as I watch the video

  • It's Chichi
    It's Chichi Month ago

    he acts like he has never seen a teenager before

  • Morgan Collins
    Morgan Collins Month ago +1

    While the mental health case count has gone up, i don’t think it’s as much as this video says. I think it’s just that in the past kids haven’t talked about it or have been dismissed by their parents due to being “too young to be depressed” (or any other mental disorder)

  • Tylerenol
    Tylerenol Month ago +1

    on this episode of the infographics show we talk about the average teenager! phones.

  • ItsJamMan
    ItsJamMan Month ago

    Adults say that we are the worst generation ever, we get nothing done, and we are addicted to technology! But guess who invented the technology we are addicted to, adults. Acting like it’s our fault that we use the technology that adults created for us to use!

  • Christian Soto
    Christian Soto Month ago +2

    Im literally at least 4x more intelligent than my parents.

    • Adrian
      Adrian Month ago

      @Acewarrior 55k if their parents don't speak English,it could be viable. My parents use me as a translator as they are born in the communist era of my country and English was less common

    • Acewarrior 55k
      Acewarrior 55k Month ago

      Christian Soto there’s the teenager coming out of ya🤦‍♂️

  • thank you for watching

    Instead of modern teens how about all about


  • thank you for watching

    "9" hours of screen time
    Reality: 3 hours

  • JCA Gaming
    JCA Gaming Month ago

    Teen is full of memes

  • Naila Rahman
    Naila Rahman Month ago +2

    We are more aware.
    We aren't just about technology.
    My parents are strict and I barely am able to have connections to other people without my phone to communicate as I'm not allowed to meet up with them.
    We are scared and worried, told about the issues of adulthood and then told "don't worry".
    Social media isn't the only factor in our lives.
    Stop calling us igen that makes us sound like some sound of iPhone. We are not a piece of technology.

  • Jeremy Currier
    Jeremy Currier Month ago +1

    I’m easily online for 10+ hours a day

  • Pusheen Wang
    Pusheen Wang Month ago

    I’m turning 13 soon and my goal is to be different from average teenagers and focus on being kind and spending time with fanily

  • Minecraft Legends of the Heroes

    If you are teen in georgia (country)🇬🇪 it is very hard to get a girlfriend ve case they are only 7000 teen girl left in my country

  • Minecraft Legends of the Heroes

    Yes I am deferent

  • Cate The Great
    Cate The Great Month ago

    *teenagers are mean to me*

  • Super Swag
    Super Swag Month ago +3

    The only people I see on theie phones 24/7 are f*cking adults in their 30+

  • Go subscribe to: Tiny Pastel Mia

    Boi I act like I'm 9

  • Mr. Barth
    Mr. Barth Month ago

    Super overly sensitive & passive aggressive generation with communication issues

  • memezLG YT
    memezLG YT Month ago +1

    The part where you say that teens would prefer to spend there time with there friends online is wrong we wish we could go to our friends house but then are parents don’t want us to go to each other’s houses but then they get mad for talking online that’s not right

  • CrescendoFX
    CrescendoFX Month ago +3

    Teenagers are preparing for early childhood? 👶
    1 like = 1 prayer for teens to become adults

  • Trash Draws
    Trash Draws Month ago +1

    I'm not like most female teens~
    *I am a 96 year old who draws in the middle school bathrooms daily.*

  • Eliothebeast
    Eliothebeast Month ago

    I'm more depressed than those chimpanzee Ethiopians

  • CreamsiclePuppy Animations

    Average teenager's GPA: 3
    My GPA: At least 4
    Yeah I'm different

    • CreamsiclePuppy Animations
      CreamsiclePuppy Animations Month ago

      @Brickk Wall At least it's not a 1.0 like my older brother's...I have a feeling he isn't really related to me...

    • Brickk Wall
      Brickk Wall Month ago

      CreamsiclePuppy Animations my GPA: 2.2

  • daplayer10
    daplayer10 Month ago

    Well.... Indeed, IM SUCH A TEENAGER.

  • kidrik zagrent
    kidrik zagrent Month ago

    Oh yes I remember when I was teenager my mom said technology is ruining my generation and i wouldn't learn anything from it now I'm teaching everything about as an adult the irony is great

  • Paul Sanders
    Paul Sanders Month ago

    Seems that I’m not a teenager yet

  • Diamond.
    Diamond. Month ago

    I'm different from an average teenager tbh. I don't disrespect my parents, I'm not easily peer pressured nor do i hate myself. *I'm not coming for anyone because i do understand many people go through childhood traumas etc to behave the way they do. I went through childhood traumas too but i got over it*

  • Diamond.
    Diamond. Month ago

    i really don't understand how teens can be disrespectful or act unruly towards their parents. i love my parents to death that i cannot not speak to them for a whole day. I'm valuing their presence while they're still here. I'm 16 btw

    • BigDav23
      BigDav23 Month ago +1

      Diamond. You’re still a teen 🤣

  • ScytheMeter
    ScytheMeter Month ago

    Every teen : (nothing)
    Do you feel like that no one understands you?

    • Adrian
      Adrian Month ago

      Literally no one:
      Teens: *is that like a personal attack or something*

  • Tyra JB5
    Tyra JB5 Month ago +3

    What do teens like to do?

    Tik Tok

  • TheReaper
    TheReaper Month ago

    Im almost 13... but i prefer to be an introvert

  • Morgan Wright
    Morgan Wright Month ago

    I'm 12 but whatever

  • Ricochet
    Ricochet Month ago

    Hopefully this will make my parents understand my intentions now😂

    PRE FEXS Month ago +2

    I spend my time watching infographics show.lel

  • Ray Harnish III
    Ray Harnish III Month ago

    EDIT: I believe parents need to be more involve in there children's life. From start to "finish" (birth to age 18, or whenever they graduate from High School) teach them the difference of rights and wrongs, guide them to a happy and productive lifestyle, discipline them when they do wrong and reward them when they do right, be patient, caring, and understanding yet strict and stern when needed, and show love and compassion. After they turn 18, continue to give love and support.

  • SunnyArcade
    SunnyArcade Month ago +1

    *when ur using ur phone in bed as they're on about teens doing so and having sleep loss*

  • Yasmin Baghdadi
    Yasmin Baghdadi Month ago

    I have to month to become a teen but I still do all these stuff

  • M Sagri
    M Sagri 2 months ago +1

    Life was definitely not easier for past generations. My grandpa (born 1929 British India) has to provide for a 14 person family when his dad died in the mid 1930s. My grandpa then went to fight for the British India Army against the Japanese at the age of 16. He still lives with us, and only 1 generation later our family are doctors and engineers and millionaires.

  • astroSuperkoala
    astroSuperkoala 2 months ago

    Spends 8 hours online

  • astroSuperkoala
    astroSuperkoala 2 months ago +1

    Just before video:
    Loves Quora?
    Not instagram addict?
    Yea, not normal

  • eb si
    eb si 2 months ago


  • Fionn Brennan
    Fionn Brennan 2 months ago

    1/3 is 8 hours u spastic

  • Gabe West
    Gabe West 2 months ago

    It’s a little irritating when you’re on your phone and adults assume you’re on it 24/7. Like, no need to stereotype us (.__.)

  • Moorie
    Moorie 2 months ago +8

    *teens will perform dangerous acts.*

    me: *is too afraid to jump over a small stream*

  • Chrome
    Chrome 2 months ago

    Is it normal that I have anger issues at age 10?

  • yxng_retard • 11 years ago

    Only 2003 gang can like this comment

    • Adrian
      Adrian Month ago

      Who wants to be born in a boring,uneven year with no significant sporting event happening

      *this comment was brought to you by 2006 gang*

  • Its Nothing
    Its Nothing 2 months ago +1

    I 14 year old I was in second class but 1 thing I cannot comprehend...

    *BULLIES* ._.

    • Adrian
      Adrian Month ago

      @Its Nothing that's not called grade,its high school

    • Its Nothing
      Its Nothing Month ago

      @Adrian Because Im in Malaysia 13~18 is the second grade

    • Adrian
      Adrian Month ago

      how can you be in 2nd grade at 14

  • Yeh Frankie
    Yeh Frankie 2 months ago

    yeah say whatever you want about us teens, what do you know anyways... (Not directed at this channel of course but at those who always talk but never thought)

    • Adrian
      Adrian Month ago

      Its scientific,doesnt mean there are no exceptions

  • A person
    A person 2 months ago +1


  • Lemon King XC
    Lemon King XC 2 months ago +2

    Probs watching po.......,POPCORN POPPING YEAH

  • Sebby Kun
    Sebby Kun 2 months ago

    i'm getting mad all the time for no reason .

  • レーモンジェー
    レーモンジェー 2 months ago

    When I get older I wanna be a serial killer

  • RaGE fm
    RaGE fm 2 months ago

    I 14

  • yuzika101
    yuzika101 2 months ago

    I’m the opposite of this. I hate social media, I love my parents more than friends, I want to have kids when I’m in my late 20s early 30s. I don’t like shopping. I’m usually running outside or in my pool when I’m not on my phone. Or playing football with my dad or friends or sister