Are You Different Than An Average Teen?


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  • knightace2002
    knightace2002 17 hours ago

    I was an average teen it seems lol.

  • Shadow Foxy1578
    Shadow Foxy1578 4 days ago

    8 hours online?
    What happened to the teenagers that were really attached to their phone

  • Joshua Griffiths
    Joshua Griffiths 4 days ago

    When Johnny turns 13 he starts playing fortnite


    I am...

  • Stormtrooper
    Stormtrooper 7 days ago

    When I hit my teens I became more introverted and had less friends as I stopped hanging out with most of them.

  • YakiDango
    YakiDango 8 days ago

    psht allowance to most asians thats not a thing

  • Greggory
    Greggory 8 days ago

    As a teen, I didn't get an allowance, cell phones didn't exist like now, I got along with my parents, and my friends and I preferred to do things outside like sports (Now and then we'd play video games). When I look at teens these days, I see spoiled brats, teen in age but children inside. Oh yeah, depression was uncommon, and "triggered" was a non existent thing.

  • Rozies *
    Rozies * 8 days ago

    3:12 I SAW THAT. YASSS. I love what u put in there.

  • Whiskey
    Whiskey 9 days ago +1

    Smh I’m 14 and my mom still wants to sing me a lullaby when I sleep.

  • Blitz
    Blitz 9 days ago

    I'm 13. Thank you. I understand myself now. Er.. kind of.

  • Jonar Yigitbas
    Jonar Yigitbas 9 days ago

    Is 17 teen a teenager

  • android gaming
    android gaming 11 days ago

    I'm a teenager XD 😂

  • Misakill
    Misakill 13 days ago

    nope, im a depressed sack of shit

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    I want money
    I want more alone time
    I want a gf
    I want sex
    Ofc no kids ❤Condoms
    Less questions about my future
    Better phone
    Better hours for school
    Less H.W.
    More friends like going places friends(guys and girls)
    No Spanish class😡 Bad ass "teaching"

  • Fiction Endermen
    Fiction Endermen 13 days ago


  • Ryan Koehler
    Ryan Koehler 13 days ago



    You seriously stupid. I can only watch videos and play games for 1 hour and 30 minute.Kids in America is like spending 10 hours on social media games

  • IcedFirestar I
    IcedFirestar I 15 days ago

    Kids come at a price of at a minimum of 220,000 dollars form birth to 18. Minimum being needed necessities. I’m not having a kid unless I got half a million bucks to spend.

  • Becky Potato1
    Becky Potato1 17 days ago +1

    little Johnny grows up with diabetes.

  • CristianTheRich
    CristianTheRich 18 days ago

    I'm just stressed out because of everything going on around me, my phone keeps me distracted.

  • RadenUnslayable920
    RadenUnslayable920 18 days ago

    Me: I have cancer...
    My Mom: *IT'S CUZ OF DAT DAMN XBOX!!!*
    Me: ヽ(`⌒´)ノ

  • Niksatar 25
    Niksatar 25 18 days ago +1

    0:10 ...Memes

  • sophie may
    sophie may 19 days ago +1

    this is honestly one of the worst videos on TVclip

  • Mr. InEthicaL
    Mr. InEthicaL 20 days ago

    Man I was hoping for better comments to read

  • Lord Popo
    Lord Popo 20 days ago +1

    Little john : "Dad, why do you think you know I don't?"
    Dad : "Because, john, i'm older."
    John : "Why does age entitle you wisdom?"
    Dad : "bEcAuSe i SaId So, NoW gO tO YoUr ROoM."

  • Leon Hattingh
    Leon Hattingh 20 days ago

    8 hours a day ? Pathetic. 13 be more like it

  • Beth Shea
    Beth Shea 20 days ago

    Educate. Don't restrain relationships with others.

  • Ferine Cats & Animations

    I... I still hug my mother before leaving for school.... every day

  • jordin 01
    jordin 01 21 day ago

    Who was able to stay neutral

  • XaviGamer 2002
    XaviGamer 2002 21 day ago

    Its look Im going agianst the flow... Like if you too

  • ahongzbilly
    ahongzbilly 21 day ago

    i am 16 and i feel that i'm older mentally than any other teenagers. i find myself more comfortable to gather and meet with older people on age at least 20. is this considered normal?

  • Makuuhuone
    Makuuhuone 22 days ago

    Everyone just smokes weed and smokes cigs.

  • Killer
    Killer 22 days ago

    Kids today - "ohh im depress my teacher slap me"
    Elder - " want me to plus it?"

  • LifeOfBee
    LifeOfBee 22 days ago +1

    1998-2004 are the prime teenagers. They grew up with the backyardigans and all the good kids tv shows, and they don’t do the stupid tide pod challenges and they done jump into relationships on the first day of school. While 2005-2007 is like “haha I’m so cool in dressing like I’m 25, I juul and vape even though I’m in 6th grade. I’m not a virgin haha lol. Go kys, haha kidding but seriously xd” like, 1998-2004 dress there age and wear sweats and sweatshirts 24/7, these damn 6th graders be wearing shorts to short, and shirts to small, and wearing to much damn makeup.

  • LifeOfBee
    LifeOfBee 22 days ago

    “New media causes anxiety, loneliness, panic disorders, and sleep loss”
    Me at 12:30 am : pshhhh no it doesn’t.... When was the last time I actually had human contact? What time is it? Why am I shaking? Huhhh!??

  • Cat Avakin
    Cat Avakin 22 days ago

    This should be called understanding teens for boomers

  • Star Valeri
    Star Valeri 22 days ago

    I already know I’m not be let’s see...

  • Fly Wing
    Fly Wing 22 days ago

    lmao or my mother beats me and I dont want to have kids haha

  • SpringyStudios 44
    SpringyStudios 44 22 days ago


    *Sits in room alone, eating a hot pocket and apple while singing a heathers song*

  • Greek Freak
    Greek Freak 23 days ago

    It's true I can't live without my phone, but for a reason most don't consider. I'm just really curious about everything and love learning, so I often spend hours in my phone looking up stuff like how bacteria spreads or how black holes form or what it's called when you have a cut that reaches the bone.

  • Carlos Alejandro Alvarenga

    I'm not like other girls

  • Jordan
    Jordan 23 days ago

    I’m 12 and I’m learning how to code

  • Paxton Keskitalo
    Paxton Keskitalo 23 days ago

    Psh adult cant compare us to them because our generation is so much diffrent

  • Chaos Afterlife
    Chaos Afterlife 23 days ago

    When I was a teenager I hated Teenager steryotypes.
    I particularly hated teenagers who think they had it rough when they were living on easy street.
    High school is nowhere near as bad as they thought it was.
    Their problem was they were trying to fit in and desperate to make friends.
    It's so much easier just being yourself.

  • Boi singhn
    Boi singhn 23 days ago

    i dont got kik instagram or snapchat i got youtube also i dont spend my mum money that much

  • Idc
    Idc 23 days ago

    I don’t like how I’m on my devices alot but whenever I try to go out my parents won’t let me so my life basically is internet and school

  • Chaotic Massachusett
    Chaotic Massachusett 24 days ago

    I was like the normal teens before. I was to hangout a lot , skip classes to roam around with friends & at the end of the day used to give motivational speech being depressed. Then after a serious toxic break up everything changed and this handheld device became my everything.

  • Harman Saggu
    Harman Saggu 24 days ago +1

    Your voice is like Roman reigns

  • Super Legos113
    Super Legos113 24 days ago

    There are two responses to"I wunna die"either "same" or "mood"just facts.

  • Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera 24 days ago

    Mom: Did you clean your room?
    Me: Yes
    Mom: Don't talk to me that way! I'm your mother, you are grounded for one week!

  • Anupama Tiwari
    Anupama Tiwari 24 days ago

    R u kidding me just 8 hour's a day I spend nearly 16- 18 hours a day

  • Saltass
    Saltass 24 days ago

    my friend said pornhub is just like anti depression pills

  • TLCDeadWolf
    TLCDeadWolf 24 days ago

    Lol I just can’t talk to teens my age bc they are ass holes and that why I stay home and play video games what a fucking no life

  • Edgar Cobos
    Edgar Cobos 24 days ago

    Hmmmm its true -3-

  • Hell no
    Hell no 24 days ago

    Him: new emotioonss...

  • deku
    deku 24 days ago

    OMG THIS IS SO TRUE I’m only 12 but my brother is exactly like this but I can still relate not saying it’s all true whatever

  • Katrina Davis
    Katrina Davis 24 days ago

    Why do people think everyone loves shopping?
    I don't find what's so fun about it...

  • Demonzz
    Demonzz 24 days ago

    My 13th birthday is tomorrow

    To say the least I hope I live to see it

  • 69,420 sub no video challenge

    You heard here folks this is what memes do to you
    5:03 to 5:08

  • HEELEO Army
    HEELEO Army 24 days ago

    I guess I'm abnormal

  • Blueflicker19
    Blueflicker19 24 days ago


  • Youssef Mallak
    Youssef Mallak 24 days ago

    I now see why i dont fit in lol... Probably would 10 years ago

  • Eyes of Supreme TM
    Eyes of Supreme TM 24 days ago

    School is demotivating us.

  • Dr. Minty Fresh
    Dr. Minty Fresh 24 days ago

    I cant stand teenagers. and I'm 15.

  • Sonfontalody The warlock

    Bruh I've had crushes since I was 5

  • Getu& Noora
    Getu& Noora 24 days ago

    9 houers???!!! I dont even have time like this

  • Pebble Ebble
    Pebble Ebble 24 days ago

    “Hey Ma, I’ve been having unhealthy panic attacks since the age of six. Should we get it checked out?”
    “It’s because you’re always on your damn phone. You teens now are so attached to those phones it’s sick.”

  • Wow look I changed my name again

    Human evolution?

  • Jordan Moch
    Jordan Moch 24 days ago

    Gen Zers. GenZers everywhere in this comments section.

  • Aniyah Derrickson
    Aniyah Derrickson 24 days ago

    I'm 14 and everything about this video is wrong

  • TheOddWorldOfLina
    TheOddWorldOfLina 24 days ago

    I see that pride flag at 3:10

  • G Lad
    G Lad 24 days ago

    hi im 15 and i enjoy wanking

  • RC RACER 88
    RC RACER 88 24 days ago

    Don't forget incredibly stupid kids today are the dumbest ever

  • Cloud
    Cloud 24 days ago

    well i am a gamer and i am just playing games and watching videos for well the whole day

  • Shark byte 15
    Shark byte 15 24 days ago

    Uuuhhhh im 19 and i can say id rather jump off a bridge and live to tell the tale with limbs that will never work the same again and be wheelchair bound the rest of my life then have a child

  • T R A S H
    T R A S H 24 days ago

    *......end me wtf......*

    JAGER 24 days ago

    We just masterbait... That's it

  • Crinkle Crumpfets
    Crinkle Crumpfets 24 days ago

    Is a 19 year old still a teenager?

  • Kayligh Jackson
    Kayligh Jackson 24 days ago

    My parents won't let me out coz I'm a girl so all I do is get on my phone for like 15 hours coz I sleep 9 hours so ye

  • Miku Hatsune
    Miku Hatsune 25 days ago

    1 word:*E M O*

  • horiibal
    horiibal 25 days ago


  • The Goodest Boye
    The Goodest Boye 25 days ago

    Jokes on you, I'm 18 and a half.

  • Pj1217
    Pj1217 25 days ago

    ill feel that on my birthday this year

  • gaura kukreti
    gaura kukreti 25 days ago

    what about modern teens being more open to new ideas and them being more social on current issues and on such forums ..isnt internet making us more aware

  • Tuna Sandwich
    Tuna Sandwich 25 days ago

    Me: *Breaks vase by accident*
    Mom: YOUR'E SO CLUMSY!!!
    Me: *Tries to explain that you broke it by accident*
    Anyone had that annoying expierience?

  • Patrick McReary
    Patrick McReary 25 days ago

    No, I am not the avaridge teen.

  • Rushda Khan
    Rushda Khan 25 days ago

    Teens are more complex than womens.

  • divinityinversace
    divinityinversace 25 days ago

    oo m so edgy

  • Čoda™
    Čoda™ 25 days ago +1

    **gets up 5am for school** **stays in school till 8 pm** **arrives home at 10pm** **does homework till 2am**
    me in 5am: im so tired...
    mom: *iT wOuLdnT hApPeN iF yOu WeReNt On ThAt PhOnE sO mUcH*

  • Čoda™
    Čoda™ 25 days ago

    *t E e N*

  • Čoda™
    Čoda™ 25 days ago

    haircut guy: hello!
    me: h...hi
    haircut guy: so how was your day
    me: g....good?
    inner me: *SHUT UP AND DO MY HAIRCUT*

  • Čoda™
    Čoda™ 25 days ago

    why are you sad? Oh its that stupid computer again.
    **proceeds to continue watching the tv**

  • 病花輪
    病花輪 25 days ago

    I like how teenagers fake that they are depressed without fully understanding what depression is. Many think it is something cool to have some form of mental illness, when it isn’t. Honestly, I hate going to school and having to deal with their excuses that they are depressed, when they don’t even show or just fake any symptoms of it.
    Once, someone in my school used make up to fake eye bags under her eyes. She literally flaunted this to everyone, saying that she was an ‘insomniac’ due to depression. I don’t think that was even something to brag about?? And when the teacher told her to wash her face, it came off and she didn’t have eye bags at all. Smh

  • Bambang Catur
    Bambang Catur 25 days ago


  • Kitty'tato
    Kitty'tato 25 days ago

    No I'm not a "normal" 16 year old I have severe puberty latency and major development issues as in my brain is struggling to put my body through those changes

  • Michael Calhoun
    Michael Calhoun 25 days ago

    Not evolution. Growing up

  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass 25 days ago

    I was about to scream at you about causation vs correlation but then you mentioned it. Finally someone on TVclip actually has a brain. You have gained a subscriber just because of that.

  • Denis Zadymov
    Denis Zadymov 25 days ago

    Video title should be,"Are you different than an average American teen."

  • TheRavGod
    TheRavGod 25 days ago

    My average online time is like 13 hours

  • [Insert Creative Name Here]

    *I don't think I fit the criteria of being a "normal" teenager*