TWO HOURS of gentle lullabies for babies - Baby Sleep Music

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  • Kyros Santavysuk
    Kyros Santavysuk Minute ago

  • Kyros Santavysuk
    Kyros Santavysuk 2 minutes ago

  • Vidr _io
    Vidr _io 35 minutes ago

    Smh There Is A Bunch Of Ads On It Now, It Was Good Before But Now It Does Nothing But Wake The Baby Up As She Starts Falling Asleep.

  • Andrea Miller
    Andrea Miller 58 minutes ago

    Omg, this used to be our go-to music for both my kids bedtime for YEARS, but now it's ruined! On behalf of all of your fans, please get rid of these horrible ads!

  • Naima Is
    Naima Is 59 minutes ago

    this is rendered unusable with ads. Creator just ruined the lullabies for so many by putting a billion ads on

  • blidrob
    blidrob Hour ago

    All the ads really help my son fall asleep.........

  • Nicole Neuner
    Nicole Neuner Hour ago

    Love the sweet music for baby but he had just closed his eyes and BAM, an add played at the highest volume in the middle of this video. Scared the baby and it took forever to get him to calm down

  • Adriannah Jones
    Adriannah Jones Hour ago

    Way to many ads during the video

  • Adriannah Jones
    Adriannah Jones Hour ago

    Instructions weren't 7 different pregnancy signs and pregnancy test was positive.

  • Skyscraper Gaming
    Skyscraper Gaming Hour ago +2

    If you guys play undertale your gonna get this joke

    You wanna have a baaaaad 🐑 time?


    ( Likes my own comment cause no one else will) 😫.

    Please reply I never get reply

    • Skyscraper Gaming
      Skyscraper Gaming 59 minutes ago +1

      HOWDY IM A DUMB FLOWER HOO HOO HOO 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😃😃🤣😂😂😍

  • Ashley Talbott
    Ashley Talbott 4 hours ago

    Well this was great until all these ads started popping up. 😑

  • Wok Shack
    Wok Shack 5 hours ago

    I liked it until it was monetized. So just as your child is falling asleep, boom, a fricking advert kicks in. Lame.

  • Lisa
    Lisa 5 hours ago

    5 minutes tops 😂😂

  • Dawn Humphrey
    Dawn Humphrey 5 hours ago

    I love this music

  • Ms. Daynie
    Ms. Daynie 6 hours ago

    Gorgeous music but ads every so often that wake me and my daughter. Thumbs down. Ad should be at the beginning and that is it. Fail.

    EMILY SPIVEY 6 hours ago

    So sad. This used to be perfect but with 8 commercials in it, how could anyone sleep?

  • Tiffani Huston
    Tiffani Huston 6 hours ago

    love it

  • Graham Baines
    Graham Baines 7 hours ago

    Excellent..... until the adverts woke up my baby!! Adverts!!... on baby’s lullabies???? Good work 👎🏻

  • Syhcospazman Xboxone
    Syhcospazman Xboxone 7 hours ago

    How do I turn off the commercials I play this when the kids sleep and they added commercials !!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡

  • Megan Anderson
    Megan Anderson 12 hours ago

    Why all the ads all of a sudden!!!! 2 YEARS with this lullaby every night for my sons bed time..... now I have to find something else 😡

  • Sara Drayton
    Sara Drayton 12 hours ago

    Piano lullabies are great..but the ads are not.. no point getting baby asleep only to have them startled awake with an advert.

  • Ms. Blue
    Ms. Blue 12 hours ago

    noooooo... where did all these ads come from help! Theres literally 8 of them! Ahhhhhhh!

  • Emmanuel Adeleke
    Emmanuel Adeleke 13 hours ago

    Omg, there are now ads on this??? It's the ONLY music that gets my toddler to sleep- I've used it since she was a baby& now I don't know what to do! This totally defeats the purpose. It's not relaxing now at all!

  • Shayda Mortazavi
    Shayda Mortazavi 19 hours ago

    So good to hear

  • Sis VS Bro Official
    Sis VS Bro Official 20 hours ago

    Be you🥇🥇🏆🏆🏆🏆

  • Alisa Sambor
    Alisa Sambor 22 hours ago

    My little sis just wants to see the cool pattern. Shes not sleeping. But its really relaxing

  • Kendall Hawes
    Kendall Hawes 23 hours ago

    for babies wow im 11 and i fall asleep from it

  • Kayana Danielle
    Kayana Danielle 23 hours ago

    Weaning my 18 month old from breastfeeding and its been rough. I let her watch and listen to this and in less the 20 minutes she was out. I'm so thankful I finally found something that works!

  • Ashley Emfinger
    Ashley Emfinger Day ago

    this helps my 3 month old cousin go to sleep THANKS A LOT

  • Reggie Dovener
    Reggie Dovener Day ago

    i love this video

  • Demi Outram MSP!


  • Tisha Farland
    Tisha Farland Day ago

    my son was sleep in 10 minutes!! He spent the first 5 minutes giving the screen a weird stare lol

  • mahagony abeyta
    mahagony abeyta Day ago

    2 minutes into the video and my daughter is asleep

  • Rosanna Ringold
    Rosanna Ringold Day ago

    I love the song how do u do it!?

  • Kai Lopez
    Kai Lopez Day ago

    This helps my Lil brother out in 2-5 minutes

  • Tabitha Owen
    Tabitha Owen Day ago

    I still can't sleep

  • James Hughey
    James Hughey Day ago


  • Coolcreeper 800
    Coolcreeper 800 2 days ago

    12 min my brother is out #Thankgod

  • Camila Llanes
    Camila Llanes 2 days ago

    My baby sister calmed down in one second

  • Kristin Neville
    Kristin Neville 2 days ago

    Ha. Who would have thought the comments would be useful for staying awake while trying to put my 4 year old boy to bed. I believe he is almost out as I type this. Going to give it one more song.

  • MegaBellee
    MegaBellee 2 days ago

    I had a hard to go to sleep but now I can go to sleep 💛💜💛💚💚💜💚💛💛💜🖤❤❤❤

  • MegaBellee
    MegaBellee 2 days ago

    Hi my name is Claire and I am 8 years old and my little sister just slept with this song good night

  • cool girl
    cool girl 2 days ago +1

    I'm really tired so please leave me a lon.😴😴😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • Luna Liciouz
    Luna Liciouz 2 days ago

    I would like to award you with the baby grammy trophy for the fastest lullaby to make my son sleep! I love you! And thank you!

  • Sebree Barney
    Sebree Barney 2 days ago

    I have a 1 year old cousin who I've been watching for the past 2 days. He's been super homesick, and it's been harder than ever to make him take a nap. I tried 2 other lullaby videos, and after 15 minutes of each, I went to this one which has worked before, I just wanted to try something new. He had fought sleeping for the other 2, but 5 minutes in to this one, and he's out! Thank goodness!

  • Leart Bogdani
    Leart Bogdani 2 days ago

    ⭐ 1 star

  • Leart Bogdani
    Leart Bogdani 2 days ago


  • Leart Bogdani
    Leart Bogdani 2 days ago

    This is stupid

  • Leart Bogdani
    Leart Bogdani 2 days ago


  • Leart Bogdani
    Leart Bogdani 2 days ago

    Dose not work on my 7 month old little brother what so ever these guys should test it on a real baby 😝🔫

  • Timothy Kioroglo
    Timothy Kioroglo 2 days ago

    to be honest this song is good because i almost fell asleep but my friends did fall asleep fast

  • Gordon Duke
    Gordon Duke 2 days ago +1

    I can sleep faster with the bedtime song😴

  • Amanda Mackenzie
    Amanda Mackenzie 2 days ago


  • Amanda Mackenzie
    Amanda Mackenzie 2 days ago

    I love your videos😘😍😇😗💕

  • Scott McKallagat
    Scott McKallagat 2 days ago

    I dislike 50k dislikes

  • Rananja Singh
    Rananja Singh 2 days ago


  • Noe Librado
    Noe Librado 2 days ago

    I am only 9 and fall a sleep fast some times l am half a sleep and l am yo lasy to turn it off . it work a lot ho agrees like.

  • Nathaly Show
    Nathaly Show 2 days ago

    Love this put my brother to sleep thank you so much

  • Michelle Cagle
    Michelle Cagle 2 days ago

    Yes you really like this song honesty

  • Diane  Rosales
    Diane Rosales 2 days ago

    Spot the difference

  • Aaliyania Lona
    Aaliyania Lona 2 days ago

    My 2 month old baby brother wouldn’t stop crying so I put this on and he stopped and is falling asleep

  • Marisol Rotmark
    Marisol Rotmark 2 days ago +1

    How do you do it you are a life saver to me I think if I was a girl that needed a mom I go to your song and it Mack mè happy Megan

  • Veronica Fletcher
    Veronica Fletcher 2 days ago

    When my daughter was a new born we would listen to this song every night now 2 years later it still works!!😍😍

  • Alex Gilliss 666
    Alex Gilliss 666 3 days ago


  • Maya 2790
    Maya 2790 3 days ago +1

    This helps my baby nephew go to sleep thx!

  • alicia carrero
    alicia carrero 3 days ago

    Unfortunately didn’t work for my 3 month old

  • Lola Louise
    Lola Louise 3 days ago

    I feel sleepy

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana 3 days ago +1

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    Edit: plz like cuz no one likes my comments😢😭

  • Stay Woke
    Stay Woke 3 days ago +1

    My two month old grandson is wide awake looking around in the dark and babbling, thinking it's playtime lol...oh well, I tried!

  • Fnafgal12324 Hall
    Fnafgal12324 Hall 3 days ago

    And I'm like eight years old

  • Fnafgal12324 Hall
    Fnafgal12324 Hall 3 days ago

    This makes me sleep 😴 wow

  • mystical pets
    mystical pets 3 days ago

    Im 11 and this helps me

  • tunde odebode
    tunde odebode 3 days ago

    It really helped my daughter go to sleep

  • Charlie Wimblèy
    Charlie Wimblèy 3 days ago

    This video is so amazing it is like a musical sleeping pill and it help everybody fall asleep

  • Lylah Boots
    Lylah Boots 4 days ago

    Nighty night

  • Yobanna Alcantara
    Yobanna Alcantara 4 days ago

    this defenetly works

  • Cody Shipley
    Cody Shipley 4 days ago

    I saw somebody else do this and it was fun so I'm gonna make one too. Spot the difference!

  • Emanuel Bazán
    Emanuel Bazán 4 days ago

    Esta Copado

  • rendezvous2013
    rendezvous2013 4 days ago


  • Sofia Van Buren
    Sofia Van Buren 4 days ago

    🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😒🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😙🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😒🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🤔Can you spot the different emoji there is four. comment how many you found!

  • crystaltheiceywaffle :p

    I can finally get my lil sis to sleep

  • fantastic unicorns
    fantastic unicorns 4 days ago

    I love it

  • fantastic unicorns
    fantastic unicorns 4 days ago


  • Jaelia Wilson
    Jaelia Wilson 4 days ago

    My brother went to sleep in 1 minute,this video really works, thank you so much.

  • Brittany mcdaniel
    Brittany mcdaniel 4 days ago

    can you please make more my son listens to this every nite

  • dance girls
    dance girls 4 days ago


  • Lylah Boots
    Lylah Boots 4 days ago

    🍽 lulmum

  • Lylah Boots
    Lylah Boots 5 days ago

    God bless my mom

  • Lylah Boots
    Lylah Boots 5 days ago

    If I died tonight I will say my prayers

  • Demon girl Richardson

    This is so cute

  • Germayole Damian
    Germayole Damian 5 days ago +1

    is sit

  • Keira Stewart
    Keira Stewart 5 days ago


  • Cyclops
    Cyclops 5 days ago

    I dont need music to send me to.sleep, i just listen boring gf.going on and.on and on.and on and on and.o zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz

  • Zsombor Szucs
    Zsombor Szucs 5 days ago

    Hey Harry I commented on your teddy bear lullaby, and this lullaby is also very helpful for me to fall asleep, you saved my life again thanks and good night!!! 😀😀😊😊😴😴😴👌👍👌👍👋👏🙌

  • Grøte Audio
    Grøte Audio 5 days ago

    Hey! I recently released album with similar music. Music is designed to find your inner stillness and for night subscribers. If you are interested you can check it out on my channel! :)

  • Alice Tan
    Alice Tan 5 days ago


  • Kool Kidz
    Kool Kidz 5 days ago

    I have lately been a bit unwell 🤒 and I had a shot at this..

    Now I use it every night!!

  • Louise Cosgrave
    Louise Cosgrave 5 days ago

    New record. Only needed to get 14.43 in and he is out like a light!

  • Gary gg
    Gary gg 5 days ago

    Beautiful, relaxing music

  • Breanda Lloyd
    Breanda Lloyd 5 days ago

    It put my Lil girl to sleep and she is out like a lion