Casting Mirror Polished Japanese Foil Ball from Molten Aluminium


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  • PressTube
    PressTube  6 months ago +2898

    So, there has been this trend of a mirror polished foil ball? Let's take it to the next level by melting the foil first :) Who liked this video??? :-) PressTube OuT !

    • Steve Sebzda
      Steve Sebzda 18 hours ago +1

      Game Changer , yeah, those three rolls were definitely not enough material for this project.
      The other ones probably said "Aluminum" foil correctly too. Lol

    • BlackLion 18
      BlackLion 18 20 hours ago

      can you make a jedi saber?

    • Steve Sebzda
      Steve Sebzda Month ago +1

      RealityIsTheNow , well said. That's really cool of you.
      I was about to ask this Poster, "How is it spelled on the scientific Periodic Table ?", but you said all this perfectly.
      Aluminum it is.
      I don't think it is mispronounced world-wide as far as you say it is.
      I would venture a guess all of South America pronounces it correctly as aluminum too.
      (joke: don't forget Hawaii in the Pacific which is close to Japan and all, who say it correctly too , even though that's the U.S ). Lol.
      I cannot imagine two scientists sitting in a Lab somewhere talking (one American, one British) and both not saying "Aluminum" correctly to each other.
      How the frigg did that mispronounciation catch on ?? Lol

    • joey dubbs76
      joey dubbs76 Month ago

      PressTube That's pretty cool brother but next time leave the stem from the casting on, then you can use that to hold it in the lathe as you polish it & then just part it off & you'll have a full/ complete 'foil ball' without the hole on the bottom from drilling it in the milling machine.

    • Gurnoor Sandhu
      Gurnoor Sandhu Month ago


  • NovaI MT
    NovaI MT 2 hours ago

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  • Gewoon Gamen
    Gewoon Gamen 6 hours ago

    Gekke apple folie

  • Crown Neo
    Crown Neo 19 hours ago

    it's interesting!!!😍😍😍

  • Marco Menoncello
    Marco Menoncello 23 hours ago

    Lmao just microwave an unpolished ball

  • Renz Maes
    Renz Maes Day ago

    Oké meer views dan er mensen in België wonen 😂

  • Ke'ahi Tu'itavuki

    Bro that ball can be used as a shotput

  • HomeValue Glass
    HomeValue Glass Day ago

    Looks awesome buddy. I have tons of scrap aluminum in the garage, my son would love to try casting like that. Thanks!

  • Heavy Critic
    Heavy Critic Day ago

    "Let's make an aluminium ball".

  • Giada Cipollone
    Giada Cipollone 2 days ago

    8:43 it was like moon

  • Kijkdoos -
    Kijkdoos - 2 days ago

    Ah, huuuuuh nederland

  • Burning Ice
    Burning Ice 2 days ago +3

    I have every tool possible in my house...... Let's make one useless metal ball by wasting 8 hours of my own and 15 mins of others

    • Sam Jefferson
      Sam Jefferson 11 hours ago

      Kulsum H ooft

    • Kulsum H
      Kulsum H Day ago +1

      He didn't waste time. He made so much money from this one ball. You can't make any money with ur two balls and people say they wasted their time.

  • Chad Judd
    Chad Judd 2 days ago

    Why is it called a Japanese foil ball?

  • Khadijah Tull Bushra 2462

    really the best one I hv never seen before!

    4SCARECROWS 2 days ago

    If you attach 4 antennas to it it would look like the, Soviet satellite, Sputnik.

  • Solace Huntsman Studios

    In the old days in America they used to tax newspapers by the letter. So America decided that they’d drop letters they deemed unnecessary. Letters such as the “u” in color vs. colour. That’s why in America, we say “aluminum” rather than “aluminium” because the difference in spelling hanged the way we pronounce certain words.

  • DAWgfather
    DAWgfather 3 days ago

    6:00 sponsored by Jiffy Pop ;)

  • Sangeeta Thakur
    Sangeeta Thakur 3 days ago

    very amasing video

  • JaidenStylez
    JaidenStylez 3 days ago

    How do I always end up laying in bed watching these videos when i should be sleeping ??

  • ThunderCannon 78
    ThunderCannon 78 3 days ago

    Te quedo coooool ! :0

  • Berend Ver
    Berend Ver 3 days ago

    Je komt uit Nederland omg

    SAGAR MOHANTY 4 days ago

    We call it aluminium in India too...😀

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  • Silver Something960
    Silver Something960 4 days ago

    Right when I’m about fall asleep a creepy ad scares the sleep out of me

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    ¿Algún español? ☺

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    Waidi Afolabi 4 days ago

    Its okay my mom pronounces it different too but we all have different accents any ways who cares

  • Macario Eballo
    Macario Eballo 5 days ago

    Is that how you make liquid metal?

  • Donna Lynn
    Donna Lynn 5 days ago

    Very nice!

  • Darren Maltby
    Darren Maltby 5 days ago

    We also call it aluminium in the uk. Five syllables in one word must have been too complicated for some countries so they had to dumb it down to aluminum

  • Yusuf Pro
    Yusuf Pro 5 days ago

    Perfect !

  • 정신차려이각박한세상에서

    This is not "foil" ball but just "aluminium" ball

  • Bobby S
    Bobby S 5 days ago

    Why does your water nozzle looks like a penis? Looks like it was pissing haha

  • die zombie67
    die zombie67 5 days ago

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  • die zombie67
    die zombie67 5 days ago

    The title said next level I thought it said Netflix.

  • David Green
    David Green 5 days ago

    never spray cold water on hot aluminium it brittle fractures, only visible under photo scan

  • Miguel Aguilar
    Miguel Aguilar 6 days ago

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    Miguel Aguilar 6 days ago

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  • MorningGlory
    MorningGlory 6 days ago

    Right, so after all of that.....what’s the point?

  • Tombrider
    Tombrider 6 days ago

    Hello....I have question....where you buy this metal foundry
    Thanks for answer

  • melina quint
    melina quint 6 days ago

    y esto en que beneficia al planeta?

  • ye wunna
    ye wunna 6 days ago

    In Asia we using aluminum foil in “chasing the Dragon “ process 😜
    Go google it

  • Juan De Jesús Casados Najera

    Like si eres de MÉXICO

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  • Sarah McConnaughey
    Sarah McConnaughey 7 days ago

    What is the brownish orange stuff?

  • dtiydr
    dtiydr 7 days ago

    As a guy who I guess cast a lot, you should really have known to put a breather hole at the top for the gases to escape somewhere else then where you pour the metal so the flow wouldn't be interrupted.

  • Black Goku Président

    and the hole ?

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    Lorri Miller 8 days ago

    Jiffy pop.

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    Joop gint 10 days ago

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  • Diane Allison
    Diane Allison 10 days ago

    My goodness, you have beautiful hands! Enchanting to watch.

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    Ronell Van der flex 10 days ago

    Nog nooit geweten dat deze Guy Nederlands is

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    Wauw!!wat mooi zeg Ik kom ook uit nederland

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    You cheated but you wrote it in the title, that's ok to me, have a nice day.

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  • Blaster53
    Blaster53 13 days ago

    The whole civilised world is saying ALUMINIUM only intellectually impaired and uneducated would call it Aluminum.

  • Айнаш Утегенова

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  • Pacific Coast
    Pacific Coast 13 days ago

    Wow, that was a lot of work!

  • 天使真央
    天使真央 13 days ago

    I registered Japanese channel! Animation of manufacturing system is good

  • User TCQ
    User TCQ 13 days ago

    you really have balls of aluminium...

  • Stargamer3000
    Stargamer3000 14 days ago

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  • Tony Effin Nguyen
    Tony Effin Nguyen 15 days ago

    Educational but damn I could’ve bought 10 and for less money and headache from China

  • TheAudiostud
    TheAudiostud 16 days ago

    07:55 ouch! If you own a lathe then why didn't you buy those rubber cups that wood turners use when the carve balls! But great work all the same

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  • chon tat loi
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    ANGEL CARRILLO 18 days ago

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  • Hanna Tiruneh
    Hanna Tiruneh 19 days ago

    What a waste of water! Next time buy a metal bucket, fill it up with water and put the hot ball inside the bucket.

    • PressTube
      PressTube  18 days ago +1

      It’s groundwater;) Unlimited water that comes from 80m depth.

  • yammakashi
    yammakashi 19 days ago

    What is it for?

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    you just had to be the nerd to melt it down instead of doing it like a normal person smh

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    Sounds like Russian accent

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    what about the giant flaw where the stick was?

  • Alexis Olvera
    Alexis Olvera 20 days ago

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  • Kuchi Saké
    Kuchi Saké 20 days ago

    QUESTION: Why wet sanding? And what does it do that normal sanding doesn't?

  • Štěpánka Mauricová


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    Super ! 👍amazing the final mirror effect !

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    so satisfying to watch!

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    Ich wusste dass du Deutscher bist xD. Jetzt habe ich die Bestätigung! :D

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    OMG That's one of the real talents i have ever seen!!!!!!!