• Published on May 19, 2019
  • Hi Beautiful! oooof this video is satisfying. Such awesome dread to no dread transformations! I couldn't imagine spending this much time brushing out my hair like, woah.
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  • Cho-No-Iro14
    Cho-No-Iro14 Hour ago

    When I was in year 11/12, I used to see a guy walking around with long straight blonde hair that was mid-back length and I called him Legolas in my head and just had quiet hair envy for the full 2 years

  • Fernesha Mitchell
    Fernesha Mitchell 3 hours ago

    Ur a dumb hair dresser if u didn't know u can have hair extensions plated in with ur real hair u just do white girls hair

  • Fierce Leaf
    Fierce Leaf 3 hours ago

    dreads have cultural significance so other white people shouldn't even be getting them in the first place because it's appropriating that culture (and it's not "appreciating" unless a black person gives you permission or invites you to partake in their culture). just like bantu knots and any kind of hawk hairstyle (deathhawks, mohawks), cornrows, etc.
    keep in mind not every black person cares about the significance of cultural appropriation within stereotypes and racism but that doesnt mean you have permission just because they dont, and if you dont think cultural appropriation is real you're part of the problem.

  • Donteatmycookie 1
    Donteatmycookie 1 17 hours ago +1

    I’m not a fan of dreadlocks but wear what you want to wear

  • Sarah
    Sarah 20 hours ago

    Brad no

  • cg standing
    cg standing 21 hour ago

    what drug are you on? Cuz you look like you're having fun.

  • Alivia Blue
    Alivia Blue 23 hours ago

    anyone with melanin, they’re called locs. anyone without, they’re called dreads. i feel like a lot of people need to get that part right.

  • Kookie Monster
    Kookie Monster Day ago

    White people dreads 🤮🤮🤮 the stench.

  • dinosaur man
    dinosaur man Day ago

    I dont know Spanish but I know *despacito*

  • Nick Preziosi
    Nick Preziosi 3 days ago

    Wait is he high for this episode?!??! He is off the WALLS!!!!!! I’m here for it

  • Mixxie Hoops
    Mixxie Hoops 3 days ago

    It took me 2 months to put mine in each day and just as long to brush them out

  • Jewell Danai
    Jewell Danai 3 days ago

    For me it broke more and took longer with it wet When I did mine

  • Jewell Danai
    Jewell Danai 3 days ago

    I just went through brushing out my dreads I had 40 dreads and it took an hour per dread I was only able to brush out 4 a day

  • Victoria Raven
    Victoria Raven 4 days ago

    Hey 👋

  • Planetary Farms
    Planetary Farms 4 days ago

    I am watching this at 1:43 in the morning 😂

  • R J
    R J 4 days ago

    Where did you get your cool shirt Brad?

  • cami rua
    cami rua 4 days ago

    peep him grabbing his titties at the beginning

  • Natalie
    Natalie 4 days ago +1

    0:46 looks like brad is squeezing his boobs

  • Holda Mayo
    Holda Mayo 5 days ago

    Charlize feels 😍😍😍 so pretty ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • llama llover1
    llama llover1 5 days ago

    they all looked good at the end

  • •Night Sisters•
    •Night Sisters• 5 days ago

    Why did he grab his chest like that at the beginning 😂😂😂

  • Shayna Collier
    Shayna Collier 5 days ago

    I love these kind of videos!! Also what’s the intro music cause I was high key jammin

  • Hailey
    Hailey 5 days ago +1

    I see people with curly hair talking about 4a or 4c hair what is that? :o

    • Avantika
      Avantika 4 days ago

      They're subtypes of hair texture/curl. 1a, 1b, and 1c, are the straight subtypes, 2's are wavy, 3's are curlier, and 4's are the curliest like the last one in the video. Mine is 3c. There's a bunch of stuff online if you want to know more about it.

  • valeria Del Pio
    valeria Del Pio 5 days ago

    You'd be besties with Klaus lol (from Umbrella Academy)

  • Caitlin Handshoe
    Caitlin Handshoe 6 days ago +4

    I'm literally watching this at 1:40am... I'm shook

  • Llamas Are nice
    Llamas Are nice 6 days ago +1

    Why did I think joan a cedia was in the thumbnail
    Am I alone?

  • sister syrin
    sister syrin 6 days ago

    This is me every time I don't brush my hair for a day

  • Kayla Shields
    Kayla Shields 6 days ago

    Free form dreadlock services in Clearwater, FL 🌸

  • Alicia CAra
    Alicia CAra 6 days ago

    I don't know why I told you that but.... It felt necessary 😂😂😂I love this guy

  • TodayWithMae
    TodayWithMae 7 days ago

    BRAD! LOCKS! Pls STOP saying dreads. I could go into detail as to why but I’d rather you do your own research 😬 and I mean that so you can formulate your own opinion and also so no one tries to come for me lol but fr you won’t regret that knowledge ✌🏾❤️

  • thegreenmanofnorwich

    I'm gay with long wavy hair (nearly bottom of the ribcage) but i suspect being in England would be a limiting factor, dear heart

  • Raeline Ledesma
    Raeline Ledesma 7 days ago

    9:44 lol

  • Fanny Noriega
    Fanny Noriega 7 days ago

    patience is required when your dealing with curly hair

  • smoosh
    smoosh 7 days ago

    Honestly, your outfits are ICONIC!

  • creepy kade
    creepy kade 7 days ago

    0:00 - 0:31 is like what my teachers do when people enter their classroom

  • Hannah Walsh
    Hannah Walsh 7 days ago

    Your actually amazing 🤪🤪

  • Charlee Reese
    Charlee Reese 7 days ago

    Video starts at 2:07

  • TakeMeOutOfTheOven CauseImDone

    brad don’t kill me....
    but the video starts at 2:18 in case anyone wanted to know

  • iLUVhim242
    iLUVhim242 7 days ago

    Loved this! And would totally let you brush out a dreadlock of mine when I’m ready to give them up! ♥️

  • Karina Quintero
    Karina Quintero 8 days ago +23

    I’m drunk and I’m currently on a Brad Mondo binge at 3am

    • Anthony Fox
      Anthony Fox Day ago

      aspire to greatness, nah I can't say much I'm tweaked out of my fucking mind right now

      CLOISMONSTER 4 days ago

      Karina Quintero mood

  • Emmalynne Melgares
    Emmalynne Melgares 8 days ago

    I brushed out my dreads after 2 years and like 7 months and now my hair is mad curly and I’m very excited about that lmao when I was growing up my hair would fall out and come in different colors and curl patterns and eventually that stopped when I got to like elementary school and it switched one more time after I graduated high school
    Edit: brushing my dreads out took 3 days of continuous combing, working, and sleeping

  • Eijirou Kirishima
    Eijirou Kirishima 8 days ago +3

    On the original video, the amount of hate Bell Coleman got for having dreadlocks was insane. Everyone was mad because “dreads are only for people of color.”
    Saying that is like saying people of color shouldn’t straighten their hair because “straight hair is only for white people.”

    I don’t care what race, gender, sexuality, or anything is. If you want a certain style, GO AND SLAY QUEEN

  • Bubble gum
    Bubble gum 8 days ago

    Why is he blushing furiously 8:00 😂😂

  • Manel Jaballah
    Manel Jaballah 8 days ago

    I'd just shave it all off to be honest.

  • pink feather
    pink feather 8 days ago

    0:45 thats how i hold my boobs whenever i am nervous😂😂

  • Amelia Grace
    Amelia Grace 8 days ago

    the intro is me messaging the group chat and getting ignored every time lmao

  • ElieTheAlien :V
    ElieTheAlien :V 9 days ago +1

    dead locks :-:

  • Aurora Juliette
    Aurora Juliette 9 days ago

    your intro is literally what happens to me every time i try to film lmao

  • Natalie Mycka
    Natalie Mycka 9 days ago +1

    Sorry but 2 minute intros are not for me

  • Venus Vivid
    Venus Vivid 9 days ago

    omg your outfit is so cute

  • chefvirgo08
    chefvirgo08 9 days ago

    Locs is the proper term

  • Molly Barker
    Molly Barker 9 days ago

    Ngl I wish brad wasn’t gay, because I would so date him 😂

  • Monika Murillo
    Monika Murillo 9 days ago

    Alternate title, Brad is thirsty for 4 minutes lol

  • Goldie_Flowerchild
    Goldie_Flowerchild 9 days ago +1

    I actually have dreadlocks... It's my real hair and extentions.. and I'm tired of them now so I'm cutting them off

  • Jhona Easum
    Jhona Easum 9 days ago

    You crack me up!

  • Emma Marie
    Emma Marie 10 days ago

    Honestly watching this, you sound like me when I get drunk in this vid and I 100% support it

  • Catina Quenzer
    Catina Quenzer 10 days ago

    I just love how positive you are! I wish I worked at your salon! Never lose that great attitude EVER! ❤️

  • Aja
    Aja 10 days ago

    I just discovered Brad! I’ve been watching all day 😫♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • sophie vanieva
    sophie vanieva 10 days ago

    i don’t like this dudes overreaction tbh

  • Nichole Figueroa
    Nichole Figueroa 10 days ago

    "I'm surprised at how short her hair is" um have you never been around curly hair?