• Published on May 19, 2019
  • Hi Beautiful! oooof this video is satisfying. Such awesome dread to no dread transformations! I couldn't imagine spending this much time brushing out my hair like, woah.
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  • Lacie Carameta
    Lacie Carameta 6 minutes ago 0:46 did he just grope himself?

  • O Carp
    O Carp 4 hours ago +1

    I am so lazy I would honestly just shave them all off

  • Skye Valentine
    Skye Valentine 5 hours ago

    8:44 I love Brad and this video but are we not going to talk about how she said her mouth was red from a bell pepper? They’re not spicy and they don’t stain so unless she’s allergic idk 😂😂😂

  • Chlorine Bleach
    Chlorine Bleach 6 hours ago +1

    The intro is me trying to engage in a conversation

  • Lulu Rosal
    Lulu Rosal 9 hours ago

    I slept with olive oil in my hair to brush my dreads out it was harddddd

  • Shelbie Todd
    Shelbie Todd 17 hours ago

    I love ya hair how it is

  • Mariel Espeleta
    Mariel Espeleta 19 hours ago


  • Claire Adams
    Claire Adams 19 hours ago +1

    no one:
    brad at 2am: should i get dreadlocks?

  • Amber Davis
    Amber Davis 19 hours ago

    This video I didn't know I'd enjoy this much 😍

  • wining dyah novitasari
    wining dyah novitasari 19 hours ago


    Wait? It's just you because i'm 7 year old when is july 13 i'm gonna be eight years old

  • Oh Snape
    Oh Snape 22 hours ago +1

    Brad: *cute grin* I’m a hairdresser
    Me: *died*

  • Amelia Cadwell
    Amelia Cadwell Day ago +1

    I love every single intro Brad does 😂

  • Sepiso LaTanya-Marie Ililonga

    Was the Fire Hair cuts a retaliation for combing out somebody's dreads, because then that shit would make sense. For every action us a equal and opposite reaction. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Horty Bla
    Horty Bla Day ago

    I replayed 0:49 like 10 times can’t stop TOO CUTE
    iM a HaIrDreSsEr- with a huge smile to cuteeeeeeee

  • Iris Alejandría

    I think one of my favourites parts of every video is the part where Brad openly shows how thirsty he is for someone

  • noelicoan
    noelicoan Day ago

    You can tell what time it is from his commentary...
    I mean, I do this at night after drinking coffeeeeeeeee😳☕

  • Infaroyya al karimah muhamad

    Ignore me... I'm just going to repeat that intro for the next one hour...
    Anyone want to have a roll with me?
    0:00 there you go

  • Sophie Loader
    Sophie Loader Day ago

    The first girls bun makes me cringe bc it’s so tight and it looks like it hurts

  • Ani Pilots
    Ani Pilots Day ago

    I can relate to the beginning of this video every time I try to talk to someone new

  • Nerdqueen
    Nerdqueen Day ago

    I had my dreadlocks for 8 years and it took me 3 weeks to comb them out so I give props to anyone who can do it in 5 days😂😂

  • Say HEY if you're GAY

    The intro feels like you Freaky Friday'd with someone and they're trying to do your job for you.

  • Alexis S
    Alexis S 2 days ago

    Nice video but, with respect to the culture they come from...they’re called Loc’s. Dreads was a name created in a negative view and it can offend many people.

  • Journal Chick
    Journal Chick 2 days ago

    Your undershirt is EVERYTHING!!!

  • jasmine
    jasmine 2 days ago

    i want what brad’s on

  • Cerys Henry
    Cerys Henry 2 days ago

    0:46 grabs non-existing tits

  • Sheila B
    Sheila B 2 days ago

    Brad, I used a box color to lighten my hair, but now when I wash my hair it feels like dry hay until I put conditioner in !! Is there something to combat that dry feel when washing my hair ?

  • Mataya shaw
    Mataya shaw 2 days ago

    Words are hard 😂

  • Sunet Goncalves
    Sunet Goncalves 2 days ago +2

    This is the first time I watched his video and I love it 😆

  • Kenshin Himora
    Kenshin Himora 2 days ago

    I had Dreads for like one single day, but I just don't have enough hair for that and didn't put in extensions for that (by the way, it's like super long hair without any bonding you can work in so you don't look like you got as much hair as a baby xD). It's anoying to wash, I always had cats and guess I'm always gonna have some and their hair got stuck, I felt like it never could be clean so I comped it out but I was pretty brutal and did it in 3-4h... :3

  • Angel CityGirl
    Angel CityGirl 2 days ago +3

    The blonde looks 9000⁰% times better without. Dreads are not meant for whites. Our hair structure does not work with them.

  • Cat Blue
    Cat Blue 2 days ago

    Where have you been all my life 🤣😂😂

  • Pepe De Frog Idiot
    Pepe De Frog Idiot 2 days ago

    I died when he called the 3rd guy cute😂😂

  • Tisse Hope
    Tisse Hope 2 days ago

    Whenever I see a hair video on TVclip I come straight over here to see if you’ve reacted to it because I LOVE YOUR COMMENTARY!!! 🤤🥰

  • sssavvy_1
    sssavvy_1 2 days ago

    Love you 🥰

  • Maria
    Maria 2 days ago

    with this look on you, you kinda reminds me so much to Jesse the vocalist form The Neighbourhood🤔

  • baka-chan OwO
    baka-chan OwO 3 days ago

    The intro is my mind thinking about how imma say “here” during role call lmfao

  • Isabel Than
    Isabel Than 3 days ago


  • Isabel Than
    Isabel Than 3 days ago


  • Lavender Mist
    Lavender Mist 3 days ago

    if the first one was me I should just shave my hair and put a wig on

  • savannah parker
    savannah parker 3 days ago

    Your outfit though 😍😍😍 I need it

  • Sukie Mac
    Sukie Mac 3 days ago

    You are adorable,

  • The Fabulous Gabbasaurous

    That last guy looks like star trek the trouble with tribbles

  • Alicia Wood
    Alicia Wood 3 days ago

    as someone who brushed their dreads out this is a super satisfying video like fuck been there sisters been right there oof (took me just 3 days)

  • Absolutely Ridiculous

    Dreadlocks gross me out, no matter how kept they are. They're matted, twisted hair and 🤢
    Hate me for my opinion or agree lol.

  • Jason Cranford
    Jason Cranford 3 days ago

    the only connection i have with hair styling is through my sister but i cant get enough of your videos!

  • WaterBaby Tarot
    WaterBaby Tarot 3 days ago

    Brad!!! I volunteer for you to play with my curly locks!

  • Keyonna C
    Keyonna C 3 days ago

    Brad you are like my spirit animal 🥰☺️

  • Sophie Birmingham
    Sophie Birmingham 3 days ago +1

    That intro hurt me internally 😭😂

  • sillysinz
    sillysinz 3 days ago

    Jeez you'd probably dig my brother then. Hes half dominican so hes got some pretty long curly jesus hair lol
    Hes a nerd tho ;/

  • Alexis Loureiro
    Alexis Loureiro 3 days ago

    Everyone else:😴
    Me: 👀

  • Alexis Loureiro
    Alexis Loureiro 3 days ago

    Everyone else:😴

  • Alexis Loureiro
    Alexis Loureiro 3 days ago

    I have been up all day I had 3 cups of coffee and I’m 12 and I’ve been up watching your videos and it is currently 2:12am and I am still watching

  • Lily Ypinazar
    Lily Ypinazar 3 days ago

    The start is legit me contemplating about how I started a conversation

  • Potato Top hat
    Potato Top hat 3 days ago +2

    I love how excited he got when the boy with nice dreadlocks came on the screen, it was cute

  • TheJiamy
    TheJiamy 3 days ago

    Brad, babe, honey, sweetie, you'd look real bad in dreads I'm sorry

  • Ashley Berg
    Ashley Berg 3 days ago

    My instructors at the Cosmetology school I went to cut my dreads leaving an inch of hair on my head. I cried ⚰ they could've been brushed out...

  • ciaramichelle
    ciaramichelle 3 days ago

    brad:gunther you better be great
    brad after 3 seconds of the video playing:oooo he’s cute

  • Polyana Santos
    Polyana Santos 4 days ago +3

    He just says "cinco days"?

  • Dominic
    Dominic 4 days ago

    The dry specks in Gunther's locs are hair follicles. When you pull on your locks it pulls them up and they just stay in the loc

  • River Wallace
    River Wallace 4 days ago +1

    The cringe level of that intro 😂 love it!

  • Tina Rose
    Tina Rose 4 days ago

    It took me 2 weeks to comb mine out 😩😩

  • Emma Buggie
    Emma Buggie 4 days ago

    I don’t really like dreads...

  • Goosey Girl
    Goosey Girl 4 days ago

    I didnt like the dreads on the second girl. To me, dreads dont suit lighter hair.

  • jade Smith
    jade Smith 4 days ago

    My sister had dreads but she had to shave them out because she got so ill and couldn't keep up with them.

  • Raydrays Maple Star/ Pastel Ribbon

    It was 1:40am in your video and its 3:49am here lmao

  • Lizzii B
    Lizzii B 4 days ago +1

    Sir, you need to meet Cole Walliser then. You'd have a field day with his hair!

  • maria jose rosas
    maria jose rosas 5 days ago

    uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco days .......Love It

  • BickPlays Games
    BickPlays Games 5 days ago +1

    He's positively Shady

  • B
    B 5 days ago +1

    his intro was me practicing to have conversation for the school day lolol

  • Barbara Tlaga
    Barbara Tlaga 5 days ago

    Why I love you? I don’t know but I really do!!! 😍😂

  • Tawn Tawn
    Tawn Tawn 5 days ago +1

    Litterally have 10 min to shower, get dressed and ready for work, but here I am 👀

  • Madelyn Huntington
    Madelyn Huntington 5 days ago +1

    *CiNcO dAyS*

  • Sarah Thomas
    Sarah Thomas 5 days ago +1

    Dreads always have shrinkage when you comb them out. Most people wear their dreads for a couple of years. And the hair you naturally shed doesnt fall out, it just stays knotted in the lock. Also, you're combing them out, and this hair hasn't needed or touched a comb in a couple years. There's going to be breakage and damage done while removing them.

  • Pika Chu
    Pika Chu 5 days ago +2

    React to Gio's Wave - he's such a gorgeous guy with long curly hair! 💕☺️

  • julie clark
    julie clark 5 days ago

    Omg this intro!! 😂

  • mutant fearsomepaw
    mutant fearsomepaw 5 days ago

    OMG that face at 0:05 lol

  • n0t_her_sist3r
    n0t_her_sist3r 5 days ago +1

    Literally just undid my mums and it took 8 days! She even helped with some of it

  • Samantha Dracaena
    Samantha Dracaena 5 days ago

    Ok, dude. Let me tell you something. You GOTTA watch way more african hairdo tutorials if you didn't know what she was going for with those new extensions or if you didn't know you could mix real and fake hair for extensions.

    SASQUATCH 5 days ago

    How can I buy your shirt holy shit

  • Heather McFarland
    Heather McFarland 5 days ago +4

    That was oddly satisfying. And can we talk about that intro? Soooo adorable. That’s me when I go over in my head what I’m going to say to a guy.

  • Thalia Is kool
    Thalia Is kool 5 days ago

    It’s 2am sissy’s

  • michmirich
    michmirich 5 days ago

    night owls unite.

  • Tödörökixbakugóxdeku

    Oh my god. I love this guy

  • Victoria Alexandrea
    Victoria Alexandrea 5 days ago +28

    I love how happy he got when he was imagining that guy with curly hair😭💞

  • Soneti A
    Soneti A 6 days ago

    Once again he has a weird intro

  • Edu Vosloo
    Edu Vosloo 6 days ago +1


    • Young
      Young 4 days ago

      Edu Vosloo close, it’s *hilarious*

  • Eromatics
    Eromatics 6 days ago

    Do you ever get mean yt comments?? I dont enjoy mean comments, but its yt, and people are BRUTAL on here. But brad mondo...I can see angry homophobic dudes watching this like..."I'm kinda loving this guy. No homo tho" hahaha love your positive energy mista mondo

  • lucy ossi
    lucy ossi 6 days ago

    he is literally my crackhead self when it's 3 in the morning and i haven't slept. he is crazy and not normal. love that

  • Daisy Cleverdon
    Daisy Cleverdon 6 days ago

    It took my brother a week and a but ton of pain killers

  • Alex U
    Alex U 6 days ago +4

    9:14 "a 😮😮😮😮... YES!" 😂 Bless. Also the "five 👐 star 👐 rating 👐" is gold, love Brad

  • Zosma Videos
    Zosma Videos 6 days ago

    Try synthetics if you want dreads! Super easy to put them on since you're a hairdresser and you can take them out easily if you don't want them anymore.

  • Gabriela Arias
    Gabriela Arias 6 days ago +2

    *watches him for the first time*
    Me: Can you please be my gay dad? Please....I’ll never diy my hair ever. And I’ll help find you tons of guys with beautiful long hair

  • Rawr Rawr
    Rawr Rawr 6 days ago +1

    It’s a yes from me!

  • Lena Lark
    Lena Lark 7 days ago

    Well, you can try DE dreadlocks

  • A. J.
    A. J. 7 days ago

  • Sheila Sarathy
    Sheila Sarathy 7 days ago +3

    don't get dreads, brad. Your haircut/style now is too perfect

  • Malea Randii
    Malea Randii 7 days ago

    Sir you need Flashmenwade in your life 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • V
    V 7 days ago

    i too, hold my boobs all the time

  • Jacquelin Sainte
    Jacquelin Sainte 7 days ago

    "If you don't agree with me........ great."

  • Jamie Flenner
    Jamie Flenner 7 days ago

    Kind of in love with you and your commentary 😂😂😂🖤🖤🖤