Overwatch News - Customizable Weapons and Skins?

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  • hmk 1020
    hmk 1020 6 months ago +1

    I almost came up with something like this

  • Snow Wolf
    Snow Wolf 6 months ago

    That's exactly what I thought would be great for Overwatch, but this idea doesn't end there. Check out the whole thread about it and leave feedback: us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20754967269?page=1

  • pegaweegee
    pegaweegee 7 months ago

    If we can have Reinhardts classic skin but no helmet,or Tracers Slipstream skin but other than shades, she has her goggles from her classic skin

  • God
    God 8 months ago

    this gameplay is the reason i dont play sombra.

  • Naavvii l
    Naavvii l 8 months ago +1

    Sombra default with gold augmented gun

  • DampPath 04
    DampPath 04 8 months ago

    I would love that feature

  • Pocketiland Plays Gaming

    I like how Overwatch "borrow" Ideas from other games -cough- -cough- paladins 😉

  • I need Subscrribers
    I need Subscrribers 8 months ago

    The picture on the start on the video is probably photoshop

  • Bork
    Bork 8 months ago

    *Sees title* FUCK YEAH

  • Deadchannel
    Deadchannel 8 months ago

    Imagine if they eventually went the Injustice 2 route (Very unlikely but fun all the same) where each character has different pieces of gear for each slot, like they have different designs that you can mix and match to create your own unique Reinhardt or Soldier or things like that, not affecting gameplay at all. It would be amazing.

  • IceTea
    IceTea 8 months ago

    I want to see weapon re-coloring. Just like in warframe

  • Oort Cloud
    Oort Cloud 8 months ago

    That would be so great! The more customization the merrier

  • Kira Maelstrom
    Kira Maelstrom 8 months ago

    I would love to see this concept put into reality. But I believe, and don't quote me on this, but the weapons are put with the player model and are loaded in packages. So for example, Blackwatch Genji Shirikens can't be used with Oni Genji Skin just because the Blackwatch stuff is in the Blackwatch Package, whole the Oni stuff is in the Oni Package. It is possible to reference the package for the weapons, but that would increase load time. Anyone else want to chip in Ideas, Comments, Etc?

  • Goji
    Goji 8 months ago

    I'd so use Tracer's uprising gun on every single Tracer skin.

  • DD1250
    DD1250 8 months ago

    I will like to put blackwatch shurikens, melee sword from that blue legendary skin and Oni katana on sperrow skin

  • Dwight K. Shrute Assistant To the Regional Manager

    The first image IS FAKE, the creator of the image said it himself. He was just playing around and thought it would be cool if it was an actual option in the game, so he posted it. He didn't mean to trick anybody into thinking it was a leak but it's fake.

  • Virgo
    Virgo 8 months ago

    I find this pretty stupid actually... You work so hard on this legendary skin you want and then Blizzard releases an update just to customise it onto a base skin!

  • SaltyNuts5756
    SaltyNuts5756 8 months ago

    I would love skin customization I'm if you agree reply 😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • Devyntubehd
    Devyntubehd 8 months ago


  • Wind Gagrasseior
    Wind Gagrasseior 8 months ago

    Sparrow Genji with the Blackwatch weapons
    Mariachi Reaper with the Plague Doctor shotguns
    Commando: 76 with the Strike Heavy Pulse Rifle
    Dr. Junkenstein with the Jester Frag Launcher
    Ifrit Zenyatta with the Sunyatta Orbs of Destruction

  • itzajoke
    itzajoke 8 months ago +2

    Why can't it just be like cod and do it so you can make camos for people's weapons and have a media mode to look at all over people creations

  • beePie
    beePie 8 months ago

    This is fake.

  • Shadow Zapper
    Shadow Zapper 8 months ago

    "i cant think of any clipping issues that could happen at all" *the next pic shows his hammer inside of the floor

  • איתי ארבל


  • Lucy Heartfilia
    Lucy Heartfilia 8 months ago

    Hey, I tweeted Overwatch about this a few months ago.

  • Grim I
    Grim I 8 months ago

    I think the image is fake but I love to see customizable weapons and skins.

  • Henbot
    Henbot 8 months ago

    Honestly would love it, read something on posts about someone asking for this-- but it would be so freaking cool

    GAMEPLAY AND MONTAGE 8 months ago


  • IDKrisis
    IDKrisis 8 months ago

    LMFAO, if you could see normally you could see its photo shopped into it *HUGE FACEPALM*

  • ArchKaen Gaming
    ArchKaen Gaming 8 months ago

    This would be awesome for Mcree especially with how awesome his blackwatch gun is

  • 2K_PRIME
    2K_PRIME 8 months ago

    but mmmk

  • 2K_PRIME
    2K_PRIME 8 months ago

    this will never happen

  • RTaco
    RTaco 8 months ago

    Honestly, I hope not. It would make the visuals look really garish.

  • Thibault Coantic
    Thibault Coantic 8 months ago

    awesome sombra gameplay by the way

  • Captain Ransack
    Captain Ransack 8 months ago

    Add a color palette editor!!!!

  • Beetlejuice
    Beetlejuice 8 months ago

    Kill your self and delete your TVclip channel

    • Beetlejuice
      Beetlejuice 8 months ago

      You speak to your audience like they are mentally disabled. You sound like a fuck tard

  • Oscar Garcia
    Oscar Garcia 8 months ago

    He says there wouldn't be a clipping issue. Apparently you have not takrn a look at the models. Mercy has had leg issues for the longest. 76 has jacket issues. i won't complain more. People have asked for this so it's not new.

  • matthew ranger
    matthew ranger 8 months ago

    if this includes choosing a different skin for d.va and mech then oh boy this will be dank

  • Brady Wycoff
    Brady Wycoff 8 months ago

    And change the color of there weapon and skin ?

  • Brady Wycoff
    Brady Wycoff 8 months ago

    What if you could take a character and switch there weapon with any characters weapon

  • Jigu Choi
    Jigu Choi 8 months ago

    if we could costomize our skin overwatch would just be a porno

  • Bartolovesfood
    Bartolovesfood 8 months ago

    Mix and match skins

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S 8 months ago

    Blizzard, please. I want to use the Sunyatta skin but also throw my nuts at my enemies' faces.

  • Gekko
    Gekko 8 months ago

    I think it's a neat idea but it brings a question to mind. would the weapons color pattern change based on the skin you're using or would it keep the color of the skin it originally belonged to? for example if I were to use mccree's vigilante weapon with his blackwatch skin would the gun keep the yellow accents, or would it change to a black and red color pattern to match the skin?

  • D3m0Hoovy
    D3m0Hoovy 8 months ago


  • Alex Beckman
    Alex Beckman 8 months ago

    I want a future customizable skin that you can purchase for 3000 credits. One where you can change the primary, secondary, and detail colors of the default character skin model.

  • TelepathicTortoise
    TelepathicTortoise 8 months ago

    the only weapons I could think of that would actually look good interchangeable are bastions and maybe d.vas.

  • Tiziano D
    Tiziano D 8 months ago

    I want it

  • Naif Alaiban
    Naif Alaiban 8 months ago

    Why was there an ultimate symbol over the opposing Reinhardt? It has happened to me a few times before too.

  • ChaozReaper
    ChaozReaper 8 months ago

    Remember when many people saying Paladin was taking ideas from OVERWATCH.... well as a fan of both, the idea of switching style is already implemented in Paladins. I wouldnt mind though. When I saw it on Paladin, I thought the same thing for Overwatch. Better example would be Diva, you can change her mech instead of her gun.

  • dar even
    dar even 8 months ago

    basically any idiot can photoshop this


    this would be perfect I like the zarya cybergoth gun but this skin is fucking horrible


    this would be perfect I like the zarya cybergoth gun but this skin is fucking horrible

  • dFuZe
    dFuZe 8 months ago

    Umm... That picture looks reallyyyyyyyyy fake

  • JBurigo
    JBurigo 8 months ago +1

    1:22 boop

  • Abhinav
    Abhinav 8 months ago

    also add skin trading pls ;P

  • BrutalRain
    BrutalRain 8 months ago

    I made a reddit thread about this so glad this is going to happen!!!!!

  • C L O W N S A N I T Y
    C L O W N S A N I T Y 8 months ago

    it's a glitch but the idea is nice

  • No Will To Live
    No Will To Live 8 months ago +2

    you should be able to get a customer kit found in loot-boxes for each hero and you can buy them for like 2000g in the skins section

  • BrownPower92
    BrownPower92 8 months ago

    Rein is down on one knee "He's literally sitting" it's true the world literally has lost its meaning.

  • Meme God
    Meme God 8 months ago +1

    dicks on weapons

  • coe
    coe 8 months ago

    >hardcore overwatch player
    >gameplay is sombra

  • the one and only golden frying pan

    so soon i can combine my favourite skin with my favourite weapon?

  • Fausto
    Fausto 8 months ago

    genji blackwatch with nihon weapons would look amazing

    • Mr. Static
      Mr. Static 8 months ago

      Fausto That's how Genji looks like in the Uprising Comic

  • soru vettner
    soru vettner 8 months ago

    Im not so good at english.here is my idea. For example on reapers origin skin you can choose
    hoodie on or off

  • Sincu
    Sincu 8 months ago

    pretty bad idea, the image definitely is photoshopped

  • memoryman15
    memoryman15 8 months ago

    When Orisa was in development, they used Zarya with bastions minigun as a placeholder to represent the new hero. This could possibly be another example of that kind of play testing.
    But I would personally really like to be able to choose the colors of different parts of skins, whether or not they have a helmet and themes. Not just the weapons used.
    So what I am imagining is that you could choose a skin like Lionhardt, add his Coldhardt effect, choose to have or not have a helmet from any of his skins and then be able to make the metal look like copper and the glowing cracks into a red fire. As an example.

  • Jade Golem
    Jade Golem 8 months ago

    🙃S370HSSV 0773H

  • andreas superironman
    andreas superironman 8 months ago


  • shadow phonix33
    shadow phonix33 8 months ago


  • La chaîne nulle
    La chaîne nulle 8 months ago

    Is it me or its the same gameplay in an other video?

  • Ninetys Dude
    Ninetys Dude 8 months ago

    that title scared the crap outta me

  • Dr.Lambis
    Dr.Lambis 8 months ago

    Id like to have one of the other gun pf mc cree on his blackwatch skin because the gun gun coming with blackwatch skin have way too mutch things on it. If someone play mc cree alot like it might annoyed him ( i dont know but me its annoying me) and i think the blackwatch skin mc cree his the best black watch skin

  • Axel Drans
    Axel Drans 8 months ago

    *Reads title*
    *Looks at TF2*
    *Rereads title again*
    *Looks at Soldier from TF2*
    Yeah no, until Overwatch has a market gardener and hats, it will never have incredible customization options.

  • Tkdean
    Tkdean 8 months ago

    why isn't this a thing anyway is my question having your own personal interchangeable weapons adds more personality to the character and the player like what hat you wear in tf2 kinda

  • Tydrus The Winter Soul
    Tydrus The Winter Soul 8 months ago

    I'm a tracer main, and I really like the mach t guns, and the classic skin, so I'd probably use those together.

  • Darmox
    Darmox 8 months ago

    its not good the skins buld like they are and its going to be dam game if you can customize from ather skins your skin maybe you if you customize all and its cost gold then its going to be good

  • EYSHot
    EYSHot 8 months ago

    I could definitelly see this happening on Certain characters. For example, it wouldn't work on heroes like Bastion or D.Va, but it would be nice on for example Ana. I love the Captain Amari skin, but I HATE her gunds. The Kinamura rifle looks retarded and the sleep dart with those skins aren't golden like they are with other skins.

  • AnalDash
    AnalDash 8 months ago

    Probably fake but it'd be awesome if it came true.
    Default Soldier 76 with Strike Commander/Night Ops gun would look cool as hell
    or Blackwatch Genji with Oni weapons?
    Default Reaper with Blackwatch Reyes guns?
    Zarya's Industrial gun on any other skin? It's cool with those spikes ok
    Bajie Roadhog with default hook?
    Taegukgi DVA with Officer DVA guns?
    Any Zenyatta skin with your favorite orbs?
    And it already kinda looks like you were gonna be able to do that in the "Weapons" customization menu, it looks like you should be able to pick something other than Golden.
    And if you don't like it, it's always optional!

  • Dino Blaster
    Dino Blaster 8 months ago

    I feel that you should only be able to do it with heros you've bought golden guns for

  • Tom Mcgill
    Tom Mcgill 8 months ago

    it could easily be photoshop

  • Hartias™
    Hartias™ 8 months ago

    i want to customice the skins for parts like paladins, heads, chest, weapons,etc that would be cool.

  • Jack Lester
    Jack Lester 8 months ago

    I would love to see this, but i don't think its real :(

  • David Warner
    David Warner 8 months ago

    It will never happen if ur not paying like CSGO! Yeah ur happy when free downloading CsGO right! But then..... empty pockets cause can't handle the beauty @@ LOL

    • Axel Drans
      Axel Drans 8 months ago

      The fuck does CSGO have to do with Overwatch? Are you retarded?

  • Fortnite Epic/funny moments/highlights

    yes this is so good ide tooooooooooooooooooooo

  • OpticWinner25
    OpticWinner25 8 months ago

    you forgot the shells had a lion when the skin doesnt

  • Pokepalsea
    Pokepalsea 8 months ago +1

    They should also make Symmetra 's gold gun actually visable xD

    • Scarce Here
      Scarce Here 8 months ago

      Pokepalsea fuck the piplup evolution line

  • Solomonster
    Solomonster 8 months ago

    this is what i have always wanted

  • Drexler Ramos
    Drexler Ramos 8 months ago

    Of course there is alot of things coming soon because of Paladins

  • Weegee Meep
    Weegee Meep 8 months ago

    Any Zenyatta skin with Nutcracker nuts.

  • TheBlackDarknes
    TheBlackDarknes 8 months ago


  • Carly D
    Carly D 8 months ago

    He could of had the golden weapon because he has got it from competitive

  • BalisticHaloCraft
    BalisticHaloCraft 8 months ago

    I would totally use this, I have two legendary rhineheart skins with this I could wear both at the same time

  • Fin Tuber
    Fin Tuber 8 months ago

    I need a weapon customization or skin addon stuff too... i want t oadd new stuff to my weapons and skins

  • Gringo 104
    Gringo 104 8 months ago

    Yes, God yes I would love to have this feature

  • TheWeirdGhost47 R
    TheWeirdGhost47 R 8 months ago

    i dont want to use it

  • [XBOX] SalTyBurn03
    [XBOX] SalTyBurn03 8 months ago

    Fake fotoshop😂

  • Ana Amari
    Ana Amari 8 months ago

    I simply don't like this idea...

  • Stawrhearts
    Stawrhearts 8 months ago