Young Lakers fans advocate for LeBron James to come to Los Angeles | Hang Time | ESPN


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  • ManoMagic
    ManoMagic 19 days ago

    LeBron saw this video and gave in. Welcome King James.

  • Jotham Dockie
    Jotham Dockie 20 days ago

    Lebron to Lakers!

    MACK HOUSE 27 days ago

    It is my Destiny that Lebron James goes to the lakers

  • ford
    ford 28 days ago

    This gonna be a tampering

  • Tshiowa B
    Tshiowa B 29 days ago

    02:32 lmaoooo

  • The beast HD
    The beast HD Month ago

    Fuck bron bron. From a laker fan starting in 92.

  • JordyMcFly
    JordyMcFly Month ago

    Lakers gone get fined for this shit 😂

  • Mohamed A
    Mohamed A Month ago

    They dissing Lonzo 😂

  • jhaybes styles
    jhaybes styles Month ago

    Lebron to Lakers is Big money for NBA and media personality's......

  • Tulia
    Tulia Month ago

    Fuck Lebron, bring Kobe back! We don't want to get to the Finals, we want to win the whole thing!!

  • Joseph S
    Joseph S Month ago

    Never thought I'd see LeBron In a Lakers jersey.

  • North 2345
    North 2345 Month ago

    The boy in the blue polo at 1:30 looks and talks like I would imagine Kendrick Perkins looked and talked as a kid.

  • #Dubnation
    #Dubnation Month ago

    There’s 28 other teams that could also want LeBron. Not just the fucking lakers. The media is obsessed with LeBron and the lakers lmao

  • Benito
    Benito Month ago

    Lebron is going to destroy the team and then leave, leave him alone and don't trade Ingram or Kuzma. Only Sign Lebron and trade him later through the season to a playoff contender for a first round pick.

  • Gonja Sensai
    Gonja Sensai Month ago

    This had me 🛒

  • Adam Bernardino
    Adam Bernardino Month ago

    lonzo got roasted by the littles lol

  • IgorSaray
    IgorSaray Month ago +1

    Lol not a single white kid 😂

  • Freedom Peace
    Freedom Peace Month ago

    They got a young little boy in a Lakers jersey promoting this young kid for LeBron to come 2 the Los Angeles Lakers. So the the young boy wearing the Lakers Jersey suppose 2 make LeBron come to the Lakers shame on you all for using that child like that.😞😥😪😭😣😂😢

  • LJ Stewart
    LJ Stewart Month ago

    Real laker fans don’t want bron.

  • Freedom Peace
    Freedom Peace Month ago

    LeBron if you ever be reading TVclip comments please do not go to the Lakers. I feel like you will be a good fit for OKC New Orleans Pelicans the Spurs or Timberwolves and if you can't beat them join them Golden State

  • Sean Sanchez
    Sean Sanchez Month ago

    The kids that didn't raise their hands for Lakers or Clippers fans....wonder who they liked.....Maybe Warriors....🤔

    • Captain Sosa
      Captain Sosa Month ago

      Sean Sanchez or they don't watch basketball lol I remember being a kid wanting to watch cartoons

  • king panson
    king panson Month ago

    Don't want him here.. we got a up and coming team

  • Brian Reed
    Brian Reed Month ago

    "I'm small but I'm still tough" She's special.

  • Moe Moe
    Moe Moe Month ago +3

    Ladies and gentlemen Lebron James is going to the Los Angeles Lakers!!!

  • Amit Bazarh
    Amit Bazarh Month ago +8

    Damn they on Lonzo's ass. 💀

  • Bearboy193
    Bearboy193 Month ago

    The media wanted all these kids to do this to promote LeBron to come.

  • TheKingJason3
    TheKingJason3 Month ago

    2:28 The Lonzo jokes were funny 😂😂

  • TheKingJason3
    TheKingJason3 Month ago

    Uncle Sam trying to brainwash these young kids into thinking LeBron is coming to LA.

  • DAstonerCLUB
    DAstonerCLUB Month ago +1

    Sign LBJ an PG an buit with in the team the lakers have two 1st rd picks 🤔

  • mest5621
    mest5621 Month ago

    Dead at the kids mocking Lonzo's shot lmao

  • Rickytheshoemaker
    Rickytheshoemaker Month ago

    no kids stfu okay we don't want him here

  • Kai Black
    Kai Black Month ago +3

    them kids did Zo wrong af lmaoo

  • CoralsAddiction
    CoralsAddiction Month ago

    Do it for the children, Lebron

  • Ghetto Comedy
    Ghetto Comedy Month ago

    Young Lakers fans recruiting LeBron.

  • ESPN First Take
    ESPN First Take Month ago

    Take this shit down the media really trying to brain wash LeBron to join the crap ass Lakers they made a 4 minute clip to with kids on why he should come to the lakers and ESPN post it like they the only team the league 😂😂

  • Awesome Card Games
    Awesome Card Games Month ago

    You can't say no to the children! Come to Los Angeles.

  • xBakero
    xBakero Month ago

    Don't worry kids. even if Lebron goes to the Lakers with stars like PG and Kawhi, he would still leave if he doesn't win a ring in LA.
    I can still hear lebron say "not 1, not 2 or 3,4,5,6...." LOL

  • B2C BROS
    B2C BROS Month ago

    lebron will be a76er

  • Yo Mammas Boo
    Yo Mammas Boo Month ago +1

    This is fake news. These kids too young to even know who Derek Fisher was. Real Lakers fans don't want LeBron here in LA cause we been beefing with his dumbass dicksuckers that keep tryna tell us that 3 is more than 5. Fuck him. Stay in cLeveLand.

  • aidan rezvani
    aidan rezvani Month ago +2

    Such an odd segment.

  • Nyc gonnie
    Nyc gonnie Month ago

    This is the most stupist shit I've ever seen and they think they slick only asking black kids all white people inclunding there children should be toutred 2 death and then burned for every little piece of there mutaded dna can be gone and then when all those devils are gone we can rebuild start planting more trees start using clean energy and now the original humans and nature could live in peace

  • Freddy Johnson
    Freddy Johnson Month ago +1

    Pretty sure every kid would advocate for Lebron besides just LA kids but OK...

  • KenanWicked
    KenanWicked Month ago


  • Prime Hoops
    Prime Hoops Month ago +2

    Ready for this all to be over

    • John Jones
      John Jones Month ago

      Prime Hoops It won't stop as long as the guy is in the league.

  • Jonatan Villafana
    Jonatan Villafana Month ago +2

    this is soo staged n desperate to push the Laker/lebron narrative

  • Man Mr
    Man Mr Month ago +9

    Lol they got lonzo messed up

  • Gifted Dee
    Gifted Dee Month ago

    This was dope but we don't want lbj

    • Dylan Little
      Dylan Little 29 days ago

      Gifted Dee wym who is we

    • Diamond Lion
      Diamond Lion Month ago

      Gifted Dee typical coon response.hatin on a grown man over "finals record".half the time those teams wouldn't have got there without him and you know you head ass

    • Sb
      Sb Month ago

      Who's we buddy

    • True Journey
      True Journey Month ago

      Gifted Dee yea ok lol

    • Gifted Dee
      Gifted Dee Month ago +1

      Diamond Lion 3-7 fuck out here.

  • eL BangBang
    eL BangBang Month ago +6

    As a real Lakers fan, I don’t want him to ruin the young core. He doesn’t make his teammates better.

    • Joseph S
      Joseph S Month ago

      Which Fuckin core?

    • Edwarku
      Edwarku Month ago +2

      You sound stupid and He had Tristan and Green playing like an All Star during the ECF

    • Alec Schnittker
      Alec Schnittker Month ago

      MTB4miSoul if I'm a Lakers fan I'm on my knees for Bron, kawhi, pg, or anyone they could get

    • Alec Schnittker
      Alec Schnittker Month ago

      MTB4miSoul woah haha I'm no Lakers fan. Just thought I knew what he meant..

    • MTB4miSoul
      MTB4miSoul Month ago +2

      Alec Schnittker so in other words.. Laker fans are trying to copy Warriors blueprint?...even the warriors needed a top 5 player to stay on top, but yall aint even in the playoffs, and don't want a chance at Lebron? Smh.. Yall crazy.

  • Darcseid27
    Darcseid27 Month ago +13

    I’ve lived in LA my entire life, we want Lebron no doubt.
    But the media should be ashamed of themselves, there are 28 other teams who need a Lebron James also. This isn’t journalism it’s favoritism.

  • 49ers fan for life
    49ers fan for life Month ago

    That’s cute but it’s not reality if LeBron James goes to any team in that division he is gong to a team with a winning chance aka the Rockets as far as the Lakers goes no he can’t be that stupid

    • Captain Sosa
      Captain Sosa Month ago

      49ers fan for life he'd be stupid to go to Houston lol they literally would have CP3, Harden and Bron... any valuable assets are gone to make cap room and they won't have the money to re-sign Capella who was a huge role in that series

  • Dr. Royal
    Dr. Royal Month ago +4

    Would also like to see the Lakers sign Kawhi. Would be pretty dope tho.

  • adam7mma
    adam7mma Month ago +10

    If you were a kid would you rather be in LA or Cleveland? Not to knock Cleveland but LeBron's kids probably want to be there with the beaches nice weather theme parks etc. Why not just go? Already has a house there. What more does he need to do in Cleveland?

    • tele68
      tele68 Month ago

      Lebron owns not one, but two mansions in LA, both worth more than $20 million. You don't think he's been thinking about the Lakers?

    • Captain Sosa
      Captain Sosa Month ago

      adam7mma as well as talent to compete with

    • HipHopR&BLover Jon
      HipHopR&BLover Jon Month ago

      I want to see Bronny at Sierra Canyon as well playing with Scottie Pippen and Kenyon Martin's sons.

    • Enlightenment .W
      Enlightenment .W Month ago

      adam7mma why would I go to L.A with those pedophiles

  • Rmasters08
    Rmasters08 Month ago +2

    Pauly Shore cleaned up!

  • Damassiv1
    Damassiv1 Month ago

    Its crazy what these real so called Lakers fans are saying they don't want Lebron and have no problem the way Kobe left. He left the team broken ooo you want to develop the rookies yall had great prospect and Kobe took 30 shots a night on a farewell tour and drama is ur issue?

    • Samurai Jack
      Samurai Jack Month ago

      Damassiv1 he did but at the same time, lebron would moreso stunt the growth, again moreso have guys traded. Hence, why it would be better to not sign lebron. At least Kobe was here 20 years, realistically lebron doesn't care about us Laker fans like that, so why should we want him here to hinder the growth process?

    • Mr Apocalypse
      Mr Apocalypse Month ago

      Samurai Jack Lebron has been the clutchest player this season

    • Captain Sosa
      Captain Sosa Month ago

      Damassiv1 you obviously don't watch the Lakers so in your mind you're thinking "Lakers didn't make the playoffs, they're dumb if they don't want LeBron" Lakers play a pace and space system and LeBron is an Iso player

    • Captain Sosa
      Captain Sosa Month ago

      Damassiv1 thats because the main players were Randle and Russell lmao Randle ain't worth a max and Lakers are willing to let him walk for nothing in an attempt to sign George and James Russells gone... Lakers got Ingram, Kuzma, Hart and Ball AFTER Kobe left and that's the main core so yeah, i dont see how Kobe stunted their growth when he wasn't even on the team anymore lol

    • Damassiv1
      Damassiv1 Month ago

      To be factual it was 17 and 7 3 point attempts. You said a whole lot but still could admit kobe stunted the Lakers with that bullshit farewell tour

  • Fred Bradley
    Fred Bradley Month ago

    So funny

  • Pearl Harbor
    Pearl Harbor Month ago

    The NBA wants LeBron in LA

  • Logan Loveland
    Logan Loveland Month ago +3

    Theses kids are funny

  • Jay Calloway
    Jay Calloway Month ago +52

    The media desperately wants LeBron to go to the Lakers

  • Alex Zuniga
    Alex Zuniga Month ago +37

    lebron goes to the lakers, half of warriors fanbase gone SIMPLE la finna be the new bandwagon team sucks for us real fans but at least well be back on top

    • North 2345
      North 2345 Month ago

      Alex Zuniga
      Yo yo my man Alex yo listen to Spider-Man up there in comments ya he know NY shut you know it's a bit.

    • North 2345
      North 2345 Month ago

      Alex Zuniga
      Yo dawgy dawgy when you from NY you don't play.. I don't do da drugs that's a slip. I don't slip up my nigga shit it's a bit. We smokin dat NYC diesel though nothin but.
      Yup yup know you up in LA but in NY the y tell me I'm loco and my whole beef is to get bron bron in da bf Apple. Shit don't slip fuckin get it it's a bit. Shit

    • Henny Spiderman
      Henny Spiderman Month ago +1

      North 2345 Facts, niggas been clowning new york. But New York is basketball, all the greatest hoopers from NY. If my nigga Bron wants to be the goat, he gotta perform in the 🐐 city ,deadass

    • Alex Zuniga
      Alex Zuniga Month ago +1

      North 2345 wtf is you on???

    • North 2345
      North 2345 Month ago

      Henny Spiderman
      Yo yo bron bron could spend his summer playing with me up at Rucker park shit it's a bit. What LA got a bunch of soft ass bitches shit that's a slip. Can't be caught slipping
      Up in NYC the call me K.I.N.G

      Come join the king of New York bron shit I'd even let my nigga wear the crown. Shit yup yup what what braaap braaap. Yeah yeah NYC. No no LA. Shit that's a fuckon slip def not a bit

  • John Jones
    John Jones Month ago +18

    Molding young minds into learning meaningless crap. Just like the elites like it.

    • John Jones
      John Jones Month ago

      Merry Bejar Sorry, are you offended? Just wondering.

    • Merry Bejar
      Merry Bejar Month ago

      Where did you go to school just wondering?

    • John Jones
      John Jones Month ago +6

      adam7mma Get a clue and a brain.The public school system is a joke.

    • Prime Hoops
      Prime Hoops Month ago


    • adam7mma
      adam7mma Month ago +4

      Get a life man.. wtf?

  • Legod is the best ever Some Legends gots no rings

    No Kemba and Klaw to Cavs.

    • YungChip030
      YungChip030 Month ago +1

      As if the Cavs had the assets to trade for either of those dudes

  • Legod is the best ever Some Legends gots no rings

    LeBron is the best player in the world.I 💘 LeBron.

  • Floyd Money Mayweather 50-0 GOAT

    We don’t need nor want LeHelp on my Lakers. He ruins teams with terrible contracts and leaves them with nothing.

    • Floyd Money Mayweather 50-0 GOAT
      Floyd Money Mayweather 50-0 GOAT 29 days ago

      Dylan Little You ain’t a true fan. LeHelp ruins teams. In a few years we will be a dynasty as long as we keep our young core together.

    • Dylan Little
      Dylan Little 29 days ago

      Floyd Money Mayweather 50-0 GOAT you must not be a true fan. Real laker fans would want us to win at any cost

    • #Dubnation
      #Dubnation Month ago

      Floyd Money Mayweather 50-0 GOAT Yall niggas are ass lmao we could beat y’all like 150-70 if we tried

    • Diamond Lion
      Diamond Lion Month ago

      Floyd Money Mayweather 50-0 GOAT 3 rings 4 mvps 30000 points.nuff said

    • Floyd Money Mayweather 50-0 GOAT
      Floyd Money Mayweather 50-0 GOAT Month ago

      MTB4miSoul We do got a dynasty core. Zo, Kuz, Randle and my man Skeletor Ingram. We got the best young core in the NBA.