• Published on Dec 2, 2017
  • Come with my to get my first facial :)
    This video is NOT sponsored! Shout out to Jackie Aina for telling me about Fenya (@guidance_to_glow on Instagram), she was SO sweet and made my first facial experience so great :)
    Link to Fenya: www.guidancetoglow.com (she sells her own skincare line!)
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  • Monaé Santana
    Monaé Santana Year ago +10

    Totally asmr

  • Leyda Leon
    Leyda Leon Year ago +1

    I LOOOOVE that mask... the first time I tried... I couldn't stop laughing!

  • Ewurabena Appiah
    Ewurabena Appiah Year ago +1

    Bruhhh i jus booked my first facial too thanks for this video

  • Shawnta Brantley
    Shawnta Brantley Year ago

    I was the SAME EXACT WAY when i had my first facial a couple weeks ago lmao... too bad I had a reaction and half my face swole up lol

  • tiffany douglas
    tiffany douglas Year ago

    Alissa is such a clown! I love her goofiness 😭❤️

  • Jasmine LeBlanc
    Jasmine LeBlanc Year ago

    What kind of facial did you get?

  • Jasmine LeBlanc
    Jasmine LeBlanc Year ago +1

    What kind of facial did you get?

  • Kimetha Patterson
    Kimetha Patterson Year ago +2


  • Lisa Locke
    Lisa Locke Year ago +1

    Love your personality! You're just so sweet and real!

  • Lady J
    Lady J Year ago

    I thought the thumbnail was a baby 😂😂

  • Luzmila Hernandez

    Love my facials. Can't love without them. Feel like a million bucks afterwards.

  • Kiara Himmelstein
    Kiara Himmelstein Year ago +1

    I came just to say that the thumbnail got me Bro 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Jessica Zavaleta
    Jessica Zavaleta Year ago +3

    It looks so therapeutic and peaceful I'm so sad I could never do this because my skin is extremely sensitive :(

  • Morgan Beach
    Morgan Beach Year ago

    Oh my gosh she’s so adorable

  • Trianna
    Trianna Year ago

    More Vlogs!

  • Briana Jensen
    Briana Jensen Year ago

    How much are they??

  • Fee Williams
    Fee Williams Year ago +60

    I had no idea you were only 22. You're so mature. I just adore you

  • Janay H
    Janay H Year ago +2

    Yes glowmomma you were missing out 😊 facials are EVERYTHING

  • dominique washington

    As crazy as it sounds, I fell asleep when I got my first facial done. You wouldn’t think so with someone touching your face, but that was the most relaxing thing in the world! I’m getting relaxed just thinking about it and watching you lol... time for me to have another facial!

  • CrescentCityCurly
    CrescentCityCurly Year ago +6

    I've been getting facials for more years than most of the followers have been alive so I consider myself experienced. Many of the facials I've gotten included neck and shoulder massages thus the necessity for taking your clothes off. Some even include hand and/or foot massages. If you often wear makeup, a monthly (or as often as you can) facial is the best thing you can do to deep cleanse and treat your skin. Not to discredit anyone but try not to get a facial at the nail salon. Next time you should skip volgging so you can fully enjoy the experience.

  • Rockin Robyn
    Rockin Robyn Year ago

    You look great 👍

  • Tron Frazier
    Tron Frazier Year ago +1

    😄 you're so cute...and yes pamper yourself. I signed up for a membership that gets me a service once a month. Sometimes I skip a month and do 2 the next - massage & facial 🤗!!

  • Jiselle Wilson
    Jiselle Wilson Year ago +39

    Bissshhhh I went to sleep with this music!!!

  • Vi Br
    Vi Br Year ago

    This was awesome. I'll be a newbie too!! My first facial is on Dec 22nd!!! Im so excited 😊

  • Elo A
    Elo A Year ago

    Looks so relaxing. I've never had a spa either. 😥

  • SewPaMc
    SewPaMc Year ago

    Facials are the best! My favorite way to relax!

  • Evelin Lomeli
    Evelin Lomeli Year ago

    I’ve been thinking about getting a facial but I’m scared of the extractions part, does it hurt? But other than that it looks sooooo relaxing like I was getting relaxed while watching this lol

  • Dominique Pauyo
    Dominique Pauyo Year ago +3

    I’m DYING LAUGHING and choking on my gummy bears seeing your scared and stunned reaction when the esthetician told u to take off your pants!! You’re so cute!! Tears are streaming down my face!! Lmao!! Love getting facials and massages though! Blissful experience! Great video! 🙄😂😆

  • Tutu Adams Yoruba

    I have also never had a facial, I get a lot of massages but I think i'll get a facial next time, this looks soooo relaxing

  • Rachel M
    Rachel M Year ago

    What package was this? Definitely want to go. ❤️

  • joleane alexander

    I didn't think so but I really enjoyed this video. You made me want to start getting spacials. LoL. And your skin did look different from when you first went there and when you came out.

  • Mixed Emoticons
    Mixed Emoticons Year ago +3

    Your skin looked flawless before, but after it looked so soft and supple! That's what happens when you have gorgeous skin.

  • Diamond Haynes
    Diamond Haynes Year ago

    I don’t know why but I love watching people get facials. It’s so relaxing

  • Paula Dealday
    Paula Dealday Year ago +1

    i felt relaxed while watching this video lol so cute

  • Karen Ross
    Karen Ross Year ago

    I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ u so much Alissa! U seem like such a sweet and genuine person! I think that has a lot to do with your success! And of course because u snatch wigs on a consistent basis!!!

  • Nel Turner
    Nel Turner Year ago +1

    I miss having facials. I did my first one at an aesthetic school here in Atlanta. The second or third time I went. The lady massaged my feet. Mannnn....I started snoring. And I only had to remove clothing from the waist up. The do your neck and chest too. Some ppl get chest acne and black neck. Maybe that's why.

  • Savannah Torres
    Savannah Torres Year ago

    how much was it?

  • ImTotallySummer
    ImTotallySummer Year ago +1

    I didn't think this was gonna be entertaining but it really was! I've never gotten a facial either and I didn't know about any of this stuff!

  • Sandafina Richness
    Sandafina Richness Year ago +1

    before and after identical, u look great as always

  • Marbel
    Marbel Year ago

    I’ve never had one either - and I’m way older than you - looking forward to the experience

  • Eccentrically Chic
    Eccentrically Chic Year ago +1

    This look so relaxing. I'll be finding somewhere in my area to get a facial and booking one soon. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  • Madison Gittings
    Madison Gittings Year ago +8


  • Fiza Aziz
    Fiza Aziz Year ago


  • liyah william
    liyah william Year ago +1

    first time ever watching her vid and I'm already subscribed

  • Tatiana Ragland
    Tatiana Ragland Year ago

    Lmfao you were so scared for no reason 🤣🤣🤣

  • gina ødegaard
    gina ødegaard Year ago +43

    alissa’s face when she thought she had to be naked is my face in class every day

  • The Aja White
    The Aja White Year ago +22

    You're so stinking cute. I'm so glad I clicked to watch this. I died laughing so hard at the "bird" noise 😂

  • Wajeedah Lamb
    Wajeedah Lamb Year ago

    Yessss!!!!!!! I love spa day!!!! You’re so amazing 😉 Keep yo the good work. Love your channel

  • Valencia Vixama
    Valencia Vixama Year ago +8

    omg is this the same one jackie aina goes to? yass y'all better glow in these streets!

  • Truly Lesley
    Truly Lesley Year ago +1

    Yay. I’ve never had a facial but I think I now know what my birthday present to myself will be.

  • BRANDI389100
    BRANDI389100 Year ago

    Your skin looked amazing! Did u purchase any of the products?

  • Lauren Lucas
    Lauren Lucas Year ago

    good for you Alissa! After all that work you do you deserve to be pampered. Love u sis

  • AMHK
    AMHK Year ago

    The moment she started putting stuff on your face I started to smell something relly good but there wasn't anything with a scent around me so I guess I imagined it? So wierd, but relaxing xD

  • Rubi B
    Rubi B Year ago

    When I Got My First Facial It Was The Same. That Gooey Peel Off Mask Was Heavy Asf 😭

  • Iris Ibe
    Iris Ibe Year ago +1

    I got my first facial two weeks ago and it was amazing. 😭😪. My skin is like poreless now

  • Pastel Fairyy
    Pastel Fairyy Year ago

    “You’re so dry” that’s what he said 😂😂😂

  • cierra stanley
    cierra stanley Year ago +1

    So relaxing and so peaceful makes me want one...

  • Portia Laniya
    Portia Laniya Year ago +4

    this looks so relaxing 😭😭😭😭 I want to do this. your face looks so nice before and after 😍😍

  • 1krzypraz
    1krzypraz Year ago

    I am a new subbie and don't comment but I have a facial scheduled for tomorrow and I was a little nervous so thanks for showing this. I feel much better and can't wait to expericence this. I get messages pretty regulary but I have always wanted to try a facial. Peace and blessings!

  • crust caylen
    crust caylen Year ago

    Love I️t!! I’m currently in school studying to be an esthetician and the difference you see in people’s skin is amazing

  • Jahni F
    Jahni F Year ago +1

    I have never had a facial, this inspires me to go get one. Looks so therapeutic 😇

  • HopesMagic
    HopesMagic Year ago

    wooo this seems great! and what a nice lady

  • lily Barr
    lily Barr Year ago

    Great video.

  • naannieee lopez
    naannieee lopez Year ago

    Your face is blinding me
    cuz boo you glowing 😍👌❤

  • Brittany Burke
    Brittany Burke Year ago

    For my birthday, I got a massage, a mani and a pedi. It was so damn expensive, but I felt great!! We work so hard, we deserve it!!

    • Janae
      Janae Year ago

      The Fowler Family Files about how much did the total come out to?

  • Just Marguax
    Just Marguax Year ago

    A must do. Your looks great!

  • Mariah Bingham
    Mariah Bingham Year ago

    That look soo peaceful I need to try it one day

  • Jasmin Mari
    Jasmin Mari Year ago +3

    I freaking love you Alissa, your so funny!!💕

  • iyliyya jackson
    iyliyya jackson Year ago

    lol I love how you was saying ohh... what is this lol that was cute.

  • BlackGirlLovesAnime6

    You look like a baby in the thumbnail lol

  • shyanne
    shyanne Year ago +1

    the music in this video tho

  • Selena Helms
    Selena Helms Year ago +1

    this video is so funny. your comments and noises kill me you’re so cute

  • The sexy Soap 918

    Damn. Wish I had that occupation.

  • Savannah Taylor
    Savannah Taylor Year ago

    Lmao your laugh is the cutest! I need to try one of these facials. Gotta get that coin first though 💰

  • Kassii Michelle
    Kassii Michelle Year ago

    God dang, Alissa, i love you ❤😂

  • Camixxe .S
    Camixxe .S Year ago

    More videos like this please!!

  • Bonolo Marumo
    Bonolo Marumo Year ago

    She's so gorgeous 😥♥️

  • AniseG
    AniseG Year ago

    i love this. i wanna get a facial so bad.

  • Nikki Dent
    Nikki Dent Year ago

    Omg yes your skin looks amazing!! Wish they had places to get facials around here I'm 28 and I'm terrified of getting old and my face looking older and getting wrinkles and all of that but I live in West Virginia and a little town that has nothing

  • Aurelia McDuffie
    Aurelia McDuffie Year ago

    Thank you for sharing your experience... I’m going to definitely try it now!!!

  • Alejandra Acosta
    Alejandra Acosta Year ago +5

    I have one scheduled for next Thursday! It will be my first also, so this video kind of prepared me because I had no clue what to expect, lol!

    • Alejandra Acosta
      Alejandra Acosta Year ago +1

      Also, new to your channel! I’m loving your content!

  • Goomy
    Goomy Year ago

    You are so fucking cute it kills me

  • Jaye Nicki
    Jaye Nicki Year ago

    Maybe I will do it now. It looks super relaxing.

  • Danielle Holmes
    Danielle Holmes Year ago

    Wow, your 22!
    And I’m 38 never had facial
    But your glowing!

  • Jasmine 1
    Jasmine 1 Year ago

    😂. Love your posts. Makes me want to get one

  • Kizukari Meikitatakikarinari


  • ThePrettiestReyRey

    Makeup Shayla did this too

  • Anat Weissman
    Anat Weissman Year ago

    oh shes so nice!

  • AliyahJanelle
    AliyahJanelle Year ago

    LOL I do facials for a living and this was funny to watch 😂 glad you enjoyed your first time, Alissa!

  • G Vanity
    G Vanity Year ago +4

    Occupation: being cool 😎. Yassss did 😂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️💕🔥

  • Rnjones2011
    Rnjones2011 Year ago

    Right on time. Going for my first facial on Friday as part of my bday spa day!

  • Naturally Speaking Karen

    Facial are so Awesome! You look wonderful! #Glowmomma

  • catherine tjamak
    catherine tjamak Year ago

    Hi alissa , would you show more of those videos where you do other stuff than makeup.

  • KenniyaMarie
    KenniyaMarie Year ago

    I think you & your sister are just naturally hilarious. Seems relaxing but I don’t think I would want someone’s hands all over my face like that.

  • Critic4ACritic
    Critic4ACritic Year ago

    Your skin looks amazing, I'm looking for facials right now.

  • Vannasgran 617
    Vannasgran 617 Year ago

    Your skin is seriously glowing. I’m so jealous ... lol. I always wanted a facial. Your skin is so gorgeous.

  • Jillian Irving
    Jillian Irving Year ago

    I looove getting facials 😍 your skin is amazing anyway!

  • Tianna Perry
    Tianna Perry Year ago

    I gave this a thumbs up for the thumbnail alone lol #straightfiyah

  • Ashleigh Devaney
    Ashleigh Devaney Year ago

    this inspired me to go look at places that do facials because ive never gotten one

  • Amandra
    Amandra Year ago

    I can't wait to start getting facials!! Its looks so relaxing and the skin YESS GLOW