How Korean Names Work [TalkToMeInKorean]

  • Published on Feb 29, 2016
  • We answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Korean names! If you have any further questions, please leave them down below in the comments!
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  • Talk To Me In Korean
    Talk To Me In Korean  5 months ago +11

    If you enjoyed watching this video, please check out our website for more Korean lessons at

  • ARMY아미
    ARMY아미 15 days ago +1

    Is it really important to learn your Chinese name ? 🤔

  • ARMY아미
    ARMY아미 15 days ago

    Oh , fck I think I have to learn Chinese now . 😅

  • GhiraLink
    GhiraLink 16 days ago

    Is it possible for a korean to give their newborn baby multiple names, like in switzerland with maximal 5 birth name and maximal 3 surnames? Please give me quick an answer. I am looking aroung but there are no answer to this question. D:
    Can a Korean baby have 2 family names and 3 birth name? For example: Ahri, Mi-Kyong, Mi-Cha Park Lee
    What is the max name a korean baby can have?

  • ghie bataller
    ghie bataller 16 days ago

    ahhhh..wait! Naming Center to buy a name???! woah!

  • 피오나Fiona
    피오나Fiona 16 days ago

    Jin(BTS) has achieved his name's meaning ^^ as well as this Seokjin

  • Nehco Oahnait
    Nehco Oahnait 16 days ago

    Japanese and Chinese: we can tell...

  • Amber Harrington
    Amber Harrington Month ago


  • LastTram 90
    LastTram 90 Month ago

    I still don't understand why there are three syllable names. I only get that the first one is the family name (aka surname in western) but why are their names two syllables? Like why isn't it one? For example if we compare it to a western name like Jessica. What's the point of writing it "Jessi-ca" instead of Jessica? Or Je-ssie instead of Jessie etc....

    • xfroz
      xfroz Month ago +1

      Its a completely different language to English so you can't compare it like that. I'm not Korean but I am Chinese so to me having 2 characters as your given name is incredibly normal. Like what she says in the video, each character can be represented by a Chinese character, which has its own meaning by itself. So I'm guessing that making a comparison to names like Mary-Anne would be more apt

  • Monbebedelight
    Monbebedelight Month ago

    I'm still confused I don't know what's my Korean name wah I know my name in Greek means little tree

  • The Ocelot
    The Ocelot 2 months ago

    My Chinese name is 郎晓楠。 Is there anyone who would be willing to convert this into a Korean name for me?

  • erik none
    erik none 2 months ago

    Thnx for your explanation. However, I suspect that Koreans sometimes switch family name and given name when transcribing into a foreign language. F.i. : I see in a scientific publication the name Huu-Tai Thai: what is the family part and what is the given name f this gentleman? What are rules to follow for the reader?

  • shakira ananda.
    shakira ananda. 2 months ago

    hello! i really want to make a korean name with "grateful" "gratitude" "thankful" meaning on it, does anybody know what would it be? :D thank you..

  • DiamondJacket
    DiamondJacket 2 months ago

    3:25 s e o k j i n . *cries in koreaboo*

  • simply 28
    simply 28 3 months ago

    The host is cute when calling someone with eco

  • Manasi PURPLE ARMY
    Manasi PURPLE ARMY 3 months ago


  • Takai suspiro de morango
    Takai suspiro de morango 3 months ago +1

    Your voice sounds exactly like Hyelin!!!

  • Bxsic Asian
    Bxsic Asian 4 months ago

    bUt how do you get a korean name km so confused

  • 神秘德里克
    神秘德里克 5 months ago

    I notice that although you two both write 恩, but pronounced it differently.

  • 메리
    메리 6 months ago

    Now that I know how to read and write in Korean and I know some words, and keep learning, I feel much better. Thank you very much Jooyeon❤

  • Chelsie Colin
    Chelsie Colin 6 months ago

    Hyunjin - stray kids.. anyone

  • Maxie S
    Maxie S 6 months ago

    so many BTS comments

  • Na Jaemin
    Na Jaemin 6 months ago

    When she said Jinyoung I thought about Got7s Jinyoung

  • mew :3
    mew :3 6 months ago

    so complex 😿

  • Rodolfo Geerdts Barra
    Rodolfo Geerdts Barra 7 months ago

    I once read a Korean novel and thought it was a lesbian story through the first half of the first chapter.

  • 제니Jennie•Gacha
    제니Jennie•Gacha 7 months ago

    Idk I like the name “Min Yuri” but then again, I barely know any words/meaning of words in Korean

  • Eduardo Vianna
    Eduardo Vianna 7 months ago


  • Angkita Khadka
    Angkita Khadka 8 months ago

    Me after i watched this video: "Jimini is cute"

  • I feel poor
    I feel poor 8 months ago


  • Riley Field
    Riley Field 8 months ago

    張 根碩(Jang Keun Suk) 根= root / penis 碩=大 (big) Zhang's penis is big = = ! really?

  • Tess Johnson
    Tess Johnson 9 months ago +2

    Excellent demonstration! Thank you!

  • ¡방탄_대박나자!
    ¡방탄_대박나자! 9 months ago

    이름 4자인 사람도 있는데 설명 안하시네요

  • Will Schmitt
    Will Schmitt 9 months ago

    This really helped clear up some confusion for me.
    Lol, also I can just imagine that one friend of yours being called over in like a suburban area in america: "Yo, respectful flower!" 😂

  • Alex Friedman
    Alex Friedman 9 months ago +2

    So just to be clear.... Each Hanja is the same pronounciation for the person's name? So like 김택용 You just find any characters that are pronounced the same? or how do you choose the 한자 ? It has to sound like the persons name right? Because there are so many characters you can find differnt ones that sound the same as the name? Or does each name like "김택용" just randomly get 한자 that don't phonetically sound like the same sound ? I am curious. I didn't really understand.

    • Karyadi Iskandar
      Karyadi Iskandar 7 months ago

      Learn either Japanese or Chinese and its writing system, and you will understand this Hanja based naming system. You will find so many homophones that is written in different character. Even Japanese has similar problem. For example Japanese name Hideaki can be written as 英明 or 秀明 or 秀昭 or 秀晃 or 秀朗

  • Glory Olufemi
    Glory Olufemi 9 months ago

    Her English is great!

  • Fluffy_Da _Puppy
    Fluffy_Da _Puppy 9 months ago

    Is 김준자 A name? And does it mean Golden Spring Child?

  • Yoona Balane
    Yoona Balane 9 months ago

    translate my names please..

  • Md Habib
    Md Habib 9 months ago

    MD Habib chines ca lita cai

  • Guy Jeffries
    Guy Jeffries 10 months ago

    Great vid, very interesting and learnt something today. What’s the polite way of listing Korean names? In context: I’m a filmblogger (saw seen the second part to Along with The Gods) and I get confused with which way round do I write the cast’s names respectfully. The poster is one way and IMDB is the other. Please tell me which is the respectful way. Many thanks in advance.

  • Deeper D.B
    Deeper D.B 10 months ago +1

    Which name suits well with Jun-Ho please help me guys.
    Um Jun-Ho
    Kwun Jun-Ho
    My name's meaning is Prince of lights. Which name should I pick and what other name will you recommend. Thanks guys.

  • trixia_b
    trixia_b 11 months ago

    It was so amusing when she tried to guess the hanja (chinese characters) for their names 😂 one guys even said "i don't know this character" "i guess your name and your life aren't really related" 😂😂😂😂😂 Thanks for an informative and interesting video!

  • cita pratiwi
    cita pratiwi 11 months ago +3

    So "i" is used when we talk about them?
    Jiyong-i is cool.
    Daesung-i is funny.

  • Gautam Thapa
    Gautam Thapa 11 months ago

    Nice 3

  • Alliah Rose
    Alliah Rose Year ago

    So how to you call someone in polite way?

  • Agnes Fon Marten
    Agnes Fon Marten Year ago

    is taemin neutral?

  • LittleMopeHead
    LittleMopeHead Year ago

    What about middle name?

  • 하나이
    하나이 Year ago

    네 할 수 있어요 ㅎㅎ

  • 李纯
    李纯 Year ago

    its funny as chinese i know every korean name means

  • Jenny Jin Young Lee

    When she said Jin Young I thought of Wonder Girls producer and my Korean name

  • Entertainment Video

    I want to learn Korean language.
    please can you help me?

    • sa
      sa 9 months ago


  • Entertainment Video

    I want to learn Korean language.
    please can you help me?

    • sa
      sa 9 months ago


  • Sheeba Mathew
    Sheeba Mathew Year ago

    How do you say Jana ?

  • PoderdelChino
    PoderdelChino Year ago

    I also see a trend to transliterate modern Chinese and Taiwanese names using their sounds instead of their Chinese character roots, is that correct. For example, 王維中 who plays for the NC Dinos is Wang Wae Yi Joong instead of Wang Too Joong if you were pronouncing the Hanja root.

  • Michael Cai
    Michael Cai Year ago’s absolutely the same with Chinese names
    I think it’s brilliant to have a unique names and its meaning with it

  • Mia-Marie Atuanya

    I saw jimin 😏

  • MissGourmandefr
    MissGourmandefr Year ago

    I heard somewhere on a show or drama some Korean discussing how their family is a more direct/ higher descendant of some kind of lineage, even when they didn't know each other, could you please explain this?

  • annie phi
    annie phi Year ago

    omg she looks a bit like hyelin in exid especially her cute cheeks ❤️❤️ also amazing videos

  • Anonymous Axolotl

    안녕하세요, I found this video very interesting. I have a Chinese name, 王曼雅, but in Korean that ends up being 왕만아. I'm pretty sure I've heard the surname 왕 before, but never, ever 만아 as a name. Am I wrong? Or is my Chinese name just not really useful as a Korean one? Thank you in advance.

  • Jen Olechnowicz
    Jen Olechnowicz Year ago

    when girls get married do they change their family name?

  • fate
    fate Year ago

    My friends call me harushi, and they apply the same rule and they are from Korea so I'm confused, isn't it a foreign name?

  • Hiddenbugi
    Hiddenbugi Year ago

    Currently, is Hanja (Chinese characters) will be going to be simplified in South Korea or remain in traditional Chinese?
    Not sure if the National Institute of the Korean Language going to reformed those characters or not.
    Here are some examples:
    Country - 國 = 国 (국)
    Han - 漢 = 汉 (한)

    • 聳進
      聳進 11 months ago

      Simplifying hanja would be pretty useless because they are already so out of use in Korean.

  • Masako Septianingrum

    the way she calls hyunwoo tho

  • Jannah Lim
    Jannah Lim Year ago

    I heard jimin and seokjin the man's name did someone hear it also.

  • tajjrajah75
    tajjrajah75 Year ago

    감사합니다 주연이!!!

  • Loredana
    Loredana Year ago

    there is another form with a 3 syllable given name, albright rare. One of my friends had it.

  • GyroX Zen
    GyroX Zen Year ago

    (Kim)Seok jin lol

  • Mirabelle_ Chua
    Mirabelle_ Chua Year ago

    But how to have Foreign names? Is that work?

  • WaaDoku 【和ァ独】

    Wait, so do mothers or women in general have no say in choosing the name for their child!? Or is is only coincidence that none of the people you asked were given their name by their mothers or at least both their parents?

  • NCTzen that lives in NCT

    What if the Given Name has 3 syllables instead of 2 or 1?
    (like mine) Juana *the j has an H sound

  • JKKookie -[황 살랑]

    My official Name is “Sari Sevda” that means translated into English Yellow and Love.. so is my korean Name Nolang Sa-Rang? Is that right? I’m confused

  • ItzSachielYT Gaming Girl

    Seok-Jin,,, I remind Jin from BTS 😂 means Gold
    Edited: Did I here and read right? Jimin!. okay okay I stop fangirling for now so I can study 😂

  • Bixsorful
    Bixsorful Year ago

    OMO! You guys are the best! I was so confused by this. Gamsamnida!

  • *I hAtE sNaKeU*
    *I hAtE sNaKeU* Year ago +1

    My name is Yara (given name) Kamleh (family name).
    The translation is literally Yala kameulle. But I feel like in Korean, my family name would be kim-Lee and my first name would still be the same? So kim-Lee Yala. (Since "r" and "l" are the same letter in Korean from what I heard) please correct me if I got something wrong!

  • Angel Emy
    Angel Emy Year ago

    Yes nice 👍 Korea is a mixture of China 🇨🇳 and Japanese 🇯🇵 culture in somehow . I see it’s so natural that similarity is exist also in other ASIA countries and to Middle East . It’s so clear as in this video show how Korean names and Chinese name has connections between each other’s so it’s the way that all other countries has that mixture in some words maybe even some cultures are so near from each other’s .if you have a look at Middle East the basic language is Arabic that’s mean there’s others countries such as Persian and Turkish and Kurdish peoples living in that area however each one of those countries has his special forms .
    so for me I’m Kurd live there my language is mixer in Arabic and Persian and Turkish 😇 thank you for all your videos really just I liked to show some about my county and language also it’s so easy for me if I try learning Persian or Turkish but I don’t like for now maybe later.
    I choose Korean language because there was Korean tv channel was aired in 2010 for about 2 year and I watched that channel for 2 month but suddenly the channel stopped so till it’s about 3 month I’m watching and trying to learn and understand some Korean words . It’s easy for me and I learned Arabic and English so I can learn Korean also and the most thing makes me happy I am trying to come to Korea even for 4 month study there I’m sure I can do it 🙌화이팅 🙌파이팅 🙌빠이팅 🙌가즈아 🙌🇰🇷🙏🏻👍😇💘🙆‍♀️

  • Grace D'Ambra
    Grace D'Ambra Year ago +9

    When she said Seokjin and Jimin all I thought was BTS.

    • kholebelle skeeterbug510
      kholebelle skeeterbug510 Year ago +1

      IKR I think the name Jimin is an awesome name . I didn't know it was a female name too. I love the name even through I'm not Asian

  • 최스타스
    최스타스 Year ago

    i think Hanja it is not Chine language, it is Kogureo language.

  • Raymond Supleo
    Raymond Supleo Year ago

    金(kim) 韓(han) 太(dae).. For me I like Korean if they writing still writing Hanja- with hangul like Japanese have hiragana and katakana w kanji... Korean lose they treasure because they don't have hanja today all their ancient writing, Temple or other historical place have hanja.. Thay lost it!

  • Арън Haдeжда

    Can you use British English

  • Arekkusū Dreamer

    Great video! Useful and straightforward. Love this. However it sound strange... I'm not able to know when a name is masculine or femenine yet. Of course another doubt is why most people I know have Kim, Park or Lee family names.

  • Saraswati Pun
    Saraswati Pun Year ago

    She is like May j lee

  • Saraswati Pun
    Saraswati Pun Year ago

    She is like May j lee

  • Gemi Sakinu Z
    Gemi Sakinu Z Year ago

    No doubt this girl is an expert of teaching Korean language
    She knows how to write those Hanjas which is so difficult to most of Korean people nowadays

  • mortes turner
    mortes turner Year ago

    does everyone in korea know chinese alphabet?

  • Some random girl
    Some random girl Year ago


  • Tove Kallin
    Tove Kallin Year ago

    My korean name is 명재빈, or Myeong Jae Bin, and my interpretation is "Life is to exist until the end"

  • Chuu Etteck My R
    Chuu Etteck My R Year ago

    4:48 A wild Hyunwoo appears!

  • ijimin ujimout
    ijimin ujimout Year ago +1

    My full name is Lee Shung Mo, alot of people call me ShungMo though. People usally pronounce it wrong though

  • Delay
    Delay Year ago +1

    When I hear my Korean name in a video...

  • so citrus
    so citrus Year ago

    When people have single-syllable names, do these tend to be a recurring name in a family (such as "Joo" in Jooyeon's name) or are these names more likely to vary?
    Thank you for this video, it was very informative ☺️

  • Kelsey
    Kelsey Year ago

    my chinese name translate to Hangul literally is 문채화

    • 뀨
       Year ago

      that sounds super koreany haha

  • LordPlainProductions Rblx

    HyunBee is my name but i doubt it's unique

  • Kristina Jakob
    Kristina Jakob Year ago

    Do only the fathers and grandfather choose the name or can the mothers and grandmothers choose the name too?

  • 창세
    창세 Year ago

    guess what am I a guy or a girl

  • Cubono Hyena
    Cubono Hyena Year ago

    Can I just directly transfer my Chinese name into Korean?

  • hmmm
    hmmm Year ago

    oh my god you can't go anywhere without bts fans being annoying and that's coming from a fan.
    you guys know people can have the same names right?

  • angel wong
    angel wong Year ago

    She said jimin and I was like instantly think of BTS

  • Fatima Serrano
    Fatima Serrano Year ago

    It's so complicated😭 my name is Fatima 😂😂

  • L 7
    L 7 Year ago

    I have heard that if you want to give your child two syllable name then you have to buy them i mean you have to give some money to specific department i don't if it's true or not???

  • Evadine Millers
    Evadine Millers Year ago

    My name in Korean is 산체스바레이로안아까밀라 so I think I’m pretty fucked up

  • Kyra Balairos
    Kyra Balairos Year ago

    so can you give me a korean name about my name? Kyra?