Kids Who Beat The System!!!

  • Published on Nov 4, 2017
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Kids Who Beat The System!!!
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  • Chub Chobs
    Chub Chobs Hour ago

    I wonder if that kid is watching prom 🤔

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor 4 hours ago

    Who just goes down to the comments just to see what going on

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor 4 hours ago


  • Rachel Hood
    Rachel Hood 5 hours ago

    When my ice cream is too cold I put in the microwave for 20 seconds or 10 five

  • kage O'Brien
    kage O'Brien 5 hours ago

    , for the Lego one, the mother could just put on shoes.

  • Mackenzie Lawton
    Mackenzie Lawton 8 hours ago

    The LEGO situation is solved by shoes

  • Danika Daniels
    Danika Daniels 8 hours ago +1

    My sister got over her fear of water slides by someone shoving her down one

  • Theresa Long
    Theresa Long 9 hours ago

    I like to step on legos

  • Emma Eve
    Emma Eve 12 hours ago

    10:08 can't you just put on shoes and spank him? Or grab a shovel and YEET the legos at his face( btw I'm joking plz don't do that to anyone)?

  • Bobby Preston
    Bobby Preston 15 hours ago +1

    omg omg omg i got my first like, wait why is it blue and also have a great day

  • Jacky - BrawlStars
    Jacky - BrawlStars 17 hours ago

    10:21 he's stuck there so it's pretty fair

  • I luv HUSKYS
    I luv HUSKYS 22 hours ago

    Lol I have a cover over my head
    I love standing on Lego’s

  • pop toys
    pop toys Day ago

    The Lego kid did not think about the fact the mom can just put on shoes

  • Bethany Li
    Bethany Li Day ago

    The mother with the lock on the drawer it doesn’t have a Lock on it...😆😅😂🤣

    RMLVK Day ago

    yesterday my mum pick up cat on axksadint

  • Drea Collins
    Drea Collins Day ago

    Sooty friends. yes!!!

  • Sebastian Arrowood

    The kid with legos is not smart bc his parents can wear shoes.....

  • Amy Carnival
    Amy Carnival Day ago

    We are always takeing echothers stuf hehe

  • Pink pig awesome fun!

    That’s not gum it’s puddy 1:43

  • Mary Perez
    Mary Perez Day ago

    1:41 that’s not gum it’s silly putty and everyone in my time did that

  • Marshy Marsh Marsh
    Marshy Marsh Marsh Day ago +1

    I was watching your vid and then I got an add and it’s with you in it :3

  • Luciana Contreras

    In the last one the mum can wear shoes and walk across not really smart

  • Tala hajjiri
    Tala hajjiri 2 days ago

    if your mom had shoes she can get passed the legos

  • Zoie Lipscoomb
    Zoie Lipscoomb 2 days ago

    She can take a broom and sweep the Legos away

  • Andi Osborne
    Andi Osborne 2 days ago

    For the last one the mom could have just put on shoes and walk across the legos and spanked him and 2k IQ him back because he has 1k IQ not even more than 1.5k IQ. P.S. other wise he out smarted his mom.

  • Xcitalale Gueyger
    Xcitalale Gueyger 2 days ago

    Going to spank me?
    Me:*puts on shoes*
    Me*walks though the legos with no problem*
    Kid: o.o
    Me: 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
    Kid: 🙀

  • Taya Thomas
    Taya Thomas 2 days ago

    One time I was like 3 and i saw a water jug in the fridge I drank half of it...... it was bleach. BUT WHY IN THE FLYING FIG WAS IT IN THE FRIDGE!!!!!

  • dylan cash
    dylan cash 2 days ago

    The Lego one, you can just put on shoes

  • LinkBeteenGames 13
    LinkBeteenGames 13 2 days ago

    I like stepping on Legos

  • animal fan girl Gilmore-Black

    My name is Jayde

  • Purple Violets
    Purple Violets 2 days ago

    Coudnt you put on shoes to walk on the leggos?

  • Anthony Hoban
    Anthony Hoban 2 days ago

    I love stepping on Lego's, I don't know why people say that it hearts

  • shaquille lodge
    shaquille lodge 2 days ago

    Love you more azzy

  • Senita Willey
    Senita Willey 2 days ago

    That kid that couldn have his tablet in the kitchen I had the same tablet I'm watching the video on

  • JRDUDE 2007
    JRDUDE 2007 2 days ago

    One of my teachers straight up grades 1 persons work and gives everyone the same grade that that one person got

  • PR Angel
    PR Angel 2 days ago

    He should have tooken away all the shoes #Smartie

  • Gacha Sex
    Gacha Sex 3 days ago


  • trinity McElroy
    trinity McElroy 3 days ago

    9:13 so me

  • Kaylee Jeffers
    Kaylee Jeffers 3 days ago

    1:43 that's putty fyi XD plus the gum would stick anyway

  • Lila Beast
    Lila Beast 3 days ago

    Day 1= i got a doll
    Day 2= i named it anibel
    Day 3= she all most killed me
    Day 4= i lost her
    Day 5= i died OOF

  • Ron Anderson
    Ron Anderson 3 days ago

    WHAT! 9:15

  • Miilah-Jane Jones
    Miilah-Jane Jones 3 days ago


  • Thien An Le
    Thien An Le 3 days ago

    I have that much lego

  • wolfie roblox fan
    wolfie roblox fan 3 days ago +1

    The last one you could just broom it

  • Heather Driscoll
    Heather Driscoll 3 days ago


  • AlbertDean Kids
    AlbertDean Kids 3 days ago

    I do that with my blanket and bunk bed

  • Eunice Juarez
    Eunice Juarez 3 days ago

    The only thing I love is you

    KARINA OY 3 days ago

    Really cuz am still that age cuz am using my mother’s account

  • Kate Love Bird
    Kate Love Bird 3 days ago +2

    1. I woke up
    2. I met Azzy Land
    3. I cried
    4. That was the best day of my life
    Sorry wrong order-JEFF YOUR FIRED!

    so anyway the right order is 2413

    • Cat Queen
      Cat Queen 2 days ago

      So u did it in your sleep???

  • Francis Leger
    Francis Leger 3 days ago

    my name is charlotte and i screamed when she said it

  • Imogens Blog
    Imogens Blog 3 days ago

    Yass you should post vids with a blankek round you

  • migi sushi
    migi sushi 3 days ago

    You can beat the LEGO one you just have to wear shoes

  • Jose Sugia
    Jose Sugia 3 days ago

    That kid is cheating on one

  • Andrea Denby
    Andrea Denby 3 days ago

    I'm always warm

  • Isabella Prill
    Isabella Prill 3 days ago

    I love azzy!!!

  • Zadia Kafeel
    Zadia Kafeel 3 days ago

    your so rude little kids watch your videos and you swear.

  • Mayleen Estefania
    Mayleen Estefania 3 days ago +1

    8:51 MY punishment is not being able to use my phone AND I have to go play outside. Ooof. 9:13 also me. I NEEEED HELP!!

  • My name Is Jeff
    My name Is Jeff 3 days ago

    10:10 mom, wear shoes

  • Grace Mills
    Grace Mills 3 days ago

    1:41 you have never heard of that??? And by the way that's silly putty not gum

  • Gwen Smith
    Gwen Smith 3 days ago

    That was actually putty not gum

  • Kaylee Chrystal
    Kaylee Chrystal 3 days ago

    does she know that the newspaper thing was silly putty not gum

  • 1984macleod
    1984macleod 3 days ago

    What is the biggest planet............... Uranus

  • Gachaunicorn Lover
    Gachaunicorn Lover 4 days ago

    3:18 I thought she was hanging her self up with her arms......

  • Maria Rodriguez
    Maria Rodriguez 4 days ago


  • Cookie Bear
    Cookie Bear 4 days ago

    Not gum ...putty

  • Kvng Makaveli
    Kvng Makaveli 4 days ago

    Song at 1:20?

  • amara armstrong
    amara armstrong 4 days ago

    3:16 - like if you have done this before lmao



  • That Mischievous Anime fan

    6:34 Omg I wrote Bleach all over my water bottle once cause I like bleach (long story short I saw a picture in my science notebook)
    But my Science/Math Teacher (same teacher not two different ones that say the same thing) tells me “no post-it’s”

  • brooke and books
    brooke and books 4 days ago

    On the last one your going to spank me
    Mom: goes in her room walks out of her room*kid looks down at her feet*
    The kids mind: oh no she has shoes on
    Kid:screaming inside

  • america america
    america america 4 days ago

    Me and my friend, Lorna, loves your videos Azzy! We tell everyone at our school to watch them! Your the best!

  • tal haxh
    tal haxh 4 days ago

    I am a kid and i never come inside

  • Shannon Najera
    Shannon Najera 4 days ago +1

    And why do my comments never get likes

  • Shannon Najera
    Shannon Najera 4 days ago +1

    One of the shapes was my name Charlotte 📝 and I love your videos

  • Fortnite God
    Fortnite God 4 days ago +1


    Red the second word

  • Jennifer Velasco
    Jennifer Velasco 4 days ago

    I love to Step on Legos

  • Ricardo Donoso
    Ricardo Donoso 4 days ago +1

    I have way more legos

  • Tayanna McNamara
    Tayanna McNamara 4 days ago

    It's not gum It's Magic Putty I had it before you you could Stamp Out on a newspaper and it will imprint on the slime

    SYNN_PAGE 4 days ago +1

    3:20 i did that

  • Joshua Kollman
    Joshua Kollman 5 days ago

    The last one with the one with the Legos you could just wear shoes and walk over it boom beat the system

  • Joy Klein
    Joy Klein 5 days ago

    People in my class drink my water and I hat it

  • Unicorn ASMR
    Unicorn ASMR 5 days ago

    At 10:10 the mom can just put on shoes and walk across the legos

  • Hui Ni
    Hui Ni 5 days ago

    for the lego one you can wear shoes

  • Allen Payne
    Allen Payne 5 days ago

    Lol azzy that's silly putti

  • Hank Daniel G
    Hank Daniel G 5 days ago

    10.15 just wear shoes

  • Norma Salgado
    Norma Salgado 5 days ago

    Am I really a triangle

  • Shiyu Chen
    Shiyu Chen 5 days ago

    Kid: going to spank? GOOD LUCK!!!!
    Me: I'm gonna grab a broom and sweep away to Lego and take the path that has no lego

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl 5 days ago +1

    *I don’t care if the teacher-*

  • Ashlyn Puhalla
    Ashlyn Puhalla 5 days ago

    That is putty not gum but still you my favorit TVclipr 😁😁

  • Mr.YeetAnar
    Mr.YeetAnar 6 days ago

    So this can be art 👌👌👌👌👌 (got em)

  • Brianna Green
    Brianna Green 6 days ago

    I puddy might trace of the writing as well

  • Asucena Orduna
    Asucena Orduna 6 days ago

    At 10:10 I found a hack

    Bend down and push the legos to the side, creating a path for you to walk through


  • UnicornGalaxy_Gamer YEET

    For the Hamic I thought it was her pj’s

  • Brooklyn Rogers
    Brooklyn Rogers 6 days ago

    That is silly putty

  • Lakota Vinson
    Lakota Vinson 6 days ago

    That was putty not gum

  • Nyagoa Nyak
    Nyagoa Nyak 6 days ago +1

    1:17 that is the right moment to say

    and i oop-

  • Lizzie Roblox
    Lizzie Roblox 6 days ago


  • Lily Lulu
    Lily Lulu 7 days ago

    It’s true

  • jaslynn CHIM
    jaslynn CHIM 7 days ago

    I just jumped to my 🛏