Tiarra Asks Akbar V to Set Up a Meeting w/ Moniece ‘Sneak Peek’ | Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

  • Published on Apr 29, 2019
  • After finding out that Scrapp has been seeing Moniece, Tiarra asks Akbar V to set up a meeting with her ex's new love interest. Watch what happens next tonight at 8/7c on VH1!
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    Stevie J, Mimi Faust, Karlie Redd, Rasheeda Frost and the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta returns and with their pursuit of success in the hip-hop game comes more drama. Marriage, babies, new relationships and music are all in the mix, but so are past mistakes, unfinished business and fresh obstacles.
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    Tiarra Asks Akbar V to Set Up a Meeting w/ Moniece ‘Sneak Peek’ | Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta tvclip.biz/user/VH1
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Comments • 786

  • Jay'Rell 4Real
    Jay'Rell 4Real 6 days ago

    Tiara dumb af wasting her life

  • Nyota Grantt
    Nyota Grantt 16 days ago

    Grown women meet up ?... STOP 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Jazz Mac
    Jazz Mac Month ago

    she sounds like my boyfriends two babymamas..smh sad

  • Jazz Mac
    Jazz Mac Month ago

    tiarra scrapps aint claiming you........

  • LishAnn Alexandra Bethea

    "i luh my baby daddy" head ass

  • Candice Young
    Candice Young Month ago

    what's different about Tiarra?

  • beghz z
    beghz z Month ago

    "So how long you gone be dumb" 😂😂😂😂

  • Chance St.Thomas
    Chance St.Thomas Month ago

    1:47-1:55 Tierra is a WHOLE IDIOT!

    GEMINI KING Month ago

    Akbar fat ass need to be climbing them rocks. Lol


    What's her son's name?

  • CrowN MissY
    CrowN MissY Month ago

    I’m so made at Tiara I use to really like that girl

  • Jania Army
    Jania Army Month ago +1

    Ain't she the same broad that was saying that she "wasn't gonna give him a damn pack of ramen noodles from me" but now she want a relationship with him ggggiiiirrrllllll I wish I could slap her for real.

  • Nicole Scott
    Nicole Scott Month ago

    Why you need details bout what happened with Moniece and Scrapp when he not your man.........????? 🤦🏼🤦🏼🤦🏼🤦🏼🤦🏼

  • TheWholeShabang
    TheWholeShabang Month ago


  • Timothy Morgan
    Timothy Morgan Month ago

    Hot mess tv

  • Ruthye Mcmillan
    Ruthye Mcmillan Month ago

    Let’s check on these children 😂 lol

  • Ti Crowell
    Ti Crowell Month ago

    Carribean is too old to be hanging out with King.

  • Shakendria Murphy
    Shakendria Murphy Month ago

    Quick question why is it tierra has all this children but the only one she totes around is king?

  • Shakendria Murphy
    Shakendria Murphy Month ago

    Tierra is working my nerves with that part down the middle of her head and that hair tucked behind them ears like brruuuhhhhh. With them tittie's falling out the side of her damn dress in her confessional scene.

  • Angel Cockrell
    Angel Cockrell Month ago

    Tierra let him go please

  • Tina Nelson
    Tina Nelson Month ago

    Tiarra couldn't have loved Scrapp too much she got married on his ass. And the only reason she want Scrapp is because her marriage didn't work out.

  • Winter Fall
    Winter Fall Month ago

    Strong woman she's not

  • Adrienne Neal
    Adrienne Neal Month ago

    I love Akbar V 😂 she knows Tierra is NOT gonna have a grown conversation

  • Ardanaes Repmek
    Ardanaes Repmek Month ago

    Now y’all know it’s all cause he JUST got out of jail and she wanted to be his first hit😂😂

  • courtney B.
    courtney B. Month ago

    I'm confused. I thought she got married to someone else after her first season.

  • Evens Desir
    Evens Desir Month ago

    Tiarra desperate

  • NUNE 242
    NUNE 242 Month ago +1

    Tiarra, if Tommie beat tf outta u.. U prolly dont need to meet with Monice either.😁👊

  • divastyle45ful
    divastyle45ful Month ago

    These women on these reality shows get dumber and dumber by the minute

  • stylecollective
    stylecollective Month ago

    I'm banking on this not being the least bit real otherwise it sets women back a hundred years.

  • Shay Monte'
    Shay Monte' Month ago

    Why does her make up always make her look ashy?

  • TiffyLove Love
    TiffyLove Love Month ago

    Did Tia say weak and dickmatized??! Where at?! ..when she been throwing that womb at Scrapp and it clearly shows he don't want it.. Put all her 🐱 in his face and he was looking like 👀 and not in a good way 😕

  • Thank You In Advanced

    The thirst is so real, girl where is your confidence 😶
    ok big v 💯💯💯😜

  • Jelly Yy
    Jelly Yy Month ago

    Moniece ain’t scary and looking like a real love and hip hop thot but whatever.. tiara too damn pretty to be stupid

  • Melanin
    Melanin Month ago

    I LOVE MY BABY DADDY... I'LL NEVA LET'EM GO.....🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Daevonna Smith
    Daevonna Smith Month ago

    Why do you need details about his relationship if he don’t even care for you

  • Shelly Whitehead
    Shelly Whitehead Month ago

    Akbar is the truth love her😘

  • Jane Monroe
    Jane Monroe Month ago

    I love Akbar V !!! Cold Summer!!! Whoa!!!!!!

  • ajw0293
    ajw0293 Month ago

    I see it now...Tiarra and Akbar getting into it later because Akbar didn't let her know about Moniece 🙄. Like she said, 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣 HE DOESN'T CLAIM YOU MA'AM. Get ALL of your life T!

  • Sun Flower
    Sun Flower Month ago

    But he's not cute and closer to a bum than we know.

  • Courtney Smith
    Courtney Smith Month ago

    Why Tiara acting like she only got 1 child. She got like 6 of them??? You only taking Scrapp son rock climbing. What bout them others.

  • BWR Rock
    BWR Rock Month ago +1

    I wanted to give Akbar the benefit of the doubt but that was messy. Your friends with both girls and she only told Moniece everything, and not the babymama. Then she say’s, she didn’t want to get involved in their business but she also told Moniece about the welcome home party. That’s not a friend.

  • Ja
    Ja Month ago

    Lmao "Grown women meetup" .. She know damn well... she just want to pop Moniece one good time..

  • Michelle G
    Michelle G Month ago

    Tiarra look so stupid!

  • Cassandra Wagoner
    Cassandra Wagoner Month ago


  • Boston Cream
    Boston Cream Month ago

    Why she wanna meet up with Moneice?👀👀 Y'all don't go together WTF did I just witness?? 😂😂😂

  • Jadea Campbell
    Jadea Campbell Month ago

    “Oh hell no” that’s a real bih

  • Ashiree nicole
    Ashiree nicole Month ago

    She insane

  • bambidaydreamer3
    bambidaydreamer3 Month ago

    ewww tiara really on here embarrassing herself. she has no reason, no entitlement what so ever to be questioning him or moniece. I could understand if it was in regards to seeing about who was being brought around the child...but she wanna be on that baby mama drama mess

  • Laniesha Lafortune
    Laniesha Lafortune Month ago

    He dont wont youuuuu!!! What dont some babymamas get man.. Smh.. Only using you for the kids.. They rather be miserable so they can see their kids its sad but true bruh

  • SM87013
    SM87013 Month ago

    Meet her for what? Even if he wasn't with Moniece he wouldn't want you!!

  • Your mom Loves me
    Your mom Loves me Month ago

    Thirsty as hell , girl bye

  • Aries
    Aries Month ago

    I hate the way Tiera holds her mouth... like she still has braces. She's always been annoying AF, & Why does Akbar feel the need to keep mentioning her "cousin kandy" bouught her that damn condo in buckhead in EVERY SEGMENT ? Ok...we heard u.✋

  • Toni Blaque
    Toni Blaque Month ago

    Now that was just sad

  • Megs the sweetheart

    Where are their other kids 🙄🙄

  • Hair QuestionS
    Hair QuestionS Month ago

    Tiarra - Babygirl from the 2 yt i seen --he must have a monsta

  • zoe pose
    zoe pose Month ago

    That look when she says "I love my baby daddy is 100% genuine!I hope she beat moniece ass though.im here for that!👊👊😷

  • elissa walker
    elissa walker Month ago

    Akbar real asf 🔥🔥and Tiarra a try hard, scrap don't wantchuuuu

  • Andrea Brantley
    Andrea Brantley Month ago +1

    💭Sounds like she looking for a fight!😏 Didn't Tiarra just have a whole husband, & another baby?? (she is super thirsty.)🙄

  • Tinesha Cooky
    Tinesha Cooky Month ago

    Akbar is very pretty. Tierra where is your latest child

  • lioness bossla
    lioness bossla Month ago

    Akbar is so beautiful dred

  • evita m
    evita m Month ago

    "Let me be weak and dicknotized" 🤦 this girl is dumb! Scrapp must've told her something while he was locked up bcuz in her mind they were together. That chick is disgusting,weak and pathetic

  • Kynissa martin
    Kynissa martin Month ago

    "You must be stuck on stupid fr" lhh

  • Alina Flowers
    Alina Flowers Month ago +2

    Tearra is 2 damn beautiful 😍 of a lady I am sure there are other men that would love 2 be with her why Tearra baby why??????

  • Mrs Walker
    Mrs Walker Month ago +1

    She is sad

  • Haiti Renee
    Haiti Renee Month ago +1

    Akbar a real friend 💪, tiara too pretty to be this delusional 💀 she worse than Hazel E.

  • karen shaffer
    karen shaffer Month ago +2

    Wheres Stebbie this show sucks. Everbody all over the place.

  • Sabrina Brascomb
    Sabrina Brascomb Month ago +2

    If scrap making these women’s crAzy I don’t want it period 😂😂😂🤦‍♀️

  • Sabrina Brascomb
    Sabrina Brascomb Month ago +1

    Naw dat is not gone work period but as of yesterday he said he want to coparent to so I hope king have the best even if they don’t date

  • Lafreeda Hill
    Lafreeda Hill Month ago

    That's not love.

  • Marlana Hoskins
    Marlana Hoskins Month ago +1

    Tiara, Sisssssssss quit goin out sad...the man dont want u💁 just cuz u have a child wit a person dont mean yall meant to be together😶

  • Michael Timberlake
    Michael Timberlake Month ago

    I love Akbar... Finally somebody who can stay neutral and out the way of other people's problems who refuse to bow out of situations that are unhealthy.

  • youknowwhatflav
    youknowwhatflav Month ago

    Girl he...dont... want ....you !!

  • Jaleesa Ward
    Jaleesa Ward Month ago

    Moniece going to knock her out

  • Jaleesa Ward
    Jaleesa Ward Month ago

    Tiara looking real dumb

  • Tiara Devaughn
    Tiara Devaughn Month ago

    Akbar sooooo fake giving mo all the scoop because she need that album with her on it she fake why even still be around tiara if u going to be fake the hole time it's pointless

  • PartyGetsMeWetter
    PartyGetsMeWetter Month ago

    “Gurl you stuck on stupid fr” Akbar be wise af

  • loyaltygifts412
    loyaltygifts412 Month ago

    This is why I only hang with GROWN Women. Tierra (or whatever) is messy as f***.

  • Lakeneetra Chambers

    She weak asf 🥵

  • Simply Sno
    Simply Sno Month ago

    Something wrong with Tiarra a nut job.

  • Brittany Shatione
    Brittany Shatione Month ago

    Everyone needs a friend like Akbar. Like girl, this man doesn’t want you, doesn’t claim
    you, and if nobody else is telling you let me do it. Haha but she still didn’t care

  • Navisicles
    Navisicles Month ago

    LADIES!!! don't be like tiara

  • mixxedmamii90
    mixxedmamii90 Month ago

    I like how she kept it 100 honey and ain’t sugarcoat nothing I love that and she put it out there to her that moniece has been holding scrap down while he was locked up and when he came out

  • ChocolateQueen
    ChocolateQueen Month ago

    Akbar has a really pretty face. I wish I had someone to keep it real with me. She is too real for this show.

  • Bre Wil
    Bre Wil Month ago

    Please take tiarra off of this show

  • Faith Mallard
    Faith Mallard Month ago

    You wanna meet with moniece to get all the details of their relationship , they in a relationship & they fucking .. what else you need to know ? 😂

  • Christian _person
    Christian _person Month ago

    It’s all scripted to keep Tierra relevant. Don’t she have about 5 or 6 kids? Where are those daddies? This is to keep her and Moniece on the show . Both of them don’t have a storyline. Every Moniece has a new man or woman. She moved from the LA love & hip hop to the Atlanta one to keep money in her pockets. It’s all fake! No new stories so they fabricate old stories, lol

  • Kerchira Bishop
    Kerchira Bishop Month ago

    She looking dum rite now

  • Chris Eason
    Chris Eason Month ago

    She going to mess his parole up he better leave here alone

  • temeka haynes
    temeka haynes Month ago

    I love akbuar she real chill and seem like a cool chick

  • Brick Haus TV
    Brick Haus TV Month ago +1

    Girl you is stuck on stupid for real🤣🤣🤣🤣 love akbar

  • Bernie_ M.
    Bernie_ M. Month ago

    Well I heard Scrap and Moniece is no longer bumping uglies she’s back gay again 🍵🐸

  • Nurse Drine
    Nurse Drine Month ago

    Tiarra looks ridiculous. She needs to just STOP

  • Misz Bella Levi Israel

    I rather have joseline Hernandez talk my ear off with her annoying Stebie accent than to watch Anymore of tiara storyline fr

  • Misz Bella Levi Israel

    How can a beautiful baby mama like that be so desperate so needy so thirsty and so gadamn noisy it’s like where is ur pride and integrity did ur mama teach u any sis she even makes me feel shameful as hell

  • Latashia Hale
    Latashia Hale Month ago +1

    What she need a meeting for

  • Misz Bella Levi Israel

    After the last akhbar I really thought I wasn’t gunna like anymore akhbars but this akhbar right here is making up for all the akhbars worldwide 😂

  • Brit Brit
    Brit Brit Month ago

    Tiara is not this man's wife she needs to stop acting desperate. He doesn't owe her anything they're not even in a relationship. She already said she never even went to see him while he was locked up and at his lowest point in his life so why would she even think he would want to be with her at all after that alone? It's starting to make her unattractive.. 🤨

  • Misz Bella Levi Israel

    This is truly the most stupidest storyline in lhhatl timeline believe me they had a share of the stupidest ones 😑 but this tops it for me but here I am I’m still here for it 😑 sip on ☕️ ..😒 this tea is bitter as hell😒

  • Tylisa Lynae
    Tylisa Lynae Month ago +1

    Tiarra looking real dumb right now. Her friend is telling her just move on. What u wanna meet with your bd new woman for. Let it goooooooo

  • Misz Bella Levi Israel

    Yo who else thought it was teirra ex akbhar I was gunna say he sure love him some teirras/tiarras I did not want her to be a sister wives at all But i think that would be a better storyline compared to this 1 tho😑