A Stranger’s Email Got Me To Meet The Dalai Lama

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
  • Thomas flew to India to ask the Dalai Lama one question...
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    What would you have asked the Dalai Lama?
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    Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
    Editors: Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Bryce Perry
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  • Yes Theory
    Yes Theory  Month ago +3570

    If you could have dinner with anyone currently alive... Who would it be and why?

  • Sir African
    Sir African 6 minutes ago

    With no disrespect the Dalai lama talks like yoda, but if I recall yoda is based of Him and Jedi off Buddhism so.. but anyways

  • Phan X3 g note crack god franksblinds yee

    I cried listening to his message/advice even though I couldn’t understand most of it.

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats 8 hours ago

    yikes first tibet and now the muslim communities. china on a roll

  • frozenbagel16
    frozenbagel16 8 hours ago

    ok boomer

  • Awesome Guy
    Awesome Guy 10 hours ago +1

    Should’ve asked “what’s your favourite marvel movie?”

  • king pepee
    king pepee 12 hours ago

    Great video so far

  • Lucky Duck
    Lucky Duck 19 hours ago

    “Dalai Lama, please tell me, is Tom Brady going to resign ? “

  • Marius Viljamaa
    Marius Viljamaa 20 hours ago

    This guy is literally just Yoda

  • paul saha
    paul saha 21 hour ago +1

    Those who still didn't understand what Dalai Lama said, google search "Aham Brahmasmi" meaning.

  • Skrawker
    Skrawker 22 hours ago

    I met him in December in Gaden monastery , near Mundgod. Im Mongolian .

  • Flash 🇿🇦
    Flash 🇿🇦 23 hours ago

    So I'm guessing we cant replicate this one

  • YimsoLiving
    YimsoLiving Day ago

    The great question for Dalai lama would be... If you have to travel for 30 hours to meet someone you inspired what only question you would ask?

  • Ar4igen /Sebi
    Ar4igen /Sebi Day ago

    6:08 that symbol on the house looks kinda familiar ....

  • Gaurav Khulbe
    Gaurav Khulbe Day ago

    He was born in Tibet not in China

  • MarZynette Avila

    I've literally spent an hour watching yes theory's "abandoned" videos. Sick

    LONG NANCY Day ago

    He was born in Tibet. Proved this guys information is unreliable.

  • Elijah Darby
    Elijah Darby Day ago

    A century is a 100 years btw... love you guys

  • Tiana Payne
    Tiana Payne Day ago

    listen to Dalai Lama's message with subtitles
    "we all have same right to the chief shepherd life"

    you heard it here, DOGS ARE LIFE!

  • Emaster Emaster
    Emaster Emaster Day ago +1

    Dalai Lama = last avatar

  • Blake Edward
    Blake Edward Day ago

    ik this is a serious video, but did anyone see the giant bug on his hand. So casual. 6:34

  • Geebai Ren12
    Geebai Ren12 Day ago

    id have dinner with keanu reeves

  • Christian Krimker

    6:08 a fucking swastika

  • Tim Lee
    Tim Lee Day ago


  • yuhihe
    yuhihe Day ago

    OMG, he's the real Avatar Aang

  • Nitish Anand
    Nitish Anand Day ago

    Meanwhile .....
    Poods :- Is math relate to science ?

  • Yahya Gondal
    Yahya Gondal 2 days ago

    What happened in Tibet is now happening in Turkestan

  • Leander Inosanto
    Leander Inosanto 2 days ago

    This made me cry out loud. As someone who is suffering from clinical for about 13 years...Those wisdom coming from him really resonates to me.

  • Exaco
    Exaco 2 days ago

    Altruism won't cure depression or anxiety. I've been "altruistic" probs since birth and it did more harm than anything else.
    I don't think overall that being humble and kind or selfish and greedy etc has any impact on depression or anxiety, it happens to every type of person but probably most commonly for "altruistic" people. Altruism is just first step into becoming "Doomer".

    • Exaco
      Exaco Day ago

      ​@Narcis Well maybe that's correct, but fact is that depression comes to anyone doesn't matter evil or good.
      I think good discipline is way better prevention, for example too much enjoyable stuff is bad, too less also is bad.
      I'm not scientist or a psychiatrist but i think depression is caused by brain ( especially dopamine ) overstimulation/overproduction e.g. if you constantly do things that are super enjoyable nonstop and get bored of it all, then there's only less enjoyable stuff left to do resulting in depression or the depression can be result of low self-esteem e.g. you're in fact inferior to others of your age ( fatso, bad looking, no one likes you etc. )

      Not sure about the cases when for example boyfriend leaves someone and then girl cries in a corner for weeks and wants to suicide, i think that's not real depression ( or just brief episode of it ) since depression lasts for many years and gradually worsens and these girls usually gets fine again after a week or so.

    • Narcis
      Narcis Day ago

      Are you 100% you're not just trying to convince yourself? Every psychotherapist ever will tell you that being selfish/greedy is detrimental for your mental health in the long run, and they base it on actual experiments and data.

  • HotWhiteWolf4
    HotWhiteWolf4 2 days ago

    This is such a touching thing. He also reminded me about Yoda a wise old man.

  • Chris
    Chris 2 days ago

    Why do we spending so much time thinking about asking questions?
    I'd ask him if he could give me an hour of his time to meditate together.

  • 47
    47 2 days ago

    6:08 idk if anyone noticed but I think there is a swastika in the top left on the sign? I’m not Indian so it may be something that’s apart of their culture and not a nazi thing but I’m not sure

  • musa kocak
    musa kocak 2 days ago

    6:07 ...

    ADITI SHRIVASTAVA 2 days ago +1

    Being an Indian, I feel proud that Dalai Lama chose India as his home!

  • Natalie Charo
    Natalie Charo 3 days ago

    I would have asked, "What should I do?" It's a very open ended question that I genuinely would want the answer to, no matter what it is.

  • choku 1manband
    choku 1manband 3 days ago

    You guys are really awesome. Great job

  • deltafrost yt
    deltafrost yt 3 days ago

    Christianity and Buddhism are the most peaceful religion in the world

  • Joseph Hisfriendfromschool

    6:08 poor symbol that was Taken by evil on the left

    • Manish Dadhich
      Manish Dadhich 2 days ago

      Someone said , if you don't know whole thing , shut up.. go get some research then comment

  • wrechy -
    wrechy - 3 days ago

    I hate when you you think of a bad question then you think of a better one after you said it

  • jerry lin
    jerry lin 3 days ago

    I tried to understand what he said but instead I just stares at his head.

  • Abishek Shrestha
    Abishek Shrestha 3 days ago

    He was born in nepal

  • HighQR
    HighQR 4 days ago


    GLOBAL WISPA 4 days ago +1


  • Robert P.
    Robert P. 4 days ago

    Do the same with the Pope in Vatican!

  • Edwin Bell
    Edwin Bell 4 days ago

    Thank you

  • vekky carriage
    vekky carriage 4 days ago

    Mind Inside out , Inside Out Mind ... felt good

  • Tanvee Choudhary
    Tanvee Choudhary 5 days ago

    It's kinda amazing that despite of so many changes in India's administration his asylum has never been in danger.

  • Tony Leyba
    Tony Leyba 5 days ago

    Am I the only one that saw the Swatika on the building?

  • Stuti Bhatnagar
    Stuti Bhatnagar 5 days ago +1

    I have depression and anxiety..... I even went to dharamsala for a trek in the Himalayas ... on the last day i went to the Dalailama Monastery but he was in state. I really want advice from hopefully one day I get to meet him💜💜

  • Jaroslav Novotny
    Jaroslav Novotny 5 days ago

    That was just absolutely beautiful. Thank you very much for this content, it is a bless!

  • Semyon Cher
    Semyon Cher 6 days ago

    6:07. Nazi sign

  • Gamer Supreme
    Gamer Supreme 6 days ago +1

    I’m genuinely sad that he’s the last dalaï-lama 😢

    IN A FLASH 6 days ago

    He literally is Yoda!

  • Wayne Karbowski
    Wayne Karbowski 6 days ago +1

    I work in a psychiatric hospital and I have to say. Of all the questions I could think of watching this video. You guys hit the number one question. I call our Anxiety and Depression problem 1st world syndrome. Kind of like a person who has everything, best water to drink, never ending supply of money, anything they want in the world they can pretty much have, but they are still unhappy. That is our society today. Now, its all about me me me like the Dalai Lama said, instead of caring for each other. Our society has almost no empathy anymore. Great job guys!

  • Negi Gaurav
    Negi Gaurav 7 days ago

    Nice......white man....🙏🙏🙏😂

  • Daniel Mendoza
    Daniel Mendoza 7 days ago

    Am I the only one who felt calm during answering the question?

  • Alex F.
    Alex F. 7 days ago

    Its the middle of the night while I'm watching this 😅

  • ayush shrote
    ayush shrote 8 days ago +1

    Proud Indian to have such influential people on earth.

  • daniel cardona
    daniel cardona 8 days ago +4

    I think I’m wrong but is that a swastika and the left of 6:07?

    • daniel cardona
      daniel cardona 5 days ago

      Tobias Herbers oh k

    • Tobias Herbers
      Tobias Herbers 5 days ago

      yeah i noticed that also but it goes the other way around and exited before the nazi one and its actually a symbol of peace or someting like that

  • Pri Ellie
    Pri Ellie 8 days ago