• Published on Jun 1, 2018
  • My girlfriend is the most loving, selfless, compassionate person I know. It was time I rewarded her with something she has always dreamed of, having her very own car! It got pretty emotional pretty quickly hahaha! Her reaction was so cute!
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  • Kristen McGowan
    Kristen McGowan Year ago +2568


  • Brittany Christmas
    Brittany Christmas 17 hours ago

    My dad has that car

  • philip hutchinson

    should have kept the bow lol she would have loved it

  • dav1099
    dav1099 Day ago

    What a fool he is, way too young to start this shit in life. You will be so sorry after the divorce in a few years, then she she will have all of it.

  • RagingSkeptic
    RagingSkeptic Day ago

    The world needs more videos like this.

  • haley nicole
    haley nicole 2 days ago

    what kind of car is this? I love it! I love your videos

  • Myles Shaw
    Myles Shaw 2 days ago

    so awesome congrats, had to sub just because you guys are so cute together....

  • lunatic
    lunatic 4 days ago

    never stand behind a running vehicle

  • Kop Cole
    Kop Cole 4 days ago +4

    She thoroughly deserves it..just her reaction and reluctance to accept it shows she’s with him for love not material things

  • Michael David
    Michael David 4 days ago

    We like Rockys and you can bring them back please

  • mikeberg
    mikeberg 5 days ago

    An icemobile?? C’mon Tesla rules

  • John Does
    John Does 5 days ago +2

    “ I don’t even know how to say thank you”

  • Alexis Maldonado
    Alexis Maldonado 5 days ago

    Now ask her for an ANAL RAW SEX !

  • Dawn Durant
    Dawn Durant 5 days ago +8

    “I’m a little girl, this is to mean”😂😂😂😂😍😍😍❤️😂😂😂😂

  • Daniel Vladu
    Daniel Vladu 5 days ago

    if you don't marry this girl you are the biggest idiot on the face of the planet. Ow my god i never seen a video where a girl look's at the guy like that. she's 1000% a keeper.

    STEPHEN HAYDEN 6 days ago

    So cute!What kind of blindfold was that? A sleep mask? Want to do this for my lady but all the masks I saw were no good. What brand and model?

  • omni nights
    omni nights 6 days ago +1

    you guys look ow-some together .. love / peace ..!!!! :)

  • Angela Dallimore
    Angela Dallimore 8 days ago

    Beautiful. So sweet, ♥️. Happy for you

  • orly pascua
    orly pascua 9 days ago

    Ang sweet nmn❤

  • jleote
    jleote 11 days ago +2

    Man she's such a sweetheart. Keeper for sure man. Happy for you both.

  • prabhat panday
    prabhat panday 11 days ago

    Hi buddy and hello sweetheart, this is the first video i have seen. You both are made for each other. You both stick so hard that let not even air pass between you. There are badies around you to spoil your happiness. Wish you happy life.

  • Kaleel Jack
    Kaleel Jack 11 days ago

    Nice video broo
    Nice family all the best

  • Alan Josip N
    Alan Josip N 12 days ago

    You did a wonderful thing dude! And her reaction is even more wonderful. Her reaction proves that she loves you with all her heart and soul. You guys are perfect for each other. Do not lose her; do not hurt her. You'll never find another like her!

  • Mister Serbian
    Mister Serbian 12 days ago

    No hate, but golddigger exposed.

  • fcporto porto
    fcporto porto 12 days ago

    How can he afford that car ....

  • Zinc Wingman
    Zinc Wingman 13 days ago

    This is the first video of you guys that i have seen, loved it. Live Happily Together, Bless You

  • Horshok Mangkung
    Horshok Mangkung 13 days ago

    Iam a little girl this is too mean to me... That was lovelly

  • Andrew Edwards
    Andrew Edwards 13 days ago

    I think she loves the car lol

  • Steve Watson
    Steve Watson 16 days ago

    nice one

  • Desirae Camarillo
    Desirae Camarillo 17 days ago

    Y'all are soooo cute & the love between yall is so so real everyone can see it!! definitely subscribing

  • garushjak jakedyboi
    garushjak jakedyboi 17 days ago

    im planning to buy the maserati levante because i need to finally upgrade from my volkswagen golf sv

  • James Curtis
    James Curtis 20 days ago

    True simp

  • Ranting N Rolling
    Ranting N Rolling 20 days ago +3

    This video was recommended to me, likely because of my recent search habits......glad I got to see it. Fantastic video. I instantly subscribed.

  • AN UK
    AN UK 21 day ago +2

    She is so cute.....felt in love with her

  • Mileea Jae
    Mileea Jae 21 day ago +1

    Aww I like y’all. No idea how I got here but glad I did. 💕

  • hd31
    hd31 24 days ago


    STRAW HAT LUFFY 25 days ago

    she is sooo cute...happy for both of you bro👍👍

  • Narandra Singh Modi
    Narandra Singh Modi 26 days ago

    This video is straight telling me im lonely.

  • Pratik Jadhav
    Pratik Jadhav Month ago

    i love my life Neha , Neha i love you so much baby ,. misss you soo muchhhhhhhh❤😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘miss you😭😭😭😭😭

  • Chka Fanai
    Chka Fanai Month ago

    She is a humble girl,and he is an honest man....nice couple.

  • Farhaan shaikh
    Farhaan shaikh Month ago


  • addictedtopussy69
    addictedtopussy69 Month ago

    thats no Tesla. lol

  • Loki
    Loki Month ago

    You had to kiss her not just filming her while crying 😂😂

  • harry blow
    harry blow Month ago

    the best video i was at my life.oh my god

  • harry blow
    harry blow Month ago

    you do so nice bro.i love i cam do like what you do.but i can,t.make me cry really.

  • Adam Ferchichi
    Adam Ferchichi Month ago


  • The Master
    The Master Month ago

    if u want I'm approving to you buy Maserati for me also.

  • Dudi Badil
    Dudi Badil Month ago

    I hope you are happy ..........

  • Jazzy Zackson
    Jazzy Zackson Month ago

    this is genuine one, some of the vloggers do click bait, i like her reaction and she's beautiful.

  • Roy Kerster
    Roy Kerster Month ago

    you are a very lucky man.

  • Muzammil Ali
    Muzammil Ali 2 months ago

    Love you both.

  • Regular Guy
    Regular Guy 2 months ago

    your only young once ya'll should enjoy it!

  • zinet farid
    zinet farid 2 months ago


  • Lee Palmer
    Lee Palmer 2 months ago

    made me cry as i wished i had a girlfriend like that

  • Angela Martin
    Angela Martin 2 months ago +3

    Christian is the best boyfriend/person in the universe!!❤😘

  • Hippie Lewis
    Hippie Lewis 2 months ago

    Great-luv those pearl whites-mine got messed up in Vietnam 1968. Talking about the teeth on the young lady.

  • Bootz Bootz
    Bootz Bootz 2 months ago

    You are both so beautiful ...

  • Mohd Azri
    Mohd Azri 2 months ago

    you are lucky bro have a nice girl like her.

  • Sandip Lama
    Sandip Lama 2 months ago +1

    Shes so cute

  • Maxx vls
    Maxx vls 2 months ago

    I really like maserati their my favorite sports car