Jeff Glor Is Taking News Into The Digital Age

  • Published on Jun 9, 2018
  • Jeff Glor's visit forces Stephen to grapple with the fact that he's now older than an anchor of 'CBS Evening News.'
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Comments • 144

  • Ádám Arany
    Ádám Arany Month ago

    how does someone have such a boring face?

    BRIAN PAUL Month ago

    CBS NEWS? LOL seriously its all the same Goldman Sachs -AP Reuters in the same order as the other Deans of American journalism...Jeff Bore

  • JC Andrijeski
    JC Andrijeski Month ago

    Hazing the new guy, lol

  • Jim Sykes
    Jim Sykes Month ago

    I'm an American who has spent much time living in Singapore - what they're saying about the country is simply not true. They're dwelling in stereotypes from the 1970s. Yes, political protests are kept under wraps, but Singapore is a more modern and open country than the U.S. is these days, by far.

  • Sassy Books
    Sassy Books Month ago +1

    Stephen I know that you love awkwardness but that was hilarious and just goes to show how smart and quick Stephen is too

  • Scott Morgan
    Scott Morgan Month ago

    ... and you can't urinate in elevators.

  • J Witherspoon
    J Witherspoon Month ago

    This was weird.

  • Large Soda
    Large Soda Month ago

    i next singaporean war will be for gum!

  • Harrison Rutledge
    Harrison Rutledge Month ago

    Jeff Glor is a loser. Looks like he’s on drugs presenting the news.

  • mytexas days
    mytexas days Month ago

    Well. That's a nice face. I think I will have to learn to like network news again. Until the cacabalogna starts up I'm in.

  • Michael Taphouse
    Michael Taphouse Month ago


  • lilacfunk
    lilacfunk Month ago

    Stephen! I'm ashamed of you! You know better. I get that you were just joking about Singapore but a lot of your viewers take it as gospel truth!
    1. You CAN drink on public transport. As long as it's in a bottle and you're not making a mess.
    2. You CAN chew gum. Just dispose of it properly.
    We also have a buzzing night life, kickass food and ZERO school shootings!

  • Melinda Virosteck
    Melinda Virosteck Month ago

    What happened to midnight confessions?

  • in the honey
    in the honey Month ago

    This is the picture of someone whose hands and tongue are tied by a network / massive media organization

  • Laura Ragger
    Laura Ragger Month ago

    Who misses the intro walk? #TheWalkingNotDead

  • keen
    keen Month ago

    I really liked Jeff Glor in this interview. When he delivers the news.. his mouth is so tight he speaks in between his teeth. He is so uptight but here he is enjoyable. I guess you have to be when delivering serious news.

  • No One
    No One Month ago

    Is this Gloria Borger after the surgery?

  • COB OB
    COB OB Month ago

    Hi Stephen, can u start a kickstarter for Hawaii, they need ur help. I love ur show and I’m ur #1 Canadian fan , ChrisOB 🇨🇦✌🏼

  • Kartoffel Pommes
    Kartoffel Pommes Month ago

    He seems really nice, that was a fun interview. Wishing Jeff continued success!

  • MountainMan23
    MountainMan23 Month ago


  • Vizan esx
    Vizan esx Month ago

    I had to restart this video 7 times because i was too busy looking at memes to pay attention...

    The internet is killing me halp

  • Petejano
    Petejano Month ago +6

    Omg he is such a dentist

  • Petejano
    Petejano Month ago +3

    He’s not wearing a tie and yet he needs to loosen his imaginary tie ....have fun ??!! Geeezzzzz .....Stephen you worked your ass off to keep it going

  • Jo Laderach
    Jo Laderach Month ago +1

    Steven Colbert, I dont feel like you belong where you are...... but i firmly feel you have earned it and you deserve it. You are a inspiration to me and i thank you !

  • Meg S.
    Meg S. Month ago +3

    Jeff seems to have the personality of a wet rag

    • Harrison Rutledge
      Harrison Rutledge Month ago

      He’d be a way better dentist anyways...and he’d get those drugs Colbert was talking about. I could do a better job than Gor at the news.

  • V Richardson
    V Richardson Month ago +13

    Poor Stephen. That was like poking a cow carcass with a stick to see if it will do something. Nope. Nothin’.

  • Mykil Moore
    Mykil Moore Month ago +4

    Come on chill
    This guy wasn’t interesting in any way.

  • nat lee
    nat lee Month ago

    Love this guy,so down to earth .and cute!,lol.....To hell with David Muir.....Glor rocks!

  • Neil O'Neal
    Neil O'Neal Month ago

    At 2:15 Stephen Colbert: yes, it's YOUR show, we know. You're a host, you moron. Learn how to treat guests the way a good host does, with hospitality and respect. Not browbeating them, hogging all the attention, interrupting constantly.

  • Neil O'Neal
    Neil O'Neal Month ago

    At 1:00 the guest was about to answer the question, make a point - when Stephen interrupted him, going in a totally different direction. Really annoying. Stephen HAS to learn not to interrupt. As a host it's his job to make the guest shine. Not to hog all the attention himself.

    • Chrissie K
      Chrissie K Month ago +1

      Guest was slightly... to mild and to boring for late night interview (he probably will get better with time, he will have to promote and do interviews in the future), so host had to salvage situation. Yes, interview was awkward, but, imho, at least fun to watch.

    • squallofreeves
      squallofreeves Month ago

      Neil O'Neal I hope you don’t watch Jimmy Fallon.

  • Mom B
    Mom B Month ago +1


  • H.S.
    H.S. Month ago

    Why is Stephen being a jerk!

  • miran X
    miran X Month ago

    gosh, what a handsome man...

  • Ascetic Walker
    Ascetic Walker Month ago +1

    "We're appreciating the tradition of CBS News" by bringing in another white guy to anchor the news. Nothing against Jeff Glor. I'm sure he's a fine newsman.

  • Sixth Sith
    Sixth Sith Month ago

    So, now we can all be bombed without being scared first, by the thundercracker jets? Awesome! 🌱 And I'm being serious.

  • Cancun771
    Cancun771 Month ago

    Imasgine Colbert as a CBS pundit just politely but with the utmost brutality and substance, slamming away at Trump without making a single joke.

  • captainfarktard
    captainfarktard Month ago

    Dexamethazone is rocket fuel in tablet form

  • Chuck-U Farly
    Chuck-U Farly Month ago

    I don't comment much on guests and especially news people but this Jeff Glor guy seems like a well rounded and interesting person. Most of the time when there is a news person as a guest they aren't that interesting or well rounded. Their interest story tends to be more around the news which is fine and informative but Jeff seems more like the kind of person would want to hangout with. Just my thoughts.

  • seeamerica1
    seeamerica1 Month ago +7

    Stephen knows too much about the names of drugs.

    • PolyglotPower
      PolyglotPower Month ago

      @Fay Petrou, Stephen knows a lot about a variety of topics, and I agree with @Lilitu that you came across as "holier than thou" when you judged that Stephen knew "way way too much" about medications and that's it's better to be ignorant about them. By the way, he joked he was "high on dexamethasone," which is just a corticosteroid (combats inflammation).

    • Fay Petrou
      Fay Petrou Month ago +1

      Lilitu I did not think I was “Hollier than thou" but hey thanks for sharing.

    • Lilitu
      Lilitu Month ago +2

      Fay Petrou actually, if you need to take them, it's a great thing to know.
      I'm glad you don't need anything but don't try and act 'holier then thou' towards the people that do take/need them

    • Fay Petrou
      Fay Petrou Month ago

      Lilitu:. No it's not great to know about these drugs. Just my humble opinion. I don't know any and prefer not to know. I don't even taken an aspirin or cough medicine. Not a fan of the Big Pharma.

    • Lilitu
      Lilitu Month ago +1

      It's good to know about what you potentially might have to take. Since they're all for anxiety/sleep/etc it's not too out there for him to have gone through a few with his Dr, while figuring out what he should be prescribed.
      I have muscle spasms and I went through at least 4/5 types over the years while I found the one that worked(or switched due to taking it for too long and gaining tolerance)
      But the TL; DR is essentially, it's good to be aware and really shows nothing about him outside of him having a good memory/listening to his earpiece
      Don't want a Dr just tossing stuff at you without knowing it's name. That's just poor self care.

  • Leek
    Leek Month ago

    A firm TV yes

  • Food Feast
    Food Feast Month ago

    Enjoyed this interview

  • Evil Monkey
    Evil Monkey Month ago +2

    Jeff Glor has such a charming smile.

  • Grxtchzy
    Grxtchzy Month ago +4

    Is it just me or does Jeff look very uncomfortable lol

  • Edward Holmes
    Edward Holmes Month ago

    Get Phill De Franco and do your self a favor

  • DaveS
    DaveS Month ago

    Welcome to Singapore, Jeff. Good interview.

  • Andreas Hansen
    Andreas Hansen Month ago +2

    Can't remember seeing Colbert this hostile towards a 'nice guy'. I guess there's something about Jeff Glor that Colbert just can't stand. And I kinda understand him. He's so polished and correct that it's too much and a bit off.

    • C J
      C J Month ago

      Andreas Hansen // I think it’s when his guests are less relatable to him or something, less in common. He made such an speedy interview once with Neil deGrasse Tyson too,..
      Not too bad, but a bit off, slight hazy,..

  • Richard Tucker
    Richard Tucker Month ago +12

    While he's not the most exciting guy in the news biz, he certainly has the most beautiful smile.

    • Mykil Moore
      Mykil Moore Month ago +1

      Richard Tucker i run a dental clinic.
      True he has good teeth

  • Number 9
    Number 9 Month ago

    The interview was fine but the title confuses me. This guy is part of old media, how is he bringing anything into the digital age?

  • knickell50
    knickell50 Month ago

    An EX is a has been and a spert is a drip under pressure. So an Expert is a has been drip under pressure!

  • Gail Finlay
    Gail Finlay Month ago

    Stephen is altogether snottier these days, a hint of malciousness behind each joke or comment.
    (Trumps vibe is wearing off on him . )

    • Neil O'Neal
      Neil O'Neal Month ago +1

      Gail Finlay: I agree with you.

  • Gail Finlay
    Gail Finlay Month ago

    It would be a shame for CBS News to let him go.

  • Marissa Marotte
    Marissa Marotte Month ago +6

    you can tell they reeeeeallllyyy don't like each other.

    • Harrison Rutledge
      Harrison Rutledge Month ago +2

      Yep. Jeff is a moron. Colbert is a genius.

    • Neil O'Neal
      Neil O'Neal Month ago

      Stephen is jealous of someone younger than him getting a respected spot on national TV news. The guest was being quite nice.

    • Dave Griffin
      Dave Griffin Month ago +9

      Marissa Marotte --
      They don't know each other. Jeff was overwhelmed and not ready for the Colbert train that hit him.

  • manddray
    manddray Month ago

    I like the flushing the toilet law

  • jerk fudgewater
    jerk fudgewater Month ago +2

    The crowd was impressed by super sonic travel... we’re getting dumber

  • Fifthelement203
    Fifthelement203 Month ago +8

    This guy was very dry. But Steven being the master that he is Made this interview really fun

  • gooxen
    gooxen Month ago +1

    You won't get caned if you chew gum here lol you just can't sell it commercially or chew in public! Whenever I leave the country I bring back a couple sticks and I've been fine (hopefully I'm not jinxing myself)

  • Hulagu
    Hulagu Month ago

    his ratings are in the toilet

    • Sunrisediagnostika
      Sunrisediagnostika Month ago

  • Helpme God
    Helpme God Month ago

    Who would have thought flying with him will make even the sound chase you

  • Jenny Lee
    Jenny Lee Month ago +3

    I got that Rankin Bass joke!

  • Shame
    Shame Month ago +3

    Uhm, ever heard of gloria borger?

  • Mohamed Farouk
    Mohamed Farouk Month ago +13

    What was Stephen referring to when he said 'because you don't want to make toys in Santa's workshop anymore?'?

    • Tom Hanig
    • KT Bon
      KT Bon Month ago

      It's Hermey.

    • Pamela B
      Pamela B Month ago +4

      Mohamed Farouk you've never seen that Christmas cartoon where Santa's elf just really wanted to be a dentist? It was Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. It's a classic!!!! 😁

    • Jenny Lee
      Jenny Lee Month ago +18

      A Rankin Bass children's movie where an elf leaves Santa's Workshop to pursue his dream as a dentist, along with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, who is running away because of being teased, and a gold rush miner who is looking for gold at the North Pole. Its a great Christmas special that I always look forward to every year.

    • Charlotte Muller
      Charlotte Muller Month ago +40

      The Christmas stop-motion cartoon "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer". There's an elf named Harvey who doesn't want to make toys anymore and wants to be a dentist instead. He runs away with Rudolph after Rudolph is teased for his red nose. It's a classic!

  • Mohamed Farouk
    Mohamed Farouk Month ago +22

    Jeff is a good boy while Stephen is, well, you know the rest.

    • carli max
      carli max Month ago

      Moh, Yes he is. and it he would be a sad loss if somebody with a nuke handy would realize we don't really need that resort island those two complete assholes are meeting on... if you know what I mean... come on ppl give the world a break already ffs

    • rabinder gangapersad
      rabinder gangapersad Month ago

      Tell us please,because he is now a part of my live(mr Colbert

    • miran X
      miran X Month ago +4

      and that's why we love him

  • s21972012145525
    s21972012145525 Month ago +2

    Never seen this guy before. Who was anchoring the evening news on cbs before him? Sc really was catty throughout the interview...guest didn’t bite though.

    • s21972012145525
      s21972012145525 Month ago

      Maybe Moran was ABC...

    • s21972012145525
      s21972012145525 Month ago

      Terry Moran? Wasn't he in there for a bit?

    • Lance Wedor
      Lance Wedor Month ago

      Scott Pelley was Glor's antecedent. Then Katie Couric before him.

  • Keith Riley
    Keith Riley Month ago +12

    Stephen is very clever. His best jokes are off the cuff. LOL

  • Jesse Woodworth
    Jesse Woodworth Month ago +4

    I've been watching Jeff for years when he was on the morning show reporting and I always knew there was something special about him. Congrats!

  • Captain Fisby
    Captain Fisby Month ago +5

    Is this just like a random 42 year old guy?

    • Ben Hockings
      Ben Hockings Month ago

      Captain Fisby Almost 43 mate... next month! 🤣

  • A Wee Scots Dog
    A Wee Scots Dog Month ago

    Scoring Data Points with Our Face in a Book
    An Old Etonian Alexander Nix
    Boasted "Here at Cambridge Analytics
    With some help from my chums
    Mathematics and sums
    Elections are just so easy to Fix"
    I dig secrets; and make your data mine
    And sniff a plot from the points on the line
    The story from the trends
    Of your life and your friends'
    Will enable us, a campaign to design
    And to our very elite Clientele
    We offer services discrete as well
    Covertly blackmailing
    The morally failing
    With hidden cam and the old kiss and tell"
    But narrative that was hidden despite
    Selective quotes from his friend's FakeBook site
    A most ironic thing
    An undercover sting
    Exposed them all to the glare of the light

  • Syed Haad
    Syed Haad Month ago +76

    Hello from Singapore! It's true you can't eat or drink on public transportation etc. but our streets are safe, the food is crazy good, it's a really clean and well-run place and there are no mass shootings here. You have to be here to understand.

    • Kalum Batsch
      Kalum Batsch Month ago

      "It is a lovely country with friendly people."
      And no freedom of the press, a higher execution rate than Saudi Arabia, porn is illegal and if you get caught smoking a joint, you can go to prison for several years.

    • JC Andrijeski
      JC Andrijeski Month ago +1

      I've been to Singapore. It's okay. Not my favorite part of Asia to be honest, but it is clean.

    • Jim Sykes
      Jim Sykes Month ago +1

      Kalum Batsch you are ignorant. Go to Singapore, have a number of nice meals, meet a bunch of friendly people, and then tell us your opinion on the country. It is a lovely country with friendly people.

    • Nayla S
      Nayla S Month ago +1

      Singapore is a wonderful country. My sister lived there for many years and met her husband there. I visited her many times and loved it. The only reason they moved was because housing was becoming more and more expensive.

    • Tyler
      Tyler Month ago +1

      Cindy Toh gosh I would love to visit Singapore within the next few years

  • Sean Whittle
    Sean Whittle Month ago +14

    Great to see a non-jaded old fart bringing the truth to all of us. If I could give him one piece of advice... never lie to us. Do not exaggerate the truth. Tell us who, what, when and where. Forget all the self-aggrandizing crap. Be the truth, not the story.

    • EC
      EC Month ago

      And don't tell us how to feel about a story by over-emoting. Just deliver the news.

    • Blue Sky
      Blue Sky Month ago

      Sean Whittle ...he still new.. wait 10yrs bc fame can change ppl.

  • desacrator48
    desacrator48 Month ago +29

    I don't think Jeff appreciated Colbert razzing on him so much. Colbert was cutting loose because of the drugs he took whereas Jeff is trying to be considered as a serious newsman not expecting to have his balls broken

    • mmortal03
      mmortal03 Month ago

      I think Colbert was experiencing a side effect of the drug he was on.

    • C J
      C J Month ago

      Fay Petrou // I agree, this was a little off,.. the “age-issue” as well with Jeff just being “a baby”. It was a bit speeded. It was like this once with Neil deGrasse Tyson too, although a bit wittier. Perhaps he’s just off slightly, or it’s when he has less knowledge on the topic(?)? 🧐
      Love Colbert still though too 🤩

    • Fay Petrou
      Fay Petrou Month ago +2

      desacrator48: I am a huge fan of Stephen but I thought his interview style with Jeff was strange and off. He hardly let him speak and Jeff is no where as quick witted or sharp as Stephen is. Not letting your guest talk is strange.

    • mac rondo
      mac rondo Month ago +11

      desacrator48 you gotta give it to Colbert for carrying such an awkward ass interviewee tho

  • Jeff Session
    Jeff Session Month ago +1

    we know about stephans cough surpe addicon

    • Keith Riley
      Keith Riley Month ago

      Syrup addiction. You need auto correct my friend. LOL

  • Tyler
    Tyler Month ago +2

    Thanks for the 2:45 am upload.

  • New Message
    New Message Month ago +5

    Could you imagine Stephen doing a 'Colbert Report' style piece on CBS news?

    • socrappyicoulddie
      socrappyicoulddie Month ago +1

      The closest we'll get was Meet the Press when he did part of his interview in character lol

    • Rob Simpson
      Rob Simpson Month ago +2

      ~~~~> K

  • in the honey
    in the honey Month ago +23

    Jizz-a-dream 🤨🤣

  • Jimmernam News Network JNN

    But I thought anything that disagrees with Trump is fake news?

  • Olivia Abc
    Olivia Abc Month ago +3


  • Terra shine
    Terra shine Month ago +17

    Stephen Colbert
    You are the greatest .

  • alwright
    alwright Month ago +3


    • alwright
      alwright Month ago

      Hi mac rondo, it was alright, how was yours? :P

    • mac rondo
      mac rondo Month ago

      alwright how was your day? :)

  • Hanjimo
    Hanjimo Month ago

    First lol