These Women Are Speaking Out Against R Kelly

  • Published on Jan 2, 2019
  • Multiple women who have accused R. Kelly of sexual, mental and physical abuse speak to Rolling Stone about finding resiliency through community and how the music industry overlooks predatory behavior
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Comments • 1 902

  • Torrey
    Torrey 13 hours ago

    Andrea Kelly just hush.

  • Rl Hastick
    Rl Hastick 16 hours ago

    These women had consensual relationship with Kelly. He did not reciprocate loyalty, now they want to destroy him. Thats not about abuse, this is revenge!!!!!

  • Eddie terrell
    Eddie terrell 17 hours ago


  • Victor Stewart
    Victor Stewart Day ago

    Blame white folks as usual... lol.😈😈😈

  • Sleep Mares
    Sleep Mares 2 days ago

    This is sickening especially the sex tape of him with the 12 year old girl. Imagine that was just one tape they used against him but he got away with it. Imagine the other tapes or the other little girls he's raped and got away with. Just makes me sick to the stomache

  • Ikra Hussain
    Ikra Hussain 2 days ago

    There’s a video circulating around of Andrea Kelly saying he’s a good provider his writing his music has done us good. Essentially she was defending him even though she’s accusing him that’s why she’s not credible

  • Ramona Holloway
    Ramona Holloway 2 days ago

    I applaud every victim and who has been brave enough to speak her truth. I pray for them and their families.

  • know The Way
    know The Way 2 days ago

    For the love of money.

  • know The Way
    know The Way 2 days ago

    17 yrd old child that loves money. These women are grown.

  • TRIPniJeepito
    TRIPniJeepito 2 days ago

    Enjoy this scandal hype about R Kelly while it lasts.
    Knowing the media environment and the public behavior now that everyone has seen the 6part documentary 'Surviving R Kelly', the interest will DIE DOWN.
    People will stop talking about this issue. And it will be forgotten again once there is a new interesting scandal by another celebrity or public figure.
    I see R Kelly surviving this.
    I give it about a month or two that this issue will Die Down and people will start to listen to R Kelly Music again.
    Might even give him another career boost.
    Remember Micheal Jackson? The media crucified him because of his pedophile accusations. But what happened? After the dust settled... MJ died as a MUSICAL HERO and was even given tributes by people who once dropped their support at the time of the scandal.
    I'm not an R Kelly supporter and especially not a supporter of his alleged misconduct.
    I am just speaking about how i see things might play out based on the media and public behavior.
    Some might disagree but I'm sure a lot may agree. :) peace.

  • Dominique Humphery-Dhami

    It’s crazy but the ex wife is weird because she is on here crying one minute and then she’s having a good ol time singing happy people. I think she should have stayed out of it just cause he’s her family she can say he’s not shit but her and his family can be the only people who can speak on the issue

  • Laura LaQue
    Laura LaQue 2 days ago

    uh huh so Drea is Robert forcing you to keep his last name too??

  • MIAPhilly
    MIAPhilly 3 days ago

    Why didn't the ex wife go back to her maiden name after dealing with this?

  • Tiffany LaShay Morgan

    I've been through verbal and physical abuse. I completely understand where they are coming from.

  • Leslie Boozer
    Leslie Boozer 3 days ago

    I want to know where were these girls parents? They need to share a jail cell with him.

  • Janet Hernandez
    Janet Hernandez 4 days ago

    Man I'm sorry if I offend anyone but it's all some bullshit these girls just want some kind of attention and money. I've been in 2 abusive relationships and u know why cause I was too lazy to work and had no money or let my feelings get in the way cause I was stupid. OK thts the reason why shit happens cause we stupid I think alot of these women just are ganging up on this fool . Alot of those chicks got involved wit him POR calentonas. Thts wht mexamer. Calls a heated chick and since shit didnt turn their way now they are mad. U already know is about tht green paper etc. That's why u fellas and ladys need to see who u talk too it's better to ride solo!

  • Outlandish_from_Broward_FL_954

    R. Kellys sister molested him and his brother when the brother was 6 and R. Kelly was 10. The sister was 16.
    Surviving Theresa Kelly
    Just google that name Theresa Kelly...There's an hour long video of R. Kellys brother (Carey Kelly) describing what she did to him. Man you wont believe what she made him do when he was just 6.....And clearly, she really messed up R. Kelly too

  • Kaci Wilson
    Kaci Wilson 4 days ago

    People saying they not listening To His music do you actually think he gives a fuck You already payed for it So You Might as well listening To it

  • Kaci Wilson
    Kaci Wilson 4 days ago

    Why They Wait till Now They lying you wanted Money you Was looking for a free ride

  • Bridgette Tates
    Bridgette Tates 4 days ago

    Iam so mad i can't feel any sympathy for his ex wife

  • Clementine Sifiso Nomalizo Mnkandla

    Perpetrators of abuse against women have similar traits, they need to be jailed and in the process rehabilitated. No normal man hurts the woman he is in love with. Women, know you are not the problem but the man has a deep seated problem he needs to deal with. Unless he does something about it he will move to the next relationship and in that is his next victim. Its only a matter of time. Leave before its too late. Its not worth holding on cos you can even lose your life and you ain't got no second chance in this life.

  • CRiMEY
    CRiMEY 5 days ago

    💂 _--SHE GOT ABUSED BY R.KELLY ..BUT Kept His Last Name!!-_-

  • patti schultze
    patti schultze 5 days ago

    women stop judging these women. They are victims, you should support all women of sexual abuse and deviant behavior. You are worse than men

  • caligirl LA
    caligirl LA 5 days ago

    This Asante McGee person was exposed as a total liar. Interesting now that they money has dried up everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Not saying what R. Kelly did wasn't wrong, it was, from the treatment he dished out, to spreading herpes knowingly. R. Kelly said he was raped by a family member from age 7 to 12 it was his own sister. She was age 13 to 18 that plays a huge role on his future actions, the girls he's attracted to are the same age his sister was. He clearly didn't get any help so the victim turned into the victimizer! This is a very sad situation.

  • Mr. Ballsdeep
    Mr. Ballsdeep 5 days ago

    Like they didn't know better

  • Mercedes Gooden
    Mercedes Gooden 5 days ago

    I dont believe none of this shit no can make u do nothing u don't want to these women wanted a pease of the pie and now trying to bring him down they wanted that life style

  • Sharee Brown
    Sharee Brown 5 days ago

    At some point these women WANTED to be there. And they CHOSE to STAY.

  • Jennifer Usman
    Jennifer Usman 5 days ago

    The only person I feel she's saying the truth is the ex wife. The rest of you . Did he fox you to him.

  • Alma Jimenez
    Alma Jimenez 5 days ago

    Why didn't any of these ladies speak up sooner? Why wasn't he charged? i'm sure these ladies liked the life style/ money and kept quiet.

  • juliet campos
    juliet campos 5 days ago

    Wait a minute r Kelly is a music genuis ok why now are these ladies comeing out hes innocent omg

  • Elvira Camac
    Elvira Camac 5 days ago

    olé have One question Who is the police detectives Elsa Lara bulnes womens are used for this Man you need you putting in jail for the rest of the his life to lies never get out of jail mr. Kelly enough is enough is that a lot of evidence de polis twerking

  • Stormchasingirl 1
    Stormchasingirl 1 5 days ago

    He’s a narcissist.

  • Ysm Ozturk
    Ysm Ozturk 5 days ago

    Robert Kelly can't even be a piece of my shit. Psycho, sick monster!!!!!

  • Lakeba Lee
    Lakeba Lee 5 days ago

    I'm confused and would like for someone to ask Andrea Kelly why do she sometimes praise, listen to his music, and bost as being R Kelly's wife on social media in between seeing her talking and crying about what he's done to her and all these women!?


    They need to tell themselves that they were just plain stupid! Stop acting like this can happen to everyone...he’s a freak and attracts freak just like him. A lot of women have admitted to meeting and speaking with Rkelly but when he asked for sex and threesome, they said Hell No and left. Obviously, from y’all statements he wouldn’t force u guys...he’d just cut u off of u refuse his offer, so where’s the abuse. It was a give and take situation and u guys wanted the fame and money that came with it. All these women of statutory age coming with abuse stories are just bogus and I see through y’all

  • Eric Frost
    Eric Frost 6 days ago

    As a Black man I completely and wholeheartedly believe these women. Its vile for a man to treat a woman like these women say they have been treated. And Drea Kelly is a beautiful woman I can see her strength. Powerful men are falling left and right and its poetic. Karma catches us all in the end.

  • Dud Adam
    Dud Adam 6 days ago

    Those bitches knows what they were doing....

  • Kim Haynesworth
    Kim Haynesworth 6 days ago +1

    I QUOTE" I would love to see him in handcuff but that's going to take time" Oh don't worry that's going to be real soon!!!!!

  • Greta Garbolini
    Greta Garbolini 6 days ago

    For anyone asking why this took so long to come to light, I have two words. Bill Cosby. I stand with these women and their truths will not be ignored.

  • Derrick Schuyler
    Derrick Schuyler 6 days ago

    This is so sad, that people like him exist. And I pray for him that he seek help or pay for his wrong doings. You can't treat people like this and if your in something like this, get out and fight for your life and don't be scared. Only God can take control and handle him for all his wrong doings. I pray that God has mercy on him. Cause his time will come one day watch.

  • P J
    P J 6 days ago

    Another male-hating campaign, SURVIVOR?? LOL He didnt try to kill them,...
    Did you notice all these sluts are dressed in no cleavage holy clothes to look decent?

  • Jade Page
    Jade Page 6 days ago

    This is super annoying now. This is based off he say she say period. I need evidence period🤷🏽‍♀️ we been knew R Kelly was like this. Y’all need to move on and let go! Cause if it’s so serious why isn’t he sitting with Bill Cosby? Goodbye.

  • Zhane Beard
    Zhane Beard 6 days ago

    notice no white women racism is real and has not gone anywhere and will not go anywhere

  • hrwatchinpuff
    hrwatchinpuff 6 days ago

    I feel sorry for anyone that was sexually abused... but I know a fast girl when I see one. I had a neighbor that was brutally raped and murdered, my prayers are still with her family. As for these women, I’d blame bad parenting because they should’ve known better. Being a groupie for a famous sexual predator will get you got...end of story. Today you have the likes of Cardi B, promoting the power of your vagina, and y’all making her rich, while your Daughters are downloading her music. Pop culture today is creating a candy store for the typical sexual predator, now that’s the real story. There’s a laundry of rich white men that are doing the same thing and even worse... where are those stories Rolling Stone.

  • MISTY eyed
    MISTY eyed 6 days ago

    they were doing it voluntarily,,,,,he dished them,now he is an!

  • Teeyah2
    Teeyah2 6 days ago

    Speak on Sistas; we got your back!!!

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 6 days ago

    I agree that R kelly abuses some of these girls, and many more. But some of these girls are full of crap haha come on now lol y’all know some of them gave it up lol cause they want spotlight lol

  • nora Pothoven
    nora Pothoven 6 days ago

    He creeps my out😲 he needs help.

  • Caoimhe Conlan
    Caoimhe Conlan 6 days ago

    It makes me so angry that because R Kelly has money and power, these women just didn't matter. Well time is fucking up!

  • Sakhile
    Sakhile 7 days ago

    There's something wrong with R Kelly for sure, but at the same time lets not forget that there's always more to the truth. Cant turn a blind eye also cant believe everything you hear especially when someone is well-known.

    • Sakhile
      Sakhile 7 days ago

      It seems like the women are speaking half of the truth and spicing it up

  • William Digregorio
    William Digregorio 7 days ago

    There are reading them queue cars and the directors telling them when they cry

  • William Digregorio
    William Digregorio 7 days ago

    All of them want to write books now hahahaha and all get emotional for the book selling money

  • William Digregorio
    William Digregorio 7 days ago

    I got to see a lot of these bitches they look busted

  • babygirl& babyboy
    babygirl& babyboy 7 days ago

    I feel sorry for what these women are going through this monster need too get punish for this

  • Annie Oglesby
    Annie Oglesby 7 days ago

    Watch their body movements and their eyes move. They are reading something. Screen play. But if he has done this? He should be in jail longtime ago. Lies and bull **** .

  • justice4all
    justice4all 7 days ago

    All of you woman are brave and beautiful

  • Annie Oglesby
    Annie Oglesby 7 days ago

    They are broke women and want R. Kelly pay they way. Now they speaking out now. His ex-wife worry about her well being.

  • Styles by Liyxh
    Styles by Liyxh 7 days ago

    If it was white women like Bill Cosby, he would’ve been in jail

  • Nunya Bizznez
    Nunya Bizznez 7 days ago


  • Charolette Hudson
    Charolette Hudson 7 days ago

    No you was of age... oh my gosh!

    ONE LOVE 7 days ago

    Will someone please get rid of Drea Kelly, she's just a two faced hypocrite. She jumps on anything, good or bad, to do with her " baby daddy"..Just a gross woman all together

  • Esther
    Esther 7 days ago

    I don't take any of these comments seriously apart from the ones from the people who cared enough and were blessed enough to watch the whole docu series from start to finish. one word. empathise.

  • Candise Ellis
    Candise Ellis 7 days ago

    Why havent any of these women pressed criminal charges?... I know a couple of victims sued him and they settle for an undisclosed amount....

  • Sonny R
    Sonny R 7 days ago

    These women are brave and amazing.

  • Essence Lindah
    Essence Lindah 7 days ago

    And if you think the woman are not to blame, how do you explain them dating a married man etc, ladies, virtue, virtue, virtue,
    See what the price of fame was for these ladies and learn,
    Not all that glitters is gold

  • Essence Lindah
    Essence Lindah 7 days ago

    Yah, his the only one at fault. These gals practically throw themselves on these guys and then all of a sudden it's the guys fault, everybody wants to be with a famous one, they want the fame money etc
    Girls kindly have some virtue, you won't hear such from a woman with virtue

  • IKD TV.
    IKD TV. 7 days ago

    Question. I flip burgers at McDonald’s making minimum wage... would any of these women allow me to brainwash and manipulate them??? Just saying

  • Ma' Dukes
    Ma' Dukes 7 days ago


  • Toto Tita
    Toto Tita 7 days ago

    all those womans are groopy's running after him they did know what will occur so be it stupid girls and stupid parents !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Legolas Greenleaf
    Legolas Greenleaf 7 days ago

    Given women's track record especially last years false accusations against men (Brett kavanaugh, Bill Cosby etc) forgive me if I'm not too quick to jump onto the "pity women" train.

  • LoLo White
    LoLo White 7 days ago

    Where was the dad's????

  • Victoria Holloman
    Victoria Holloman 7 days ago

    I get so sick of it

  • Victoria Holloman
    Victoria Holloman 7 days ago

    19 and 20 is grown

  • ada Harmon
    ada Harmon 7 days ago

    How could these women and men come on there and say that it’s not their daughters but what if it was their daughter that he was holding hostage like that even if it is not holding them hostage I am live in a quart like that that is not a good thing and it’s not healthy I’m still fucked up from that shit today

  • igiveup igiveup
    igiveup igiveup 8 days ago

    Look guys I haven't watched it yet,is it worth watching

  • Sharon Moore
    Sharon Moore 8 days ago

    Is anyone going to discuss how young Beyonce was when Jay started messing with her. Hmm fake news will come out to protect that scandal.

  • Pink Perez
    Pink Perez 8 days ago

    Don't make sense how he has never gotten arrested. On the other hand, Michael Jackson was arrested instantly for claims of him touching a boys leg, WTF. It's obvious racism has switched. The white guy gets arrested, and the negro is still free.

  • Eagle One
    Eagle One 8 days ago

    Sore loser goldiggers who got dugged themselves. After 10 years they find Jesus or reveal in therapy and want some money now? Goldigging has consequences.

  • Wendyam Pitt
    Wendyam Pitt 8 days ago


  • MsBudget Fab
    MsBudget Fab 8 days ago

    I'm so happy they told their story. It is time to stop silencing women, especially black women. I was abused as a spouse. No one wanted to believe me .. But thank God in certain situations the neighbors called for help. Things happened to me as a teen that when I spoke out ...their were ppl protecting my offender... This gives other women the power to speak out, girls to speak out against abuse, trafficking, women in captivity ... No one can tell these women when its time to tell their story. And its so surprising to see the amounts of women who will try to hush these women.....and all these women pointing negative fingers on these ladies for sharing their stories...are some of these offenders mothers, sisters ..cousins, that have probably even been assaulted themselves. #stopsilencingvictims

  • Estella Blaq
    Estella Blaq 8 days ago

    I seriously don't understand why they are trying to separate R. Kelly and Robert Kelly I don't he is thesame person...

  • ymc m
    ymc m 8 days ago

    I was 17 and went with grown one beat me though...but you were not a child......stupid but not a child.....19-20 years old is not a child....R. Kelly will never go to jail based on a story about sex and abuse years later when you were 19 or 20 years seems like the me/2 movement is in this if it is not about taking him all were grown women...and it is his word against yours.....why not say this when you were experiencing are too old now....oh based n the white women that got Bill? no he was accused of drugging them and may need some proof of abuse to be taken some hospital records and police records of abuse...other than that it is your word against R. Kelly's word.....where is the written proof of abuse records? legal documentation? being a stupid woman will not get R. Kelly locked up if that is your goal...or is the goal 15 mins. of Fame? what is the goal with no proof? no one can really take you serious without documented proof....i mean this is the black community here we know people lie in groups if they all have the same gona need more than lip service an accusations in the black community....

  • Benzo Lo
    Benzo Lo 8 days ago +1

    Lol What a joke!!! Things hoes will do for money. Don't come crying now. You liked it. Lol

  • Swzn
    Swzn 8 days ago

    These girls dumb bc they rolled with him bc he was a celeb

  • Swzn
    Swzn 8 days ago

    The women shouldn’t have went with him wherever just bc he was ricj

  • B Kingg
    B Kingg 8 days ago

    God cover these women

  • conyeyslaughter
    conyeyslaughter 8 days ago

    I just wish I could give all these girls a Hug #MuteRkelly

  • Tomecka Carpenter
    Tomecka Carpenter 8 days ago +1

    R.Kelly is a total slimball, I hate men like him

  • T1bur0n McFadden
    T1bur0n McFadden 8 days ago

    Damn. All These Women Are Ugly Yo.

  • Adrienne Ali
    Adrienne Ali 8 days ago

    The ex wife is crazy. Why would you want to keep a monster's name...talking stupidly saying she put in work for that name. She just trying to make money off that name. She needs therapy.

  • Skittle Boy's
    Skittle Boy's 8 days ago

    Skittle Boys is in the comments! R.Kelly for president!

  • Felicia Boles
    Felicia Boles 8 days ago

    They knew rkelly they seen money living luxury life no one is hostage

    HEY SPORO 8 days ago

    They miss his golden urine showers, especially that baby mama, she is proud to introduce herself as l was married to the King of picking up young girls at McDonald's while smiling....fame hoes

    HEY SPORO 8 days ago

    All l see is fame hoes, until we hear the side of the close friends and family that adviced them against dating or meeting with that monster predator r kelly, no one in their right mind would date a guy that has had a long list history of abuse like r kelly, so on that point "
    l say 1st Class flights, presidential suites, nice cars, backstage passes, gucci bags, status of dating the King picking up girls at McDonald's r kelly, has rewards....." Urine Showers/ While U Call Me Daddy " theses hoes never learn " BIGGIE SMALLS said Nice Cars Still Leave You On The Pavements "

  • Pretty Different
    Pretty Different 8 days ago

    I'm sorry I believe everybody but the wife. Something about her just seems off

  • erica rhea
    erica rhea 8 days ago

    Sooo why are they smiling again??

  • Latasha Roddan
    Latasha Roddan 8 days ago

    Such a shame that someone with so much talent has no sense of humility. He treats women like trash. He needs some serious help and a long time in jail.

  • Britney Wells
    Britney Wells 8 days ago

    Let me just say if you haven't been in a relationship like this. You don't understand. So stop criticizing these women