James Charles PLEADS with FANS "Stop Showing Up at My House"!

  • Published on Dec 18, 2018
  • James Charles is telling fans to stop showing up and invading his privacy, sparking a debate as to whether or not invasion of privacy comes with the price of fame.
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Comments • 5 045

    KILL SMITH 45 minutes ago

    Hi sisters

  • Triggered Boy
    Triggered Boy 15 hours ago

    Fucking lizard

  • Connie Cooper
    Connie Cooper Day ago

    I hate those people that being so rude to james

  • jamie van schult

    Look who is talking

  • Jessica Hawk
    Jessica Hawk 2 days ago


  • avAc0daS are greatest

    I live no where near James (Wisconsin) and yet I still think this is terrible.

  • Moka chan
    Moka chan 4 days ago

    Anyone in the right mind wouldn't want random people showing up at their house invading their privacy🙄

  • The daily Rant
    The daily Rant 5 days ago

    I don’t really like James but honestly his fans are wrong for showing up to his house. It’s not his fault. People need to understand you need to respect people’s privacy. If it was me I would’ve called the police on them

  • glitterDraw!
    glitterDraw! 6 days ago +1

    I know he's a big TVclip star, but people have to respect other people's privacy

  • Noelle Vishney
    Noelle Vishney 6 days ago


  • kikayei
    kikayei 9 days ago

    Lol, lol, lol, it make these social media “stars” wanna go back to the way it was, before they became....famous.

  • Ali's Gacha Studio
    Ali's Gacha Studio 10 days ago

    I'm not even gonna argue because the logic has said it for me already.

  • Austrian Bish
    Austrian Bish 10 days ago

    Now I don't know if I want to be popular anymore.

  • sr.max.mcguire
    sr.max.mcguire 10 days ago

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  • Jimmy Eats
    Jimmy Eats 11 days ago

    🏳️‍🌈⃠ 🏳️‍🌈⃠ 🏳️‍🌈⃠

  • ReaRea plays,vlogs,and more

    I agree with James 100 % I need privacy!EVERYONE NEEDS PRIVACY

  • Batman
    Batman 14 days ago

    ⦸ ⦸ F

  • GingerJambo51 GG
    GingerJambo51 GG 15 days ago

    Thats the price to pay if u make millions of dollars

  • izzie the tortilla
    izzie the tortilla 15 days ago

    i thought this was because of the emoji tbh

  • SDgaming Girl
    SDgaming Girl 16 days ago

    Omg if he’s famous... doesn’t not give people the rights to take away his human right!

    ROBLOX I LUV ROBLOX 16 days ago

    He can sue them for trespassing

  • Authur the god of godamit

    *Shot gun* solve all your problems

  • SimplyLizzie Logical
    SimplyLizzie Logical 18 days ago +1

    So the clips of the team 10 house shouldn’t be shown because Jake MADE the location of the house public so it is their fault but james never gave out his home address so there is no right to be going into HIS property UNLESS he decided to give it out it isn’t fair and he didn’t share it meaning that people are literally trespassing onto his PRIVATE property. He never once has said “hey, come hangout at my house” he said STOP literally so respect him because yes fans helped him get to where he is but that doesn’t mean they can walk on his property and say that they brought hi. To where he is and then just friggin walk in the house! He is very grateful for it, don’t take that out but he deserves privacy it’s like saying how you poss give you a raise and then just says “I PUT YOU HERE NOW RESPECT ME” and just barges in! But it’s my opinion so please don’t make a rude comment I’m just expressing my opinion.

  • Aniana Cathalina
    Aniana Cathalina 20 days ago +1

    im mostly worried why this channel does not subscribe to james charles. im sister shook.

  • Wolfy Cookie:3
    Wolfy Cookie:3 20 days ago

    Tbh she reminds me of Liza

  • Brianna Mottola
    Brianna Mottola 21 day ago +2

    I’m sister scared! Those are some stalking sociopathic sisters!!! 😱

  • Sytara Hirsch
    Sytara Hirsch 21 day ago

    Being famous has to do with entertainment, if you feel the NEED to go to a celebs house you need help

  • Antonio Diosdado Salcedo

    Lol i remember in a jake paul fan meeting in his house vid a mom said “be gentle they make you famous” i bet a lot of people will use that to defend themselves

  • 2016imhere
    2016imhere 23 days ago

    Maybe if he kept even ounce of his life private instead of show boating he’s mansion at every opportunity then he wouldn’t have this problem. Don’t give a house tour if you don’t want fans showing up! Keep your house private it’s that simple . Oh wait he can’t cause he loves to show off

  • One Epic
    One Epic 23 days ago

    Feel like James Charles would yell at Girl Scouts to go away because they are invading his privacy.

  • Extrav
    Extrav 23 days ago

    Fuck James Charles, fuck his parents, fuck his grand parents, and fuck his siblings.

  • hell kitten
    hell kitten 24 days ago

    Ok I will go to James house

  • Halfofmyheart
    Halfofmyheart 24 days ago

    This is a big reason why I would never want to be famous. Besides this scary stalker shit, just imagine not being able to run to the mall to go to Sephora, and go into a clothes or shoe store to look at things and try them on without having to take 50 selfies before you get halfway to Sephora... Then after that, another 50 selfies by the time you get to Sephora, and god help you when you get in the store bc after all the employees get a selfie/autograph, the whole store want the same, and it’s only a matter of 10-15 mins before people start calling people to get the mall quick bc ****** is here. I’ve seen it before, last year in NYC, I lived there all my life

  • LoNoPoTo
    LoNoPoTo 24 days ago

    I’d get a gun and shoot it up into the sky. Run pussies run pussies RUN! 😡

  • B Tab
    B Tab 25 days ago

    Love how people who are famous automatically assume that fans are crazy and want to kill them...maybe we just want to welcome everyone to the neighborhood

  • Vanity Bowen
    Vanity Bowen 25 days ago

    Tik tok shoot out plz

  • Saryn Foy
    Saryn Foy 25 days ago

    Õøf.dxddy/ that my tiktok-also poor guy

  • Matthew Starr
    Matthew Starr 26 days ago


  • imblushingfor you
    imblushingfor you 26 days ago

    This is disgusting. People showing up to James’s house and asking for a picture or a photograph is not a good idea. You would not like it if I came to your door when you where doing something busy? I am not saying this to everyone I am telling the pathetic people who actually do this. If you somehow find out james’s house, do NOT come to his house. It’s disrespectful and rude to bother someones life. James Charles is very famous, but he is a HUMAN! I can’t be the only person thinking this! But I hope you have a amazing day thank you for reading my rant you are a true soldier! 😂💕🌙

  • Big Man Axe
    Big Man Axe 26 days ago

    He brought it upon himself lmao

  • Sylina Royster
    Sylina Royster 27 days ago


  • Taehyung's Pimple
    Taehyung's Pimple 27 days ago

    This is really sad, poor James 💔

  • Let me take a Jörmungandr at that

    Not to be a gatekeeper, but I don’t think you have the right to be called a fan if you are stalking the celebrity.

  • Jordan EastIsUp554
    Jordan EastIsUp554 29 days ago

    I know this is late but can we talk about her actually wearing a nightgown?

  • Kaira Stone
    Kaira Stone 29 days ago

    This honestly breaks my heart. I dont understand how some people can be so cruel and evil. James didn't deserve any of this. He has feelings, he has a mind of his own, he has rights. He's a fucking human being who has worked so hard for what he has. I cant possibly imagine how terrifed he must have felt when people just randomly started showing up at his house demanding him for his time and autograph. He is not obligated to his fans; especially when it comes to his own house and privacy. He doesn't owe them anything. He is not your personal play thing. You dont have the right to mess with his personal life. These people need to fucking stop. You are not privileged or entilited that you feel that you have the fucking right to show up to his house uninvited and start fucking harassing him. He's a fucking human being for Christ's sake! This is honestly frightening. Not all fans are just gonna ask for an autograph or picture; some fans have no sense of boundaries or just no sense. Some fans can be seriously dangerous and go to the extreme to get what they want. I pray that James is safe and that he is with people who will protect him; because this is not okay. It is evil, rude, horrifying, and needs to be stopped.

  • Mr vlog
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  • BigNiqqaWalter
    BigNiqqaWalter Month ago


  • kendra warmath
    kendra warmath Month ago

    Hi I'm watching you live

    NIGHT HUNTER Month ago

    Poor guys

  • CJ and Auntie Yaya
    CJ and Auntie Yaya Month ago

    There is no debate. Everyone has a right to their privacy. This sycophantic idea that fans are allowed to stalk the famous is just as sick and twisted as the claim rapists have that they have a right to rape women who dress provocatively. It is a form of violation and is a part of our rape culture. The selfish fan insists that their idol is obligated to be their personal slave and attend to their needs, wants and desires just because the fan bought the famous person's product. Does everyone who has a PC running on Winblows feel that Bill Gates is obligated to give them technical support? Is Elon Musk obligated to give every person looking to buy a Tesla a test drive of his own vehicle? Is Trump obligated to give everyone who voted for him a night stay in the Lincoln Room? No. Just because you admire a person from a far doesn't give you a right to invade their personal life and space.
    There is no debate in this issue. Invasion of a person's privacy is wrong. End of discussion.

  • Jana Rajab
    Jana Rajab Month ago


  • Dour Trentis2
    Dour Trentis2 Month ago

    I feel so bad for James and I also feel bad for other celebrities for having to deal with this as well. It's sad that celebrities cannot be treated like people...

  • gabryela wolfe
    gabryela wolfe Month ago

    He has his rights to privacy just like the rest of us, stop using his fame as an invitation to invade his space. You wouldn't want someone just showing up at your house looking to take pictures of and with you, so leave him alone while he's in his own home. This is ridiculous...

  • A Devils Channel
    A Devils Channel Month ago

    Y'all better shut up!!

  • Too Much Internet For Today

    Omg I usually don’t like channels like this (I feel like often they’re just taking content of others and getting views while addressing bullshit rumors) but I actually really like you and enjoy these videos! Thank u!

  • Lea Ann
    Lea Ann Month ago

    My Tik Tok name is kindlear5 ily

  • Brooklyn's World
    Brooklyn's World Month ago

    This is awful. He just moved to his house. Because of this he could be forced to move. People knocking on doors and windows. They could take pictures even wrose if a window open they'll probably go through the window they seem choadic I think they'll do it. He could get robbed.. Everyone should get privacy and whoever disagrees would like aleast 2 millon dollars of items stollen from your house random people knocking on doors and windows yelling your name like the hunger games?

  • abbey rhoads
    abbey rhoads Month ago

    I really don't like how people are defending those "fans". Like I love Shane Dawson and James Charles and tons of other people like that but I'm not gonna go to their house, that's so disrespectful and creepy

  • Kilshia Forrest
    Kilshia Forrest Month ago

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    I honestly love news like this

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  • Cindy Joffrion
    Cindy Joffrion Month ago

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  • Independent
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  • Muhammad
    Muhammad Month ago

    Wtf is that thumbnail 😂

  • Tori Collins
    Tori Collins Month ago

    This is scary, but it invasion of privacy *is* the price of fame.

  • Jenny Jusino
    Jenny Jusino Month ago

    Invasion of privacy is criminal so watch out for your stalking behavior. These stars are people too, not some fantasy cartoon you can go see at your whim.

  • Simone solas
    Simone solas Month ago

    He should just move to a gated community with security , it's sad that he may have to sell and move but worth it for peace of mind.He is adorable ,talented and hard working and deserves down time like everyone else.💕

  • Some Demonic Camaro With Internet Connection

    SOLUTION!!! Don't complain and uh? Maybe get a VPN ._.
    That's how I made Instagram stalkers stop showing up at my house... (Multiple times with weapons...)

  • Rileigh Olson
    Rileigh Olson Month ago

    Well the old team ten house was public and you can find the address online

  • Kaleb H
    Kaleb H Month ago

    Anyone who doesn't see the inherit danger of people showing up to your house announced and demanding you to preform your job for them (hugs, autographs, pictures etc) on the spot has an automatically invalid opinion on proper social etiquette.

  • JJ souls
    JJ souls Month ago

    The gay boys got fans. AND THEY WANT HIS BLOOD

  • Witty Widow
    Witty Widow Month ago

    Come to my house, you are always welcome

  • Jenner
    Jenner Month ago


  • Maryann Rodriguez
    Maryann Rodriguez Month ago

    OMGOSH what's wrong with people? Don't they have anything better else to do then to go to people's house not knowing them only by seen them on Y-Tube making tutorials on makeup, and other things that people do on their y-tube channel.... to me that's being very desperate, and really strange,and disrespectful, because people are nuts nowadays? I mean you just don't do that.... that's just crazy to me! Sooo sorry sister James that people are STALKING YOU!!! GOD BLESS YOU SISTER JAMES ⚘

  • Emma Larthwell
    Emma Larthwell Month ago

    These people aren’t fans they are awful people who are horrible

  • NOOB Tryit862
    NOOB Tryit862 Month ago

    thats so scary!

  • Mylee Ortiz
    Mylee Ortiz Month ago

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    Matthew Ethan Month ago

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  • Maranda Windish
    Maranda Windish Month ago

    These people who think they can go to celebrity's houses to try to meet them are wrong. He needs his own privacy.

  • Marcus NL
    Marcus NL Month ago

    First they want to be famous and then they complain they have no privacy. You cannot have it all!

      WE THE NEW WORLD ORDER Month ago

      But famous people still deserve privacy. These celebrity fans are disrespectful.

  • Mike Vorst
    Mike Vorst Month ago

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