John Wick 2 Deleted Scenes La Pope, Charlie, Aurelio and Santino

  • Published on Jun 5, 2017

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  • Wanted Bear
    Wanted Bear Day ago

    Now I Get Why They Are Deleted...

  • violent shemp
    violent shemp Day ago

    "do i look like the man that want's to buy a V8?"

    walks right over to another V8

  • MORRISON7585
    MORRISON7585 3 days ago +1

    Why does Aurelio insult this man and his four henchmen without an ability to back up his insults with strength? It makes no sense whatsoever.

  • Angel Iba
    Angel Iba 10 days ago

    Traducción por favor...

  • Ricardo caca
    Ricardo caca 13 days ago

    que falta me faz um curso de inglês nessas horas kkkkk

  • king 1
    king 1 13 days ago

    Bro the first scene a kid punches harder then he does

  • John Murphy
    John Murphy 14 days ago

    Love the 2 hot babes at the Vatican front desk !

  • John Murphy
    John Murphy 14 days ago

    Santino D'Antonio is a real ruthless psychopath... He even has his own sister killed to take her seat at the high table... The scumbag deserved a more drawn out, painful death than a quick head shot...

  • Evol Saiyan
    Evol Saiyan 15 days ago

    1:30 hahaha lol

  • L I P T O N
    L I P T O N 15 days ago

    t means Fortuna aids only the strong ones.. The translate is wrong in this one. Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat = Fortuna the Roman Goddess help/aid only the strong ones, and it is Fortis not Fortes. it's two diffrent words.. John Wicks tattoo is Fortis

  • T Johnson
    T Johnson 17 days ago

    what if the pope said no?

  • dale david
    dale david 18 days ago

    why did you delete this video?

  • Abdullah Syed
    Abdullah Syed 22 days ago

    If all of you who did not hear, D'Antonio threaten to let Aurelio live while massacring all his men in front of him, he made the best move. He always seems like the most human and humble guy out of everyone regardless of his screen time, plus he friends with JHON WICK.

  • jaguar420g
    jaguar420g 22 days ago

    this scene was deleted because the AC Cobra is a kitcar

  • Jay O
    Jay O 25 days ago +2

    That nun at minute 6:17 totally checked Wick out lol 😂

  • Jay O
    Jay O 25 days ago

    The punch at minute 2:01...clearly not a punch / an act so glad it got deleted

  • Izy Cananua
    Izy Cananua 26 days ago

    With gold at 1350 ounce, not quite

  • Mark Yacklon
    Mark Yacklon 27 days ago

    No no no no no no not the mustang lmaooo

  • David Schmidt
    David Schmidt 27 days ago

    I don't always hire four bodyguards...but when I do, I hire two sets of twins and teach them to walk with their hands over their balls...

  • Covencraft
    Covencraft Month ago +1

    why is every bodyguard a bearded mustache twirling coffee afficianado Hipster?

    • Martimos
      Martimos Month ago

      @Covencraft well you just answered your own question.

    • Covencraft
      Covencraft Month ago

      @Martimos it's not style if they are a clone of every other bodyguard, then it becomes a uniform.

    • Martimos
      Martimos Month ago

      So they have style.

  • SAS
    SAS Month ago

    That's the assassin from gadfather 2 at the end

  • Al Xavier
    Al Xavier Month ago

    Aurelio’s men proved to be less than worthless.

  • GI Jack
    GI Jack Month ago

    Glad they cut the scene with the Pope. Wish they kept the scenes with Aurelio and Charlie though. Would've shown Santino slowly taking over New York.

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez Month ago

    Excelente que las borraran, Realmente sobran estas escenas en la pelicula. Sobre todo la ultima .... :-)

  • ANDY WALKER & The Baker Street Band Official

  • PDX LockPicker
    PDX LockPicker Month ago

    What did santino take from aureilo?

  • your god will be cut

    The main villain is barely audible.

  • your god will be cut

    It takes a while to recover from a kick in the nuts. That sequence was lame so they took it out.

  • vaalejo1's archive
    vaalejo1's archive Month ago +3

    You guys do realize that Aurelio is Sid from ice age

  • R D
    R D Month ago

    Where did you get those, in recycle bin !!

  • Panda Pulamte
    Panda Pulamte Month ago

    The workshop guy such a goodman

  • Jeremy Herbuela
    Jeremy Herbuela Month ago +1

    Boss:How much for john wicks head?
    Me:Just kill me

  • randall phillips
    randall phillips Month ago

    Winston is John wicks Daddy.

  • Camille Triboulet - Hall

    They're in Switzerland's underground hell tunnel! Whaaaat?!
    Aurelio knows exactly why that sissy, Italian Job's at his shop, so he f-s w him. A punch is the least he knew he'd have coming. Therefore, he doesn't seem weak at all, to me at least....

  • Camille Triboulet - Hall

    Man oh my- John L. IS (even more so) hotAF.👏

  • Stefan Pigford
    Stefan Pigford Month ago

    Do not kick me in the ,..NUTS...
    Kick balls..!!!😥

  • blanchae
    blanchae Month ago

    Who would have an office in the middle of a working garage? If you've ever worked in a garage then you would know that is just stupid.

  • Ya Heard
    Ya Heard Month ago

    Godfather 3 assassin cardinal

  • bigbangnone
    bigbangnone Month ago

    Progress is the deception of the greedy.

  • Cedrick Narciso
    Cedrick Narciso Month ago +1

    Arri Alexa Camera Bigscreen.

  • Nic0las Myaww
    Nic0las Myaww Month ago

    So you're telling me those nosebleeds and shit are CGI?

  • Theo Retickle
    Theo Retickle 2 months ago

    The character, Aurelio, should have a massive part to play - the guy's excellent and fitted to the storyline!

  • Aditya Mate
    Aditya Mate 2 months ago

    Can't believe High Table still want to go after John for killing a scumbag brother in Santino. Got what he deserved.
    There should be something sort of Note while entering the NY Continental : Wick killed Santino a member of High Table on this very ground. lOl

  • Nate Curp
    Nate Curp 2 months ago

    Yo by my count john has got more than Beatrice kid'O! In kill bill vol 1&2 !With out counting on jw3 or 4 dare we say to 7 ! Is like playstation! But john dont play! And his taste in weaponry I think reflects that ! Oh and tell ruby that she can find nate c! at school on Aug 11, 2019 6:30pm mountian time

  • TimeLaffs
    TimeLaffs 2 months ago

    I sketched a sad john wick

  • manuel sanchez
    manuel sanchez 2 months ago

    Fuck 💋 a Man 🖐

  • Rikkie Carette
    Rikkie Carette 2 months ago +3

    6:19 watch the guy already at the counter (left) bald one second, full head of hair the next!

    • Sean Olaf
      Sean Olaf 2 months ago +1

      Different guy. You can see the bald guy walking up the stairs a moment later to the left of the guy with hair.

  • Vitória Lanches
    Vitória Lanches 2 months ago

    Essa cena foi deletada ??

    • Alex Magno
      Alex Magno 24 days ago

      Foi sim mano so nao entendo em qual parte do filme ela se encaixa

  • David Hall
    David Hall 2 months ago

    Ironically, Ian McShane played Judas Iscariot in the TV mini series Jesus of Nazareth. Not a far leap of character portrayals.

  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark 2 months ago

    His crew sucks

  • D_Mib1 _M
    D_Mib1 _M 2 months ago +1

    It appears Aurelio is no stranger to being kicked in the nuts.😅 John does have attachment issues except when he's firing his gun.😬 and Winston ,well .....that look he always gives when he knows someone is going to die.😂

  • Ruby K
    Ruby K 2 months ago +31

    “The owner has attachment issues” 😂 damn right

  • 5000 subscribers without video. Thank you.

    If Wick found out this happend even this is a deleted scene he will kill Santino ashes.

  • Combat Bananas
    Combat Bananas 2 months ago

    Haha, of course John Wick kisses the popes hand.

  • RubherDuck
    RubherDuck 3 months ago +2

    "Attachment issues" you know who.

  • Billy Bones
    Billy Bones 3 months ago

    What a bloody tradition to kiss pope's hand! 🤮🤮🤮

    • Brad Torville
      Brad Torville 3 months ago

      Not the hand, the ring. the Ring of the Fisherman (St. Peter). It is traditionally considered a demonstration of fidelity and love for the Church. But given the criminal underworld atmosphere of the fictional world in the John Wick movies, his decision not to kiss the ring may have been his personal response to that tradition. He sought an audience with the Pope but ultimately made it clear that he'd still be his own man in his actions by not kissing the ring.

  • Wayne Henson
    Wayne Henson 3 months ago

    Yaaaaa another 30 miles(:

  • Tarkan Дмитрий
    Tarkan Дмитрий 3 months ago

    silinmesi çok iyi olmuş.

  • zero the game bunnie
    zero the game bunnie 3 months ago

    Idk i now i kinda wanna see this in it

  • Joey Boedeker
    Joey Boedeker 3 months ago

    So glad John smoked him