John Wick 2 Deleted Scenes La Pope, Charlie, Aurelio and Santino

  • Published on Jun 5, 2017

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  • Wayne Henson
    Wayne Henson Day ago

    Yaaaaa another 30 miles(:

  • Tarkan Дмитрий

    silinmesi çok iyi olmuş.

  • zero the game bunnie

    Idk i now i kinda wanna see this in it

  • Joey Boedeker
    Joey Boedeker 3 days ago

    So glad John smoked him

  • Cesar Guerrero
    Cesar Guerrero 7 days ago

    That’s how i wear my jackets 😂

  • Daniel Van Evera
    Daniel Van Evera 7 days ago


  • Lord Jock
    Lord Jock 8 days ago +1

    They should have kept the last one in . to get the blessing of the church in Catholic Italy is big time

  • Terry Dunn
    Terry Dunn 10 days ago

    Trump parade of 4. July

  • Terry Dunn
    Terry Dunn 10 days ago

    Trump parade

  • Billy Russo
    Billy Russo 10 days ago

    Santino must pay his bodyguards a fortune. They've a uniform dresscode, hair code, and beardcode.

  • Madni Ranawadiya
    Madni Ranawadiya 11 days ago

    From where did u get that

  • Danny Taylor
    Danny Taylor 11 days ago

    So...wait a minute...if this movie took place a few days after Wick kills Viggo, how is it that the "Cleaner" dude grew such an epic beard in that time? He was clean shaven in the first movie...🤔

  • Abinadabe Alberone Dias

    Foi melhor ter deletado essas cenas mesmo

  • Garland Carrell
    Garland Carrell 14 days ago

    @3:45 what was the box?

  • Young Jefe
    Young Jefe 16 days ago

    What type of car was that

  • Shocker 187
    Shocker 187 16 days ago

    So all his they just stand there???

  • Bob Evans
    Bob Evans 16 days ago

    I would've kept the nut shot. One thing missing from John Wick movies is the nut shots. There should be at least 5 per movie.

  • Vinicius Mendes
    Vinicius Mendes 17 days ago


  • Phoenix North
    Phoenix North 17 days ago

    Man the kick to the nuts was a cheap shot

  • Vinay Dangwal
    Vinay Dangwal 18 days ago

    Add link of the full movie!!

  • Johannes Dolch
    Johannes Dolch 18 days ago

    All bad scenes that add nothing to the movie and the pope scene was downright stupid. Glad they deleted those.

  • MR.John GuY
    MR.John GuY 19 days ago +1

    7:06 John wick

  • Mike F
    Mike F 20 days ago +1

    What did diantonio take from aurelios?

  • Jan Carlo
    Jan Carlo 20 days ago

    Whats in the box?

  • -_Big_- _-Boss_-
    -_Big_- _-Boss_- 21 day ago

    He Looks like Fookin Tommy Shelby

  • dragon501000
    dragon501000 21 day ago

    Isn't that bishop the assasin in the Godfather lll ?

  • markman63
    markman63 21 day ago

    What’s up with the hipster goons?

    BUNTER HUNTER 21 day ago

    Does anyone else agree that the bishop with the ring looks exactly like the assassin who was dressed as a priest at the end of the Godfather 3 I swear it's the same actor

  • anjay pogi
    anjay pogi 22 days ago

    Yeah delete these scenes and put the 1968 CAMARO on the NEXT John Wick Chapter!!!

  • catsndogs98
    catsndogs98 23 days ago

    Anyone notice Aurelio is always putting on a facade??

  • Chuck Taylor
    Chuck Taylor 23 days ago +2

    4 body guard walking like they tryna protect their nuts..

  • Ernest Heau
    Ernest Heau 24 days ago

    Very few people would notice this, but at around 5:19 you can see a picture of the Buddha reclining on his deathbed before he passes away into nirvana. This is startling if for no other reason that this is in the Continental, a gangster hangout where crime and violence is considered off-limits by the mob. Strange indeed but yet somehow fitting.

  • Gonzalo Gutierrez
    Gonzalo Gutierrez 25 days ago

    The Santino-Winston exchange made me re-evaluated my theory on who's the real villain behind all this

  • Carl Kevin Natividad
    Carl Kevin Natividad 25 days ago

    Santino the gay

  • BiXplosive
    BiXplosive 26 days ago +5

    "Aurelio me caias bien, por eso no te mato"
    Love it 😂

  • ALL ENGLISH #luiz λ
    ALL ENGLISH #luiz λ 27 days ago

    No way it happens. ❌❌❌❌😑😑😑👎👎👎

  • sbz1234
    sbz1234 27 days ago

    To be fair these scenes sucked.

  • Sy A
    Sy A 28 days ago

    Santino looks like a young Javier Bardem!

  • Nim Luikham
    Nim Luikham 29 days ago

    And why exactly were these scenes deleted?

  • Herc130
    Herc130 29 days ago

    This just sucked

  • Hong Nguyen
    Hong Nguyen Month ago +2

    if they kept this scene, the story line would be different

  • Alan Horning
    Alan Horning Month ago

    Don't like because of y fucked ads. If you can't skip the fuckki ads don't need your shit!!!!

  • Ricardo Revilloud
    Ricardo Revilloud Month ago

    The scenes were deleted because the writers don't know the difference between spanish and italian.

  • S D
    S D Month ago

    Не пацаны давай с переводом на русиш так не пойдёт

  • Garcia Hotspur
    Garcia Hotspur Month ago

    - Aurelio me caes bien por eso no te mato -

  • Серега Милан

    ...Overcompensate for tiny little dick:) Hilarious

  • guts dragonslayer
    guts dragonslayer Month ago

    No John wick so is ok to me

  • cristian francisco diaz aguirre

    La mejor parte fue en donde hablo español 👍👍👏👏👏

  • Toby White Beebe
    Toby White Beebe Month ago

    Cannot hear the players talking ?

  • Dflowen
    Dflowen Month ago

    What did they take from Aurelio?

  • Carolism004
    Carolism004 Month ago

    Nooooo I'm glad they didn't include the Aurelio scene John Leguizamo has been punished enough by being part of the awful Super Mario Bros. movie. I would have liked David Patrick Kelly (Luther from The Warriors) scene to be included, he's such a cool character.

  • Ksneijppehr XXIII
    Ksneijppehr XXIII Month ago

    Pope looks like a frog

  • CLutch God
    CLutch God Month ago +1

    Fuck Winston ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️🤬

  • David Stokes-Lopez
    David Stokes-Lopez Month ago +4

    I can see why these scenes didn’t make the cut.
    These scenes do nothing more than make the movie long.

  • KonicavaBR
    KonicavaBR Month ago

    Im really upset the bluray doenst have any bonus content.

  • Elliot Rodriguez
    Elliot Rodriguez Month ago

    Yeah more motivs for killed santino

  • Alfa Romeo
    Alfa Romeo Month ago

    Glad the director made the cut

  • Flavio Nevarez
    Flavio Nevarez Month ago

    Aurelio has a Mexican accent or is it just me?

  • Pak Malau
    Pak Malau Month ago

    The name’s John white

  • vishnu36 S
    vishnu36 S Month ago +11

    Best decision taken by the director is to delete all this boring scenes 👌🏼

  • Zayb Ali
    Zayb Ali Month ago +3

    what waa the church scene about? did he kiss his hand like asking permission if he could kill all those people?

    • JonMacFhearghuis
      JonMacFhearghuis Month ago

      No, just Gianna. He may have had Santino's marker, but she was still a member of the High Table, so John needed permission to carry out the contract. The idea at this point was clearly that the Catholic church was in on the whole assassin thing and was the ultimate authority. That idea has been dropped.

  • Jr Gamer
    Jr Gamer Month ago

    That guy is an absolute ASSHOLE

  • ZombiesOnly01
    ZombiesOnly01 Month ago

    How did you get hand on these deleted scenes

  • Zenus Pridgen
    Zenus Pridgen Month ago

    2:35 that was a, dick move

  • akmal hakim
    akmal hakim Month ago

    This movie tell a lot about inside world of illuminati.

  • MarkAndApps
    MarkAndApps Month ago

    That Anamorphic Lens.

  • TheBelegur
    TheBelegur Month ago

    These scenes would have slowed the pace of the movie.

  • uncle jimboo
    uncle jimboo Month ago +6

    Glad they did because we all know aurelio wouldn't let those meat heads bully him around in his own shop like that

  • boy sandi
    boy sandi Month ago