• Published on Dec 17, 2016
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  • Jennifer Park
    Jennifer Park 24 days ago

    Addict??? ERM hell no, I'm on 6 a day at least but they are a litre each time and I'm not even close to being an addict.

  • Muddy Puddle
    Muddy Puddle 29 days ago

    Too much talk...🙁🙁🙁👎👎

  • Gracie Finney
    Gracie Finney Month ago

    Saf is wearing a Starbucks shirt
    She is supporting barista not Tyler barista 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅🤔🤔

  • Jenna Crowner
    Jenna Crowner Month ago

    whats up 2019

  • Mikehla
    Mikehla Month ago +1

    Ty: which one do you think it is?
    Saf: I don't know which---
    Ty: THAT's MINE!!!!

  • Stephanie Drake
    Stephanie Drake Month ago

    The adorableness of y'all kept me smiling! And now I wanna make French pressed coffee!

  • Abigail Ivey
    Abigail Ivey Month ago

    That kiss on Saf’s forehead was too cute. My son and I love watching y’alls videos.

  • Ryan Henson
    Ryan Henson Month ago

    I'm just sitting here with my tea like "ew, coffee."

  • mimi pasamanero
    mimi pasamanero 2 months ago

    u look like juan karlos labajo a great young artist in the philippines

  • Cheeky G
    Cheeky G 2 months ago

    Wow a fetus

  • CallmeZ
    CallmeZ 2 months ago

    Saf looks really cute in this video

  • Ioana Lelia Buliga
    Ioana Lelia Buliga 3 months ago

    i make my coffee with the french press everyday, the best coffe EVER :),coffee never tasted better.Everyone should try it at least once,promise won't be the last ;)

  • Msflowergirl67
    Msflowergirl67 3 months ago

    You two are just so cute.

  • Kaitlin xox
    Kaitlin xox 3 months ago

    In England we call that a cafetiere 😂

  • yorkshiregal
    yorkshiregal 3 months ago

    I now know how to use a French Press....I am English and I make at home instant coffee....but mostly tea.

  • maranda Peterson
    maranda Peterson 3 months ago


  • ConnySkyway
    ConnySkyway 3 months ago

    I never knew it could be so difficult to do coffee😂 I’ve been making French press coffee at home since forever, it’s super easy, you just learn how you like to do it eventually 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Amanda Edwards
    Amanda Edwards 3 months ago

    I can send u some of my coffee French Market you will probably only need one cup to last the day it's pretty strong lol

  • Mieke Louw
    Mieke Louw 3 months ago

    You should just put in more water

  • Ilah Jarvis
    Ilah Jarvis 3 months ago

    There's cah-fee (West Coast) and caw-fee (East Cost). Taylor likes to drink both.

  • Hi Pineapple
    Hi Pineapple 3 months ago


  • 3 months ago

    French press is basically my favorite at-home coffee. I won my French press at a white elephant game and I was SO excited because I am a coffee addict 🤣🤣. Just s thought, you can add things like cinnamon or cocoa to it to give it a different flavor!! I do that.

  • Monique F
    Monique F 3 months ago

    I now realise I've made French press coffee incorrectly for a very long time!

  • Zineb Benjelloun
    Zineb Benjelloun 3 months ago

    They make my heart Happy

  • Absinthia Venamortis
    Absinthia Venamortis 3 months ago

    “We ended up in the same place.” ❤️🖤 nawwwww! 😄

  • Alexis Reina
    Alexis Reina 3 months ago

    9:23pm ... i made a fresh cup of coffee then came across your video. lol

  • Paige Thorson
    Paige Thorson 3 months ago

    make more videos pleaseeee i miss these.

  • tiki riot
    tiki riot 4 months ago

    Call it by it’s proper name lol, it’s a cafetière 😂

  • Cassie Bloemendaal
    Cassie Bloemendaal 4 months ago

    Tyler Williams: Safiya's name is cool

  • Brittany Wilson
    Brittany Wilson 4 months ago

    Do you all do videos anymore? The last ones for both you and saf are almost a year ago 😭

  • Meagan Pinales
    Meagan Pinales 4 months ago

    Huge coffee lover!! Even more so of a French press!!

  • Nugget the Cat Playlist Produchons

    2 years ago

  • Verity Truth
    Verity Truth 4 months ago +1

    Why was he boiling water over a stove? Couldnt he just use a kettle??

  • Shannon Gal
    Shannon Gal 4 months ago

    $5 a cup of coffee is normal in australia

  • Mezzana
    Mezzana 5 months ago

    You would absolutely love AeroPress!

  • Fish Squirrel
    Fish Squirrel 5 months ago

    Do Americans call it “Frech press” I call it a decafier

  • London Woodring
    London Woodring 5 months ago

    My mom uses a French press when she makes coffee lol

  • jeeva1996
    jeeva1996 5 months ago +2

    I feel like he was high on coffee while editing this😆

  • guiglok
    guiglok 5 months ago

    I miss these vids man

  • Sahiba Thind
    Sahiba Thind 5 months ago

    I've never worked this hard to make coffee, I just use a percolator to make mine...

  • keeptheareaclear
    keeptheareaclear 6 months ago

    You probably did make enough, proper coffee isnt meant to be drank in buckets

  • Skif The Pirate
    Skif The Pirate 6 months ago

    Lol saf knows what soap tastes like cuz she taste tests non-food items like makeup all the time

  • N Molina
    N Molina 6 months ago

    His grind seems too fine and not enough water....... that will mess him up. Lets see how it ends. Seems like not too bad.

  • Color Sugar
    Color Sugar 6 months ago

    Why did he use a pot when there is a thing called A KETTLE

  • Chenoa Curtis
    Chenoa Curtis 6 months ago

    We have used these since I was a child in my home. I love this. If u want a yummy coffee with heaps of caffeine, these are definitely the way to go. And u don't need that much!

  • Fu Fu Bomyu
    Fu Fu Bomyu 6 months ago

    Does anybody like tea better than coffee. I know some people actually like the taste of coffee but it’s mad bitter. I like to sweeten up the tea and it’s good

  • Haylee Vazquez
    Haylee Vazquez 6 months ago

    Tyler, it's bitter because you used boiling water. Aim for just before boiling (around 90-95 degrees). It won't burn the coffee then.

  • Shannon.A.Smith
    Shannon.A.Smith 6 months ago

    Who gave y’all permission to be so freaking cute????

  • {Gacha Raven}
    {Gacha Raven} 6 months ago

    You seem pretty hyper in the beginning. I don't think you needed the Coffee.

  • Nikkole
    Nikkole 6 months ago

    Your inability to make coffee as an adult makes me sad

  • Mey Bop
    Mey Bop 6 months ago

    At 10:53 Safya serendipitously strongmanned the Tyler's coffee.

  • nell t
    nell t 6 months ago

    You call this french press Put I'm German and me and my Patents use this since i was Bornand maybe Longer lol 😂

  • Tia Beckingham
    Tia Beckingham 6 months ago

    If it’s too bitter you either ground the beans too finely (it should be a bit courser than for drip coffee) and/or you should add a bit more water to your ratio. When I first started using French press I just increased the courseness of my grinder in one notch increments until it tasted exactly the way I wanted it to. I don’t use exact measurements by weight, just a heaping TB of ground coffee (1 Level coffee scoop) per 1/2 cup of water (1.5 cups fills a regular coffee mug to the very top, or a larger mug to a good level).

  • Estelle Nuutinen
    Estelle Nuutinen 6 months ago

    he made making french press coffee so much harder than it actually is. heres a simpler method
    1: put about half an inch to an inch of coffee grounds in the french press
    2: put in as much water as you want
    3: wait a little bit and stir
    4: let it sit, the lid doesnt matter at all
    5: press the plunger down slowly and have coffee

  • TheLadymoonstone
    TheLadymoonstone 6 months ago

    Grind coffee till its really smooth, add as much as you like. (or what tastes good to you) Then pour in the hot water, no need to warm glass with boiled water just use hot tap water.
    I drink 3 20oz coffees everyday. (large contigo coffee travel mug).
    But know I use a Keurig. I use the reusable filters. I buy and grind my own coffee and I get a Starbucks quality coffee every time.
    I just discovered your channel. Thanks for all the lovely posts. And yes I smach the like button.

  • pary16
    pary16 6 months ago

    aw hes so cute. saf is so cute. tyler is so cute. it's too much to handle i can't decide if i want to be friends with them or want to be them.

  • techer
    techer 6 months ago

    c o f f e e

  • Chloe Tanner
    Chloe Tanner 6 months ago

    It looked like he was going through a coffee withdrawal in the beginning

  • Jana
    Jana 6 months ago


  • Janice Seagraves
    Janice Seagraves 6 months ago

    She totally waited to say she liked it after Tyler said it was his.

  • Ella Wilson
    Ella Wilson 7 months ago

    now I want a French press.....

  • Ivy is Dead
    Ivy is Dead 7 months ago

    Tommy was originaly the Green ranger, however, he was many other through the years. There is this picture online of all of his helmets mounted on a shelf. I only remember him as Green, Red and White, but he had other colors/functions too.
    Yeah, he is a MMA fighter now, just so you know. xD

  • Candis Carnegie
    Candis Carnegie 7 months ago

    I want to see a video where Tyler goes caffeine-free, sugar-free and vegan all at the same time for 30 days. For every time he cheats he has to volunteer for an hour at a local non-profit of Safiya's choice. And none of that coffee flavored sugar-free ice cream or coffee flavored anything. It would be interesting to see Tyler's love for coffee weened for a month.

  • Dark Sparkle Creations
    Dark Sparkle Creations 7 months ago

    Yummm coffee

  • Lauren Haff
    Lauren Haff 7 months ago

    I died when he kissed her head

  • Florence Valentine - Lewis

    But why isn’t there a kettle

  • Clyr 08
    Clyr 08 7 months ago

    "That's mine!" Soooooo cute.... so proud of his work

  • leafs autumn
    leafs autumn 7 months ago

    You guys are so cute together hahahahaha

  • Holly Cashman
    Holly Cashman 7 months ago

    Is it just me or did they both seem exceptionally cute in this video? Also, Tyler is so hyped up right now.

  • Cynthia E
    Cynthia E 7 months ago +1

    So weird seeing someone boil water on the stove top...get a kettle lol