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These Gene Mutations Gave Some People Super Powers

  • Published on Jul 27, 2018
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    Today we will look at what genetic mutations have turned people into superheroes
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Comments • 1 378

  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  15 days ago +12

    Do you think we could get superhuman abilities just by using 100% of our brain power? Which strength would you choose?

    • Seth Tolar
      Seth Tolar Day ago

      I am pretty sure I have the last mutation you talked about in the video. Our family doesn't break bones. I've only broken a bone once in my life but it didn't break completely. And when my dad was in the military and they gave him a health exam the doctor said his bones were 20% denser than average people. And me and my dad both have hearing problems.

    • Tristan Satterlee
      Tristan Satterlee 10 days ago

      +DANK BOIII If you're basing your reasoning off that of a poorly made film then by all means you do you but I'll stick to writings of people with PHDs that know more than the both of us so yeah 👌

      DANK BOIII 10 days ago

      +Tristan Satterlee well why cant i see the universe or somthing like lucy we will never really know that to this day were still studying the how the brain works so yeah 👌

    • Tristan Satterlee
      Tristan Satterlee 10 days ago

      We use 100% percent of our brains it's a myth to say that we don't

      DANK BOIII 14 days ago


  • king anime
    king anime 16 hours ago

    I'm a super taster

  • Prince eulo Villaces

    Wow Im a superhuman....

  • rattle 99
    rattle 99 3 days ago

    The sleepless elite sure have a super power...

  • young nibba
    young nibba 6 days ago

    3:24 all black kids at my school

  • Christian Onoh
    Christian Onoh 6 days ago

    Im a nigerian

  • Christian Onoh
    Christian Onoh 6 days ago

    And the malaria stuff applies to most africans and all Nigerians

  • Christian Onoh
    Christian Onoh 6 days ago

    Tetrachromates are artist😂

  • Subash Hamal
    Subash Hamal 6 days ago

    i sleep like 8 hours but still i feel sleepy in all of my class

  • J D
    J D 7 days ago

    holy motherfucker, I just found out I have a superpower.
    whatever is called, I am a reverse Super Sleeper, basically I can sleep for days and still be tired when I wake up.

  • Triston Ware
    Triston Ware 9 days ago

    I have central heterochromia a rare genetic disorder that only affects 0.05% of the population

  • Benjamin Lamptey
    Benjamin Lamptey 10 days ago

    'West Africa' is extremely vague. ECOWAS consists of 16 countries. Which ones are ppl claiming has ACTN3 prevalence?

  • Legend of the night
    Legend of the night 10 days ago

    Guess I’m a super sleeper

  • Chris Ong
    Chris Ong 10 days ago

    Why couldn't God have given me any of these!? Instead I get glaucoma and a bunch of stupid allergies!

  • Who?
    Who? 11 days ago

    W o w.

  • PersonPlays
    PersonPlays 11 days ago

    ‘super taster’? sounds so fake my god

  • Guillaume Stronghawk
    Guillaume Stronghawk 11 days ago

    20 days ago, a bus literally ran over my left ankle and it was not broken or shattered. I'm still not walking, 'cause the muscles were badly damaged, but my bones are intact.
    Maybe I have this 'unbreakable' mutation?

  • hylwa_ bts trash
    hylwa_ bts trash 11 days ago +1

    I have IBS
    So I'm not allowed to drink coffee 😭

  • Ian Kidwell
    Ian Kidwell 13 days ago

    I have the one from number one

  • Vick Allison
    Vick Allison 13 days ago

    I’ve gotten malaria nearly a hundred times, I can run a 5k and workout with malaria but if someone from the United States gets it especially if they’re white/ Asian and or Hispanic gets malaria they could die wishing a week, yikes.

  • Prophet
    Prophet 13 days ago

    3:51 yea thats a kind of a disease that makes you completely immune against maleria but shortens your life 😶 kinda big deal

  • John Yio
    John Yio 14 days ago

    Is that why I can perform well with 3 hours of sleep?

  • Fly Crypto-kid
    Fly Crypto-kid 17 days ago

    This is why white people want black genes

  • Hestia St. Olympia
    Hestia St. Olympia 17 days ago

    You realize that cancer is caused by a series of mutations in genes?

  • Darks- Bot
    Darks- Bot 17 days ago

    My friend is a super sleeper

  • TheRandomDan or not
    TheRandomDan or not 18 days ago

    Fricken super sleep lets go.

  • chodeycrocs
    chodeycrocs 18 days ago

    beacause the brown blacks run from the chains and whips of their masters

  • $kinny
    $kinny 18 days ago

    3:41 dat voicecrack

  • anil pandey
    anil pandey 18 days ago +1

    There is no super sprint gene ,as asians are also competing against africans and americans at global level.A simple e.g is the sprinting sensation of asia i.e Su Bingtian

  • Bros Broadcast
    Bros Broadcast 19 days ago

    Im a supper sleeper

  • Culann Mostert
    Culann Mostert 19 days ago

    I know this sounds like attention seeking but my family now knows that I have that sleep gene. I usually sleep 2 - 4 hours a night and wake up energized. It's pretty cool but I can usually not sleep longer than 4 hours, not that it impacts my day but the thought of sleeping for 8 hours is nice.

  • men da
    men da 22 days ago

    My geans are on my legs

  • tim johansen
    tim johansen 22 days ago

    Why didnt they mention wolferine?

  • tim johansen
    tim johansen 22 days ago

    Midgets are awsome at limbo.

  • lancer dota
    lancer dota 22 days ago

    Super sleepers anyone?

  • jrcervin cervin
    jrcervin cervin 23 days ago

    Never felt so proud to hate chocolate XD 1:46

  • Sanamana _
    Sanamana _ 23 days ago +1

    No pain might sound great but without pain you'll die without knowing why

  • Alperen Başer
    Alperen Başer 23 days ago

    Probably i have Tetrachromacy. I can see many colours and many thing that other people cant see.

  • King Leoz
    King Leoz 24 days ago

    Lol I survived my dare because I jumped from my sch 6 level

  • Dope nyan Cat
    Dope nyan Cat 24 days ago

    which one is a better super power? Wix= like/ skill share + comment

  • Dope nyan Cat
    Dope nyan Cat 24 days ago

    coffee drinkers come only from Seattle and only.

  • Rhys Coulson
    Rhys Coulson 25 days ago

    Wait I have sleeping problems so I get like 30 mins to 1 hour sleep then wake up and I feel tierd but after 20 mins I'm as wake as anything just my bags under eyes

  • RED tuber
    RED tuber 26 days ago

    Find me scientists
    I'm a super sleeper, not joking.

  • SteveTheGamingCat Meow

    wuut im super taster but i like bitter

  • Saint Ann
    Saint Ann 29 days ago

    the problem with bones too strong is then tendons rip and it would be better to break a bone for healing

  • V R
    V R Month ago

    Ima supertaster

  • GAME crasher
    GAME crasher Month ago

    Wait wait wait
    DollarShaveClub thats actually 5 dollars

  • Jvargier0
    Jvargier0 Month ago

    DNA doesn't determine my gender I do

  • RHS
    RHS Month ago

    You should make a part 3 with "FortNite account hacked pain"

  • MikelThe Pickle
    MikelThe Pickle Month ago

    I need that

  • You will remember me, or don't, I don't care.

    I don't get why tetrachromacy is viewed so highly, the extra 4th cone hardly helps at all.

  • Wolf
    Wolf Month ago

    Eminem got a goat jean

  • DJBounce 79
    DJBounce 79 Month ago

    Is it weird that I have all of these except the pain, (probably super lungs) and dense bones

  • jrag1000
    jrag1000 Month ago

    I have the sleep gene. Sometimes I can get 3 hrs of bad sleep and still work a full eight hour day, without coffee. I also have a super fast metabolism.

  • Eric Boss
    Eric Boss Month ago

    That last one is me

  • Eric Chavez
    Eric Chavez Month ago

    I dont get bit by mosquitoes, is that a good mutation?

  • Ashley Life
    Ashley Life Month ago

    I think I had supper sprint

  • Moth 1
    Moth 1 Month ago

    You ever just sat there and feel like a pile of sheet?

  • Trikx
    Trikx Month ago

    Does anyone need super sleeper? cuz I need THAT

  • Trikx
    Trikx Month ago +1

    Incoming Flash Jokes.

  • Badboy DCX
    Badboy DCX Month ago

    *Ohhh shit I’m a genetic freak*

  • Hugo Sanchez
    Hugo Sanchez Month ago

    My DNA should not be passed as I’m really short and my immune system is really bad.

  • Ron Martinez
    Ron Martinez Month ago

    hey. maybe i got that gene that u were saying that u can eat but can still fit in the skinny jeans. lol

    BOB THE ROB Month ago

    well , i prefer to be white and slow , than being fast ugly black

  • The Annihilator 117
    The Annihilator 117 Month ago +1

    Super sleeper? I believe you mean... high school/Colledge student

  • Djordjo S.
    Djordjo S. Month ago

    i'm super sleeper i need only about 3 h sleep

  • John Rante
    John Rante Month ago

    I only sleep 5 hrs

  • Broken Games
    Broken Games Month ago

    I have an enlarged spleen where I can hold my breath up to 12 minutes!

  • Manuel Garcia
    Manuel Garcia Month ago

    Yooooo i wanna sleep a few hours omg

  • Ace Of Spades
    Ace Of Spades Month ago

    ``Its all about your Jeans``

  • KaîÇee Crane
    KaîÇee Crane Month ago

    Should look up sensory processes disorder

  • ChaosAngel1331
    ChaosAngel1331 Month ago

    I have the super sleeper thing and it is both a blessing and a curse but as a student its pretty helpful

    • 1&1 wlan in Touhou
      1&1 wlan in Touhou Month ago

      +ChaosAngel1331 oh ok, thx for reply

    • ChaosAngel1331
      ChaosAngel1331 Month ago

      +1&1 wlan in Touhou Sleep is just awesome and relaxing. I spend so much time awake I am bored out of my mind in trying to find things to keep me occupied. It's like 2am and you can't fall asleep so you are stuck there on your phone until someone else wakes up

    • 1&1 wlan in Touhou
      1&1 wlan in Touhou Month ago

      why a curse?

  • Christabel Otoo
    Christabel Otoo Month ago

    I want a mutation for super intelligence

  • C-KILL Plays
    C-KILL Plays Month ago

    I only sleep 1-1,5 hrs per day, sometimes not a single min. And i'm super healthy! I'v been to the doctor and everyone of them say that 5% of all humans have evolved so they need no sleep (like me)
    Sooo yeah.. Cool

  • Lukson
    Lukson Month ago

    Wait so im super coffee consumer? Because coffee makes me want to sleep more and comfortable at night

  • scuttle06
    scuttle06 Month ago

    I slept at 2:00pm
    Then, I woke up at 1:00pm
    Am I a time traveller?
    I was
    asleep for
    -1 hour

  • Rahul Sharma
    Rahul Sharma Month ago

    I am pretty sure I have sleeping powers. It's 4 am and I can't sleep at all. Upon that I have a class at 9

  • Frizzy
    Frizzy Month ago

    I'm super sleeper

  • Darrel Munroe
    Darrel Munroe Month ago


  • alflurin
    alflurin Month ago

    I'm definitively not a super taster, I like bitter and sour flavours and spicy foods... and I'm not a big fan of sugary food. Oh well. :)

  • KoolJoeTriple0G
    KoolJoeTriple0G Month ago

    Can you be a super sleeper and a super taster. Because I think i am.

  • james collins
    james collins Month ago

    Please my doctor just told me I'm having a genetic change please what should I do?

  • V1 Gibby
    V1 Gibby Month ago

    These are the most lame “super powers”

  • V1 Gibby
    V1 Gibby Month ago

    I bet the military does an insane amount of gene editing

  • John Gray
    John Gray Month ago

    My mom is a super sleeper, im a taster and cholesterol free. Ive crashed my car into cement benches and a telephone pole without issue and have never broken a bone. I doubt im bone dense though

  • A Johnson
    A Johnson Month ago

    Some of the comments on this video are so racist. Grow up, people.

  • All Types of Science and Facts

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  • Safwan Belli
    Safwan Belli 2 months ago

    Good info but these animations make me want to hang myself

  • BuggyBlue Studios
    BuggyBlue Studios 2 months ago

    I think I'm a super taster and a super sleeper
    I hate coffee, I dislike broccoli, I also dont like dark chocolate and I technically sleep a few hours a day and dont get tired, like I slept for a long period of time. Technically if I fell asleep in the day, I just doze off for a few mins then just wake up then get on the rest of the day.

  • WeirdShamanWizzard
    WeirdShamanWizzard 2 months ago

    I had a mild case of schizophrenia but i also have the strange ability to feel emotions of other peope and i know its not mine because my emotions are mostly weak and other people have diffrent emotions (and the people confirmed that we felt the same feeling aat the same time)

  • Maurice Evans
    Maurice Evans 2 months ago

    oh so thats why people tell me my jeans bring out the color in my eyes

    OHYEAH PLAYS 2 months ago


  • Big Thanos
    Big Thanos 2 months ago


  • ebozygaming
    ebozygaming 2 months ago

    the last one I actually have. I've been run over by 8 cars in my life and walked away from all of them.

  • GX Galaxy
    GX Galaxy 2 months ago

    I got the Malaria thing

  • Angela Ly
    Angela Ly 2 months ago

    so you're saying that running fast is natural in black people ^^^

  • mmmmSmegma
    mmmmSmegma 2 months ago

    "And 1 wipe charlies *BUTT WIPES* "
    lol... I wasn't ready for that.

  • CAT OF 15
    CAT OF 15 2 months ago

    The last mutation which you said I l have that

  • LilacKitty
    LilacKitty 2 months ago

    It’s all about your jeans.

  • Alexander Aparicio
    Alexander Aparicio 2 months ago

    Your ads are the most annoying thing on youtube. If anything it's losing you subscribers.